A SEAL's Oath

A SEAL s Oath Navy SEAL Boone Rudman and his friends are ready to make their mark by creating a sustainable community that can be replicated anywhere in the world But they need land so when Martin Fulsom iconic l

  • Title: A SEAL's Oath
  • Author: Cora Seton
  • ISBN: 9781927036785
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Paperback
  • A SEAL's Oath

    Navy SEAL Boone Rudman and his friends are ready to make their mark by creating a sustainable community that can be replicated anywhere in the world But they need land, so when Martin Fulsom, iconic leader of the Fulsom Foundation, offers them Westfield, an uninhabited ranch in Chance Creek, Montana, they take it sight unseen and agree to Fulsom s condition that they docuNavy SEAL Boone Rudman and his friends are ready to make their mark by creating a sustainable community that can be replicated anywhere in the world But they need land, so when Martin Fulsom, iconic leader of the Fulsom Foundation, offers them Westfield, an uninhabited ranch in Chance Creek, Montana, they take it sight unseen and agree to Fulsom s condition that they document their progress on a reality television show Building a working community will be hard enough, but Boone s got another problem Fulsom expects families not single men to make up the population of the new town Now Boone s got to find a wife, fast, before he loses his funding, and his dream So when he arrives at Westfield to find it already occupied by Riley Eaton, the woman he thought he d lost forever, he wonders if fate itself has provided him with an answer Riley Eaton s played by the rules all her life, but it hasn t gotten her anywhere Now she s out of work and no closer to being a full time artist or meeting a man and starting a family Never happier than when she s buried in a Jane Austen novel, she knows she s not the only woman longing for a simpler, beautiful life one that allows time for art, literature and music When she discovers her friends are in the same frame of mind, she throws caution to the wind and invites them to Westfield, the ranch her uncle inherited long ago, but has never lived in Equipped with a key and a standing invitation to stay there whenever she likes, she heads to Chance Creek and gives up all things twenty first century in order to take a six month Jane Austen style vacation Westfield is perfect for Regency living with its wide lawns, extensive gardens and large ballroom But when sexy, stubborn Boone shows up with plans to build a hyper modern sustainable community on the ranch, it s clear her Regency paradise is over before it even began Now Boone has thirty days to marry Riley or lose the ranch to developers, and Riley has to decide whether to marry Boone or say good bye to Westfield and her Jane Austen life forever Can they overcome their prejudices to help each other Or will their pride destroy both their futures

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      337 Cora Seton
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    One thought on “A SEAL's Oath

    1. Erin

      As a Navy SEAL he'd put his life on the line. Now he'd put his heart on the line, if that's what it took.Well, this was just a blast of a sexy read. Admittedly, I snagged this book as a freebie on KOBO and my expectations were almost non-existent because I only dabble in the romance genre. Cora Seton presents one of the most ridiculous storylines imaginable and I loved every minute of it! Boone, Jericho, Walker, and Clay are all set to retire from the SEALS in a matter of weeks when they learn t [...]

    2. TheBibliotheque

      DNF 50%I should know better. This was a free deal on kindle, and I promise you, the blurb didn't sound so bad. But now I am questioning my judgement, because seriouslyRIOUSLY.A bunch of ex-marines with good and environmental intentions are offered the land of their dreams to set their green and renewable community on one condition: it will be a reality show and they will have to get married and conceive children DURING the 6 months the show will last. OH BUT WAIT BECAUSE THERE IS MORE. Female MC [...]

    3. Denise Vasak

      This book was really, really far-fetched as far as plots go. It started out normal enough with the girls but the big time money man demanding folks get married? Really? Come on? No one would do it under those conditions. And the girls deciding to live a Jane Austen life? Sigh. please. It's totally ridiculous. I read the entire book because I enjoyed the characters but I really had to try to ignore some of the really ridiculous stuff that was also going on throughout. This will not be a series I [...]

    4. JamieLeigh

      Great readThis is a great beginning to what appeard to be a fabulous new series. The characters are so interesting. And the storyline is totally different.

    5. Paige Turner

      It's a good start to a new series. It's a interesting read on second chance at romance. I like the premise of the book and the writing style of Cora Seton. She knows show to write strong Military men and the feisty women who love them. There were several laugh out loud moments throughout this book. Riley and Boone were once friends but time and a commitment to his country tore them apart. Coincidentally, they reunite 10 years later with similar ideals, wants and needs. Despite wanting the same t [...]

    6. Marsha Mcdaniel

      While I liked this book because, duh, it's Chance Creek, it strayed a little more to the frivolousness of the girls pretending to be like women of means in a bygone era. The underlying reasoning was solid, I just didn't get into it. The sustainable living was great, even if it was flawed by a man's thinking lol. I personally just didn't like this as well as all the other Chance Creek books. I will definitely read more in this series to see if I was a bit hard on this story or not.

    7. Angelique

      This was just an ok book. The concept kept competing with the character development. I think 2.5 stars would be a more accurate rating. While you could see where the author was going I think a little more planning would have helped even out the rough spots a little bit more. Having so many characters to focus on also pulled the view in too many directions.

    8. Sharon H

      It's a fun premise. I had a few problems with the editing: judgment was spelled inconsistently (judgement is the British spelling, but both were in the textpick one.) also, the author confused captain Wentworth (Persuasion) with Colonel Branford (Sense & Sensibility). Small details that didn't ruin the storybut details matter.

    9. Laura Johnson

      Unusual premise. There were a few parts that just didn't have the follow up I was looking for. I'm hoping the rest of the series will fill the gaps.

    10. Mia

      First of all, I seriously doubt that Cora Seton can write a bad book. I love her Chance Creek series and this new series happens to take place in Chance Creek again. This is a brand new series independent of the other books in the Chance Creek series. Boone Rudman is a Navy SEAL looking to make some changes to the world as a result of things he has seen during his time in the US Navy. He and the others on his team have a plan to build a community that is sustainable and off the grid. Boone has t [...]

    11. Melissa Morr

      "Maybe I'll catch you." . "For my wife. If I ever want one. You'll never see me coming"Navy SEAL Boone Rudman returns to Chance Creek Montana to start an sustainable community with the help of 3 of his childhood friends & Navy SEALs Clay, Jericho & Walker. They have 6 months to build the community & find wives or forfeit their funding & land for the community. Riley Eaton & her 3 friends Savannah, Avery & Nora, want to jumpstart their lives & pursue their passions in [...]

    12. Bonnie Moore

      The joy of loveHaving been such a fan of suzanne Brockmann's books on the seals I didn't think I would find any equal to hers but I did. This book had both love and g forgiveness I would recommend this book to anyone who wants an adventure of the past meeting today's life and struggles

    13. Jean Marie

      Boone is a former SEAL looking to build a sustainable community with 3 of his SEAL brothers. He gets an offer by an eccentric millionaire to build this community on some property in Chance Creek where he grew up but there are a few tasks that must be completed in order to win the land (very similiar to her Hereos of Chance Creek series which I LOVED). One requirement is that Boone must marry within 2 months. Boone now needs to find a girl and convince her to live this lifestyle and marry him. En [...]

    14. Will Decker

      I found the whole plot thing with the environmentalist marines to the regency wearing Austinites very contrived and boring. Seals are supposed to be about protecting the women they love with sheer brute and force, not period costumes. The editing could use some work also, but it didn't detract from the story. For a Seton novel, I was disappointed. Where's the romantic suspense?

    15. Erika

      This is the first book of a series, the one that sets the mood for the rest. The main characters in this book are Boone and Riley, the characters have a past, and they used to be friends. Both of them rallied their friends for a mission, one is trying to save the world by creating a sustainable community, the other is trying to change their lives by living a Regency life, focused on their respective arts. The place where they arrived used to be Riley's family, only her uncle sold it without tell [...]

    16. Heather

      Having read all of Cora Seton's previous novels, I was excited to see her starting off a new series. Even better that new series still takes place in Chance Creek, the setting for her previous series. I have to admit I wasn't at all sure how one story could bring together a sustainable community building project, a Jane Austen experiment and a reality television show all while building a romance. A romance that was also mandated by the tv producer as a condition for the project. But somehow it a [...]

    17. Stephanie Zuiderweg

      Too unbelievableI'm generally a fan of Cora Seton, but this book stretched credulity to the point of almost breaking. The set up of this series is both too busy with tropes and coincidence:1. Reality tv2. Jane Austen / regency 3. The guys and girls just happen to do their things at the same time4. There just happens to be four guys and four girlsThe list goes on.If you can completely suspend all disbelief, it's a decent novel, though development of some of the secondary characters was a little l [...]

    18. ♡ Jeri's Book Attic ♡

      Ahm well at first I thought I ended up in a set up for a reality soap - then I dismissed that thought and was struggeling to come to terms with what I was reading and then suddenly one line "plopped" up in my head "The Truman Show" and after that I actually enjoyed it and I will read the next one too - but please do not ask me on the details - read for yourself

    19. Amy

      SEAL's, ranches, modern women, regency lifestyle, reality TV all in one book. I don't know how she did it, but she did it. More importantly, it somehow worked. It was entertaining and will gladly go along for the ride in the next book when its published.

    20. Kris

      "I love this stuff! Makes me hard." - big business dude talking about the male protagonists business plan lol what no.

    21. Cindy Caron

      OMG! What an amazing story! And, the best part is's only the beginning of what promises to be one of the best series I will ever read. Boone, a retiring Navy SEAL, has a plan. Well, maybe two plans. The first is to start up a sustainable community with the help of his best friends and fellow SEALs, and the endorsement of an eccentric billionaire. The second, to search out, find and hopefully marry, the girl of his youth that stole his heart, even if he did send it away, Riley Eaton. With so many [...]

    22. Pam

      A Seal’s Oath: SEALS of Chance Creek Book 1 is by Cora Seton. This is the first in a series about Base Camp. I really liked this book because it was fun to read as well as easy to read. Boone Radman and three of his SEAL teammates had the idea of starting a sustained community to show how a person could live using less natural resources. They had applied to the Fulsome Foundation for funding and were waiting on an answer. Boon finally heard from Martin Fulsome giving him the funding with strin [...]

    23. Ruth

      2.5 starsOkay, let's just address the elephant in the room right from the beginning. The premise of this book is ludicrous. While I could see the girls doing the whole retreat from society/artist's colony/Austen life thing, and I couldn't see the SEALs doing the whole sustainable community with those conditions on them. Get married and conceive children in six months with women they've never met. It's ridiculous. Maybe require them to include women at the community and see if sparks fly, but ser [...]

    24. Cat C

      I have a thing for Cora Seton's crazysauce series setups. As in the Heroes of Chance Creek series (The ___'s E-Mail Order Bride), the SEALs of Chance Creek (aka small-town-filled-with-hot-single-men, Western state) are forced by an eccentric's demands to marry and reproduce within a ridiculously short span of time. Convenient pairings and lots of sequel bait ensues. I thought e-mail order brides marrying veterans to get a ranch up and running was crazy, but this is EVEN MORE AMAZING: veterans cr [...]

    25. Shelene

      He leaves the Navy to make the world greener and she leaves her life the to make something beautifulIf you had the opportunity to escape your life wouldn't you take it? If you had the opportunity to try and make the world more energy efficient and the minds of people more green wouldn't you do it?I know some people considered the storyline a bit far-fetched but it honestly is a very sweet love story. You have four young ladies after graduating college truly are recognizing the struggles being si [...]

    26. Jara Beaubien

      Navy SEAL Boone Rudman and his friends are ready to leave the Navy life and ready to try and change the world, they aim to create a community that is sustainable. Enter Martin Fulsom a leader of the Fulsom Foundation and he offers them Westfield a uninhibited Ranch in Chance Creek MontanaBoon and his friends accept it, but Fulsom has plans that they need to agree with, one they will document it via a television show and he also expects Families. Now Boone’s got to find a wife, fast, before he [...]

    27. Dorothy Gagnon

      Following A DreamRiley Eaton lived and worked in Boston and longed to go home to Westfield where she loved being in Chance Creek, Montana. She spoke to her 3 friends of longing to have “a Jane Austen life that is a beautiful life.” Before they knew it, thry all made a a decision to quit their jobs and sell everthing just to try and work on their real passions. They packed and moved to stay at her Uncle's place "Westfield".Navy SEAL, Boone Rudman now ending his career, was moving back to Chan [...]

    28. Jamie

      **This book was absolutely NOT for me****this cover is deceiving!!**moving past the story, which was way too ridiculous. I'm not into dressing up for different 'eras', i'm not into the historical romance novels.is is way not my cup of tea. I am not into men 'controlling' situations, and that's exactly what was happening in this book (intentional or not.).That all aside - this story was kinda jumpy. You flip POV a few times, which isn't too bad generally, but was hard to follow. I didn't notice m [...]

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