Sister Carrie

Sister Carrie A literary psychological thriller by award winning author William H Coles Two orphaned sisters facing a future of want and loneliness quarrel when the older sister responsible for her dependent tee

  • Title: Sister Carrie
  • Author: William H. Coles David Riley
  • ISBN: 9780998437606
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sister Carrie

    A literary psychological thriller by award winning author William H Coles Two orphaned sisters, facing a future of want and loneliness, quarrel when the older sister, responsible for her dependent teenage sibling, repudiates her sister s affair with a political activist older and unacceptable she bonds with on the internet Can adolescent love ever transcend innocentlyA literary psychological thriller by award winning author William H Coles Two orphaned sisters, facing a future of want and loneliness, quarrel when the older sister, responsible for her dependent teenage sibling, repudiates her sister s affair with a political activist older and unacceptable she bonds with on the internet Can adolescent love ever transcend innocently ignored incompatibility to evolve into a valued family relationship in rural southern America Can a sister forced into a role of a surrogate parent convince her sister to denounce her attraction for a rouge male religiously, socially, and historically unsuited for marriage without a destructive severance of duty and caring

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    One thought on “Sister Carrie

    1. Aditi

      Guardian of Deceit by William H. Coles is all about lies, scandal, secrets and mystery. William H. Coles is an American author who has skillfully crafted this intriguing tale about a 17-year old teenager's painful life. I'd like to thanks the author, William H. Coles, for giving this opportunity to read and review his book. Darwin, a 17-year old, has to leave his nearly dying aunt in Pittsburg, who happened to be his only living guardian, since Darwin lost his parents 5-years ago. Now he is goin [...]

    2. Stuart Aken

      Subtitled ‘A Manual for Writers’, this is a scholarly work that attempts to analyse what makes a story ‘literary’ rather than ‘genre’ and advises on how to go about achieving this distinction.Presented in two parts, after a brief introduction to the topic, the book looks first at ‘Structuring the Story’, in which the author tackles the practical elements of writing a piece that will fit the definition of literary fiction. The second part is headed, ‘Providing for the Reader’, [...]

    3. Alexis

      First off, let me say that I won this book through a first-reads giveaway. Now, on with the review!Things I like:*The characters were unique and fun. Coles created some very interesting, and some sad, stories that are only possible due to the amazing characters he has made up. He has the gift that many authors lack: he is able to make his characters seem so real, and so genuine, that it's nearly impossible to get bored with his book.*The stories in this book are Contemporary (more realistic), an [...]

    4. Robin Morgan

      The following review is my honest opinion for the copy I received in a giveaway on GoodReadsOne thing I don’t do in writing my reviews is to look at what other reviewers have already written, I don’t want the ones they wrote to have any influence on me.I’d looked forward to reading this book after reading its description, which is one of the reasons I decided to enter the giveaway for one of the 100 copies being offered.Unfortunately I became more and more disappointed in what I read. To b [...]

    5. Tara

      I received this book through a First Reads giveaway. I breezed though this novella in a few hours. I had a few issues with the fact that none of the characters were likable at all. I also feel like I missed some parts did the characters act one wayen a few pages later, act totally opposite? The whole book was so negative and bitter, but then the ending? Huh? I can't recommend. Sorry. Two stars because I'm not mean enough for 1.

    6. Faye Ridpath

      I received this book for free from First Reads.The main character, Lucy is not likeable at all.The characters do complete 180's with no explanation.No character is developed enough at all for me to care what happened to them, even when things happen that should make me cry.The spelling was terribleTalking about a foul shot in basketball and spelling it "fowl"Talking about the body part, the waist, and spelling it "waste".

    7. Trish Carder

      This book was ok. It seemed like it was missing lot of the story line and had a lot of spelling mistakes and what appeared to be broken English. I would really like to find out what really happened to these characters.

    8. Amy

      I won a review copy as a First Reads give-away. The short story was so rushed, disjointed, random. And grammatical errors throughout made sections hard to follow. I think the story had potential, but just not enough time to make it happen.

    9. Rosemary Kenny

      The Spirit of Want - a review by Rosemary Kenny'Rising star' ocular surgeon Luke Osbourne meets Lucy MacMiel, daughter of his employer and mentor A.J; she's a high-powered lawyer and in that respect the pair are well-matched financially and intellectually, although in different careers.Luke and Lucy marry and have a daughter, Jennifer, who becomes the first 'victim' in this multi-faceted modern morality tale by William H Coles.Shunted between her often-absent (whether physically or emotionally) [...]

    10. Sue

      I won a copy of "Guardian of Deceit" by William H. Coles through the Giveaway Contest. I really enjoyed reading this book, and it had a bit of everything to satisfy any reader. This novel is a finalist in the 2012 William Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition.Darwin Hastings, a seventeen year old was leaving on a flight from Pittsburgh to live with his cousin, Luther Pinnelli, a famous football player, in a mansion in Connecticut, within the Hampton Society. After the death of hi [...]

    11. Rachel Beaver

      I received this book as a First Reads giveaway, this does not affect my opinion of the book & I judge it purely on the writing & story. Beginning with the death of both parents, none of the 3 eldest Broward children want responsibility of their 17 year old sister, Carrie. The role of carer falls to 25 year old Jessie.Superficially - a blurb would be better than the picture on the back (I don't think the pictures were necessary at all), & the cover mention of being a finalist in the c [...]

    12. Laurie

      I received this book free as a , First-Reads giveaway.It pains me when I receive a free book from an author and have to give it less than 3 stars, and this is no exception. Oh how I wanted to like this book, but in the end I decided that it just wasn't for me. It was just okay, and I found myself wanting to finish it out of a feeling of obligation rather than enjoyment. Now don't get me wrong, it started out a little interesting. A Surgeon's mentor is botching surgeries on obese patients and he [...]

    13. PacaLipstick Gramma

      I won this book from a Giveaway.Another one where the synopsis is better than the book. If I could give this a negative rating, I would.Where to even begin? This was the third printing of this book. Did ANYONE proofread it? OMG, the errors and typos drove me NUTS. Plus the fact that it was a disjointed, poorly edited, bizarre, convoluted, and just didn't make a whole lot of sense story. The time span has huge gaps, and jumps all over the place. In the book, the father-in-law was an eye surgeon. [...]

    14. Tabitha

      well-written, creative, and thought-provoking, “The Spirit of Want” by William Coles is a great read for fans of literary drama and romance novels. This book has a cast of great characters and plenty of unexpected intrigue and twists to keep us interested. We really feel like we are in the characters’ head and heart, and I feel Mr. Coles did a great job of bringing in a fresh voice to a literary genre and it felt original, both in plot, voice, and narrative style. I didn’t feel like I’ [...]

    15. Matt

      *i received this book through a GoodReads giveaway*i'm going to be forthright and say that i'm not sure how much i enjoyed this book. It seemed to me like a very promising first draft that was published too early. The elephant in the room: there's an egregious amount of grammatical and spelling errors throughout the book. This is a personal peeve i have, but i tried not to let that affect my opinion overall.The characters came across a bit flat and i had a difficult time investing any sort of in [...]

    16. BellaReadz

      I have mixed feelings on “The Spirit of Want” by William H. Coles. On the whole, I very much liked the storyline and the author’s literary style. I was engaged and invested in the outcome and with Luke and Lucy’s fates, and thought it to be an organic resolution, if not bittersweet. However, there were some editing things I found to be distracting at times—sometimes it is hard to tell who the speaker is in the conversations, and while I thought it was cool to show the story from severa [...]

    17. Cale

      I really enjoyed “Spirit of Want” by author William H Coles. I was drawn to the description and liked the easy writing style of the author in the sample, so I read the whole thing. I was really impressed! I liked Coles’ way of writing… it is intelligent and literary and very descriptive and insightful. There are bouts of narrative ‘telling’ that slow the pace, and I think it could have used more heightened tension at times…but I do like going through Lucy and Luke’ highly charged [...]

    18. Essie Harmon

      what can I say about this book? First off, I can tell you that “The Spirit of Want” is a well- crafted emotional journey and a wild ride and fans of this genre will love sinking their teeth into this one! The story flows from scene to scene effortlessly, and William H. Coles shows exceptional ability when it comes to vivid storytelling. He has the ability to make the reader feel like we are really there in Lucy’s and/or Luke’s world (depending on whose ‘chapter’ it is), and part of t [...]

    19. Phoebe

      Their parents died. The older siblings didn't want to take on the responsibility of caring for their 17 year old sister, Carrie. Against her will, Jessie ended up taking Carrie in. Carrie soon gets into a questionable relationship with a boy, Zamel, that she meets online. Zamel is sneaking around and is into some kind of wrong doing. Carrie is blinded by love and pretty much does as she's told. They end up fleeing because people are after them. The end.I won this short story in a giveaway. It w [...]

    20. Debbie Payne

      I received this book in exchange for an view from Firstreads. This was a book I wanted to like but from the get-go, it was obvious that this wasn't the book for me. I thought the book was fairly well-written,albeit strewed with misspellings. The characters were not likable. When I read a book, I become invested in the characters. I care what happens to them and there was none of that for me in The Spirit of Want. I have to confess that I did not get through the entire book. I will put this book [...]

    21. Gayle Slagle

      The Spirit of Want by William H. Coles was a complete disappointment. The characters are shallow at best and are never developed. It is difficult to enjoy a book when the characters are totally unlikable and uninteresting and seem to change on each page without explanation. The story line is at times ridiculous and unbelievable and also seems to change with each page without explanation. The writing itself leaves much to be desired, with short, choppy sentences and incorrect word usage. I try to [...]

    22. Kelly (spaceandlines)

      Personally, I didn't think the characters were very well developed and that the storyline lacked a direction. There were also typos throughout the book - both spelling and grammar. There were also many gaps in the timeline of the characters. We find out rather suddenly about events that - I think - should have been important enough events to warrant at least a mentioning before hearing "He's getting married." Overall, I think the general direction of the book was good but the execution was lacki [...]

    23. Peacejanz

      This book is all over the place, as if the author tried a bit of everything to see what would stick. Not much did. The focal point seems to be a rich, well educated attorney who ruins her life to follow an evangelist. Sex. Drunken driving, Deception. Killing. Sexual abuse of minors. The author leaves many things hanging, such as what happened to the doc who raised so much money and mistreated his family? On top of this is the poor writing, e.g the treatment phased her. ???It looked good but was [...]

    24. Kelly Stewart

      I won this book as a Giveaway. I liked the storyline but found the book a bit confusing at times. The characters got confusing at times as to who was actually doing the speaking. I also found a couple parts of the book to be unnecessary to the plot of the book and didn't understand the meaning of putting those excerpts into the book other than to make it a longer book. Overall, it was okay for me but not my type of book.

    25. Ashley

      I honestly wish I could say that I enjoyed this book more than I actually did. Perhaps it was my inability to relate to the main character; as she was just SO unlikeable. It drove me a little nuts.Art is art, however regardless of the errors and problems within the writing itself. I mean, I understood the book, I just wasn't happy with it. & it's incredibly difficult for me to say that as there are very few books that I flat out disliked.

    26. Loretta

      I entered the giveaway on as the synopsis sounded interesting. I won the book and was disappointed with the story. It covers the lives of six characters from 1984 through 1998. The chapters are short and easy to read. There is no real character development, but what is presented makes all of them unlikeable. As others have noted, more editing is required related to spelling and grammar.

    27. Alisha Webster

      This was just not my cup of tea. Lucy and Elizabeth were horribly written, which is a problem with most male writers. I feel like it had too much going on and was hard to keep up with. It started to get better in the middle but ended rather slow compared to the rest of the book. 2/5 2 because it did get better in the middle. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

    28. Kathy

      Lucy, one of the main characters in this story is a habitually unhappy person with a miserable and selfish personality who repeatedly makes bad life-decisions. The rest of the characters are much the same or just plain boring. The story leaps back for forth between both characters and time which is confusing and gives the story a chopped and uneven feel.

    29. Ricky

      *** Giveaway****The main character is not likeable and I felt I wasted my time reading this book. The story is all over the place and never follows a normal path. Overall I would not recommmed this book as it needed to be touched up. The book has many grammatical errors and it detracts from the storyline.

    30. Christina

      I did not enjoy this book. The main character, Lucy, is annoying and just not likable. I hate writing bad reviews so I will keep it short. I started this book numerous times and kept putting it down. I finally made myself read it and just did not enjoy it at all. It seemed more like a draft to me. It is so inconsistent and is in serious need of editing.

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