Karma From an Olympic Gold Medalist to jail inmate one man s journey to rebuild his life after hitting rock bottom Once a celebrated athlete Guy Hoisington fell from grace and into a bottle For years the

  • Title: Karma
  • Author: Carol Lynne
  • ISBN: 9781786514110
  • Page: 201
  • Format: ebook
  • Karma

    From an Olympic Gold Medalist to jail inmate, one man s journey to rebuild his life after hitting rock bottom.Once a celebrated athlete, Guy Hoisington fell from grace and into a bottle For years, the citizens of Cattle Valley went out of their way to avoid the drunk lecher, but one man, Shane Rendell, not only dated Guy during a brief period of relative sobriety but fellFrom an Olympic Gold Medalist to jail inmate, one man s journey to rebuild his life after hitting rock bottom.Once a celebrated athlete, Guy Hoisington fell from grace and into a bottle For years, the citizens of Cattle Valley went out of their way to avoid the drunk lecher, but one man, Shane Rendell, not only dated Guy during a brief period of relative sobriety but fell in love with him before he was hastily cast aside.Living within the thick haze of liquor and sex, Guy rarely made good decisions, but on one particular dark night, he makes the worst decision of his life when he decides to drive down the mountain after a long evening of drinking He wakes from a coma to discover he s run an innocent man off the road and has a life changing injury For the first time in a very long time, Guy is able to look at himself through sober eyes, and he hates the man in the mirror In one stupid move, he s lost everything.Shane has tried for two years to move on with his life after falling for the town alcoholic, but when he learns of Guy s accident, he rushes to the hospital Although the entire town may hate Guy, Shane is determined to prove Guy hasn t lost everything.Pre Order Date 15th March 2016Available Exclusively to Pride Publishing 29th March 2016General Release Date 26th April 2016

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    One thought on “Karma

    1. Vallie

      **1.5 stars**This is the story of Guy, a once celebrated skier of Olympic gold standards. Guy is an alcoholic and a major jerk but to top it all off, he just served a 6-month sentence over a DUI that resulted in injuring someone else and in Guy losing his leg. Shane, a former fling of Guy’s who’s still holding a torch, pays all of Guy’s medical bills and comes up with the plan to restore the lodge that Guy left in disarray amidst his wild drinking and partying. I liked Shane, even though I [...]

    2. Chelsea

      2.5 heartsThe book starts in hospital, where Shane is visiting Guy (an ex-lover), while he is in a coma after a drunk driving accident. Guy was drunk and crashed into another car, losing his leg and severely injuring an innocent bystander. Guy has been on a slippery slope of alcohol and sex for a few years to escape childhood traumas, but everything comes to a halt when he has to go to jail for 6 months. When Guy is released he finds Shane has built Guy’s lodge into a thriving business so Guy [...]

    3. Karen

      It wasn't Karma that killed the moment on this oneIt was bad editing.Karma is book #33 in Carol Lynne's series Cattle Valley and sadly it's not going down as one of the better books in this series for me. Admittedly it had a strike against it before I even started reading it, but putting that aside I was determined to give it a fair chance.There are no spoilers here this is all part of the book description or info from previous booksGoing into this book my only issue was that it was about Guy 'f [...]

    4. Susan65

      There is something addictive about this series or I would have never made it through 33 books. Yes, they are all mostly less than 100 pages, however the town, the characters, the drama, and the overall sexiness that is Cattle Valley calls to me. I love getting to know the residents and having them appear in future books. How amazing would it be for a town like this to really exist? I would move there in a heartbeat.As much as you are likely to find loving and loyal residents, you will also come [...]

    5. Nile Princess

      Classic Carol Lynne. Light, easy reading even with difficult topics like child abuse and alcoholism. This is a novella so don't expect any long, drawn out angst. All the conflicts are resolved fairly easily and it all feels very surface-y which is, again, typical Carol Lynne. Read if you're looking for a quick, feel good read, that's drizzled fairly liberally with syrup.

    6. Frederic

      3 stars, 3.5 FlamesIt is always tricky when you are reading a blurb and you are excited to read a book. You have high expectations (on an inspiring read) and when they are not met, it can be easy to write a review solely based on what could have been. I decided to take a couple of days to really let the story sink in. Second chance is a theme that I really do like. It has a lot to do with the fact that I had quite a bumpy ride in life and I am not proud of all the things that I have said and don [...]

    7. Ruthie Taylor

      ~~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads ~~I read 20 or more Cattle Valley books a few years ago, and loved them, so I was delighted to revisit the place, and see how things have moved on. I remembered the characters and certainly felt back amongst the townsfolk. Guy has been a much disliked man, but he has gone far beyond that now, and only one man, Shane has any time for him. It has to be said that the way he treats his one and only friend makes it difficult to [...]

    8. Angie

      ~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Review Team~This book was pretty short and packed a lot into it. As short as it was, I didn’t really feel a connection to any of the characters and by the time Guy pulled his head out of his butt the book was over. I think if this book was longer and we got more dialogue between Guy and Shane there would have been a good story here and possible great love story but it just fell flat for me. Characters: well written and ea [...]

    9. Zane Kage

      3.75 stars Classic Carol Lynne: Feel good story with minimal angst despite the serious issues addressed, quick resolution and an HEA that arrives way before you're ready. I'm glad Guy got his redemption, that he and Shane got their story.I always enjoy my little trips to Cattle Valley, and this time was no different. I'm really going to miss these interludes when this series comes to an end.

    10. Lena Grey

      “You have to learn to love yourself before you can love someone else. Because it's only when we love ourselves that we feel worthy of someone else's love.” ~ Alyssa B. Sheinmel, 'Faceless'When Guy wakes up in the hospital, the last person he expects to see at his bedside is Shane Rendell. He'd treated Shane badly after their short affair, then sent him packing. Although Guy's abrupt dismissal broke Shane's heart, he'd had a glimpse of the man beneath the mask of indifference and sarcasm. Sha [...]

    11. Tori Thompson

      Reviewed for Love Bytes Reviews!For those of you not familiar with this series, Cattle Valley is a small town in Wyoming populated by gay and lesbian people, started by a rich man in honor of his son. We have followed all sorts of characters in the last 32 books, now in the 33rd book we get a redemption story. Guy has been the asshole character hanging over the town for many years, he’s the resident alcoholic, a sports star, and owner of a big lodge just out of town. He’s managed to destroy [...]

    12. Natosha Wilson

      I have to say this book was extremely amazing. It is a book that I would say is about getting a second chance to make right all the wrongs that one caused.Guy was an Olympic gold medalist that turned drunk. One night after having a little to much to drink he got in his car and cause an accident that almost took Riley's life and almost took his also but did take his leg. After waking from a coma and finding out that he lost his leg and that he caused the accident and was going to jail, the person [...]

    13. QUEERcentric Books

      Reviewed by Jay Chase for QUEERcentric Books 3.5 starsKarma by Carol Lynne is number 33 in the Cattle Valley series. This book was read as a standalone and there were no issues with understanding the back story.Guy was once a successful Olympic Gold skier. He is also an alcoholic jerk! He’s completing a sentence for a DUI that cost him a leg and injured Riley Banks. He exudes an attitude of not caring for anything or one around him. However, when his amputation forces him to emerge from his al [...]

    14. ~❤️Minnie❤️~

      ***Book provided by Pride Publishing for an honest review posted at Gay Book ReviewsI have been waiting for this story it seems like forever.Like every resident in Cattle Valley I saw this polished prick that needed a good kick in the nads to get him out of that high cloud he appeared to be on. Every time Guy came and did something that just about pissed me off, but like a good romantic a just knew he needed to find his other half and all would be well.Little did I know! I should have known bett [...]

    15. Sarah

      This is a very complicated short story about the owners of a ski lodge in Cattle Valley (or, more accurately, in the mountains above Cattle Valley. I have to admit that I didn’t feel an emotional connection to either of the leading men which meant that I failed to engage with the central romance. I found the main character, Shane, instantly likeable but I was soon feeling more pity than admiration for him as he shamelessly devoted himself to a man so unworthy of his attentions. And I found Guy [...]

    16. Molly Lolly

      Original review on Molly LollyThree and a half stars!If the Cattle Valley series is your favorite and you go back to read them over and over, then you should pick up this book. While I enjoyed the books in this series that I read, I feel like my reading tastes may have changed more than I realized. This book fell a bit flat for me in some places. There was more telling versus showing than I would have liked. Some of the events that get skipped in the book were kind of big and I felt like they sh [...]

    17. 제이홉 ♥

      Carol Lynne tiene ese "No sé qué" que hace que siempre me sienta cómoda cuando la leo, esa como si me metiera a la historia y estuviera observando de cerca a los personajes, es hermoso. Por algo es una de mis escritoras favoritas, sus novelas siempre me hacen sentir bien, identificada y las disfruto mucho. Esta no es la excepción.Desde un inicio me conmovió la forma en la que Shane trataba a Guy, me interesé más en la novela por el tema que trataba "El alcoholismo", seguí ansiosa cada mo [...]

    18. Kittykills

      guys book. I loved cattle valley and all the inhabitants collected most of the books. but this one while reminiscent of early works of CL. this one I didn't much care for, the after accident, going to jail 6mts. I can get behind forgiveness and all but to have child sexual abuse just tossed about (reasoning behind guys drinking that and apparently his dad pimped himout tyo the douchebag coach/trainer) that didn't sit well with me. the easy it was casually brushed aside. this was a meh! so what b [...]

    19. Elayne

      Cattle Valley has been consistently one of my favourite series and Guy has been getting progressively more unstable throughout them. We finally get to see beneath the messed up surface to the mess beneath. Shane has been something of a martyr to his feelings for Guy. Another good read, although I heard there is only going to be one more book in this series, I can't wait.

    20. AyoDollFace

      Everything seemed rushed and I was left with unanswered questions. I think Guy's issue should have been brought to an end. He went through a lot in his life for his blackmail issue to be left unfinished.

    21. Donna

      Jesus, this was heartwarming, breathtaking, humbling loving beautiful story. Second chances, we all deserve on, and I'm so happy Shane and Guy get the chance to shuffle the deck, and move on to better timesLOVED THIS!!LOVE THIS SERIES! OUTSTANDING

    22. Dani Elle Maas

      I liked this edition to this series Cattle Valley will Always be one of my favorite series and I love to return to these storieswhere I like one story more as the others for me this was really one I liked a lot

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