Il nido

Il nido E poi Steve che a dodici anni si trascina dall infanzia paure ancestrali di angeli sente di averne un gran bisogno il piccolo il fratellino appena nato ha qualcosa che non va e il terrore del pe

  • Title: Il nido
  • Author: Kenneth Oppel J. Klassen G. Aterini
  • ISBN: 9788817089197
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Il nido

    E poi, Steve, che a dodici anni si trascina dall infanzia paure ancestrali, di angeli sente di averne un gran bisogno il piccolo, il fratellino appena nato, ha qualcosa che non va, e il terrore del peggio sta logorando in fretta tutta la famiglia E cos , quando strane creature luminose iniziano a visitare i suoi sogni, spiegandogli di essere venute per aiutare il piccoloE poi, Steve, che a dodici anni si trascina dall infanzia paure ancestrali, di angeli sente di averne un gran bisogno il piccolo, il fratellino appena nato, ha qualcosa che non va, e il terrore del peggio sta logorando in fretta tutta la famiglia E cos , quando strane creature luminose iniziano a visitare i suoi sogni, spiegandogli di essere venute per aiutare il piccolo, Steve fa quello che faremmo tutti accetta la loro proposta Ma le creature non sono affatto angeli, e quando Steve lo scopre, il confine tra gli incubi e la realt non cos impenetrabile come gli adulti intorno a lui sostengono E lui l unico che pu fare qualcosa.

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      421 Kenneth Oppel J. Klassen G. Aterini
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    One thought on “Il nido

    1. Jesse (JesseTheReader)

      This was such a strange book. The writing wasn't my favorite, which is surprising, because I loved The Boundless by Kenneth Oppel. The writing in The Boundless was rich and lively, but the writing in The Nest was a little bit dry for my liking. I did enjoy the pictures drawn by illustrator John Klassen. Unfortunately though, this book just fell short for me.

    2. Maggie Stiefvater

      The theme of this book is that nothing is perfect, but this book is a Liar McLiar, because this book is perfect.This is a wise little tome of fairy-fuckery in the guise of a wasp nest. It's a magical story, and a kind one, and a giant in few words. I wish I had had it to give to my wry and unsentimental 11 year old anxious OCD-ridden self, but I'm very glad that I had it to give my wry and unsentimental 11 year old anxious OCD-ridden daughter. My favorite novel back then was The Fairy Rebel by L [...]

    3. karen

      this is a case of good book, wrong reader. i gave it a three because i liked it, but i didn't crazy-like it. i've liked oppel's YA novels in the past, and i was excited that this was going to be available at BEA, but when i saw it was middle-grade instead of YA i was a bit wary. i'm just a little too old to appreciate books for the 8-12 age range. picture books, yes; YA, yes, but middle grade is the overlooked middle child in my reading spectrum, and it has to have a pretty solid hook to win my [...]

    4. Melki

      "People lie and say they don't want perfect. But really they do. Perfect bodies and minds and comfy chairs and cars and vacations and boyfriends and girlfriends and pets and children. Above all, children."Steve's new baby brother is anything but perfect; the poor thing has a congenital disorder, and may not survive. Everyone in the household is suffering from the strain, but no one more than Steve. He's been having vivid, disturbing dreams of a figure standing at the end of his bed. One night, h [...]

    5. Josu Grilli

      He leído este libro en prácticamente una sentada. Y no me ha dejado indiferente.El nido es de esos libros que transcienden, que apelan a nuestros sentimientos y los retuercen. Es una historia dura, apta para lectores de cualquier edad, pues cada uno sacará una lectura diferente. Se mezclan elementos emotivos, valores de familia, al igual que un continuo sentimiento tenebroso que acompaña la novela desde el primer momento (y que se ve acentuado con las ilustraciones).Me ha parecido un libro i [...]

    6. Betsy

      Oh, how I love middle grade horror. It’s a very specific breed of book, you know. Most people on the street might think of the Goosebumps books or similar ilk when they think of horror stories for the 10-year-old set, but that’s just a small portion of what turns out to be a much greater, grander set of stories. Children’s book horror takes on so many different forms. You have your post-apocalyptic, claustrophobic horrors, likeZ for Zachariah by Robert C. O'Brien. You have your everyday-pl [...]

    7. Mia Nauca

      Este es un libro de verdadero thriller psicológico para personas que recién estén entrando al género. Se trata sobre Steven, un niño que sufre de trastorno obsesivo compulsivo y cuya familia tiene un nuevo bebe que esta mal del corazón y no tiene muchas esperanzas de vida. Un día Steve tiene un sueño de unas avispas que le dicen que pueden curar a su hermanito y es ahí donde el mundo de nuestro protagonista cambiará. A pesar de estar escrito desde la perspectiva de un niño, por lo que [...]

    8. Kelli

      HOW is this appropriate for children?! This is intense and terrifying. Not elementary school fare in my opinion. Frankly, I’m surprised I didn’t have nightmares after finishing it. Would not recommend for children under 14, sensitive children or those with anxiety, anyone with a bee allergy or anyone with an Epipen. I thought this was a bizarre story with depressing, heavy themes and a blurb that provides no insight or warning as to where this is heading. Here it is: (view spoiler)[A boy wit [...]

    9. diegomarcapaginas

      Tengo que reconocer que ha sido una lectura muy adictiva. Una novela bizarra, muy fresca y con grandes dosis de intriga. No me esperaba para nada ese protagonista ni el desarrollo de la trama. Me ha gustado mucho porque me sorprendía con cada página que leía. Si te gustan las historias atrevidas y no te asustas fácilmente esta te fascinará.

    10. Bonnie

      If you have a fear of wasps, this book will terrify you. If you don't have a fear of wasps, this book will still terrify you because you'll have developed a fear of wasps. Quite possibly the scariest middle grade book I've ever read.

    11. Sharon Siepel

      When an adult can't put a book down that is geared to 8-12 year olds, that is really saying something. And I could not put this book down.The main character in this book, Steve, is an anxiety-ridden boy who copes with his fear in a very OCD manner, going through ritual behaviors like hand-washing and repeating lists. Adding to his anxiety, his parents have just returned from the hospital with his newborn brother,Theo. Theo suffers from severe disabilities and life-threatening conditions. Tension [...]

    12. Stefani Sloma

      It’s really hard to tell you what The Nest is about, because, well…it’s strange. Steve, whose family has been struggling to cope with his sickly new-born brother, finds his dreams suddenly invaded by angels who offer to “fix” his brother. But Steve realizes that his angel is actually a wasp queen. All he has to do is say yes to her and his problems will be fixed, but that’s such a difficult and powerful word.The best words, to me, that describe The Nest are these: strange, haunting, [...]

    13. Korrina(OwlCrate)

      What a fast, interesting and suspenseful story. Read it in one afternoon because I was hooked. I highly enjoyed my time reading this one.

    14. Anita Vela

      Reseña completa: anitavelabooksEs difícil hacer una reseña sin poder hablar mucho de la trama y personajes, por eso voy a dar mi opinión de forma general sin decir mucho más de lo que la sinopsis desvela. El nido es una historia que me daba mucha curiosidad por todo ese misterio que la rodea, y una vez la lees, entiendes el motivo de ese misterio. Es una historia para leer “a ciegas” y de esa forma puedes adentrarte de lleno en la historia. Y eso que yo suelo leer este tipo de historias [...]

    15. Liviania

      Kenneth Oppel and Jon Klassen are both titans of children's literature. Their first collaboration is a creepy confection sure to delight fans of CORALINE. I hate to make the same comparison as the marketing, but this is one of those cases where it is true.Steve's baby brother is sick. It is a congenital problem, and he needs surgery, and he might not ever be completely normal. That's when Steve first dreams about the angels, the wasps, who offer to help. At first it seems like his dreams might j [...]

    16. Julia

      3.5 ish TW: anxiety and OCD I wrote a very thought-out review and it got deleted so I'm bitter and not rewriting it:)

    17. Irene

      First of all, this book is terrifying. If I had read it when I was twelve I would probably have been scarred for life, and I would never have felt safe around wasps ever again. The fact that The Nest was extremely disquieting was not really a problem, I actually liked that about the book, but all of the suspense fell short in the end. It is unclear whether the main character, Steve, has a mental illness or not, which I liked in the beginning, but that ambivalence flattened out the ending. There [...]

    18. Jessica

      Wow. So if SKELLIG by David Almond is Santa Claus, then THE NEST is the Krampus. Sort of the same in principle, but ending on a much more brutal note. Jon Klassen's black on black illustrations add just the right amount of ominous creepiness, and the cover (both look and feel) add to it as well.

    19. Fuzaila

      My first audiobook, and this was…. WEIRDFirst things first, This book should not be categorized as middle-gradeI don’t see why this book falls under that category. Just because the protagonist is some 10 years old? Huh, How about marking The Book Thief as middle-grade then? The Nest is more of a magical realism story, and I wouldn’t recommend it for kids.Despite what the cover and title makes you believe, The Nest is not some spooky mystery. It is told through the pov of Steven. Steven has [...]

    20. KC

      I actually listened to the audiobook and it was thrilling and captivating. The story starts out somewhat seemingly normal. Steven, a tween aged boy has to deal with his anxieties, his OCD, and his family drama. His newborn brother Theo, was born with some congestive disorders and the doctors are very concerned with his prognosis. As his parents and baby brother frequently travel to and from the hospital, Steven is forced to grow up rather quickly, often overseeing the care his younger sister. Al [...]

    21. Rashika (is tired)

      ***This review has also been posted on The Social PotatoWarning: this book contains scary bugs.If you know me, you know I hate bugs.  I am a scardy-cat and *will* hide in my room in the presence of one. Why did I read the book then you ask? Because KENNETH OPPEL, goddamnit! I adored the Airborn series as a kid so I decided I wanted to read more books by Oppel, and here we are. I am so glad I read this book in spite of my fear of bugs because it is so well written and so adorable and filled with [...]

    22. Shannon

      5/5The books which I award the highest ratings are the books that make me FEEL.This book, though small in size, was great in substance. The brief synopsis intrigued me. The Nest is about an older brother, Steve, desperate to help his ailing newborn brother, enlists the help of an unlikely sort: a wasp queen. She tells him they can help his baby brother, but little does Steve know that there are sinister undertones in that promise. Strongly reminiscent of Coraline and David Bowie's Labyrinth, alt [...]

    23. Chris

      No matter how many times I tried to convince myself The Nest is set in the middle of summer when light and color are at their peak, I never really believed it and could only imagine the story in the darkest, bleakest parts of winter when the world is devoid of color.Studies have shown "that sadness can affect our vision, making the world appear more gray, by impairing the neural processes involved in color perception." The effect is most pronounced in depression.Color and seasons seem like thing [...]

    24. Juan Manuel Sarmiento

      El Nido es una lectura ágil que se lee de una sentada pero que contiene buenos mensajes sobre crecimiento, aceptación y lucha contra tus miedos internos. Los libros infantiles pueden llegar a ser muy extraños, y esta podría ser tu próxima lectura si te gustó Coraline, libros de Holly Black o Donde viven los monstruos.Reseña completa en THE BEST READ YET BLOG

    25. Alexis

      This book has gotten some hype, but it's well warranted. It's a horror story designed for middle grade readers. The beautiful book features illustrations by Jon Klassen. It reminded me of multiple stories that I've read- including Coraline by Neil Gaiman and a story by Karen Russell (can't remember the title of the story).This is actually quite a scary book, but I recommend it highly. Well-written, innovative and creepy.

    26. Ricardo

      4.5 / 5Una lectura que te eriza la piel más de una vez. Tétrico y escalofriante en la dosis perfecta que se superpone a la parte sentimental de la historia. ¡Buenísimo!Reseña: eternamenteentiniebla/

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