Stained Blair Clark has reached his breaking point Forced to leave one job because of sexual harassment he s having difficulty finding another Since no one believes what happened Blair s left with a stain o

  • Title: Stained
  • Author: Chris T. Kat
  • ISBN: 9781634770514
  • Page: 325
  • Format: ebook
  • Stained

    Blair Clark has reached his breaking point Forced to leave one job because of sexual harassment, he s having difficulty finding another Since no one believes what happened, Blair s left with a stain on his employment record that he can t get rid of He s had to move back home with his mother As if that s not bad enough, he realizes his crush, Travis, is simply using himBlair Clark has reached his breaking point Forced to leave one job because of sexual harassment, he s having difficulty finding another Since no one believes what happened, Blair s left with a stain on his employment record that he can t get rid of He s had to move back home with his mother As if that s not bad enough, he realizes his crush, Travis, is simply using him His romantic life looks as hopeless as his job search.Jack Ross is sure he ll never find anyone who ll love him for who he is All anyone sees is the port wine stain on his left cheek not the man behind it Even his mother thinks he should get rid of it But the procedure is difficult and painful.When Blair applies for a secretarial position with Jack s firm, both men learn that beauty is, indeed, in the eye of the beholder It ll take a lot of trust to chase away their insecurities, but if they take a chance on one another, love will find a way.

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    • Free Read [Horror Book] ↠ Stained - by Chris T. Kat ✓
      325 Chris T. Kat
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    One thought on “Stained

    1. Heather K (dentist in my spare time)

      To be honest, this wasn't great. I had high hopes for this book because I haven't read any books with MCs with a port wine stain. I've read a number of books with characters with severe facial scarring (The Truth About Riley, Butterfly Tattoo, Counterbalance), but nothing with a colored mark. I was intrigued, but this book was a disappointment. I didn't enjoy the character of Blair. He was mousy, timid, and underdeveloped, and I couldn't (for the life of me) understand why he had such low self-e [...]

    2. BWT (Belen)

      2.5 StarsBlair has been mistreated by schoolmates and people, mostly men, his entire life. Slight and effeminate he's constantly taken advantage of and hurt. He's a bit of a nervous nelly doormat, with good reason. At his last job his boss sexually harassed him, and the proof he had went missing in police custody. Now without a job and with a black mark on his record Blair's moved back in with his mom and is just trying to find a new job.Blair loves being a secretary even though his (not so) fri [...]

    3. Lori

      2.75I love books with less than perfect characters. I like the fact that Jack is not another 'image-ly flawless' MC - sometimes I get really tired of beautiful and perfect main characters. I'd rather the plot didn't revolve around this 'flaw' (which is not a flaw, it is a part of the human make up, we are all different and beauty is far too defined by media and societal standards, though that is an argument for another day), but I do like the fact that he was different than the usually defined s [...]

    4. Stephanie

      This little book is packed full of feels. Your first feeling is anger and revulsion, maybe even a little Hatred. Hen it turns to apprehension, thrown in with some humor, and a few gut clenching moments, and then acceptance and love. It starts with Blaire hanging out with his "friends". Travis, the "main friend" and friends- with -not so much- benefits is the ring leader. They do nothing but put Blair down. Blaire, being the smaller effeminate type has been targeted all his life, so this is what [...]

    5. Serena Yates

      ‘Stained’ is the perfect title for this story. It is about two men who are each marked – Blair internally because he has been bullied all his life and now due to his unfairly bad employment, and Jack because he has a visible port-wine stain on his cheek. Both men have led difficult lives because of who they are, and it takes them meeting and “banding together” for them to begin healing and maybe even have a chance at a better life.Blair, who tells the story in first person, is too diff [...]

    6. Stella ╰☆╮╰☆╮

      4,5 stars. This story was exactly what I needed. Review coming soon I read Stained at the right time, it was exactly what I needed. I’m a huge fun of Chris T Kat, I can always count on her talent when I’m looking for something sweet. This new and unfortunately last novel was no exception. I devoured it.Blair’s life sucks. He is 25 years old and back to live with his mum after he lost his job. A wonderful mum, loving and funny but most of all always encouraging. Blair is on job hunt as a se [...]

    7. CrabbyPatty

      Stained is the story of two men - Jack has a port-wine birthmark stain on his face, while Blair's reputation is stained by an unfair dismissal from his prior secretarial position. Blair is sweet and somewhat naive, tangled up in a brutal friends-with-benefits situation with Travis, the IT guy from his previous job. Blair is rescued from a disagreement with Travis at the bar by a man with a port-wine stain on his face who (in a twist usually found only in romance novels), turns out to be Jack Ros [...]

    8. MorganSkye

      Blair has always been slight, as a result, he has a tendency to get pushed around. When he finally stands up for himself at work, they don’t believe him, and he gets fired. Now he’s back living at home and finding it hard to get another job. On the social front, his “friends with benefits” treats him like crap and is beginning to become more “physical” with his abuse.Jack was born with a port wine stain on a large portion of his face. It’s not been able to be removed easily, and as [...]

    9. Diverse

      3.5 StarsI really loved the premise of this story. I liked the lesson to be learned here and I loved how the main characters have as much in common as they do.Blair Clark has pretty much spent his entire existence being bullied because of his effeminate appearance. Even from so called friends. Not a lot of support and defense for him when it came to the constant attacks against the way he looks. Now, if you’ve never been bullied in your life you may find Blair’s attitude toward it and lack o [...]

    10. Joyfully Jay

      A Joyfully Jay review. 4 starsThere is nothing about Stained I didn’t like. Main characters who have obstacles to overcome before they can be together, some pretty good background characters, some angst, but nothing overwhelming, sweet romance, and hot sex are all combined to make a story I was very happy to read. Blair was so fragile and sweet, and all I wanted to do was scoop him up and love all his pain away. I was able to live vicariously through Jack, thankfully, because that man did exac [...]

    11. Mel Bradley

      Both main characters in Stained, Blair and Jack, were well thought out and easy to love. They both had flaws, some more apparent or visible than others, but they were able to work through them together. The story itself was constructed well, but there were a few parts that felt rushed and would have benefited from being expanded. It was almost as if some of the major plot lines, were stated and then closed quickly with a few other items added in, instead of pulling out the details. That being sa [...]

    12. Veronica of V's Reads

      3.5 Stars for this contemporary M/M romance novella.Blair Clark is a professional secretary who's had a bad break. He was sexually harassed at his last job and let go when his complaint was deemed "without merit." He's since had to move home with his kind, and disabled, mother, and he's feeling rather low. His "friend" Travis is a real piece of work, borderline abusive and truly a vicious closet-case.Blair has an interview for a job with a man he'd accidentally bumped the night before, Jack Ross [...]

    13. Carra

      This is the first book I've read by this author, and I thought it was a great introduction to her work. Stained is a quick read and a mostly light contemporary M/M romance that made me smile while at the same time it helped spread an important message of acceptance.I really liked the main characters in this story. Blair is sweet and gentle, and you can't imagine anyone ever wanting to hurt such a wonderful, kind man. Unfortunately, he keeps ending up with the wrong guysd his current sort-of guy, [...]

    14. Jaymie

      3.5 StarsBlair has been forced to resign from his job after reporting his boss for sexual harassment and having no one believe him. Forced to give up his apartment and move back home with his mother, who he dearly loves he's starting to feel as if he'll never find himself worthy of happiness. It doesn't help that he has been sleeping with a closeted man who is both emotionally and physically abusive.Jack has spent his whole life trying to ignore the way people stare and treat him like some kind [...]

    15. Deanna

      Beauty is more than skin deep. Blair is currently having a string of bad luck. He lost his job due to a sexual harassment claim, had to move back in with his mother, and his boyfriend is a controlling jerk. A wrong step at a bar has Blair coming face to face with Jack who has a port wine stained birthmark on his face. A gaping Blair doesn't handle the situation well partly because his boyfriend is a jerk and partly because he is taken off guard. Go figure, Blair's last ditch effort for a job com [...]

    16. Molly Lolly

      Original review on Molly LollyFour and a half stars!This was such a sweet story. Blair broke my heart from the very beginning. I hated how he was treated by those around him. His emotions were wonderfully written and I found myself feeling the same panic and anxiety he did throughout the story. His internal thoughts went down this rabbit hole of fear. I loved how Jack was able to get him out of that spiral and bring Blair’s self image up with a few well placed compliments and redirection.With [...]

    17. Nikyta *Miss Forgetful*

      Reviewed on The Blogger GirlsBlair hasn’t had the easiest life in the last few months. Fired from his job after no one believed he was being sexual harassed, he’s had to move back home with his mom and he’s crushing on Travis who won’t give him more time than it takes to get off. No matter how many jobs he applies for, he never gets an offer until he applies for Jack’s firm. He doesn’t think he’ll get the job so he’s quite shocked when he’s offered a position, especially after [...]

    18. inaword

      In a word: Maybe read the thing. I really wanted to like this one. The summary got me hooked and I was a bit excited, but even in the first paragraph I realized that I probably wasn’t gonna like this one much. First-person point of view is often very hit and miss for me, and this one was a definite miss. There were some things that I liked about the book, but they were mostly outweighed by all the things I didn’t like. One of the biggest issues I had was that I didn’t like the writing, and [...]

    19. Denise Shirley carter

      Stained was my first read by Chris T. Kat. This was a novella with two things you don't often see in books. An issue with a disfigurement on one MC's face, along with issues of domestic violence and abuse. It made me curious to see how the author would handle both issues.I was slightly confused at the blurb discussing the port wine stain on Jack's face, as if he was considering having it removed. He was not. He had dealt with it in his life, and didn't have any desire to change it. I thought how [...]

    20. Natosha Wilson

      It is so sad that some people find it ok that they treat people like they are less than that should be treated.Jack is used to being treated differently because of the birth mark that is in his face but even though he is used to I think that it still hurts him to know that most people look at him and see that instead of what is inside which is an extremely generous, loving, caring man. When he meets Blaire I think he was instantly attracted to him but he worried he would be like everyone else an [...]

    21. Tracy~Bayou Book Junkie

      *copy provided by the author/publisher via Divine Magazine in exchange for an honest review*Blair Clark and Jack Ross meet when Blair interviews for a position as Jack's secretary. Both men have been picked on throughout their lives, Blair for his small stature and being a little effeminate, and Jack for the port-wine stain on his cheek. This is a well written book, I just didn't care for the fact that Blair's love interest is his new boss. Blair was just forced to leave a good job, because he a [...]

    22. Andrea Goodell

      What a beautiful, but sad tale.Blair,has fallen into a friendship of sorts with an abusive, verbal, at this point man. But his self esteem is so low, he feels this is it. Until one harsh ribbing at the bar caused a bad scene, Blair finally sees the side of Travis that everyone else did. That he did, but wouldn’t admit to.The next day, at the job interview, his new boss happens to be the same man from the bar. Luckily, this man can see past the all that. and is willing to give Blair a chance.Ov [...]

    23. Tina

      Stained by Chris T. Kat this story is about finding the truth and beauty beneath what the outer layers.Blair was fired for sexual harassment from his job. He did not do it but no one will believe him. He cannot find work when he applies to work as a secretary for Jack he suspects he is going to be turned down. But Blair has a honest and loyal personality that comes out in the interview and Jack hires him. He has had a lot of abuse in his life and does not expect much, but he is very good at what [...]

    24. Kris Mielke

      After Blair and Jack bump into each, literally, neither of them know the future that lies ahead. Blair’s need for a job lands him in the office of the man he fell into at a bar. He immediately knows after that incident he’ll never get the job as Jack’s secretary. Blair’s self-esteem and self-confidence are low after many failed job interviews. Because of this, he’s sure he’ll never get this job.Because of his attraction to Blair, Jack isn’t sure he’ll be able to work alongside hi [...]

    25. Cookie Moretti

      By Chris T. Kat (MM/Romance)A copy of this book was provided to me by Inked Rainbow Reads in exchange for an honest review.***3 STARS***Blair and Jack are two souls who need someone to lean on and love them for them. Blair is effeminate and gets bullied and allows his boyfriend to walk all over him. Jack has a stain on his cheek that puts people off and alienates him. When these two men are brought together, they learn each others quirks and become closer.I'm glad the it showed how human Blair w [...]

    26. Jodi Ciorciari-marinich

      This book is about Blair, he has been mistreated by others and unfortunately has grown used to it so when he is harassed at work , he reports it and loses his job. He moves back into his mothers house and tries to find another job. He goes for an interview and meets the owner Jack. Jack has a birth mark on his face which he doesn’t hide and people treat him differently because of it. When Blair meets him , he is taken back by his appearance but soon realizes it doesn’t matter to him. I think [...]

    27. Angie

      ~I received a free copy of this book to read for Inked Rainbow Reads in exchange for an honest review~3 stars M/MThis book wasn’t very long. The blurb tells you what the story is going to be about in a nutshell. What it doesn’t tell you is that it mostly focuses on Blair’s troubled past, his previous job he lost, his friend with benefits, Travis, who is a total jerk and it’s mostly depressing as hell to read. Most of the book Blair and Jack go to lunch every day, nothing happens between [...]

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