Dragon Security: Boxed Set

Dragon Security Boxed Set FREE with KINDLE UNLIMITED Enjoy PRIVATE SECURITY ROMANCE books No cliffhangers BOOK I went to his sister because that s what he told me to do But when his brother Cole accused me of being a gol

  • Title: Dragon Security: Boxed Set
  • Author: Glenna Sinclair
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dragon Security: Boxed Set

    FREE with KINDLE UNLIMITED Enjoy 6 PRIVATE SECURITY ROMANCE books No cliffhangers BOOK 1 I went to his sister because that s what he told me to do But when his brother, Cole, accused me of being a gold digger, I knew I couldn t trust them I didn t realize she would send Cole to watch over me Or that he would carry me out of my trailer when he saw how bad it really wasFREE with KINDLE UNLIMITED Enjoy 6 PRIVATE SECURITY ROMANCE books No cliffhangers BOOK 1 I went to his sister because that s what he told me to do But when his brother, Cole, accused me of being a gold digger, I knew I couldn t trust them I didn t realize she would send Cole to watch over me Or that he would carry me out of my trailer when he saw how bad it really was Who was he to tell me where I could live or how I managed my own business I mean, he might be my kid s uncle, but I d been on my own for a long time I didn t need his help And I really didn t need the confusion that rushed through me whenever he stood too close BOOK 2 I do the best I can I have to make a living, right And this industry it pays very well And when you re on the streets with a kid to take care of, you do what you have to do But I took pains to hide my face in the movies I acted in For seven years, I d kept my identity anonymous But someone figured it out and now I have this big, silent man following me around, demanding I do everything he says BOOK 3 I didn t want him in my life, didn t want him anywhere near me, but on the worst day of my life he comes walking down the street, a gun in his hand, and throws me over his shoulder like some sort of Neanderthal taking possession of what was his But I wasn t his any That ended when I caught him kissing my sister in one of the most romantic cities in the world My sister, who d just been killed saying his name How did I know he didn t kill her How did I know that he didn t intend to kill me BOOK 4 I m a nurse I help people I ve done it all my life, even before I embraced my profession So when I heard Blake Zimmerman explaining how he and his wife were desperate to have a baby, I couldn t help but offer myself I d never thought about being a surrogate before, but I wanted to help and it wasn t like I had any romantic prospects at that moment Hell, I hadn t had romantic prospects in a long time And Blake he was over the moon at the suggestion So was his wife, Annie But then, almost the moment we signed the contract, someone tried to run me down BOOK 5 We fought like cats and dogs He made fun of my mode of dress and I well, I usually just blushed and hit his arm, telling him to shut up But I hated it, hated feeling like I was in high school again So when Megan, my best friend and my boss, told me that we were to go on an undercover operation together, pretend to be a young, married couple, I thought she was insane Or trying to play match maker BOOK 6 Megan s story That s all I m saying

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    One thought on “Dragon Security: Boxed Set

    1. Angie H.

      I give the series a 2.5 overall. I enjoyed the first couple of books and then along came book 5. I'm one of those people who read "happy" books to take her mind off all the real life "bad" things going on around her so I was not prepared for what would happen. :o( I would not have read the series if I had known, and, book 6 could not redeem the bad of book 5.

    2. Lu Bielefeld *read.laugh.love*

      Megan's story!--------I didn't know the author and I enjoyed the series. The story is well developed and the mystery continues until the end where all plot is clarified. I wish all characters found their happy ending, but I think that more books are coming. Recommend!

    3. Erika

      This you have to read the box set, if you read the books individually, they are not as good as reading the whole series. From the first book we start to see glimpses of a bigger story, a secondary plot, that becomes the main one in the last book. We read about a security company and the people working on it. Megan is the owner, and her book is the last one, but her story starts from the first one. What I liked about it is that it's a thriller that haves you guessing what's going on all the time. [...]

    4. Becky Claxon

      ColeMegan was out of the military and opened a Security firm called Dragon Security with one of her best friends Sam. She had two brothers, Cole and Peter. Peter was her oldest brother and worked for their father in his telecommunication company. One evening he was driving home and was killed in a car accident. About seven months later Amber Zavalas came to Megan’s office asking about Peter. Cole was in her office trying to get her to hire him and heard Amber asking about Peter. She was carryi [...]

    5. Thelma Jaramillo

      Two thumbs us This series had me on the edge of my seatThis series had me at the edge of my seat I couldn't wait for the next book it has intrigued, friendship, family and risqué 😉 I literally cried when they lost one of their team members not gonna give it away which one but it broke my heart these stories had my emotions on a rollercoaster, I was happy they ended up with a good ending I can hardly wait for the next book series I'll probably read the whole thing within the week like I did t [...]

    6. Brenda

      Another fabulous series though this set does not come with everyone getting their HEA forewarned. It's an emotional rollercoaster ride and I sure did my fair share of crying. Had I known before I probably would not have given it a go because let's face it, we read this genre to escape into another world not be reminder just how real our world is. My only complaint is that there were typos throughout the books that should have bee caught.

    7. Sharon Karson

      Great Read!!!Every story in this set was difficult to put down. I loved the characters, the non-stop action, and the plot twists. I've enjoyed other series by by author and I will read just about anything she writes, including the sequel to this one. If you love relatable characters, nob-stop action, and great stories, I think you'll enjoy this collection.

    8. Sue Siebert

      I'm only writing a review on Megan's story since I read all the other books individually. Wow! Action packed, twists and turns, sit at the edge of your seat mysterynds that can't be broken and a love that withstands the hands of timeAll packed in!!! Megan & Luke deserve the happiness the are finally getting!

    9. hayley straub

      Jesus I can't take any more!Wow! I loved it! I do have to say tho I totally lost it by the end! Too many names for me to remember and I was loosing my mind trying to work out who was the bad guy (yes I still didn't get it when I found out who it was!) But that to one side I still loved it! And hopefully everyone got thier happy ever after! I just love this author! Fsbuloso!

    10. Karen Leonard

      Incredible readSuch an interesting suspenseful sexy read! I literally stayed up all night to finish. The characters and plot were well thought out with each successive book building to a powerful ending.

    11. Elaine Sturgill

      Absolute thriller! From secrets to love to so many twist and turns! I laughed, I cried, even held my breath a few times. An excellent read! You must read all the books though on Dragon SecurityGreat job

    12. Aromfan

      Interesting readLiked the mystery to unravel why events were happening to the dragon security personnel. The series could have been complete at the end of Hayden and Sam's story. I would give this series overall a 4.5stars out of 5.

    13. Dahlia Debra Blackburn

      Couldn't Put The Book DownAll the stories were great! Once one book ended I had to read the next to find out what would happen next to the characters in the story. Cannot wait to hear about Peter story and if Hyanden's finds another love.

    14. June Rodgers

      5 stars for this series It is very entertaining.I've read all the books in this series and they are very good. The storylines are believable and the characters are easy to like. The sex is on travel y the story and was very well done

    15. Jill Anderson-bloch

      Love itLove these mystery romances. It’s easy to know who will fall in love, but how they get there and the family connections that come with the ride, make the stories enjoyable and engaging!

    16. angela yargus

      I Love Glenna SinclairYes, I do! LOL! She knows just how to lead her readers around by their minds! I wouldn't want it any other way.

    17. Kathy Peters

      Definately worth readingIf you're into suspense, murder, romance. And everlasting love then these are the books for you to read😂 I laughed and cried through out.

    18. Kathleen

      ExcellentWhat a twist in the tale. excellent Glenna Sinclair loved it from beginning to end. Laughed and cried

    19. Cally Walker

      Oh my goshThis series was so good and yet it broke my heart. I couldn’t stop until I read them all love the characters

    20. jennifer morris

      Laugh cry and love Loved this book it will have u laughing defiantly crying and feel the live of a group of very special friends

    21. Ollie Gregory

      really enjoyedI really enjoyed the stories. They went together well, almost like one large book. I can't to get into the next one.

    22. Peggy Pancherz

      Good bookRead all of the books in order to really enjoy. Characters are realistic and get better and better. Storyline continues to grow and develop.


      Chandra's ReviewThis was an awesome series full of love, mystery, and romance! I would definitely recommend this series to read. It was wonderful.

    24. Pattisue Mulder

      Awesome series!!!Beautiful characters!!! Can't wait to read Hayden's happy ending. Worth readingn't wait to read more Genna Sinclair. This is a mysteriously tangled tale!

    25. Michelle

      BadassWonderful, I think I am in love with all the men at Dragon but especially Hayden. I really enjoyed getting to know everyone. Thank you for putting them all together.

    26. Jennifer Fisher

      AwesomeIn disappointed with Hayden's story, but I loved the overall ending of the series. The story line was brilliant. Thanks for an amazing read!

    27. Shane Wilson

      Crazy good. Worth every pageI was not going to read this but iu did and it was very good. A few needed twists made it all worthit

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