Fish Have No Feet

Fish Have No Feet Keflavik a town that has been called the darkest place in Iceland surrounded by black lava fields hemmed in by a sea that may not be fished Its livelihood depends entirely on a U S military base a

  • Title: Fish Have No Feet
  • Author: Jón Kalman Stefánsson Philip Roughton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fish Have No Feet

    Keflavik a town that has been called the darkest place in Iceland, surrounded by black lava fields, hemmed in by a sea that may not be fished Its livelihood depends entirely on a U.S military base, a conduit for American influences that shaped Icelandic culture and ethics from the 1950s to the dawning of the new millennium It is to Keflavik that Ari a writer and publKeflavik a town that has been called the darkest place in Iceland, surrounded by black lava fields, hemmed in by a sea that may not be fished Its livelihood depends entirely on a U.S military base, a conduit for American influences that shaped Icelandic culture and ethics from the 1950s to the dawning of the new millennium It is to Keflavik that Ari a writer and publisher returns from Copenhagen at the behest of his dying father, two years after walking out on his wife and children He is beset by memories of his youth, spent or misspent listening to Pink Floyd and the Beatles, fraternising with American servicemen who are regarded by the locals with a mixture of admiration and contempt and discovering girls There is one girl in particular he could never forget her fate has stayed with him all his life.Lost in grief and nostalgia, he is also caught up in the story of how his grandparents fell in love in Nordfjordur on the eastern coast, a fishing village a world away from modern Keflavik, at time when the old ways still held sway Their tragic love affair unfolded against the backdrop of Iceland s harsh nature and unforgiving elements.Fish have no Feet is at once the story of a singular family and an epic of Icelandic history and culture It offers an unique insight into modern Iceland, and the ways in which it has been shaped by outside influences A sparkling novel of love, pain, loss and lifelong desire that marries the poetic, elemental style of Heaven and Hell, The Sorrow of Angels and The Heart of Man to a modern frame of reference and sensibility.

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    One thought on “Fish Have No Feet

    1. Dolors

      Words and music are at the core of this contemporary story set in Keflavik. Surrounded by miles and miles of black lava fields and a fishless sea, the town has lost its natural sustenance to regulation and globalized modernity. This is the desolate place Ari returns to when he hears of his dying father after having run away to Copenhagen in a desperate attempt to escape his failures as a husband and son. Haunted by his remorse and inadequacies, he is confronted with a stream of unsummoned memori [...]

    2. Cecily

      Monument to Might (of the sea) by Steinunn Þórarinsdóttir on the outskirts of Sandgerði"It all began with death… In every death, there’s a new life."The heart is a muscle, light is kindled, the sea and snow enhance and limit life, eyes are vividly described, words and stories have mystical power, and angels look out over tussocks. Reading the first thirty pages was like snuggling into the welcoming embrace of a beloved grandparent. But like the aged relative, things are not quite as reme [...]

    3. Gill

      'Fish Have No Feet' by Jón Kalman Stefánsson (translated by Philip Roughton)5 stars/ 10 out of 10Ever since I was a child I have wanted to visit Iceland. Twenty years ago I made it there, albeit only for some hours at Keflavík airport, as a refuelling stop. A few years after that I spent a wonderful couple of weeks in Iceland, walking and sightseeing. Since then I have read anything available about the country; so I am very pleased that 'Fish Have No Feet' is now available in English (transla [...]

    4. Héctor Genta

      Forse la bellezza non salverà il mondo magari mi aiuterà a salvarmi dal mondo. Jón Kalman Stefánsson: è lui il Virgilio a cui ho deciso di affidarmi per questo tratto di strada. Altri lo hanno preceduto (Pessoa e Leonard Cohen, Carver e Mark Strand, Rilke e Tord Gustavsen sono solo i primi che mi vengono in mente), altri lo seguiranno. Ma adesso tocca a lui, a quella scrittura attenta che ho imparato a conoscere attraverso i suoi libri precedenti, alla scelta accurata delle parole e al loro [...]

    5. Vanessa

      I did a full, 17.5 minute review of this on my YouTube channel (link is in my bio), so I'm not going to bother with going into too much detail here. Suffice it to say that this book was a massive disappointment for me, despite being one of my most anticipated longlist reads.In my honest opinion, this was a poorly written book with overly flowery language for the sake of having more words on the page. This writing didn't enhance the book at all, instead highlighting the fact that most of the imag [...]

    6. Bellezza

      I have rarely reviewed the books I hold the most dearly on this blog. I am afraid that my words will tarnish them, that my words and their author’s words have no business being on the same page.So it is with Fish Have No Feet by Jón Kalman Stefánsson. If I tell you that I read breathlessly, turning the pages without being aware of the paper, or the light, or the time, or my chair, you might say, “I’ve heard all that before.”You might even be unconvinced of its power if I told you there [...]

    7. Neil

      This is my first experience of Stefansson, so I cannot draw any comparisons with his other works. But I can say that, despite the occasional repetitiveness, there is some beautiful, poetic prose in this family saga. The book interleaves three story lines. Firstly, we read about Ari as he returns from self-imposed exile in Denmark to the Iceland of his birth and growing up. Secondly, we hear the story of his childhood and adolescence in Iceland with his friend (more on this later) who narrates th [...]

    8. Simona

      "Abbraccio è senza dubbio la parola più bella di ogni lingua". Libri come quelli di Stefansson ti mettono in contatto con la natura, con il mondo, ti invitano a riflettere, a porti domande. Dai paesaggi che Stefansson riesce a descrivere in modo magistrale, ti senti circondato da amore, meraviglia e da commozione. Il viaggio che Ari intraprende è il viaggio non solo fisico, ma anche interiore, il viaggio di chi si pone domande, di chi cerca risposte agli interrogativi della vita. Dalle domand [...]

    9. Paul Fulcher

      "In Keflavik there are three cardinal directions: the wind, the sea and eternity. 'Nowhere in all of Ireland do people live as close to death.'(*)The unrelenting wind seems to be able to blow from two directions at once, gusts bearing salt and sand took turns lashing us, the sky so distant that our prayers over ever made it halfway there, then dropped like dead birds or changed into hail, the drinking water as salty as the sea. This place isn't fit for habitation; everything is against it: commo [...]

    10. Cosimo

      Non può finire bene“La vita cresce dalle parole, la morte dimora nel silenzio. Per questo dobbiamo continuare a scrivere, a raccontare, a mormorare versi di poesia e imprecazioni e così tenere lontana la morte, per un po'”.In un Islanda che è il posto più nero del mondo e insieme un luogo che non esiste, un urlo arcaico tra la brughiera di Keflavìk e le montagne e la lava di Nordfjordur, il poeta e editore Ari vive il suo ritorno a casa, nella terra familiare della memoria e del dolore, [...]

    11. Anya

      “Fish Have No Feet” follows a young man named Ari home, to his childhood town of Keflavik, Iceland. Ari returns to Keflavik after several years abroad, feeling that he finally needs to confront his past…“Fish Has No Feet” provides an interesting window into the past and present of Keflavik. We learn about Keflavik’s climate, main industries and shaky economic present. We also learn about Ari’s life, as well as the past and present of his numerous friends and acquaintancesI enjoyed [...]

    12. Sini

      Door mee te doen aan de win-actie van Hebban kreeg ik, mazzelpik die ik ben, zomaar Stefanssons tweeluik "Vissen hebben geen voeten" en "Iets ter grootte van het universum" cadeau. Wel tegen de voorwaarde dat ik minstens een van beide boeken zou recenseren, maar dat voelt eerder als extra pret dan als een verplichting. Want ik hou wel van Stefansson, en heb mij eerder - ondanks wat kleine bezwaren- met zijn trilogie prima geamuseerd (zie mijn recensie van "Het hart van de mens"). En zo ook met " [...]

    13. Tonymess

      As readers of Jón Kalman Stefánsson’s other books will know, he is big on weather imagery, snow drifts, winds, storms, being buried in snow, the language and style match this obsession…”because the weather has done so much to shape life in Iceland for more than one thousand years.”The references to Iceland are interesting with subjects such as US airbases, the economy and politics sprinkled throughout, but are these enough to hold a rambling existentialist question mark together?Like J [...]

    14. Aike

      Absolutely beautiful writing style, so many beautiful ideas and thoughts and quotes, a book I started rereading immediatly after I finished it.

    15. Michal Červený

      islandská odpoveď na Sto rokov samoty. lenže severská odpoveď. vyvoláva pocit sklucenia podobne ako dánske filmytor použil zaujímavý jazyk s mnohými opakovaniami celých viet aj viacerých viet za sebou.zároveň platí, že čím zložitejšie suvetie použil, tým bolo zrozumitelnejsie (tiež som sa čudoval).záver som už musel dočítať na jeden šup, chcel som to mať za sebou. no nie preto, že by to bolo zle. no preto, že to asi príliš verne prebúdzalo tie najhoršie poci [...]

    16. Jaap

      Iceland in this book is quite different from the beautiful multicoloured country you will find in the tourist brochures. It is harsh and cold, black lava rock with high snow. Silent people with deep feelings as black and white as the land. Warm feelings can turn into deep depression, tender love easily becomes sexual abuse. The book describes the life of Ari and his family by means of many time-shifted small scenes. The story is like snow on a dark afternoon - between the many small gems you gra [...]

    17. Lydia

      Prvá skúsenosť s islandským autorom, ktorého mi odporučil brat. Poetické, pomalé, skôr hĺbavé čítanie. Je to melancholický i záhadný príbeh islandskej rodiny, ktorej osud je spätý s krajinou a morom ale zároveň ide aj o rozjímanie nad životom, láskou či smrťou.

    18. Paolo Gianoglio

      Una lettura inizialmente difficile. Tanti personaggi, piani temporali diversi e non ben definiti, una geografia complicata. Occorrono pazienza e tenacia, è un po’ come quei percorsi di montagna che ti accolgono con una salita repentina, poi si assestano in una salita morbida e piacevole, non devi più badare al fiato e puoi godere del paesaggio.In questo caso il paesaggio è fatto di tante cose, al punto che mi trovo in difficoltà a fare una sintesi. C’è l’Islanda fisica, una terra deso [...]

    19. Bex

      I can definitely see why this one has been nominated for the Man Booker International and good pickings, for it has everything I love. Iceland, bleak weather, bleak landscapes, bleak meandering questions about what it is to be alive, lyrical prose, and did I mention it’s a bleak novel? It’s translation is definitely beautiful and muted and I can only imagine how stunning it is in its original language, but in spite of all this, something still doesn’t sit right with me. A definite A++ for [...]

    20. Veronique

      Ouf, je n'en voyais pas le bout ! Ce livre aurait pu facilement, et dû, faire 200 pages de moins. On est pris tout du long dans les brumes hivernales de l'Islande ou le ressac de la mer ; on tourne en rond, on se perd et se répète. Ce procédé ne génère pas autant de poésie que l'auteur le voudrait mais plutôt de l'ennui ou une certaine torpeur car le propos lui-même manque de finesse. Tant de considérations sur la mort et la déchéance inéluctables, sur la vie qui glisse entre les d [...]

    21. Ivaska

      I have fought a little war with this book, grasping for the hidden messages and meaning. Being a "family saga" it has a preposition to become confusing and readers can find themselves lost within the sea of characters interwoven in the plot. No, not a plot, but the stream of thoughts and emotions bubbling beneath stern minds and faces of the people in question. Only in the end, when I fully immersed myself in lines heavy with regret, revelation and remorse, I came to peace with Stefansson. He wr [...]

    22. Katia

      Mi è sembrato di leggere un Fabio Volo che si atteggia a Kundera."Un supermercato. Ma cosa sono i rimpianti?""Un aereoporto. Ma perché viviamo?" E via così, per pagine e pagine riflessioni inconcludenti e angoscianti sul nulla. Profondità e livello scrittura: Tumblr.E' troppo, davvero troppo. Non ho retto.

    23. ida

      I wrote my previous reviews of Jón Kalman Stefánsson's books in different languages; one in Swedish and one in English. So. Since I'm being lazy this review will be in Swedish. Jag känner att jag läst för många av hans böcker på kort tid och därför bara upprepar mig själv. Men i alla fall, jag gillar precis samma sak med denna bok som jag tyckt om med hans tidigare böcker också. Han har ett otroligt sätt att genom en person eller familjs öde, egentligen berätta hela Islands histo [...]

    24. Jacqueline

      Again Stefánsson excels as a poet, but this time I lack his strong bearing narrative voice. While the "Heaven and Hell Trilogy" fascinated me, I got bored by this new novel "Fish have no feet". Stefánsson writes " it can be hard to remember in Iceland, the wind send thoughts here and there, and sometimes it gets too icy cold and windy to be able to think deep thoughts, all is about staying warm". This summarizes well this novel where memories from three generations and various facts about Isla [...]

    25. Cristina - Athenae Noctua

      Se dovessi spiegare cosa mi sia piaciuto di più di questo libro, sinceramente non saprei farlo. C'è la prosa di Stefánsson, fluida come il mare che fa da personaggio, oltre che da sfondo, e che in certi momenti tocca delle vette poetiche di un fascino insostenibile, in altri si fonde nel flusso di coscienza. C'è la storia struggente di Margrét, che cerca l'affetto in esplosioni di vitalità che i più non possono capire. C'è il rumore del mare e ci sono i tralicci su cui si appende il pesc [...]

    26. Safir

      Jag tänker inte påstå att jag förstår den, men jag har svårt att sluta tänka på Keflavik och Nordfjördur.

    27. Susana

      ¿Cómo evitar sentirse tentado a leer un libro con este título y, además, de un autor de Islandia? Un libro, por decir lo menos, curioso, con frases y conceptos hermosos, pero a la vez con escenas muy fuertes, i.e. desagradables, que no entiendo para que fueron incorporadas a la narración (para el que lo lea o haya leído, la escena del aeropuerto, que marca un punto de inflexión en la historia). Un libro que retrata una sociedad aislada, que extraña un pasado más simple ¿y feliz?, que p [...]

    28. Justin Waerts

      ‘En soms worden we echt wakker als een open wond. Weerloos, onbeschermd, en alles draait om het eerste woord, de eerste zucht, hoe je naar me kijkt als je wakker wordt, hoe je naar me kijkt als ik mijn ogen opendoe, de slaap wegwerk, die wonderlijke wereld waar we niet altijd dezelfde mens zijn, waar we verraden wat we normaal niet in ons hoofd zouden halen te verraden, waar we heldendaden verrichten, vliegen, waar de doden leven en de levenden doodgaan. Soms is het alsof we een andere kant va [...]

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