Zack Zack s spent his whole life loving just one woman Belle only to have her walk out of his life and go half way across the world But three years later her unexpected return is stirring up feelings that

  • Title: Zack
  • Author: Esther E. Schmidt
  • ISBN: 9781530187294
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • Zack

    Zack s spent his whole life loving just one woman Belle only to have her walk out of his life and go half way across the world But three years later, her unexpected return is stirring up feelings that never died, and Zack s ready to do whatever it takes to get her back Belle has never gotten over Zack, but she has secrets secrets she knows could hurt those closest to herZack s spent his whole life loving just one woman Belle only to have her walk out of his life and go half way across the world But three years later, her unexpected return is stirring up feelings that never died, and Zack s ready to do whatever it takes to get her back Belle has never gotten over Zack, but she has secrets secrets she knows could hurt those closest to her, Zack included When an old enemy returns and wants what he thinks is already his for the taking, she knows it s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt With so much than just their love on the line, will Zack and Belle manage to come together as one and pull through or will their past and their enemies tear them apart For a greater reading experience, recommended reading order Zack Areion Fury MC book one Deeds Broken Deeds MC book one Dams Areion Fury MC book two Tyler Areion Fury MC book three Pokey Areion Fury MC book four Sico Areion Fury MC book five Calix Areion Fury MC book six

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    One thought on “Zack

    1. KAT ⚛ Kitty Kat's Crazy About Books ⚛

      **༻Complimentary Copy༺** Provided by the author "Esther E. Schmidt" in exchange for an honest reviewThank you!!TITLE: ZackSERIES: (Areion Fury MC #1) AUTHOR: Esther E. Schmidt GENRE: Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE: October 23rd, 2015MY RATING: 5 STARS This is Esther's debut novel so I'm keen to get started to see what she's going to throw at me, being an MC read it's got big boots to fill as this is one of my favourite genres of all timeOther than it being a favourite genre of mine I love [...]

    2. Maya

      BASICSLove triangle? (view spoiler)[I'm not sure it's your typical love triangle. Belle knows she wants Zack but she also has her old admirer, Frederick, whom she meet while she was in Japan. So, she thinks since Zack and her aren't really together and even official to give it shot with her old friend. (hide spoiler)]Cheating? (view spoiler)[ No.(hide spoiler)]HEA? (view spoiler)[ HFN.(hide spoiler)]Any Descriptive Sex w/OW/OM/Ex? (view spoiler)[No. The only sexual thing that happens between her [...]

    3. Barbara➰

      As much as it pains me I'm tapping out. I hate Blue in this book. She is awful. Forget Zack getting blow jobs after she left him. At 50% she has kissed another man twice and has enjoyed it and got turned on once after her and Zack have had sex after being reunited. I wish he had stuck his dick in a on to Dams.

    4. Deserie williams

      self note: bj after heroine (they weren't together) she stayed celibate . but during current timeline she kisses other guy twice. once after having sex with hero . she gets turned oney weren't back together yet but that's a big no for me!

    5. Tracy Supple

      I absolutely loved this book. And definitely highly recommend it.We all love a good second chance romance book especially when the main characters are a Hot as hell alpha male and a strong and feisty female heroine.For me this book had the perfect balance of loyalty sexiness and humor, not only between the main characters Zack and Belle but also the supporting characters too. Oh and did I mention the hot as hell alpha is a biker bet that spiked your interest.Esther did an amazing job with her de [...]

    6. Neringa Neringiukas

      I have to confess I was apprehensive to read it. I'm always unsure about new authors I'm having a date with. Each author has it's own touch or a soul into theirs stories. A spark that marks those stories to the authors. Most of the time it depends on that spark to conclude are you going to love the story or be indifferent to it. No matter how much the plot is interesting and involving, the story sometimes just simple don't touch your heart.So, what can I say about Zack?The spark It wasn't Well, [...]

    7. Emily

      Belle had moved away from Zack in a brisk moment by her father, Zack was her first and held her heart though. Now Belle is back and she does't want Zack to know, she is dealing with her fathers and brothers death and needs time to move on.Once Zack is aware Belle is back, he is on her like velcro. Zack loves Belle, she is the only woman for him and he wants her as his ol' lady. However Belle has a secret she needs to tell Zack about and a madman after her for reasons she doesn't understand.Good [...]

    8. Jos

      3.5 StarsThis was my first read by this author and although I cringed on certain aspects of the characters personalities, I found myself enjoying the story for the most part:)I liked it a lot and yet there were some parts I didn't quite care for at all. I enjoyed the story but found Belle to be little too abrasive for my liking. I also wasn't loving her and Lynn's bantering back and forth, I personally found them crude and lacking "class" sometimes. Their "name calling" albeit in good fun, for m [...]

    9. Christi

      Ok, so. WowE STORY IS FANTASTIC. I love the characters and the attitude that oozes from their pores. The flow is great and the possibilities for more connections and stories… just makes my mind spin!MC novel with hot bikers? Check! Alpha male? Check! Strong female? Second Chance at love? Check!! There's more but as always, no spoilers!! Seriously, though yourself a favor and pick this one up!!!!

    10. Jessy

      2.5I'm giving this book a 2.5 because it did keep me reading and wanting to know what happened to the end. However, for me this didn't read smoothly and I think an editor would've done wonders for this story. The characters were pretty cool and the plot was good. It was in need of an editor though to clean it up. May read it again if author decides to do that.

    11. Ashley

      This was a really great MC romance. Zack and Blue are an amazing couple. The love they had for one another was truly amazing. Blue has gone through a lot and Zack was there for her and never left her side!

    12. ♡♡~Cyborg-Scifi-Lover~♡♡

      I really really love this one. A possessive, loyal Hero and a feisty heroine! Whats not to love about that. Esther you did an amazing job! I definitely going to read your next book!

    13. Shani

      Esther is a new author to me and I can’t exactly remember how I happened upon this book but dang, I’m hooked!Zack was raised in the MC lifestyle so it was only natural that when the time came, he stepped up to be Prez. He’s young, dedicated, hard working and understands what it takes to be strong. He doesn’t have a lot of weakness’ that others can see. He’s determined with the help of his brothers to keep improving the MC and their reputation,no matter what. There’s just one proble [...]

    14. Nadia Debowska-Stephens (Obsessed by Books)

      "By f@@king you in this room, on this table. According to the old rules, I officially claimed you as my ol'lady.""How's does that work? Like boyfriend, girlfriend?""More like married for life, biker style."And boom let the fireworks begin! This story is like a virtual explosion, starting with an attention grabbing scene the pace doesn't slow down one bit throughout. Drama, murder and tested loyalties make the first book in this series a show stopper. Zack is the Prez of Areion Fury MC, looking t [...]

    15. Eyvette Abreu

      Nope!I did not like Jazzbelle/Jazz/Belle/Sugar and my personal favorite honeybump. Whatever! She is back in town after a tragedy with her remaining family. She is living with her best friend Lynn, who I also found extremely annoying. Lynn is the sister of our H, Zack/Sally/Prez. He is now the President of the Areion MC after his father passed away.First off this girl gets turned on by every guy, starting out with Dams, who is the VP of Areion and Zack's best friend. Then there is the friend from [...]

    16. Jennifer Lessard

      I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.This is Ms. Schmidt's debut novel and the story line in this book is very good. I really enjoyed the story line and felt it had great potential. However there were a few things that fell short. I truly believe that those issues would all be completely solved with a good editor and experience. There were places in the book that were kind of choppy and also places that things seemed to move extremely fast and skip forward only to then come to [...]

    17. Michelle Brace (Wicked Babes Blog Reviews)

      WOW I can't believe this is Esther's debut novel! It was fan-freaking-tastic. I absolutely LOVED this book. I was hooked from the beginning. I loved the storyline of this book, along with the characters and I mean all of them. If you like MCs, second chances, dirty mouthed alphas, and some feisty smart mouthed female characters, then this is for you. The female characters cracked me up and had me laughing with the crazy things they say. My heart broke for Belle and all she has gone through in th [...]

    18. Gail

      Book was gifted in return for a honest review MC books are my downfall I LOVE LOVE LOVE Them so when I was given the opportunity to read this along with Deeds… I jumped…. As I said I was given this book when I got Deeds from this author of course I read deeds first and I loved it so I figured I better get this one read soon… This book defiantly did not disappoint. Belle is a strong, sassy biker chick who also tattoos… Zack is the President of the Aerion Fury MC and ALPHA to the boot… B [...]

    19. booklover

      WOW ! Zack is the president of Aireon Fury MC and has only ever loved one girl, Belle. Belle is a true fighter in all senses of the word.He doesn't know she's back from Japan so when he sees a hotty cleaning the clubhouse he doesn't realise it's her until she does her signature move. She'd swore to herself and his sister, her best friend Lynn, that she'd stay away from him as she's got too much going on in her life and secrets too. What follows leads to some hot, explosive sex scenes and some pr [...]

    20. Edna Staples

      I have known this Author for a little over a year and a half and I have had this book on my kindle for that length of time but never once read it until a few months back I finally read this book. Zack just kept calling me to me to read him but just did not know if I could handle him but I read it and I handle his story just perfect. Not many know this but I love a good MC read just because their story can pull me right in from the cover to the endof the book. Zack can catch you from the cover of [...]

    21. Jessica

      I'm always excited and a bit scared to read a new author. And I went into the book not expecting it to be five stars, but to my shock and happiness this was worthy of more than five! The author wrote this book where since page one it brings us the readers along for the ride. Not only did I feel every smile, tear and anger with the characters,but the pace the story was written in made me want to get the next one. I highly recommend this author she is one of my favorite now.

    22. Diane Yoskowitz

      I really enjoyed this debut you book and can't wait for more I love the characters from the Hot possessive Alpha hero, to the strong willed heroine, even the secondary characters had me laughing and wanting to know more about them. The storyline is full of suspense and drama and I can see it developing into a great series.

    23. Karen Atherton

      Absolutely loved this book, had everything you could want from a book and loved the relationship between all the different characters. It had me laughing out loud more than once, take a chance you really won't be disappointed. Loved Lynn and im counting down the days until I get to read her story. Well done Esther definitely a hit

    24. Melissa Murray Quintanilla

      I was a little leary reading this one because it was Esther's debut and let me tell you I am so happy I won this ARC!!! I love Belle and Zack, their chemistry is off the charts. Love a second chance book!!! I also loved Dams, Deeds & most definitely Lynn. I can't wait to read more about them. Well done, Esther!

    25. Fran Gray(Emergency Book Blog)

      Zack (smoking hot alpha male biker) +Belle (beautiful feisty spitfire) =an Ultra Hot ** Ultra Steamy ** Ultra SexySecond Chance Love StoryA Definite Must Read❤️❤️Yeah I know You're hooked now❤️❤️

    26. Carrie Gubish

      This book was really funny and fun and had lots of romance. I can't wait for the next book. This girl takes no carp and she is a great character. And Zach is even better. The whole MC is a riot.

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