Buried Secrets

Buried Secrets Overcome the past and any other obstacles that stand in the way of the future God has planned for you Three years after the accident that almost claimed her life Emma Esh has recovered physically but

  • Title: Buried Secrets
  • Author: Rachel J. Good
  • ISBN: 9781629989532
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Paperback
  • Buried Secrets

    Overcome the past and any other obstacles that stand in the way of the future God has planned for you Three years after the accident that almost claimed her life, Emma Esh has recovered physically but has no memory of the year before the accident When she moves to a new community to help her sister Lydia and brother in law, Caleb, prepare for the birth of twins, she fallOvercome the past and any other obstacles that stand in the way of the future God has planned for you Three years after the accident that almost claimed her life, Emma Esh has recovered physically but has no memory of the year before the accident When she moves to a new community to help her sister Lydia and brother in law, Caleb, prepare for the birth of twins, she falls for their neighbor Samuel But the twins premature birth, a visit from the Englischer Emma once dated, and the sudden return of her memory threaten Emma s romance After the secrets of her past are revealed, will love be able to overcome all obstacles

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    One thought on “Buried Secrets

    1. Susan

      Buried SecretsRachel J GoodReceived from Netgalley BURIED SECRETS is the second book in the Sisters & Friends series. I haven't read the first book and found the story easy to follow along with. Rachel uses the first few chapters to bring the reader up to speed with what happened in the previous book, and I never felt lost at all. But I am going to go back and read the first book, Change Of Heart just because I love Rachel J Good's writing. She hooked me from the very first page and never le [...]

    2. Erin

      If you were to do a quick internet search, you would find a slew of recent articles that attempt to explain why so many of today's readers are attracted to "Amish" fiction. Is it the nostalgia of a simpler time? Is it because readers need a reprieve from the "lusty busty" or "instalove" that appears to pop up in so many of our books today? Is it because readers are just fascinated to find a group of people who have chosen to live a different path in a 21st century world? Whatever the reason, Ami [...]

    3. Chautona Havig

      Buried Secrets is one of the best-named books I’ve ever read. The title alone contains more subtleties than you suspect until you reach that last page. Rachel Good wrote a well-layered story of love, loss, growth, forgiveness, and redemption. She drew me into characters who weren’t your typical Amish folks and made me care about even the ones who made me want to slap them. That’s pretty impressive.This book includes a lot you don’t expect from Amish fiction and most of it in a very good [...]

    4. Maureen Timerman

      Annie has her chest from Sam, carved with the recipe she uses for making sponge cakes, how sweet and personal for her, and what a gift from Sam, who has turned his grief into blessings for others.The power of our minds to help protect us, and that is exactly what Emma is experiencing, will she ever be able to remember the accident that changed her life.I’ve had panic attacks, but never to the extent this poor girl has, and protection her family tries to surround her with, and yet you wonder if [...]

    5. Julia Wilson

      Buried Secrets by Rachel J Good is a delightful Amish romance and one that I devoured in just two sittings.Buried Secrets has many themes including healing. A physical healing and a healing of hearts and spirits.Linked to the theme of healing is that of fear. Fear can consume us. "Stuck in this prison of terror." Often "facing her fears was the last thing she wanted to do" but it is necessary for healing. Fear can affect not just our mental state but our physical body too. With love, care and co [...]

    6. Kav

      Book Two in the Sisters and Friends series. It reads wonderfully well as a standalone though. And it's pretty unique because the story will have a different kind of impact depending on whether you have read the first book, Change of Heart. That's because Emma has no memory of the months before and immediately after the accident that nearly killed her. So, if you haven't read the first book, you're as clueless as Emma and get to uncover buried secrets right along with her. But, if you have read t [...]

    7. Crystal Scott

      Buried Secrets is not your typical Amish Fiction novel. Rachel Good has outdone herself with this one. Book two in her Sisters and Friends series, Buried Secrets will have staying up all night to finish and then leave will leave you wanting more!!It’s been three years since Emma Esh was in an accident that she almost didn’t make it out of alive. She has recovered physically but has suffered memory loss, in fact she has no recollection of the year before her accident. This is hard on Emma so [...]

    8. Ibjoy1953 Hannabass

      Rachel Good writes an amazing story in Buried Secrets! The story continues with the Esh family. Emma is over the physical part of her injuries from the accident from Book One. She now lives with her sister Lydia and her husband Caleb so she can help with the last weeks of Lydia's pregnancy and help with the twins after they are born. Everyone still cannot remember her life immediately before the accident or much of the year she was healing, and Lydia and her family wants to keep it that way, but [...]

    9. Babs

      This book picks up 3 years after Emma’s accident and watch her heal and learn more about herself with her sisters help. She has a lot to overcome. Emma’s memory loss was interesting to read about as she got bits and pieces and tried to put the puzzle together. In doing so she didn’t get mad or take it out on anyone else around her. Sam was my favorite part in the way they took their friendship slow and easy and worked on Emma’s past. No rushing and that was refreshing. Her panic attacks [...]

    10. Rhonda

      Boy, does this one have plenty of surprises?!!! This novel threw a really big surprise for me. It was something that I honestly don't think I've ever read about in any Amish books previously. Amish fiction is definitely not new to me. I am an avid reader and Amish fiction is one of my absolute favorites. Rachel J. Good is a new author to me and I am very impressed with this novel. I did not read the first book in the series, but it did not interfere with my enjoyment of the book. I'm sure that r [...]

    11. ConnieLynch

      Buried Secrets – I have been given the honor of reading this ARC from Rachel Good and the only gratuity you receive is the enjoyment her works can bring. Buried Secrets is the second book and I do hope there is more to come. I must find out more about Emma and Sam. Every family has a past, present and future, even Amish families. The Esh family is a strong Amish family with flaws. Emma carries the burden of her past, she was a rebel during her Rumspringa and she paid a heavy price that affecte [...]

    12. Marilyn

      Rachel J. Good created an enthralling story with Buried Secrets. Emma Esh is currently living with her sister Lydia and brother-in-law, Caleb. This isn’t the perfect solution for her as Lydia was a little over protective. Then after Emma met their widower neighbor’s nephew, Samuel (Sam) Emma would find Caleb and Lydia talking quietly about the situation. Lydia just couldn’t allow Emma to get involved with Sam. However, Sam saw something in Emma similar to his rescued dog, Bolt, and he want [...]

    13. Cindy Williams

      This is the second book from the Sisters and Friends series. The story is continued on as Emma has recovered from the accident and now is staying with her sister Leah to await the arrival of Leah's bopplis ( babies -yes I love that word!) Her past is still a secret, even to herself. She only knows that she is afraid to be out after dark and is deathly afraid to ride in anything.Sam her next door neighbor tries to help Emma get over her fears and Amish books are such a good read. They take us to [...]

    14. Debbie

      "Buried Secrets" by Rachel J Good is the second book in the (Sisters and Friends) series. The story was enjoyable as a standalone but personally I am glad I read the 1st book (Change Of Heart) to get the background story.This story was about forgiveness and Healing. My favorite character in this story is Emma because she has a fear that is somewhat like a fear I have, ( mine is driving) and since this is an Amish story Emma's fear isn't of driving but of riding in a vehicle or being in the dark [...]

    15. Julie Fulton

      Buried Secrets is the sequel to Change of Heart, a book I thoroughly enjoyed. I was not disappointed by the sequel - another page turner. This story concentrates on Emma Esh, the sister of Lydia who was the main protagonist in Change of Heart. Emma is trying to come to terms with life after a serious car accident that has caused her to lose the memories of a whole year of her life. Moving to be with Lydia and her husband Caleb, Emma starts to make attempts to find out about her past and thus ove [...]

    16. Beks

      I have always been a fan of Amish fiction though sometimes they can be written too preach or too sweet. Not so with Buried Secrets. Good explored the path of recovery from past trauma. Emma's battle with anxiety and her fears was commendable and well done.I didn't realize that this was a sequel when I picked it up, which I think actually added to my experience. Like Emma I had no inkling of what happened during her lost year and was waiting along with her for either for something to trigger her [...]

    17. Christa

      Buried Secrets by Rachel J. Good is an excellent read! After a long recovery from an accident, Emma Esh moves in with her sister Lydia, and brother-in-law Caleb. Caleb and Lydia are expecting twins, and Emma is going to help out. While there, Emma meets the neighbor’s nephew, Sam Troyer. Sam and Emma become friends and start spending time together. Lydia and Caleb discourage any kind of relationship beyond friendship with Sam. Why does it seem that Emma’s family knows more about the accident [...]

    18. Michelle Castaneda

      Buried Secrets by Rachel J. Good tells the story of Emma Esh who lost the memories of an entire year of her life after a vehicle accident. This is not my usual genre, but the storyline in Buried Secrets intrigued me and I am so glad that I read it. The mystery of Emma’s accident and what happened that year—it led to a fantastic story and a plot that moved at a great pace. I highly recommend this book! I cannot wait to read more from this author. I received a digital copy of this book in exch [...]

    19. Marcia

      Buried Secrets is a great addition to this Amish series about the Esh sisters. Faded memories of Emma’s past as she continues to recover from a bad accident add difficulties to her newfound attraction to the handsome Sam. Her complicated relationship with her older sister Lydia, married now and ready to give birth, is still a big part of the story, as well. Again, several Amish recipes and a helpful glossary are a fun bonus to the story.

    20. Christina Myerly

      Buried Secrets was a page-turner that kept you guessing as you read. From what I understood, this was the second book in the series, but I could read it as a stand-alone. I thought Emma and Sam were easy to relate to and the author dealt with amnesia in an interesting manner that seemed honest and true.However, I was distracted by some formatting issues. There was head hopping with no scene breaks which gave me no clue that I was changing point of view until too late. Also, there were inconstanc [...]

    21. Patty Champion

      I really enjoyed this book once I figured out what was going on. This book is a sequel to CHANGE OF HEART. I had to buy the first book to understand what was going on in the second book. The first book was also excellent. The book is about Emma who was in a car accident and doesn't remember the previous 3 years. Her sister is trying to protect her from her terrible memories.These books are well worth the time to read and I can't wait for the next one to come out.

    22. Peta

      Thanks to Netgallery for this book. I have to say I knew this was a book set in Amish culture but I was hoping for something with a little more depth. It was a perfectly nice story about a young woman with a secret past who goes to live with her sister after an accident that she has no memory of. I found it a little frustrating that she didn't take her life by the unmentionables and just get on with it - but that's obviously not the Amish way. Unoffensive, just not groundbreaking

    23. Karen Hadley


    24. Jessica Baker (A Baker's Perspective)

      After reading the book summary I was immediately intrigued. Memory loss is something I have a lot of interest in. I like hearing different ways people try to get their memories back and felt Emma's story was well written. To date I think it is one of my favorites! What I enjoyed most was the way her memories came to her. They were just tiny, mysterious puzzle pieces that didn't quite fit together, or so she thought. But what really caught my attention was Emma's attitude about the situation. Ove [...]

    25. Carol Keen

      Somehow, I have not read one of this author's books before. This book stood alone just fine, thought I do like to read everything in a series. Emma is one distressed young woman. She has major panic attacks. Having dealt with that some myself, and with many friends and family, that is not an easy thing to overcome. Emma has some buried secrets, and things that are hidden don't tend to stay that way forever. Emma's amnesia was not an easy thing either. It's hard to have missing memories. Emma has [...]

    26. Chastity Ray

      I absolutely loved Buried Secrets! From the first page I was hooked!! Ms.Good has a knack of weaving stories that take you on a meaningful journey that leave you wanting more and the characters become like friends. I felt bad for Emma. I can't imagine having a whole section of my life that I couldn't remember. To know I've forgotten a part of myself and not being sure how to get it back. I loved how her family rallied around her, especially Lydia and Caleb. Not many people would want to help the [...]

    27. Connie Tillman

      I absolutely loved Buried Secrets! From the first page I could not read fast enough! Rachel J Good has crafted an amazing story that will leave your heart pounding and trying to read quickly to continue the story! I cannot imagine losing my memories or trying to rebuild my life as it once was. I had not read any of the other books in the series and I did not have any problems following along I received an advance copy of the book in exchange for my opinion - all opinions are my own

    28. Becky Dempsey

      "Buried Secrets" is the second book in the "Sisters and Friends" series. As with most books that are part of a series, I recommend reading "Buried Secrets" after you read the first book in the series, "Change of Heart". If you read "Buried Secrets" alone, you will be just as surprised about Emma's past as she is when it comes to light. I really liked Sam and Emma's relationship and how it grew. He was so kind and thoughtful toward her. I felt sorry for her as she floundered to know who she was a [...]

    29. Deanna Stevens

      This story just grabs you and you will be wanting to cheer Emma on to recovery and on to a life of new happy memories! Emma made some mistakes during her Rumschpringe and the loss of her memory has caused so many changes to her families lives and a new life for her with so many things she just doesn't understand the why's of. If you like Amish stories this one will surprise you with all the twists and turns I really liked this story of secrets, family, faith and recovery. I was gifted a copy and [...]

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