The Grunt 2

The Grunt Marines don t know how to spell the word defeat Gen James Mad Dog Mattis Staff Sergeant Brett Black is a decorated Force Recon Marine dedicated to Country Family and God Married to the colonel s dau

  • Title: The Grunt 2
  • Author: Latrivia S. Nelson Latrivia Welch
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Grunt 2

    Marines don t know how to spell the word defeat Gen James Mad Dog Mattis Staff Sergeant Brett Black is a decorated, Force Recon Marine dedicated to Country, Family and God Married to the colonel s daughter, Courtney Black, the father of two and prepping for a promotion, his world is finally on track after a long history of unfortunate events However, while on a spe Marines don t know how to spell the word defeat Gen James Mad Dog Mattis Staff Sergeant Brett Black is a decorated, Force Recon Marine dedicated to Country, Family and God Married to the colonel s daughter, Courtney Black, the father of two and prepping for a promotion, his world is finally on track after a long history of unfortunate events However, while on a special op in in Afghanistan, Brett is severely wounded Immediately, he is shipped back to the U.S with the expectation of being medically retired for injuries sustained in the line of duty Only for a man who has only known one way of life his entire adulthood, the prospect of being kicked of out the Marine Corps creates an internal crisis and an external family conflict Will he be able to fight back to the man he was in order to stay in his beloved Corps or will he have to take a new path Courtney Black is a new bride with an adorable stepson and a brand new baby girl however, she doesn t want to just be a military wife her entire life So, when her husband is injured, she sees an opportunity for them to leave Camp Lejeune and start a new adventure, especially when Brett s son s biological father comes out of the shadows and threatens to take away the little boy that brought Brett and Courtney together It s her job to keep her family together despite everything that is tearing them apart Will she be able to find the balance between personal aspirations and family obligation Read the love story about two young hearts as they discover that wars are not only fought on the battle field but also at home and marriage is nothing about convenience but everything about sacrifice and unity in The Grunt 2, the sixth installation of The Lonely Heart Series, by USA TODAY, and National Bestselling Author Latrivia S Nelson.

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    One thought on “The Grunt 2

    1. Deetimes

      I read Grunt by Latrivia Nelson years ago and felt it really didn't need a Part 2. On the contrary, The Grunt 2 let us look further into Staff Sergeant, Brett Black (Force Recon Marine) and his loving wife Courtney's lives as an injury and change including a custody battle that altered their family life and made them so much stronger. “Marines don’t know how to spell the word defeat.” -Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis So HIP HIP HOORAY FOR GRUNT 2!4 Semper fidelis stars ****** oorah!

    2. Mspraise50

      *** I received an ARC of this story for my honest review. I have not been paid for my review. ***I have read all the books in the "Lonely Hearts Series" and enjoyed them all. Grunt 2 was another enjoyable read. The story starts off very fast paced action with Brett in the field with his men. When Brett returns home the pace slows down from that high intensity and he has to deal with the battles that need to be fought on the home front. These require more of his emotions and his vulnerable side g [...]

    3. Elle1986

      I enjoyed the book overall it had been a while since I had read Brett and Courtney's story so it took a few pages before everything came back clear. While I was excited to read about their journey together and any new updates I personally could have done without it. On one hand it was nice to see them work together and figure out things as a couple with children. On the other handI could have done without Leo and everything surrounding him (Trying to keep it spoiler free). I think in this book w [...]

    4. Rosie J.

      I loved it! There was a very long 4-year wait for this book and it was worth it. The Grunt 2 is even better than The Grunt. We get a in depth look into the lives of Brett and Courtney Black and family while they go through the highs and lows of everyday life. We also get all unanswered questions from Book 1 answered, more characters are introduced and the mystery and excitement level is amped-up. We're also introduced to new characters (possible future love triangle of Gavin, Mae & Benson?) [...]

    5. Heather E

      Latrivia Fucking Welch is one bad ass writer my goodness! I cried, laughed and awww'd all throughout this book. I loveeeeeee every-thing she writes. I'm not sure what I love most about her romance novels. It could be her ability to beautifully write about a unconditional love between husband and wife, the theme, the values, unpredictability, good mechanics and a bomb ass happy ending. One of my favorite stories everrrrrrr. I already loved Brett and Courtney but I fell even deeper in love with th [...]

    6. --karen Green-berry

      Emotional RollercoasterI read The Grunt sometime ago and was concerned that I would have to 're- read that book; fortunately that was not necessary. The author did a great job of resurrecting the characters that the reader doesn't miss a beat.Courtney and Brett are as adorable as ever and their story is just as touching with all their trials and tribulations. It was just heartbreaking to see the emotional upheaval that Brett had to endure, but the love of Courtney brought him out of the darkness [...]

    7. M.J. Friday

      Great Follow-up!I don't know what to say except WOW! It's no secret that The Grunt is one of my favorite books and I was a little worried that part 2 would not be as good, I was sooooo wrong! I love this book, what a wonderful follow-up story for Courtney, Brett and the entire Lawless clan, not to mention the introduction of some new characters, and a very cryptic ending that lets us know there is more to come. There were so many layers to this book, I don't want to give anything away but if you [...]

    8. Davina

      "The Grunt" is one of my favorite books by this author so I was happy to see a sequel & to find it as entertaining as the original. Courtney and Brett are a great couple & have a loving family. The supporting characters are wonderful too. The central stories click and it doesn't ever seem like overkill. It's a solid, enjoyable read.Here's hoping James Gavin gets a book of his own too (and I suspect with the lawyer from Mr. Benson's firm). And David can be in James's book with a story.

    9. Deeva05

      Errors galoreI enjoyed the story, however the errors were so distracting. In multiple instances the characters were referred to by the wrong name. He when it should have been she I'm not talking once or twice.

    10. Rachel Pratt

      I was a big fan of the first book and was so happy and eager to see that there was a second book written. However it didn't really do it for me as much as i thought it would. While i enjoyed Brett and Courtney's story i felt like half the time reading the book i was being shifted into another perspective longer than i needed to. The majority of the time it related to the story, however there were some things that really didn't need to be in the book. For example the sexual life of background cha [...]

    11. Diana

      A perfect ending for Brett and CourtneyI wish I could give this story 10 stars it's just that Good! How do you to a Latrivia Nelson book another Latrivia Nelson book. This story was part two of The Grunt. Still full of the passion of Brett and Courtney with some great side character stories. Great start and great ending!

    12. Sheila

      5 stars and a resounding applause for a stellar job well done. Latrivia hits the ball out of the park with the conclusion of one of my favourite IR couple's story.She had this in the works for a while and it was indeed worth the long waitMC Brett and Courtney Black are back . As Brett goes on another tour, Courtney holds down the home front with the lovable Cameron and the latest addition to their growing family.Brett may have thought that he was done with all the drama in his last marriage but [...]

    13. Crystal Franklin

      I'm so glad that there was a continuation of Brett and Courtney's story. I love them as a couple. Brett has been through so much and to finally find love in Courtney and getting the life that he deserved was great and I didn't think author Latrivia Nelson could make this story any better but she did. It has love, violence, conspiracy, and an ever after. I just wanted to jump through the book and hurt some people that were messing with this couple. Military life is already hard on a family but wh [...]

    14. Ingrid

      4.5 really. Certainly more mature than the first book and in many ways, better. Some of my problems with the first one carry over to this half of Brett and Courtney’s story. (1) The grammatical issues, oh the grammatical issues. It's not that there were grammatical issues that upset me; it's that all of them were on basic things no good editor would have missed. (2) The stream of good fortune/coincidence that seems to come out nowhere. If this is all I could find to gripe about, it was a damn [...]

    15. Monique Spicer

      Wow!!!!Well worth the waitWho knew that a person could cause so much drama in their grave? I loved Brett and Courtney love the had a bond like no other. Hopefully David will find his special someone. Courtney mom was most definitely the patriarch of the family with her husband by her side. Latrivia really put us on the other side of the military with this one. She told how real it gets over there, she told it so well I was reading and yelling "move it move it move it". I liked how she gave us th [...]

    16. Sonya

      I bought the eBook because I absolutely could not wait one more day to read this book. I went back and bought the paperback because I have to have this on my bookshelf and in my romance library it is great! I love the old characters and the new ones. Brett and Courtney are awesome even when they are dealing with real world issues that would and could threaten and split any couple up. They are dealing with real challenges. The book made me laugh, cry, feel the love and when it ended I wanted more [...]

    17. P.

      Really 3.5 out of 5 stars. I would have tick 4 stars if it were not for all of the errors. This book had a lot more errors in it than I'm used to reading by this author.The storyline was good. It dealt with how a couple deals with back to back tragedies while trying to maintain the love they share between each other, raising a young family and dealing with outside haters. Bret and Cort really had a lot on their plates it's a wonder how they each didn't have a total meltdown. Brett dealing with n [...]

    18. Kethia Hubbard

      BEST STORY TELLING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!This author can weave a story! I am so in love with this book! Couldn't put it down! Loved the first book & when searching for new books to buy, didn't even realize that what I was seeing was book #2 because cover was same as the 1st book. This book had me on an emotional rollercoasterI cried crocodile tears & had to put the book down to compose myself in order to finish it. I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning to finish it. Luckily I was off [...]

    19. Lynda Garcia

      Happy ValentineOh what an endingTG2 will not disappointor bore youeveryone is here,the Blacks,Lawless,Bensons 's a who's whol present to give just desserts to Amy's Klan parents masquerading as decent upstanding Conservative Southern Baptistakaracistsyway as titillating as the love is between Brett and CourtneyI am more intrigued with GavinI hope he's nexthe's a conundrum wrapped up in a quagmire with a hint of unbridled desireswaiting for the right woman to be his salvation. can't wait Mrs. Wel [...]

    20. Sheena Johnson

      WowWellwellwell Mrs. Welch. You did good grasshopper. Book 2 of a series, at times, will leave me unsatisfied. I have to say, I wasn't displeased with The Grunt 2. Absolutely love Brett and Courtney. I loved the intense subjects, the doubt, the loss, the realness of this book. I loved how we were able to delve deeper into the thoughts of each character and understand life, life choices, and obstacles that we face. I hate that Joe died. What I loved the most, was the fact that God and faith was r [...]

    21. Michelle

      Slam dunk!!I have eagerly awaited this book and now I am content.Brett and Courtney share a love that encompasses everyone they come in contact with and make them better. That love and bind is challenged by Brett's late first wife machinations. Cameron is not his biological son and the biological father wants custody. Amy's parents are in cahoots with him and all hell breaks loose.Throw in traumatic injury and death and Brett's world is collapsing. Buy this book to find out all the challenges an [...]

    22. Lyn

      This book was more like reading a drama filled soap opera with large cast of characters then a romance novel. It was entertaining and I enjoyed it for the most part. There were some annoying editing issues. There were quite a few far fetched scenes that had me rolling my eyes and some of the dialogue was stilted. I definitely enjoyed book 1 a lot more. The constant name brand dropping was unnecessary.3 generous stars is best that I could rate this book.

    23. Shawanda McMillian

      Another great storyTruly enjoy this second book. It answered a lot of answered questions from the previous book. It showed that an alpha male can fall apart, but with a strong support system from his wife, children and in-laws, he can do it without worry that he will seem other than he is. Strong alpha female, strong wife, strong mother. Made one before God and made stronger with God.

    24. Veronica A Garnett

      Needs better editingThis book was poorly organized, unbalanced and the story went off the rails. The characters were superficial in the first book and this episode did not flesh then out. The only person who has appeal is the heroine's mom. I always finish a book once started but this took to long to rate a good sit & read. *Courtney is an airhead, immature but nurturing. Her mom, Diane, always redirects and provides insight. (Dresses serve a purpose.)

    25. jessica r felder

      Yummy yumI did NOT want this to end!!! I am such a fan! Mrs. Welchwe know her as Ms. Nelson, has not missed a beat with this book. Now that I have a idea on the up coming books I will be checking them out! I hope Mrs. Welch reads these reviews! Excellent work! Well done.

    26. Stacy Anita Edwards

      Good ReadI'm only giving this 3 stars because of the grammatical errors, which really surprised me. Ms. Welch weaves a good tale. I love how she incorporates secondary characters with there own story lines, to potentially set them up for there own novel. Will look forward to reading Gavin's book, Ms. Welch.

    27. Nicole Gottschalk

      Simply GreatHaving been a fan if Latrivia in the past I was more then excited to see part 2 of The Grunt. I have come to love the Black family in the first part of their story so getting to join them as they enter a new phase of life was great.I laughed and cried my why through this well written story. I truly could not put it down, reading to all in 24 hours. Brovo!!!

    28. Debra Crosby

      Front to back great readThis story really pulled on my emotions. Anger, sadness, joy, understanding. We got to know more about Courtney's father and brother, and met a friend of Brett's. The author gave us insight into the life of someone who loves what he did and how that affects the family. There were some errors in the book but that did not prevent me from loving it

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