Muddy: The Story of Blues Legend Muddy Waters

Muddy The Story of Blues Legend Muddy Waters An Ezra Jack Keats Book Award Winner A New York Times Best Illustrated Book An NPR Best Book of the Year A Bulletin Blue Ribbon Book A Parents Choice Gold Award WinnerA picture book celebration of the

  • Title: Muddy: The Story of Blues Legend Muddy Waters
  • Author: Michael James Mahin Evan Turk
  • ISBN: 9781481443494
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Muddy: The Story of Blues Legend Muddy Waters

    An Ezra Jack Keats Book Award Winner A New York Times Best Illustrated Book An NPR Best Book of the Year A Bulletin Blue Ribbon Book A Parents Choice Gold Award WinnerA picture book celebration of the indomitable Muddy Waters, a blues musician whose fierce and electric sound laid the groundwork for what would become rock and roll.Muddy Waters was never good at doing whatAn Ezra Jack Keats Book Award Winner A New York Times Best Illustrated Book An NPR Best Book of the Year A Bulletin Blue Ribbon Book A Parents Choice Gold Award WinnerA picture book celebration of the indomitable Muddy Waters, a blues musician whose fierce and electric sound laid the groundwork for what would become rock and roll.Muddy Waters was never good at doing what he was told When Grandma Della said the blues wouldn t put food on the table, Muddy didn t listen And when record producers told him no one wanted to listen to a country boy playing country blues, Muddy ignored them as well This tenacious streak carried Muddy from the hardscrabble fields of Mississippi to the smoky juke joints of Chicago and finally to a recording studio where a landmark record was made.Soon the world fell in love with the tough spirit of Muddy Waters In blues infused prose and soulful illustrations, Michael Mahin and award winning artist Evan Turk tell Muddy s fascinating and inspiring story of struggle, determination, and hope.

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    One thought on “Muddy: The Story of Blues Legend Muddy Waters

    1. David Schaafsma

      A picturebook biography of Muddy Waters, who came north to Chicago from the Mississippi Delta to help define the city's blues tradition. In Chicago, the city's music people wanted him to be jazzier, but he kept that muddy Mississippi waters in his sound."I can't Be Satisfied": youtube/watch?v=oSF-T"I'm Ready for You":youtube/watch?v=VrKHzThe art by Evan Turk is marvelous, better than the writing of this NY Times picture book honored in 2017. (Who cares if the Beatles shook his hand, or a Preside [...]

    2. Laura Harrison

      I am going to have to come back later to form words for this title. Right night all I can say is it is simply glorious. The story and the illustrations. There is no illustrator today quite like Evan Turk. In a perfect world his name would be as popular and widely known as Mo Willems. Different art techniques for sure but just as creative and wonderful.

    3. Henry Herz

      I had the pleasure of accessing an Advanced Reader Copy. This book fires on all cylinders. The writing is lyrical and emotional. The artwork is stunning. I was not surprised to learn that it was nominated for the "Mock Caldecott" award. A great non-fiction story about the blues, perseverance and overcoming adversity.

    4. Lynn

      Beautifully illustrated book about the blues legend, Muddy Waters. This book was told in a way that would appeal to children, yet it also is for adults who want to read a little about the artist. The biggest thing that this book reflected to me, was the fact, that like with many great artists of different professions (artists, singers, writers, etc.) The greater of heartaches and struggles in life make for the most meaningful, creative and soulful expression through their craft that there is. Th [...]

    5. Tasha

      McKinley Morganfield was raised by his Grandma Della who called him Muddy. He was brought up with gospel music from church but loved other music more, the music heard at fish fries, the blues. But his grandmother didn’t approve and didn’t want Muddy to waste his time playing music. Muddy though could not stay away from music and saved money to get his own guitar. When not playing music, Muddy worked in the cotton fields until one day he walked out. He headed for Chicago, but no one there was [...]

    6. Anna

      It’s hard to read Muddy without sinking your teeth into the rhythm of the words and letting the rumble of their textures and meanings shake you as they lead you through the story of Muddy Waters’ life. We don’t really know enough about his childhood for this biography to be perfectly factual, but it does an incredible job of communicating the feel of his journey to and through music. The pictures, too, seem to vibrate with shapes and colors, graphic and bold, abstract patterns and lines sh [...]

    7. Margie

      It seems a recurring theme permeates picture book biographies. It is a theme which serves to inspire anyone who reads or listens to these titles being read to them. The people being showcased in these books, who have left a lasting mark on human history, pursue their heart's desire. They never, never, ever give up. Regardless of advice given, they stay true to their dreams. They believe in their capabilities. For this reason our world is better for them having lived their lives as they did.It do [...]

    8. Gary Anderson

      Muddy is a powerful picture book biography of McKinley Morganfield, better known as blues legend Muddy Waters. As a child in Mississippi, little McKinley “was never good at doing what he was told.” That included keeping clean, so his Grandma Della just took to calling him Muddy. Muddy’s insistence on doing things his own way made it hard for him to stay employed in the Jim Crow South, so he came to Chicago to play music, his way. Author Michael Mahin emphasizes how Muddy was always true to [...]

    9. Jj

      WOW. This is a great book from start to finish. The final sentence in the author's note just punches you in the gut: "Despite all of his achievements, Muddy did have one major regret: he never had a chance to go to school, and he never learned to read or write." That fact is going to be an eye opener for plenty of kids and some adults and only makes Muddy's story all the more amazing.This picture book biography is long overdue, but it was worth the wait. A great story, a great book, a great deal [...]

    10. Christina

      Beautiful picture book about the life of Muddy Waters (born McKinley Morganfield--now that's a cool name too!). His grandma gave him his nickname for always playing in the mud. Gorgeous artwork illustrates the book, with vibrant colors, abstract images. Author's note gives full details that aren't spelled out in the simple picturebook text.

    11. Judy

      Though I am not a jazz or blues music fan, I have heard of Muddy Waters. Somewhere this book came to my attention, and it seemed like a good introduction. The vividly colored illustrations are what would make the book appealing to children, I think. But it also is a beautiful way to introduce to black children--really all children how a person with a burning dream (as well as talent) can persevere and become a legend in his field. It is an inspiring story told simply for children. At the end, th [...]

    12. Audra

      Not only are the illustrations breathtaking but this is a great story about Muddy Waters and how he came to be and the enormous influence the blues legend had on rock and roll.When the Beatles first came to the U.S. in 1964, they were asked by American reporters who they would most like to meet. They said Muddy Waters and Bo Diddley. The reporters didn't even know who Muddy Waters was. The Beatles' response: don't you know your own famous people?This little nugget of information was in the back [...]

    13. Alex Baugh

      I was always into jazz more than the blues until I was in college and used to go see Alberta Hunter at The Cookery, a now long gone jazz club on University Place and 8th Street. She often mentioned Muddy Waters, and when I finally heard him, I was hooked. Naturally, I couldn't wait to read this picture book for older readers about Muddy's life and music. This is wonderful introduction to this legendary musician and the illustrations are so perfectly reflective of his music, I can almost hear him [...]

    14. Lindsey

      The perfect storytelling and illustrations. Introduced my daughter to a blues legend then we spent the next morning listening to his music.

    15. Janet

      A beautifully illustrated and informative text about the blues musician, Muddy Waters. Details about the fact Muddy was never good at doing what he was told and how trait came to influence American music. . .Muddy knew how he wanted his music to sound and would not compromise when others toldhim how to play. One gets the feel for Muddy's growing up years in the Mississippi Delta as well as his migration to Chicago. Interesting that while the text did not say Muddy was from the Clarksdale, Missis [...]

    16. Terri

      I read "Muddy: The Story of Blues Legend Muddy Waters," written by Michael Mahin and illustrated by Evan Turk, as a possible 2018 Caldecott contender. I give this a 5 for text and a 5 for illustrations. I found "Muddy" fabulous on all levels!Keeping in mind that I am an adult reader, this biographical work on the life of blues guitarist, Muddy Waters was fascinating. I am not sure how the book would appeal to younger readers, however. The book could, however, work with middle and high school stu [...]

    17. Julie

      Beautiful, beautiful book about how blues legend Muddy Waters played "not with his fingers, but with his heart." It's a compelling story about his journey as a young man from the Mississippi Delta, where there was nothing for him but back-breaking, sharecropping work, to the South Side of Chicago, where he eventually found his musical path with Leonard Chess of Chess Records, playing the kind of music he wanted to share with the world. A great story of perseverance and hard work; as the author p [...]

    18. Eileen Mccann

      After reading 6 possible winning books, I was convinced that "this book" would be the 2017 Caldecott winner. But then, I looked at the cover of Muddy Waters holding his oversized guitar, surrounded in a field of vibrant color and design. I wanted more. The drawings, the color, the designs on each page are powerful as a whole and in the smallest detail. The pictures, rendered in water color. oil pastel, china marker, printer ink and newspaper collage, are visually enticing. I see music, blues mus [...]

    19. Cindy Hudson

      Blues legend Muddy Waters grew up in the Mississippi Delta, playing music on whatever he found at hand: an old accordion, a piece of wire, a beat-up can. His grandma tried to steer him away from music, saying, “you can’t eat the blues for breakfast.” But Muddy persisted. And when he got tired of earning little money for sharecropping, he moved to Chicago where his skill at playing the blues eventually gained him recognition.His journey from child to musical trailblazer comes to life in a p [...]

    20. Kate

      Gorgeous, stunning, powerful. Artwork is alive with color and movement. Text flows smoothly and the repetition of "never good at doing what he was told" and "oh, child, long gone. oh, child. sail on" lend a musical refrain. The first two-page spread to almost depict a river of blue flames with Muddy running from the two hands reaching out for him. Love the repeated image of the title page spread of the river flowing past a shack and cotton fields, and last two-page spread of Muddy standing by th [...]

    21. Anne Bromley

      I was given an Advanced Review Copy, and was immediately drawn to Evan Turk’s vibrant illustrations. I couldn’t wait to dive into the story of a blues musician I have long admired.And what a story it is! Michael Mahin’s lyrical book biography truly celebrates the incomparable Muddy Waters, whose unique sound became the bedrock of rock and roll.The refrain running through this gripping account is that Muddy “was never good at doing what he was told” – a line that speaks to the rebel t [...]

    22. Linda

      I've waited a long time for this from my library. Lots of holds means it is much loved. Now I finally get to read and love it, too! "McKinley Morganfield was never good at doing what he was told" begins this fabulous story. In poetic soundbites, Michael Mahin tells the story of the famous Muddy Waters, born in rural Mississippi, his mother left too soon, grandmother raised. His early music was at church, but he also loved the blues, and though his Grandma Della did not ("You can't eat the blues [...]

    23. Karen Coombs

      I was fortunate to receive an advanced reader copy of this book, by Michael Mahin, which I have since purchased so I can hold in my hands the final copy, which I predict will win its share of awards.This amazing picture book about blues legend Muddy Waters oozed into my pores, tickled my rhythm bones, and left me wide eyed and open eared. The lyricism of the pulsing text is matched by rollicking illustrations, which set me to toe-tapping. Other illustrations evoke strong emotions with a few simp [...]

    24. Erica

      Evan Turk's illustrations seem to me to be beautiful and unusual and heartfelt despite the fact that he doesn't appear to be African American. Michael Mahin's text has a pleasing storyteller-pacing with a little bit of poetics but not too much flourish, and feels like it might fit the cultural identify of Muddy Waters, despite the fact that Mahin doesn't appear to be African American either. Does it appear cohesive and respectful and "authentic" to me because I'm no closer in my identity to Mudd [...]

    25. Amy Layton

      This book was my number one choice in the mock Caldecott for our class.  I mean, the narrative itself is great, and I learned a great deal of things about Muddy Waters.  But the design of the book, the illustrations--what artwork!  The book itself is square in shape, and if you take off the dust cover, what lies beneath is a record illustration, which makes perfect sense, but also works beautifully as a tie-in and homage to Muddy's career.  And the illustrations themselves are absolutely stu [...]

    26. Stephanie Tournas

      How do you explain the Blues to children? The blues is a muddy pot of extreme adult emotions, but kids already feel things acutely. This book manages to make the blues a tangible accessible concept, embodied by a kid named Muddy Waters. I love the awesome definition for blues in the book: "It was shake off the dust and wring out your worries and laugh and cry and feel alive music." The expressive text tells of his life and shows how he went from the fields of Mississippi to the clubs of Chicago, [...]

    27. Jen Woo

      Readers learn early on that McKinley Morganfield, to be known worldwide as Muddy, was "never good at doing what he was told". Muddy's childhood was surrounded by Grandma Della and church music. Blues and the guitar slide was introduced, much to his grandmother's disapproval, when he was a youngster. This fascination with music would take him to Chicago instead of working in the fields, picking cotton. Thank goodness Muddy never took to doing what he was told, as we learn that he is responsible f [...]

    28. Sharon

      Naomi and I enjoyed reading this while studying & listening to "The Blues". Muddy Waters was a legend and an inspiration to many of today's artists. We especially appreciated the additional information provided in the Author's Note at the conclusion. This is a vibrant and accessible biography to introduce young readers to a musical legend. The illustrations were vibrant, colorful and depicted the emotion of the times - the style, especially on the facial features was a bit emotionally jarrin [...]

    29. Debra

      As a college professor who teaches "Equity and Diversity" in the classroom, I highly recommend Muddy to parents, teachers, librarians, and musicians. Muddy is an excellent example of a quality book that engages young readers through lyrical storytelling and colorful images, which combine to tell the history of legendary blues musician Muddy Waters. There is a push in education and publishing to bring books into schools that represent our diverse student population. Our multicultural students nee [...]

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