Song of the Wanderer

Song of the Wanderer One unicorn dwells on Earth Hundreds fight in Luster Their legends are recorded inThe Unicorn Chronicles Book II Song of the WandererCara must return to Earth to save her grandmother the Wanderer But

  • Title: Song of the Wanderer
  • Author: Bruce Coville
  • ISBN: 9780590459549
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Paperback
  • Song of the Wanderer

    One unicorn dwells on Earth.Hundreds fight in Luster.Their legends are recorded inThe Unicorn Chronicles.Book II Song of the WandererCara must return to Earth to save her grandmother, the Wanderer But to do so, Cara must first travel through the wilderness of Luster, land of the unicorns, full of unknown creatures and perilous adventure around every bend in the road OnlOne unicorn dwells on Earth.Hundreds fight in Luster.Their legends are recorded inThe Unicorn Chronicles.Book II Song of the WandererCara must return to Earth to save her grandmother, the Wanderer But to do so, Cara must first travel through the wilderness of Luster, land of the unicorns, full of unknown creatures and perilous adventure around every bend in the road Only at the back of the dragon Ebillan s cave will she find the gate that can return her to Earth.Embarking on the journey of her life, Cara will face vicious terrain, delver attacks, and a surly dragon Beyond all this looms one danger Beloved, Cara s infamous ancestor, who has dedicated a lifetime to ridding the earth of unicorns Is Cara strong enough to resist Beloved s ruthless magic and trickery Can she bear betraying her own blood

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      231 Bruce Coville
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    One thought on “Song of the Wanderer

    1. Mark

      Its about Unicorns. For Heaven's sake, what is there not to like?However, to elucidate further. This is the second volume of the Trilogy of 'The Unicorn Chronicles' and during the course of this book new characters are encountered which enrich the whole narrative. Whether these be Unicorns or other creatures, they are filled out in detail and the personalities of each one are fleshed out. As a result, new comrades and new enemies for Cara, the heroine, are introduced. My personal favourite being [...]

    2. Diane

      Alright, alright, I'll admit it. I'm in my freshman year of high school and I still believe in unicorns. A lot of that is thanks to Bruce Coville. I adored this book as a young girl, and have ever since. It made me want to believe in unicorns and magic worlds in a way that nothing else did.I read this book before I read Into the Land of the Unicorns, so the fact that I prefer this one may be a little skewed. Looking back on both, though, I really do think this is the better book; the first is lo [...]

    3. Ashley (TheNerdyBookmark)

      I remember being OBSESSED with this book when I was younger. I'd bring this book everywhere with me. I still own it and if you could see the condition it's in, there's no questioning that this book was my baby. It looks brand new.I can't wait to reread this along with the rest of the books and see what kind of feelings it'll respark ^_^

    4. Jamie

      I remember when I first read this. It had been years after the first Unicorn Chronicles book and I had honestly given up on ever finding a sequel. Then this! I was so happy and devoured it in a single sitting. I adore the characters Bruce Coville has created here. Some great personality. It is one of those books I can't even pick a favorite. I loved getting a much better feel of Luster and those that live there. The stories and histories share show the depth this has. And for a middle grade/earl [...]

    5. Daniel

      If you read any of my reviews, you'll know that I'm a fan of Bruce Coville's writing. His Unicorn Chronicles is one of the best series for fantasy readers of any age.Although I first read this book many years ago, I've begun reading the series to my boys, ages 11 and 12, and they absolutely love it.They were both hesitant at first, and neither would read the series on their own, thinking that it was a 'girl's' book. But neither wants me to read anything else now until I've started the series.The [...]

    6. June

      This is a re-read, pre , but I enjoyed it enough to read it again and I've ordered the next. I enjoyed the development of the father & the twists at the end involving Cara's grandmother.

    7. Trice

      I have to start by saying that a lot or, okay, at least some of the names are on the stupid side - a unicorn ruled world called 'Luster'? sorry - that takes things to the ridiculous, princessy end of things although I guess since this is intended for kids it is more understandable that the author doesn't try harder in that department - as a kid I think I would have been more ready to go along with it. The name thing is balanced out a bit by the grumpy nature of more than one of the unicorns, and [...]

    8. Kaila

      The second novel in The Unicorn Chronicles picks up mere moments after the first novel ended, plopping us right back down into the action. Cara is given a quest within a few pages and she sets off without much ado. We are introduced to a few new unicorns, and Thomas continues the adventure with the party.One of the things I enjoy about this series is that the unicorns are not perfect. They each have character flaws, egos, and occasional poor decision making. There are no special snowflake prince [...]

    9. Laura

      I definitely liked the first book better. There were way too many "surprises." Cara basically rediscovers her entire family, including grandparents, over the course of this novel purely by coincidence. In fact, there are a whole lot of coincidences in this novel, too many for it to be truly enjoyable. The narrative jumps around too much and relies on plot tricks.There are some interesting characters, M'Gama for one could prove to be someone to watch if she is maintained in the next two novels. H [...]

    10. Raquel (Rocki)

      This was a reread for me so that I can get caught up to read the last two books for the first time. This one picks right back up where the last one left off and they are immediately off on an adventure. It is a very fast pace book and even though it was a bit better than the first one keeping it at five stars is a no can do. I did originally read this when I was younger which at that time it probably was worth the five stars but with all childhood books they are always better remembered than act [...]

    11. Beth

      This book went on forEVER. I wasn't wild about the first book in the series, but my six-year-old daughter loved it and wanted to read this one. It's 330 pages and took us weeks to get through, reading it aloud, even though I skipped some of the interminable journey passages. Coville knows what elementary school girls love, I'll give him that. But all I could think about while we read was the stack of terrific children's books we could have been reading instead.If my daughter wants to read #3, I [...]

    12. The Docta

      Brings up an interesting and controversial philosophical question of whether it is right to steal a child away from a family to save it from growing up with the beliefs of that family and having ties to that family. Can "shielding" a child from the thoughts and influences of its parents be considered a "right" thing to do? Is that how we solve the deep seeded disagreements of the world, not by breeding out the other side but by raising the offspring to believe as we do; the problem not being in [...]

    13. trina

      instead of finishing the two very good, very adult books i began a month ago or whatever, i've instead gone back in time by rereading all the books i loved as a kid- this one, i did not love as a kid because i didn't read it until yesterday, but i loooooved the first book of the unicorn chronicles because let's face it: unicorns, dragons, an enchanted forest, and an independent, strong twelve-year-old-girl-main-character? perfection for a 4rth grader (which i was), and truth be told, enjoyable e [...]

    14. Jenny

      So good on audio! It is narrated by the author and a full cast of voice actors and really well produced. I really enjoyed this second installment in the series and I cannot wait to start the third one. It is a fantasy quest featuring a wide range of fantastical creatures with some twists along the way that reveal much about the protagonist and her family. I also loved how sassy and angsty Metaphil the Griffin was in this audio version! Lots of fun.

    15. Allie

      I loved it. Loved the old characters, loved the new characters. I got the same feeling reading this that I get watching Lord of the Rings. I'm a fantasy nerd!

    16. B.P.

      I debated on what to give this story. I felt comfortable giving the first in the series three stars, but kind of wanted to give this one four. The last few chapters were such a surprise and such an odd surprise that I wanted to bump my review up just for that. Usually things are pretty predictable, but the reveal that the Wander was a unicorn was unexpected. I figured her past would be revealed as somehow important, but the fact that she was a be-spelled unicorn was very original. I also enjoyed [...]

    17. Tina McGonigal

      In 1994 at a school book sale while I was in the third grade I came across "Into the land of the Unicorns". I was drawn in by the cover, all black and silver and cool and used my allotted $5 and bought it. I was riveted immediately and read through it quickly only to come to the cliff hanger style ending. Over the next couple of years I scanned book store shelves hoping to find a second book with no luck. In 1998 internet became a larger part of my life and I even tried searching for it with sti [...]

    18. Barrett Brassfield

      Continuation of Coville's Into the Land of the Unicorns. In the second volume, the main story focuses less on Beloved and her quest to end the unicorns and more on the return of the Wanderer. Ivy Morris, Cara's grandmother from the first novel, turns out in fact to be a unicorn named Flickerfoot who against the wishes of the Queen travelled to earth frequently. The story of her return to Luster and (spoiler)transformation back into a unicorn, a Queen no less, is a heartwarming one as along the w [...]

    19. Andrea

      My head is still reeling at the sudden twists at the end of this novel. And I didn't see any of them coming. This was an excellent second book. while it did feel a little bit repetativ, it was still a great second book. First of all it had important things to accomplish unlike some second books which end up feeling like fillers between books one and three.We got to meet many new characters that I really get to love. Although there are quite a few characters, I remember and love them all. There i [...]

    20. Kristen Nelson

      Book 2 of Unicorn Chronicles. After finally finding the Old One, Cara is given the task of returning to Earth to fetch The Wanderer, Ivy Morris. However, the trip back isn't as simple as just jumping from the roof of a tall building, Cara must seek help from one of Luster's few humans, a Geomancer who uses earth magic to find the correct gate to return for Ivy. Given a small window, Cara sets off with her new friends to find and bring her grandmother home. Along the way, her blood is summoned my [...]

    21. Elisabeth McButterson

      Too lazy to write a full review today, but here's my brief thoughts: Not as good as I remembered it being when I first read it, but still a solid novel for unicorn lovers. Cara isn't the most interesting of protagonists, but the setting makes up for that. It ends suddenly with a lot of loose threads, so I'm hoping the third and fourth books live up to my expectations since I've been waiting to read them for over a decade!

    22. Kest Schwartzman

      You know how some young adult novels hold up and are really fun to read as adults?This is not one of those. Clumsy storytelling and absurd melodrama. The ONLY redeeming quality is the fact that the plot is driven almost entirely by strong female characters. Unfortunately, all those characters are cliches, but a kid might not notice.

    23. Tiffany Lynn Kramer

      Song of the Wanderer stars off a little slower than Into the Land of The Unicorns but once it gets moving it is hard to put down. I kept telling myself just one more chapter only to be met with an ending that left me needing to go on. There are a few small flaws along the way but over all I'm willing to overlook as my enjoyment never ebbed from the opening page to the satisfying end.

    24. Heather Rutkowski

      My mother and I began reading this series when I was a child, in the late 1990s. We were halted at the end of the second book because the third and fourth were due to be released. I thought about them once in a while over the years, and would occasionally Google whether they had finally been published with no luck. Fast forward to 2017: I discover that both the third and fourth have been published, and I call my mother with the news. We both race to our libraries and check out all four books, an [...]

    25. Jaina

      This review is also available on my blog, Read Till Dawn.I reviewed the first book in the Unicorn Chronicles, Into the Land of the Unicorns, a few months ago. It was a good book, but very short (not even hitting the 200-page mark). Nothing about it particularly wowed me, but I did enjoy reading it and I looked forward to reading the later books. My biggest fear about the rest of the series? That they wouldn't be able to flesh the tale out as much as I anticipated was possible, because of their m [...]

    26. Lisa

      Song Of The Wanderer, by Bruce Coville (The Unicorn Chronicles, Book #2)★★★ ½ (rounding up to 4)Synopsis: Cara must return to Earth to save her grandmother, the Wanderer. But to do so, Cara must first travel through the wilderness of Luster, land of the unicorns, and to the back of the dragon Ebillan’s cave. Only there will she find the gate that can bring her back home.As Cara embarks on the journey of her live, there is one person who stands in her way: Beloved, Cara’s ancient ances [...]

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