Summer Shadows

Summer Shadows Amongst the secret and lies will love survive Summer lives under a terrible shadow It drains her manipulates her and threatens to steal her future A high stakes mission offers a temporary escape She

  • Title: Summer Shadows
  • Author: Joss Stirling
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Summer Shadows

    Amongst the secret and lies, will love survive Summer lives under a terrible shadow It drains her, manipulates her and threatens to steal her future A high stakes mission offers a temporary escape She must use her mind shadowing abilities to hunt down her target and find the truth Hal Robinson is a soldier He does not get distracted He wins But what Hal wants beginAmongst the secret and lies, will love survive Summer lives under a terrible shadow It drains her, manipulates her and threatens to steal her future A high stakes mission offers a temporary escape She must use her mind shadowing abilities to hunt down her target and find the truth Hal Robinson is a soldier He does not get distracted He wins But what Hal wants begins to shift once he meets Summer They must learn to trust each other if they are going to protect the Savant community But will their secrets allow them to find a happy ending of their own A stunning new novel from the best selling author of Finding Sky, Stealing Phoenix, and Seeking Crystal Heart pounding romance from the recipient of the 2015 Romantic Novel of the Year Award, mixed with a thrilling mystery and a spine tingling hint of the supernatural, Summer Shadows is perfect for fans of Maggie Stiefvater, Meg Cabot, and Josephine Angelini.

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    One thought on “Summer Shadows

    1. Dari

      За жалост тази шеста и последна книга от поредицата още не е преведена на български, затова я четох на английски, но изобщо не съжалявам!!! Тъпото е, че Егмонт не смятат да превеждат други романи от авторката, но какво пък, ще си чета оригинала!

    2. Kaya Dimitrova

      Всяко хубаво нещо си има край Обичах тази поредица, независимо че осъзнавах как не е нищо особено. Прочетох "Самър" на 14-ти февруари и за отрицателно време. Исках нещо наивно, любовно, примесено с малко екшън и не сгреших с избора си. Историята на Самър и Хал се разви по познат [...]

    3. Chloe Parvin

      Somehow I managed to pick up an early copy of Summer Shadows in my local book shop, screaming with excitement I ran to the till to purchase, rushed home, and cracked open the cover as soon as I possibly could. I have been a fan of this book series for about 5 years, picking up Finding Sky and Stealing Phoenix straight away, then year after year reading the others. I have read and re-read this series more than any other, basically I love it! And I must say, Summer Shadows was in no way a let down [...]

    4. Калина Минчева

      Ех, савантите са ми като второ семейство. Много ми харесва тази поредица , а ето че дойде и нейният край. А Самър дава всичко, което обещава анотацията и корицата, че и от горе - екшън, романтика, опасност, любов и много лятно настроение. Страхотен завършек за едно феноменално о [...]

    5. Милена Божинова

      Една много хубава, силна и спираща дъха история. Определено не ме разочарова като последна от поредицата. Струва си човек да я прочете.

    6. K.K. Summer

      Oh man, I really loved the last book in the series <3 I loved Hal, and Summer and Hal was really hot I think :D he was quite my type and I loved the chemistry between him and summer! And there was action and friendship and hardship and yeh just everything I love in this series <3

    7. Martha

      When I started reading this series back in 2013 (yep, came a little late to the party), Finding Sky, Stealing Phoenix and Seeking Crystal were all released. I read Stealing Phoenix before Finding Sky because hey, it looked more interesting. Then Finding Sky and then went on an epic hunt to track down a copy of Seeking Crystal before joining everyone else in waiting for MOREIt was a cruel wait And now we can all cry together as Joss finishes with (dare I say) the best book in the ENTIRE series!!! [...]

    8. Ferdy

      Didn't like it. Summer was a classic YA doormat. She let people walk all over her all the bloody time. It didn't help that Hal, the love interest, was a sexist douchey pig. I swear Summer spent 90% of her time saying sorry for things that weren't her fault. The Benedicts, her friends, and Hal guilted her into helping out in all kinds of dangerous situations, they kept putting her in danger but she was the one who kept apologising to them when things went wrong, when it should have been the other [...]

    9. Krisi S.

      За пръв път не знам какво да кажа. Нямам думи, с които да опиша колко невероятна беше последната книга от поредицата “Саванти”. Сюжетът, героите, всичко беше идеално за мен – идеалният край за една от любимите ми поредици. (sarcasticcdreamer.wordpress.c)

    10. Kelsey van Dillen

      This is really one of my favorite series ever! Every part is just so awesome. I have a bad feeling this really is the last part, which makes me kind of sad. I will miss the benedicts and the savants realm.

    11. Maud

      Most definitely my favourite book in this series. Wow, just Wow!Yves will always be my favourite Benedict brother/love interest but Summer definitely beat Crystal off her favourite female spot! Favourite relationship is a tie between Skye & Zed and Summer & Hal.It has been such a long long long time since I was able to connect and see myself in a character. And not just her situation reminds me of mine as a teenager but also some of the things that she says could come out of my mouth! I [...]

    12. Michelle Moonen

      So I pre-ordered this book from bookdepository and somehow got it early! I screamed when I got it in the mail. This is by far my favourite book of this series and Summer is so amazing!! Joss pretty pretty please never stop writing in this world, I will forever read and re-read these books!

    13. Hila

      I have to say that this is probably one of the more well-written ones with characters with a bit more realistic depth and grit, rather than the crime novel sort of backgrounds of the previous books' protagonists. Although structurally better, I felt that it lacked some of the of the much-needed pizzazz from the other books that made them worth reading. The only point in the book where you really felt it was (view spoiler)[ when Xav was dying and you could hear Crystal raw grief and pain through [...]

    14. Katja

      Why can't there be more?! Oh, I wish there were separate books for Trace, Will, Uriel and Victor because these side stories just aren't enough. It seems terribly unfair that only the youngest brothers got their own books because they are all so interesting and likeable. Misty, Angel and Summer are great, don't get me wrong, but the Benedicts! Jeez, how I need to know more about them! Reading Summer Shadows made me so sad because the journey is now over. Hal and Summer were adorable but there was [...]

    15. Gergana

      The storyline was absolutely identical with the other five books from the series. Girl, random boy, they find out they are soul mates, the bad guy kindap the girl, then the good guy saves her and they love each other for everlasting times. I knew what was going to happen even before I started reading the book. I liked it though, just like the previous books from the Bedenicts' series.

    16. Else Flamsted

      Øv æv og mere æv, nu er der ikke flere bøger i denne serie, og de har været så gode. Denne bog er dog lidt sværere på engelsk, da hende Summer bruger en del fremmedord. Men denne sidste bog er helt klart den med mest action.

    17. Victoria

      Brilliant, incredible, amazing, spectacular, never the same, totally unique!!!*FYI estoy haciendo citando el meme de Lady Gaga lol*

    18. Fluffy

      So I've finished this one and though the story is sweet and it had me soaring through I think I'd built it up in my head so am a tad disappointed The writing is good (as always). It always amazes me how all the characters can have their own flow and thought characteristics. The language was interesting. It's really skilled authorship, I think.The story line was interesting, though it didn't really take the turns I was hoping for. Some things felt a little rushed and the ending was tied in just t [...]

    19. Ajita

      Summer’s one summer away from entering her senior year. Her two best friends have found their Soulmates, her father’s trying to control her and her mother is a Savant vampire, someone who lives of off other people’s emotions. When she is handed the opportunity to leave the country to help the Benedicts with a very important, personal mission, she strikes a deal with her dad, promising to apply to a college in London if he let’s her go.I think this is really the last Benedict/Savant books [...]

    20. Maria

      Summer Shadows takes us back to the savant world and how nice it was to revisit. But that is all – nice. I felt Summer and Hal’s relationship lacked the chemistry and closeness than all the other savant couples have. I wish Joss Stirling would have explored Summer’s family and their interactions more because that is when Summer felt the realest, more human and relatable.Alas, I will still keep reading Joss Stirling’s books. She is a wonderful writer and I love the worlds and characters s [...]

    21. Jacqui Hale

      Joss Stirling (Julia Golding) is one of my favourite YA authors. I met her last week and she is just lovely. This is the last book in the Finding Sky series and, after finishing it, I feel like I've lost a friend! Another excellent book full of action, adventure and romance. The characters from all of the previous books make an appearance. This book will make you laugh and cry and you won't be able to put it down. If you haven't read any of this series yet then please pick up Finding Sky and int [...]

    22. Celine

      This book was sooo goood! I love Summer so much, her character is amazing! I loved how we finally got to see Viktor happy, he deserves atoosa so much! Also, damnnn Hal is a cutie! I loved all the nicknames he gave summer and how cute and protective he was about her. I can't believe this is the last book I wish Joss Stirling could write savant books forever! I really hope she'll keep surprising us with short story's like the one's about Zed, Yves and Xav.

    23. Marie Nielsen

      Such a perfect ending for the series! I loved that you got to meet The Seer and almost every other bad savant guy in the series. I just pray that Stirling will hurry up and write more stories like Challenging Zed!!

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