Magic for Sale

Magic for Sale A young boy tracks down an elusive ghost in the hidden rooms of a fantastical magic shop

  • Title: Magic for Sale
  • Author: Carrie Clickard John Shelley
  • ISBN: 9780823435593
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Magic for Sale

    A young boy tracks down an elusive ghost in the hidden rooms of a fantastical magic shop.

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    One thought on “Magic for Sale

    1. Bean

      The charming premise and Black main character drew me in, but I couldn't enjoy this book. Inside the strange shop that the title promises, young readers will be inundated with images of Native and ancient Egyptian artifacts. When white authors and illustrators reinforce the idea that indigenous and ancient Egyptian cultures can be automatically associated with anything spooky / weird / otherworldly / mystical / icky, it sends a racist message. It also normalizes the idea that indigenous culture [...]

    2. Emily

      I thought this was pretty darn cute. A little spooky tongue twister about a boy meeting a ghost. Would love to read again closer to Halloween. Picked this up from ALAAC2017

    3. Alex Baugh

      This is a fun book that is told in rhyme and is perfect for Halloween, although it also works anytime of the year. Young Georgie McQuist has been double dared to find the ghost that is rumored to be hidden in a room marked forbidden in the shop of Miss Pustula Night. Hiding until the shop is closed for the night, Georgie trips and finds himself dropping into a hidden room, where he scares the ghost living there. In fact, the ghost is there because he is being punished for a prank and must make a [...]

    4. Michelle

      Magic for Sale tells the story of Georgie McQuist, a boy who was double-dared to track down a ghost in the magical shop of Miss Pustula Night. Georgie discovers that the ghost has been locked away because of some naughty antics involving a sphinx and invisible ink. He takes pity on the poor ghost, and decides to help out with his punishment—to accurately account for each and every spooky treasure that is housed in the overstuffed basement. All goes swimmingly (kraken notwithstanding) until Mis [...]

    5. Linda

      It would be wonderful to have this book in October, but it isn’t only a Halloween book, it’s an adventure book of a strange magic shop offering magic supplies and all kinds of spells, hexes, potions, well you may know the kind of shop I mean. It is owned by creepy Miss Pustula Night. Young Georgie has been double-dared to find the ghost known to live in this shop. No one had ever seen it, but Georgie comes prepared with all sorts of adventuring equipment. He is only a bit nervous and marches [...]

    6. Victoria

      This book is so cute and fun! While the syntax is not always right, the rhymes are witty and enjoyable for all ages. Adults who loved Harry Potter will get a kick out of the illustrations, which very much feel like a search-and-discover game. There is one minor plot hole towards the end regarding a large pink monster--where did it come from? Why has it suddenly shown up? Otherwise, a wonderful little picture book!

    7. GooseberryCompote

      The store in this book is the coolest thing since actual magic stores in real life. I strongly like this book because its creators were cool enough to put a unicursal hexagram on the front, a giant pentagram above the store's front door and a young person of color as our wonderful protagonist.

    8. Mrs.Melaugh Melaugh

      Told entirely in verse (mostly limerick), this gently scary story leavened with a healthy dose of humor begins by introducing Miss Postula Night’s magic shop of unusual items. Among other things, “She sells cupboards that you can walk through / and strange mirrors that talk back to you, / crusted cauldrons for brewing, / dried dragon for chewing, / and a rug that a genie once flew.” Part of the fun is poring over the intricate contents crammed on the shelves from floor to ceiling. Into thi [...]

    9. Barbara

      Illustrations created in pen and India ink as well as watercolors complement a spooky--but not creepy--story perfect for reading by a campfire or late at night. Not only does Miss Pistula Night put out an unwelcome mat and an unfriendly sign outside her shop, but she sells all sorts of magical items. Georgie McQuist wouldn't ordinarily venture anywhere near the place, but he's been double dared to do do, leaving with no options but to enter the place. Although he's terribly scared, Georgie enter [...]

    10. Lindsay

      The illustrations are the treasure here. The plot is kind of pointless, the limerick-ish rhymes on each page don't follow a consistent meter, and there is no characterization.But the intricate illustrations are crowded with details that captivated my attention. It is fun to see all the different things the witch has in her shop. There are occult items (tarot, voodoo head) and creepy items (zombie dog, pickled elf) in addition to fantasy magic, so the book may not be for everyone, but I really en [...]

    11. Teresa Bateman

      Complicated and delightful rhyming text is matched by complex and detailed illustrations as readers follow the story of Georgie McQuist who has been DARED to sneak into sneak into Miss Pustula Night's magic shop and face the ghost there. This is a scary and suspenseful dare, but Georgie is up to the task. What he finds surprises him, and what he leaves with will surprise others. This would be a fun read-aloud, but practice it first! Readers who like find-it books will enjoy perusing the illustra [...]

    12. Barbra

      This rhyming haunting story would make a great read aloud, but you would also have to take the time to scour the pages because the drawings are beautifully unique and extravagant. A look and find type of activity could follow Georgie as he makes his way into the Forbidden room of Miss Pustula Night's store. Inside he meets a ghost and helps him count all the treasures. When he at last escapes he has made a new hairy purple monster friend.

    13. Beverly Clyde

      A spooky and scary magic shop sits at the corner of Hemlock and Blight. Do you dare go in at night? One boy is brave enough and soon finds himself taking inventory in the basement with a ghost. Can you find everything on his list? He and a ghost were having a delightful time until found by Ms. Night, the shop’s witchy owner. Will she eat them or let them go?A delightful rhyming book with stacks and stacks of magical items to look for. A fun book.

    14. Donna Mork

      Lots of rhyming. Witch has a magic shop with a ghost in the basement. Kid goes in on a dare. Finds the ghost. They are scared of each other. Then they become friends and kid helps the ghost count all the items in the basement. When he leaves, she sends a monster home with him. He takes it to show and tell.

    15. Kelly

      This book, if you have not yet read it, is very cool. It's written in nearly 100% limericks! I don't think I've ever seen a book like that before. It's a fun read, the illustrations are super detailed, and the rhymes are very good.

    16. Kelly

      I wasn't a big fan of this book. It was okay, just not exceptional. It's the story of a boy who gets dared to go to a shop to discover its alleged ghost. He find the ghost and helps him with a task. The rhyming is in both two-line form and limerick. And the illustrations were very busy.

    17. Kimberly

      Neat illustrationsere is lots to look at in this book! Not technically a Halloween book but most likely to be checked out around then.

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