Far Forward

Far Forward This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B FYTUDQ Awakening on a lazy Saturday morning Anna Katz is greeted by an older version of herself making a pot of coffee During the ensuing conversation h

  • Title: Far Forward
  • Author: C.F. Waller
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Far Forward

    This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00FYTUDQ8Awakening on a lazy Saturday morning, Anna Katz is greeted by an older version of herself making a pot of coffee During the ensuing conversation her doppelganger explains The first rule of time travel is that you can never go backwards While a person is never really ready to have a conversation with their futThis is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00FYTUDQ8Awakening on a lazy Saturday morning, Anna Katz is greeted by an older version of herself making a pot of coffee During the ensuing conversation her doppelganger explains The first rule of time travel is that you can never go backwards While a person is never really ready to have a conversation with their future self, and I can assure you Anna is not, this leads to the obvious question If you can t go back, how does that explain you standing in my kitchen The answer to that, and to her many other questions, will have to wait Anna, unknowingly, is about to embark on a journey that will shine a light on many of the key turning points in not only her past, but possibly all things past She will not be making this journey alone Assistance will come in the form of her very own daughter, Etta, who turns up soon after her future self makes her first appearance Unfortunately, Etta only manages to add to the confusion Anna Katz has never had a child While standing face to face with herself appears at first to be akin to standing in front of a long mirror she s about to learn about herself than she bargained for Is it possible that inside her own psyche are hidden many different people just waiting to get out In the end, when she gazes into the looking glass, will it be her own reflection staring back or something less recognizable Possibly even terrifying In this novel are offered alternative theories of time travel, causality, random facts about the global positioning system, postulations of a repeating universal timeline, inferences that bathroom habits may have an adverse effect on the attainable speed of light, and the possibility that the demise of the Theropods might not have been without blame Although, to find the last one you will have to read between the lines with a microscope Also included, but much subjectively, are judgmental opinions on infidelity, workplace etiquette, smoking, taking things that don t belong to you, parenting do s and don ts , and last but not remotely least, the possibility of true love Any similarities to real persons or events is unintentional, however given this novels propensity for timeline revision, it s not completely out of the question Enjoy C F Waller, Author

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    One thought on “Far Forward

    1. Gerald Kubicki

      I took on this book as part of a review swap. I had no idea and didn't find out that it was a sci-fi book until about a hundred pages into the plot when some characters suddenly were fighting duplicates of themselves, visitors from the future. I never knew who were the bad guys and who were the good guys and who was on first. It was a fun read with a bunch of twists. the only drawback is that it needs some editing, other wise a good excape book.

    2. Trisha

      WowIt took me a bit to get into this book, but once I did I could not put it down! This is a different take on time travel, so different. I absolutely loved it!

    3. K.A. Krisko

      Lots of - strange - action: three (and a half) starsThis genre-crossing novel starts out in the thick of things. At first, you think you’re reading a crime, mystery, or spy thriller, with some interesting flash-backs and a not-very-nice protagonist. About a third of the way through, though, its true nature is revealed: it’s sci-fi! I like the twist on time-travel; it’s well-described, but it doesn’t try to get too technical and trip itself up in the details. Although I was occasionally c [...]

    4. Sahar Sabati

      Mild Spoiler Alert!Far Forward, a book by independent author C. F. Waller, was published last month on . I noticed a post about it in a Facebook group, and one sentence in the description captured my attention: “Awakening on a lazy Saturday morning, Anna Katz is greeted by an older version of herself making a pot of coffee.” I love time travel stories, as they provide for wonderful opportunities for self-reflection, and I love puzzles; it is therefore no surprise that I decided to give this [...]

    5. Shannon Pemrick

      Overall this story is great. It's fairly well paced and had the right about of action I like in my books. It's set in first person, a favorite perspective of mine that is rather hard for authors to achieve just right, but it's also in the present tense. This threw me off for a bit seeing as it's not a tense that is used commonly but the author managed to pull it off with this story.The book starts off feeling like some crime or thriller novel and I though maybe the description of the book was mi [...]

    6. Roger Hardy

      Written in the first person, present tense, the style is fluent and confident. Think Elmore Leonard. It starts like any cops-and-bad guys story and cracks along at breakneck pace. Then, insidiously, slowly, before you are aware of it, the story elides into something quite disorientating; a more psychological thriller, Science Fiction. You’ve had the feeling that there’s something not quite right but don’t know what it is. This is handled with great skill as he toys with the reader’s conc [...]

    7. Mike Owens

      One by one, her .357 magnum blazing, Anna mows them down as the father/husband watches unable to do more than curse her. His 10-year-old son, then his wife, then Saleim (sp?) himself. Then she wakes up. Always risky to begin a novel with a dream sequence, and only the cool brutality of the scene rescues it. After all, it's a woman pulling the trigger.Anna Katz works for Stonewall Security. Stonewall provides coverage for high-profile clients, but business isn't going exactly to plan. Clients as [...]

    8. Kathryn Dionne

      Anna Katz, who works for a security company, is a rough character. She smokes, drinks too much. and jogs for miles just so she can down a couple of pieces of pie. And she's having an ongoing affair with a married man. But yet, there is just something very likable about her. She's got guts! Normally, Anna is very clear-headed, but as the story progresses, subtle changes in her environment cause her to think there is something wrong with her mind; her car isn't where she parked it. Things aren't w [...]

    9. Gemma Farrow

      This story intrigued me from the start. It begins as a thriller and morphs into a time travel story. This is the first time travel book I've read. I fear trying to keep up with such concepts as 'time loops' and alternative dimensions. But Far Forward, although there were times when I had to really think about something, wasn't too high-brow for me. I was able to follow the story and enjoy it. At first I utterly detested the main character Anna for what she did, but as you read you gain a wider i [...]

    10. Maggie Thom

      This is a really good story. It starts out like any other crime/cop type story (well sort of) in that you are in this world, getting to know Anna and all of her attitude only then to be taken into this world of time travel. There are some interesting twists, Anna is sleeping with a married FBI agent, who's wife ends up dieing shortly after Anna has been seen talking to her. And Anna's DNA shows up at the crime scene. I have to say I really connected with Anna and enjoyed her journey through figu [...]

    11. Tammy Domingue

      This book started with a Bang!!! It definitely gets your attention from the first page. Time travel is prevalent through out the book which made me concentrate a little more to what was actually happening. That definitely added a little mystery to the tale. Time travel and Science fiction has never been a genre that I have read, but this book has changed my mind. The lead character Anna was a little strange, yet made me laugh at times. I liked the way he incorporated the Anna's personal relation [...]

    12. Martin Perks

      I don’t normally read first person, present tense stories that seem to be all the rage these days. But this was different. Fast paced, and having elements of time travel, thriller, suspense and romance it reminded me a little of King’s 11.22.63. It kept me interested throughout, and I liked the fact that you had a female protagonist Anna. A well thought out plot kept me guessing, and that is to be commended. There were a few typo’s and grammar mistakes, but this didn’t make any differenc [...]

    13. Darren Stock

      My general preference is not to read sci-fi, but since the author sent me a copy of his book to review I decided to give it a go. I must confess I'm glad I did. Overall an interesting story filled full of action is how to describe this book by CF Waller. From the beginning the story grabbed my attention with the creative plot and likeable characters such as Anna. If you are a fan of time travel and sci-fi, then I would recommend that you pick this one up.

    14. Austin Quinn

      To me a good story is one that leaves you thinking about the characters and craving more each time you take a break. Waller succeeded in grabbing my attention and not letting go, even after I finished. I may be biased, because I love anything having to do with time travel, but I don't care, it was a good book. Anna is pretty cool, and for some reason she reminded me of Tara from "Gone with the Wind." I'll definitely be watching Waller for future reads.

    15. Christine

      Interesting story lineI hesitated to give the book three stars, leaning toward two. The original (to me, at least) story line and exciting second half if the book bumped it up the three stars. The writing was mediocre, with noticeable spelling and grammatical errors. Fortunately, the story line built up sufficient entertainment to offset those distractions.

    16. Henry Simpson

      This is an engaging, well-written romp involving time travel, surprising family relationships, anomalies, and unusual events. I expect it will appeal to science fiction fans, science buffs, and others seeking a tale with numerous twists and turns. The characters are interesting, the trip filled with surprises. Highly recommended.

    17. Sarah

      This novel begins with very graphic violence, which I found distasteful. Thankfully, it gets better after that opening although the sci-fi time travel part doesn’t take off until later in the book. In that way it’s a bit of a mixed genre novel. The story is entertaining as it’s fast paced with lots of action. Recommended for readers of sci fi who like time travel stories.

    18. Rodney Carlson

      Waller builds a world that both science fiction and thriller fans will love. He takes what is normally a complex topic and makes it engaging and relatable. Full of surprising plot twists. The characters are well written. You can't help seeing yourself as Anna trying to figure out your next step. Excellent read, put this one on your list.

    19. Gail Paulson

      This story was sometimes confusing with the time traveling versions of Anna Katz getting ahead or behind themselves and this made the story plot a little difficult to follow. It was entertaining and I believe was low cost or free.

    20. Steve Pierce

      I really liked this book and would've rated it even higher if the spelling and grammar issues throughout were fixed.

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