The Marquess's Scottish Bride

The Marquess s Scottish Bride The Marquess s Scottish Bride is the SWEET CLEAN ROMANCE edition of Emerald by Lauren Royal From a New York Times bestselling author and her daughter England and Scotland Jason Chase the Marque

  • Title: The Marquess's Scottish Bride
  • Author: Lauren Royal Devon Royal
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Marquess's Scottish Bride

    The Marquess s Scottish Bride is the SWEET CLEAN ROMANCE edition of Emerald by Lauren Royal.From a New York Times bestselling author and her daughter England and Scotland, 1667 Jason Chase, the Marquess of Cainewood, doesn t know the first thing about hunting outlaws, but he won t let that stop him from bringing a murderer to justice Disguised as a commoner, he The Marquess s Scottish Bride is the SWEET CLEAN ROMANCE edition of Emerald by Lauren Royal.From a New York Times bestselling author and her daughter England and Scotland, 1667 Jason Chase, the Marquess of Cainewood, doesn t know the first thing about hunting outlaws, but he won t let that stop him from bringing a murderer to justice Disguised as a commoner, he takes to the road, where he crosses paths with a hapless Scottish lad who turns out to be a lovely Scottish lass, and none other than the renowned bounty hunter Emerald MacCallum Realizing they re after the same man and fearing Emerald may be in over her head, Jason resolves to keep her close But all Caithren Leslie wants is to be as far away from her new protector as possible No matter how many times she informs him she s just an ordinary country girl traveling to see her brother and definitely not some Emerald woman pursuing a dangerous outlaw the pigheaded Englishman will not see sense The road is perilous, but accepting Jason s protection may mean jeopardizing her urgent mission Not to mention her sanity, her personal property, and worst of all, her heartOK DETAILS Humorous historical romance Book Two of Lauren Devon Royal s sweet romance The Chase Brides series A full length novel PG rated Kisses only, no love scenes This e book includes Bonus Material an Author s Note, a preview of Lauren and Devon s next book, and a link to an online contest where you can enter to win a piece of jewelryNNECTING BOOKSWhile THE MARQUESS S SCOTTISH BRIDE can be read as a stand alone novel, many readers enjoy reading it as part of a series All of Lauren Devon s books feature Chase family members Should you wish to read them in chronological order, this is the sequence The Chase Brides1666 THE EARL S LONDON BRIDE Colin Amy 1667 THE MARQUESS S SCOTTISH BRIDE Jason Caithren 1667 THE LAIRD S ENGLISH BRIDE Cameron Clarice 1668 THE DUKE S RELUCTANT BRIDE Trick Kendra Regency Chase Brides1815 ALEXANDRA Tristan Alexandra 1816 JULIANA James Juliana 1817 CORINNA Sean Corinna Griffin Rachael Renaissance Chase Family Series1549 ALICE BETROTHED Adam Alice More coming soon ABOUT THE AUTHORSLAUREN ROYAL decided to become a writer in the third grade, after winning a Why My Mother is the Greatest essay contest Now she s a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of humorous historical romance novels Lauren lives in Southern California with her family and their constantly shedding cat She still thinks her mother is the greatestVON ROYAL is the daughter of romance novelist Lauren Royal After attending film school, she wrote an award winning TV comedy pilot and spent several years working in digital video production before turning her focus to fiction writing Devon lives in Southern California with her fianc She also thinks her mother is the greatest.

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    One thought on “The Marquess's Scottish Bride

    1. Melissa

      I was so looking forward to this book. I like L Royal's books, some are a tad slow but have good story lines. I did not like much about this one. The story was not good. The reasons for all these two did made no sense. The book drug. It took me almost a week to read and that is unheard of for me. I like the family and Jason but the story line needed a lot of help. The bad guys were some of the worst I have ever read.This is a clean-ish romance. There is lots of kissing and sensuality but it was [...]

    2. Annii

      This book, taking place in 1667, is Restoration, not Regency, but I'm putting it here anyway. I'm quite excited, actually, to see a book taking place in the Restoration time period. It's a period not generally covered by romance novels and it's an exciting period.On top of the interesting time period, this is simply a good book. A bit on the long side (although this is not a problem), this book takes the time to develop the relationship between Jason and Cait. She also does quite a good job with [...]

    3. Amanda

      I read Amethyst a lonnnng time ago, and I loved it. Since then this has been on my stop-being-cheap-and-buy-the-damn-book-already list. Glad I finally did. The author has this way of storytelling that fully immerses you in the world she paints. Not to mention the story itself was great, with likable characters that you pull for the whole time. Cait was lovely- she was independent and strong willed, but not annoying about it like you get in a lot of books with the chanted refrain of 'I don't need [...]

    4. Dawn Dorsey

      This is a fun Restoration historical romance, part two in a series, but able to stand alone if you tend not to follow whole series. The Chase family characters are all adequately introduced, but the primary characters in this book are secondary in other books in the Restoration collection, which is the only one I have read so far. Since I read both the original and the less lurid versions of Amythest, and found just a few extra details in each version, I found myself wondering in this book what [...]

    5. Julia Wharton

      Wonderful Story!I loved Emerald! I liked it even better than Amethyst! In it, Jason, the Marquess of Cainewood, is on the hunt for Geoffrey Gothard, a scoundrel who has hurt two people close to him. While out, he runs into Caithren Leslie, a Scottish woman looking for her brother. Jason however, believes her to be Emerald MacCallum, the famed bounty hunter. Jason makes her go with him to find Gothard. However, will love enter into the mix?The Rest Contains Spoilers:In the first book, Jason is th [...]

    6. Gramy

      .Jason and Cait . . . This was an excellent read! The characters were very believable and the character development couldn't have been better. Many humorous moments made me laugh until I cried. Had to wipe away the tears to continue.I wish I could find this series in our local library, but they don't have it their system. 8(Never the less, this series is wonderful and I can't wait to read more of it !!!

    7. Danielle Carpenter

      I love the Chase Family. Each book is filled with surprises, intrigue, humor and romance. This book is no exception, Let face it Jason is young for his title and he doesn't make the smartest decisions. Cain may have been running a small castle but she definitely lacked wisdom going to England to chase down her brother. This made for a fun romp.

    8. Brittany

      I received this from the author as a gift. It was actually a pretty good read. I laugh a ton it had a great story. I enjoyed it a great deal.

    9. Kim

      Lauren Royal’s Jewel Trilogy is hands down one of my favorite romantic book series’ that I have read to date. (See my review of book one, Amethyst) The only other series that can come close in my eyes is Tessa Dare’s Spindle Cove series. Both have really interesting hero/heroines that aren’t weak-minded and make the series worth continuing. Not only that, but the plots are creative and different! Enjoying the creativity that the Jewel Trilogy offers, I delved right into Emerald, book two [...]

    10. Elis Madison

      When Geoffrey Gothard (can't decide whether this is a convenient name for a rapist or a really bad pun—or both) tried to rape Clarice Bradford and left her daughter Mary comatose, Jason Chase, the Marquis of Caineswood, feels responsible. (Taken to extremes it can be, well, annoying.)There aren't a lot of people enforcing the laws these days, so Jason sets out to capture the criminal and bring him to justice. A duel between them ends with an innocent bystander dead by Jason’s sword, though i [...]

    11. Brian

      This a copy of my review. First, I read this book off my Honey's tablet because I could not figure out the lend and side-load instructions.I don't know if life can get any sweeter then a romance novel without all the "vivid" scenes yet the authors are able to keep the integrity of the story. And yes, actions are implied but I think I can figure out what is about to happen, or did happen.This story is more then the chase to find an outlaw. It is about two people who want nothing more then to sta [...]

    12. Thom Swennes

      Emerald MacCallum is a legend in her own time. Like most legends, her exploits are vastly exaggerated, as is her stature and cunning. Emerald is, in fact, a widowed mother of two and trying to scrape by lake countless others of her ilk and circumstance. Some take in laundry, others spread their legs for coin, but Emerald takes an entirely different route and scours the countryside in search of fugitives from justice. Emerald is a bounty hunter, and by all appearances, good at her chosen task.Cai [...]

    13. Rachel C.

      I really enjoyed this book. I would have absolutely loved it if it weren't for (view spoiler)[Cait's way-too-quick acceptance of Jason's having killed her brother. I'm sorry, but even if you're not that close to a family member, you mourn and she just didn't. That really, really bugged me. I also had a hard time believing that Jason just went from "Emerald doesn't exist" to "this person must be Emerald!" (hide spoiler)] All in all, an enjoyable, but on the far side of "hard to believe" book. I d [...]

    14. Dottie

      Another sweet version of a Lauren Royal classic "Emerald". Caithrin Leslie has just lost her father. If she wishes to inherit the baronetcy and property of her mother she must find her foolhardy brother and convince him to sign over the inheritance to her. So the lovely lass leaves her native Scotland for England on said quest. On her journey she meets the devilishly handsome Jason Chase, who mistakes her for the infamous bounty hunter Emerald MacCallum. Jason is on a quest of his own and drafts [...]

    15. Michelle

      More adventures with the Chase Family in Restoration-age England. This time we journey with Jason Chase, the Marquess of Cainewood.For some reason I can't quite put my finger on, I didn't like this one as much as I loved Amethyst. It's the same formula (almost exactly) but I didn't love Jason as much as Colin. Cait is charming and strong. Jason is a bit bland in ways Colin was not. Still, the historical aspects are extremely interesting and the overall it is a solid historical romance read. I wi [...]

    16. Lynne Tull

      I liked the H/H and the story. I even liked getting a feel for this period in England. I usually read stories that take place in Regency England. However, I think Ms. Royal got carried away with her research. We get the history/background on just about every dish they ate, every town/hotel where they stayed, and every clothes they put on their bodies. In addition, we started learning the English for Scot phrases/adages. I am still planning on finishing the series. I usually do.

    17. Allie

      Emerald is a wonderful Historical Romance novel. Jason Chase is the male main character of this story. With a bit of mistaken identity and a dash of culture clash, this book is the perfect recipe for a delicious novel! I loved Jason and Cait. I love the whole Chase Family Series, and Emerald is a hit!

    18. Geraldine

      Great Series!I love this series and this family. It kept your interest from start to finish and I did not want to put the book down. I love that it has history written into the story. I recommend this series to anyone who loves historical romance. Buy them I do not think you will be disappointed.

    19. Hattie

      At the beginning I thought nah this isn't as good as her other books but as I got Ito it I realised it was written to make you feel as each of them felt, her angry he kept calling her emerald and him well just him :) I really enjoyed it after I got over the 38% mark, good book, would recommend it :) x

    20. Natalie Ryabenko

      I really enjoyed the second part of the story. It isn't a sequal, but it does continue with the story of the Chase family. I liked how Jason and Cait grew in their love and how they argued. When Jason killed someone, someone and when Cait was looking for her brother; you hoped it wasn't the same person. I enjoyed when the sibling realized their parents where only human.

    21. Librarylady

      Has some interesting aspects with a fiesty, independent female character. Ending was predictable but glad to see Emerald's cousin was brought into the family to tie the Scottish and English parts together.

    22. Jeffery Woods

      I love this series. I was completely captivated by this book and how the story was going for both protagonists. All of Lauren Royal's character's are well developed and one cannot help but love them. The Chase family series will be at the top of my love list forever.

    23. P Lynne Adams

      Great IntrigueAmazing story with some unexpected turns. Intriguing story! Wonderful character development. Love that this is a clean read. Can't wait to read the next book in the Series. Hope to hear Ford and Kendra's story in the series.

    24. kathee jacobs

      Great read can't wait to read morethe second in the jewel trinity a very good read. I can't wait to read the next one. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who has a passion for historical romance.

    25. carrietracy

      I liked Caithren just fine but Jason was a bit dense and it didn't seem like he should be. It seemed really out of character for him based on what I knew of him from the prior book. The pace was also a bit slow.

    26. Wendy Tavenner

      Loved the book!!! When Jason accidentally kills an innocent person because of Gothard & Wat, he goes on a journey to bring the men to justice and try to forgive himself. When Caithren goes on her own journey to find her brother, her life and Jason's collide. A great read with a wonderful ending!!

    27. Nicole

      I picked this book up only because it fit into a task for the good reads challenge, but I had no expectations for it. I was pleasantly surprised, as it was a fun romance with engaging characters.

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