The Gospel According to Jesus: What Is Authentic Faith?

The Gospel According to Jesus What Is Authentic Faith The first edition of The Gospel According to Jesus won wide acclaim in confronting the easy believism that has characterized some aspects of evangelical Christianity Over the past years a handful

  • Title: The Gospel According to Jesus: What Is Authentic Faith?
  • Author: John F. MacArthur Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780310287292
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Gospel According to Jesus: What Is Authentic Faith?

    The first edition of The Gospel According to Jesus won wide acclaim in confronting the easy believism that has characterized some aspects of evangelical Christianity Over the past 50 years, a handful of books have become true classics, revered world wide for their crystal clear presentation of the Gospel and lauded for their contribution to the Christian faith These extrThe first edition of The Gospel According to Jesus won wide acclaim in confronting the easy believism that has characterized some aspects of evangelical Christianity Over the past 50 years, a handful of books have become true classics, revered world wide for their crystal clear presentation of the Gospel and lauded for their contribution to the Christian faith These extraordinary books are read, re read, and discussed in churches, Bible study groups, and homes everywhere John MacArthur s The Gospel According to Jesus is one of those books In The Gospel According to Jesus, MacArthur tackles the idea of easy believism, challenging Christians to re evaluate their commitment to Christ by examining their fruits MacArthur asks, What does it really mean to be saved He urges readers to understand that their conversion was than a mere point in time, that, by definition, it includes a lifetime of obediently walking with Jesus as Lord This 20th anniversary edition of MacArthur s provocative, Scripture based book contains one new chapter and is further revised to provide Christians in the 21st century a fresh perspective on the intrinsic relationship between faith and works, clearly revealing Why Jesus is both Savior and Lord to all who believe.

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    One thought on “The Gospel According to Jesus: What Is Authentic Faith?

    1. Louis Lapides

      I am half way through MacArthur's book. This is the second time I am reading it. I am reading it again because a lot of people, mostly charismatics, have accused MacArthur of false doctrine based on this book. MacArthur goes through all of Jesus' teaching on salvation and how one makes a commitment to Jesus as Redeemer and Lord for salvation. I have not found any false teaching unless one believes Jesus is guilty of false doctrine. Perhaps those who accuse MacArthur of teaching a false gospel kn [...]

    2. Jeanie

      A very detailed book on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I very much appreciated and have more of a appreciation of the Old Testament. MacArthur shows the Jesus as the Prophet, King and Priest and how it is reflected in the Gospel. You are reminded when Jesus said the way is hard and narrow and the Easy Believeism that is so prevelant has many on the easy way. It is interesting to read others reviews on this and the rejection of Jesus Lordship. You begin to see it is a breaking of our will, a giving [...]

    3. Philip

      Meh was a really repetitive work that really rehashed themes from Bonhoeffer's "Cost of Discipleship" and Luther's "whole life is repentance" concepts. I didn't find myself bothered so much as bored with MacArthur's presentation of the subject matter. There are a couple times where he moves towards Lordship as a condition of salvation. I think MacArthur would be better in these instances to state it as something of a pre-understanding issue. For example: in order to be saved from sin one has to [...]

    4. Ed

      A great book dealing with soul-winning and salvation. MacArthur deals with Lordship salvation and gives a good defense of what he believes. This book is also practical in that he gives many examples of people who say that they are saved, but do not seem to grow in their faith. In America, it seems 90 percent of the people believe that they are on their way to heaven, but most cannot give a Scriptural reason for that belief. The book comes with a good Bibliography, footnotes, Scripture Index (whi [...]

    5. Orlando Acevedo

      Lordship salvation is biblical, as MacArthur illuminates; so this book should have been titled something akin to that topic. For a complete view of the "gospel" please read Scot McKnight's The King Jesus Gospel where he writes that salvation is but one part of the full "gospel" story. For a beautiful and engaging read on sanctification (which MacArthur largely deals with) please read NT Wright's After You Believe: Why Christian Character Matters.

    6. Malia

      I had questions I didn't know how to word and concerns that hadn't quite taken shape. The church, some of the Christians I know, the whole religious scene in America--they seemed hyped up instead of internally ignited. But the gospel needs no exaggeration. It requires no introductory joke or luring snacks and films. Many say that becoming a Christian is simple. Yes, it is! But be advised that "simple" means CLEARd it does not mean "easy." MacArthur combats easy believism with strong exposition f [...]

    7. Ryan Coon

      This is one book that every pastor should read. You might not agree with his premises or conclusions, but you need to understand MacArthur’s position shall we say, “from the horse’s mouth.” I think that if those critical of MacAruthur on this issue would carefully read what he wrote, paying special attention to what he says he is not saying (i.e that he is adding works to faith) then much of the controversy and confusion would be cleared up. Personally I tend to agree with his premises ( [...]

    8. Jesvin Jose

      Two errors constantly plague the church: legalism and antinominiasm. Macarthur deals with both of these errors but focuses mostly on the second. Human works cannot earn favor with God (legalism denies this truth) while true faith must always result in good works or practical righteousness (antinominiasm denies this truth). In other words, the unbeliever cannot earn merit with God through good works while the true believer will never fail to produce fruit. Both these truths need to be held in Bib [...]

    9. Danny Bennett

      I came into the book pretty confident of my 'free grace' perspective and after reading MacArthur's book I am all the more confident in 'free grace' over 'lordship salvation.' MacArthur clearly explains his views and concerns about the gospel and how we present it which i swhy I gave him an ok review, but I found him completely unconvincing. I just simply interpret the bible, specifically James and the Gospel of John, differently; and I actually take Hebrews seriously. I found Appendix Three inte [...]

    10. Sharon Barrow Wilfong

      This is an astute book that thoroughly examines the Biblical view of salvation. He deftly uses scripture to assert that the Bible clearly states one cannot be saved without a changed life as evidence. There are a lot of churches preaching that one can be saved and continue to conform to worldly thinking and living. They call these people "sterile Christians". In other words they are saved even though there is nothing in the behavior or talk to show it.MacArthur clearly examines this false teachi [...]

    11. Peter Grafe

      I did love the book partly, I'm sure, because it echoes a firmly held belief for me: we live in an era of 'easy-believe-ism', with devastating consequences for the Christian church. MacArthur can look at familiar passages in a fresh way and uses clear concise language. What remains to be seen, is if the book is only 'preaching to the choir'.

    12. Charles Ferguson

      Without a doubt a top 3 book every Christian should own, read, understand and live. John Macarthur explains very clearly what it means to be a Christian; not in his words, but in Christ's words.The world has a very wrong view on what it means to be a Christian and what the Bible says about our Lord. This book helps clear the air on what the Gospel message really is.

    13. Andy Kline

      The author attempts to address some legitimate issues by creating a theology that mixes faith and works. Unfortunate. MacArthur has some great books, but this is not one of them.

    14. Levi

      This rather old book by John MacArthur was a read that rocked me to my core. I had previously heard of MacArthur's controversial doctrine of "lordship salvation" from persons (or persons who knew such persons) who clearly had a bone to pick with him. But I am convinced that MacArthur's theology is grossly misunderstood. Contrary to popular belief, MacArthur does not espouse a works-based-salvation theology. Rather, he advocates for a doctrine as old the New Testament itself: "You shall know a tr [...]

    15. Caleb

      If you haven't heard of "Lordship Salvation", read this ASAP!MacArthur fights valiantly for the truth of the gospel in this book. He seeks to push back antinomianism in today's churches that push an "easy beliefism" in replacement of following Christ and repenting from sin. It's not the gospel of the Bible and MacArthur has brought 300+ pages to prove it. It's loaded with scripture. The book reads more of a sermon than a structured book. It can be tough to hang on towards the second half. I woul [...]

    16. Sven

      This classic, the first edition was published in 1988, is about the message Jesus proclaims in the four gospels. MacArthur nicely expounds the parables of Jesus Christ by analyzing the context and it’s historical background. But not just that, he also goes through Jesus’ evangelistic approach: not searching for fans that clap and cheer for miracles but people that would take up their cross and follow him. Throughout the book a clear distinction between, people that profess to be Christians a [...]

    17. Jeremy

      Having come out of the easy-believism movement, I found this book to be extremely helpful in my understanding of the lordship controversy that is so prevalent in the church. Christ cannot be your Savior if he is not your Lord - the two are inseparable. To have one without the other is a fool's errand. I personally believe that every Christian should read this book.

    18. Darin Vogt

      Great theology and exegesis!Without a doubt, this is one of the best books I have ever read. Everyone should read this and go war with the false understandings they may hold personally in reference to salvation.

    19. Christian Barrett

      This is arguably the best book I have read when it comes to breaking down the parables that Jesus presented throughout the gospels.

    20. Bart Breen

      Very Important work in the Cheap-Grace vs Lordship DebateJohn F. MacArthur is one of the chief proponents of the the modern Lordship movement within western evangelicalism today. This book in particular is considered by many to have been the opening salvo that opened the modern debate. It has led to a great deal of discussion and debate on the issue, particularly with Chuck Swindoll, who is one of the proponents on the "only Grace" side.In a nutshell, the argument is that "Cheap-Grace" has perva [...]

    21. Michael

      After three chapters, I sense a disconnect in MacArthur's understanding of justification and sanctification. I also sense a double standard in his hermeneutic of the gospel account. Certainly he is right to fight against a false gospel of easy believism, but the pendulum swing, at least so far has been too dramatic. The next thing I have noticed is that at times he seems to buy completely into the Calvinist understanding of God's sovereign election. But at others he appears to embrace a prevenie [...]

    22. Bob Gooch

      Read along with Absolutely Free!: A Biblical Reply to Lordship SalvationThe author presents the "lordship salvation" side of the "free grace" vs "lordship salvation" written in answer to previous books written by Hodges and others.I did not finish the book because the point of my reading was to get understand the main arguments of the debate, which I understood early on in each book, and by the time I reached about the halfway point in each of these books, they seemed to be repeating themselves. [...]

    23. Dan

      A small group that I'm a part of used this book for several weeks/months. All-in-all, it's not an awful book but I don't think that I agree with a lot of MacArthur's doctrine. I can't get into specifics on this but in several discussions there were opinions of MacArthur that attempted to define what God will and won't do when I believe that there's no way for us to understand the full character of God. There are a lot of good discussion-inducing topic in here so it's worth reading and talking it [...]

    24. Nnanke

      Finally, I have finished this book. Thank God!!This is a very theocentric book. In fact, its my opinion that the whole Lordship salvation affair is a matter of how theocentric a person's view of scripture is. Striving to be as theocentric as possible I had to face a lot of underlying errors in my walk for which I had to repent. Pastor MacArthur himself is a very good expositor of scripture and I have learned a lot from his teachings. This was a difficult book, because of the weighty issues discu [...]

    25. Lyndon Azcuna

      Great book! Really clarifies true salvation and what commitment to God really means. Anyone interested in evangelism must read this book.

    26. Patrick

      The Gospel According to Jesus was effective in generating reflection about saving faith and the fruit that saving faith produces. I read it as part of a discipleship group at my church and it caused great discussions. The book presented an effective argument against "easy-believism". I was a little concerned with a possible application of his argument, how we are to view and judge other Christians, although one paragraph buried in the middle of a chapter towards the end correctly stated that the [...]

    27. Jennifer

      This was an outstanding book!!! Every professing Christian should be required to read this book. Dr. Macarthur carefully explains the biblical gospel as taught by Jesus in the scriptures. I would guess that many who call themselves believers would be perplexed to hear the actual gospel.I learned so much from this book and will refer back to it many times, and probably read it again in the future. Its just so rich, you cannot possibly read it once. There's just too much there to absorb the first [...]

    28. Lily-joseph Jo

      True conversion is a serious matter, and every Christian must not treat it flippantly. As reading through this book, I closely examined my own conversion and gained some spiritual blessings. I suppose many would say that they disagree with John MacArthur's view on the Lordship salvation in this book. Yet I wonder if they would also say they disagree with our heros of faith like Charles H. Spurgeon and D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones who held a similar view on true conversion. Consult Appendix 2 of this bo [...]

    29. Joseph

      John F. MacArthur Jr.'s book The Gospel According to Jesus gives a highly informed perspective on today's Gospel message, and how some Christians have watered it down to please the ears of today's society. However, MacArthur shatters their misconceptions and shows how the Gospel is really to be told by analyzing Jesus' ministry during His time on earth. It is a really helpful book and helps to guide a Christian in their spiritual walk and in preaching the real Gospel message. Every Christian sho [...]

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