Mirepoix Frankie hates Joe as soon as she meets him It doesn t matter that he is tall dark and handsome Or how good he smells Or how strong his arms are Or that he has tattoos she wants to lick He wants to b

  • Title: Mirepoix
  • Author: Paige Conners
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mirepoix

    Frankie hates Joe as soon as she meets him It doesn t matter that he is tall, dark, and handsome Or how good he smells Or how strong his arms are Or that he has tattoos she wants to lick He wants to be a celebrity chef and live in the spotlight She wants to hide in the shadows Where it s safe with her fellow misfits It could never work with him right Warning conFrankie hates Joe as soon as she meets him It doesn t matter that he is tall, dark, and handsome Or how good he smells Or how strong his arms are Or that he has tattoos she wants to lick He wants to be a celebrity chef and live in the spotlight She wants to hide in the shadows Where it s safe with her fellow misfits It could never work with him right Warning contains explicit sexual content and adult language Not intended for readers under 18

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    One thought on “Mirepoix

    1. Stacey is Sassy

      The hero was so good…he was almost unbelievableNow, please note I said almost. Joe, our hero does not show himself in the best light when we first meet him. He is cranky, arrogant…and wearing a lavender shirt to bring out the colour of his eyes. Luckily for us, this is not the real Joe. The real Joe is ambitious, sweet and a henley wearing, motorbike boot wearing HOT GUY…WITH A MANBUN. Tick, tick and tick…see almost unbelievable.Mirepoix starts out with us meeting the heroine Frankie. Sh [...]

    2. Erika

      4.5 stars!Another hero to add to my "5-star amazing hero" shelf! What I liked:-- Joe was perfect. I appreciated that he wasn't a manwhore and that we didn't get info about his sexual past. He was extremely loving, warm, sexy possessive, protective and devoted to Frankie, the heroine -- Frankie wasn't a virgin. -- fun sex scenes. There was a little very light bondage and dominance stuff. Very light though. -- the restaurant business setting-- the fact that the couple were really together most of [...]

    3. SB*needs low angst books*

      4.5 I have to say this was a wonderful surprise. I love books that have people that cook so that is what drew me to this read. I can say I am surprised this is a first book. This was the story of a girl named Frankie who wins a pasta contest. She meets the hero named Joe,who is trying to be a big name chef, when he comes to her house to find out how she beat him. He is actually expecting a big Italian guy but is surprised when the 5'3 Frankie is the one who beat him. They meet on very rocky term [...]

    4. Cyndi

      I enjoyed this book. Frankie and Joe were sweet together and I liked the way their relationship evolved. I appreciated that we knew they both had sexual pasts, but we didn't get details. I also loved that Joe did not seem like a manwhore at all! The drama at the very end was a little over the top for my taste, but it didn't ruin the book for me. This is a nice, low angst read!

    5. Barbara➰

      **4.5 Stars**What a great debut novel for a new author! I really enjoyed it. It was very sweet and low angst.Frankie has an anxiety disorder that makes it hard for her to meet new people or get out of certain routines. After winning a cooking competition that her friend, Lindsay, entered her in (behind her back) she is confronted by a professional chef, Joe, who is trying to make a name for himself. The attraction is immediate.I love how there was no relationship drama between the two. Once they [...]

    6. Nicla

      Update: Still really good on re-readLoved it. I didn't want this book to end as I loved spending time with these amazing characters. Highly recommend. Can't wait to see what Paige Conners writes next.HEA (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]Cheating/OW/OM (view spoiler)[No completely safe (hide spoiler)]Any couple separation (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]Any push/pull (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]Instant Love: (view spoiler)[Yeah kind of (hide spoiler)]Heat Level: HighAngst Level: Low

    7. Janie

      I would give this book 5 stars just for the mutually respectful, loving relationship these two have. I adore an author that can create drama from normal life issues (except for the drama at the end), I would say that's not everyone's normal life. Anyways this is the story of Joe and Frankie aka Pixie. The first time they meet is somewhat volatile. The next time they meet they start to see each other differently. These two are so made for each other. Frankie has some issues that Joe finds out abo [...]

    8. RJ

      I'm so glad I gave this book another shot! At first I read the sample and the h was kinda annoying so I decided to skip this book but after reading reviews from trusted friends I decided to give it another go and I'm very happy I did!The H was AMAZING!! So loyal, kind, and just awesome. The h did annoying me in the beginning with her thought process going all over the place but it made sense later on and it wasn't quite as annoying. I also loved her relationship with her bestfriend! I also loved [...]

    9. Alex ♈

      3.75 starsSweet, funny, safe and yummy. Don't read it on an empty stomach *lol*The only thing I wasn't fond of - the whole baby-girl aka Pixie trope. To each his own, but it's not my reading preference. Though it was played nice.

    10. Nicole

      "5"Keeping it simple, always makes food betterstars from me!!A story with a fine recipe combined with sweet, enjoyable and slightly unique ingredients. I loved this plot i haven't read so fun and enjoyable dialogues for a long time, it was like a match of who had the best answer. A contest and a hurt pride brought two totally different people together, an awarded famous chef and a petite, cute, home cooke results are explosive.Well Frankie nothing like the picture above but her talent in cooking [...]

    11. Chastity Poeschel

      To say i loved this book it is a under statement this is a new author for me and i definitely will be reading her future work! She did a wonderful job with this book. Joe is my hero i adored him and the way he took care of Frankie, always putting her first no matter what. I can't say enough about him. Frankie was so sweet i loved her and especially the banter between her and her best friend Lindsay they had me cracking up through out the whole book This book at the right ingredients for a wonder [...]

    12. S. Van Horne

      Mirepoix is a brilliant mix of laugh, love, anxiety and a twist. I loved the relationship that was slowly built between Joe and Frankie. The relationship between Lindsey and Frankie was amazing and reminded me of my best friend. so much so I stole what they call each other and now call my best friend that. The other part that I loved was that family sometimes isn't the blood that you share but about the love that is built between people.Also, the level of knowledge and research the author did on [...]

    13. Erin

      DNF @ 51%This is going to be an unpopular opinion. I'm sorry for that. I didn't stop reading it because it was a bad book. In fact, it had a lot of potential, and I genuinely enjoyed the characters. However, I just couldn't get past the grammatical errors and weird sentence structure. The dialogue was a little staccato, and didn't flow naturally. These things just bothered me to point of where I wanted to stop reading. The only other issue I had was I felt it was a jump between the Monday they s [...]

    14. Elaine Vargas

      Really sweet book.Frankie and Joe are from Italian families, so obviously they know how to cook.So all begins with food. Frankie thinks Joe is a prick, and Joe thought Frankie was a man, but they both realize that not everything is how the way it seems to be.The H is really sweet and protective. There wasn't much that I didn't like actually, but anyways I'm going to write some of the drama:(view spoiler)[The H and the h are both really sweet and lovable. The h is so cute actually and funny, she [...]

    15. Danielle

      4.5 STARSMirepoix at first glance is a fun and sexy romcom about a quirky heroine with social anxiety disorders and an all-alpha male chef eyeing the big time. Once I started reading it, though, the premise of this book was clear: everything begins with something simple. Frankie is a tatted, pierced, pint-sized pixie of a girl who suffers from anxiety issues often culminating in panic attacks. Her behavior because of this disorder can be seen to those that don't know her as peculiar and because [...]

    16. K.L. Donn

      Debut author? No, just no. Ms Conners writes like she's been doing it her whole life! I love her voice put to words, she's quirky, she's funny, she's a show stopper! I have to admit Frankie was the page turner for me. It was her I anticipated the entire book. I never knew what was going to come out of her mouth and I loved it! Anticipated it more than anything else. Joe was hilarious in his own right, the double entendre's with food, had me busting up constantly. I adored this book, and can't wa [...]

    17. **Vee**

      4.95 Stars!Amazing book! I loved the details that were included and Frankie was the star of this book, normally its the hero but while Joe is amazing too, Frankie was just so 3 dimensional and quirky in an authentic way that i loved her. I laughed at her antics, specifically her soft t-shirt fixation and connected with some of her personality that i felt like she was my friend in the end.I love the developed supporting characters and Frankies hetro-life partner (who I am hoping get a book!!), th [...]

    18. MaryAnn Christopherson

      Mirepoix is a great first book by new author Paige Conners. The characters are likable. The story is charming. The deep bond of friendship is explored. I am looking forward to book 2. I was thoroughly entertained and I learned a few new things. ;)

    19. Amy

      Frankie is just my type of Heroine. Sweet, funny, loveable, and with a whole lot of sass (or scarasm!) Joe is a hot headed chef who needs to get his head removed from his hmmm behind i'll say. They meet when Joe is mad at Frankie (who he doesn't even know is a chick!). Frankie's friend put her pasta into a local competition and it won over Joe who owns his own restaurant as well as been to a lot of fancy schools. Joe seeks out this Frankie to find out how HE (duh He's a She!) beat him. Frankie t [...]

    20. Jacquie

      4.5 Tasty, Succulent Stars!When Frankie first meets Joe, even though he's a prime piece of man-meat, he comes off as an egotistical, self-centered prima donna celebrity chef-in-the-making. He can't BELIEVE a silly "home chef" could possibly beat him in a cooking contest and he MUST find out how she did it! So begins their amazing love story.I admit to knowing next to nothing about anxiety of any kind, but I can certainly see that the author has done her research about social anxiety. Frankie suf [...]

    21. A Book Lover's Emporium Book Blog

      This was such a sweet, fun read. I laughed out loud many times and also had those awwwee sweet moments. The characters were all likeable, lovable and just relatable. I was amazed to find that this is the debut novel from this author. I applaud you, Paige. You did a great job! The story flowed nicely.Frankie was sassy and just hilarious but she was also insecure and dealing with massive anxiety issues. I related to this character and loved seeing how she was able to deal with these issues. Joe, o [...]

    22. Soledad

      I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Joe is a chef who is on a mission to figure out who beat him in a cooking competition, little does he know that once he finds herhe's never going to let her go.Frankie is also a chef but that's not all, she also makes her own scented soaps. Once her and Joe meet you can't help but fall in love with them and hope they'll end up together. Frankie has a kick butt, no-nonsense best friend named Lindsay who is willing to prote [...]

    23. Shannon

      Pixie and her chefThis was so refreshingly new , completely fresh story line and situationsI adored both h/h in this book. Social anxiety and uncomfortable in public feeling judged is real and so great to see in a novel. Strong aplaha male lead who knows when you meet a real woman who interests you ,step up and do something about it. Hot and heavy scenes which I loved again they were new and not what we see in every other book The secondary characters were so strong and kickass I don't want to c [...]

    24. Stephanie Daley

      Excellent Read!I thoroughly enjoyed reading Mirepoix by Paige Conners. This was not your typical romance with too much drama (I try to stay away with over-the-top dramas). It had the perfect recipe of love, romance, drama, and friendship. The main female character Frankie was quirky with an awesome bestie and I loved that about the book. Joe was a character that you immediately think what an ahole and then end up loving him. This is one of those books that you can just continue to read and I loo [...]

    25. Crystal

      Loved the story and that for once things aren't made angsty when they needn't be. Needs some editing and it was distracting, so 4 instead of 5 stars. Loved the characters, though, so overall, enjoyed.

    26. Sam Via

      I heard that this book is Paige Conners' debut book. Just wanted to say I'm looking forward to the future books if they're as good as Mirepoix

    27. Kim Bradt

      Love out!Frankie is awesome and her hetero life mate lmao this was equal parts funny and sexy. Frankie and Joe are amazing I Floved this!

    28. Dallison

      New author for me. She started off with a lot of big words that I had to pull out my dictionary, but she soon settled down. I enjoyed the Alpha Male in this book big time.

    29. Alisha Lynn

      Love Love Loved it! Low angst, insta-love, alpha male, dirty talk, tattooed hero and heroine, great secondary characterswhat more could a girl ask for? Can't wait for more

    30. Britney

      This was a really sweet read with really good main characters. I just felt like there was something missing and it dragged a bit. It could have been a lot better but I really liked the hero and heroine and I was interested enough to finish.

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