The End of the World

The End of the World A desperate boy A damaged girl And a dark house filled with secrets For Cameron Tate being shuffled from foster home to foster home is just a normal way of life Until the year he turns fourteen That

  • Title: The End of the World
  • Author: Amy Matayo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The End of the World

    A desperate boy A damaged girl And a dark house filled with secrets.For Cameron Tate, being shuffled from foster home to foster home is just a normal way of life Until the year he turns fourteen That s when he s sent to the home of seventeen year old Shaye McCormick a fellow foster kid counting the days until she s released from the system.For good reason It doesn t tA desperate boy A damaged girl And a dark house filled with secrets.For Cameron Tate, being shuffled from foster home to foster home is just a normal way of life Until the year he turns fourteen That s when he s sent to the home of seventeen year old Shaye McCormick a fellow foster kid counting the days until she s released from the system.For good reason It doesn t take long for Cameron to learn that Shaye is shackled to the worst kind of in a home where nothing seems right And now he s joined her with no way out Their only refuge is a lake, a quiet spot at the edge of the property where they can sit together for a few moments at the end of each day Alone with their thoughts Away from prying eyes.At the lake they become friends At the lake they begin to talk At the lake Cameron vows that no matter how deep their secrets are buried, he ll make it his mission to heal Shaye from a past that makes living in the present nearly impossible Even if it takes until the end of time to do it.

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    One thought on “The End of the World

    1. Anna LeBaron

      Even though I don't usually read fiction, I read this book in just a few sittings because it was that good. Out of necessity, and for brevity, the author skips ahead in a few places where I only wish the book had been a little longer so those years could have been covered! There was so much more about the characters that I would love to know! The subject matter is a difficult one to tackle, and therefore I recommend this book for more mature readers. It is also for anyone you feel would benefit [...]

    2. Kandra Young

      This book amazingly insightful and heartfelt. I fell in love with the characters, the story, the mystery of the house, the plot all of it. It's great when you find a book that really gets you emotionally invested and this one did. I wanted to scream at a character or I'd find myself really understanding Shaye's motives. I laughed out loud, I got frustrated, I cried a bit, I felt. stuff I admit that I've read most of Amy's books and I've really enjoyed them, but this book it's just on a different [...]

    3. Dana Michael

      Although this book was beautifully written, it was a hard topic to read. I'm not going to lie. At the beginning, I worried that I wasn't going to be able to finish. However, Amy wove her story of these two fragile souls into a fabric of deep unconditional love. She showed that lives no matter how hard or tragic can overcome their past. Even though that love had been spun from horrifying circumstances it had become a beautiful tapestry of hope and a future. I encourage you as a reader to stay wit [...]

    4. Sunshine

      OkayuthI stopped reading. I am at a point in the book that I do not want to know what happens. I am so afraid that the people I have grown to love are not going to have a "happily ever after". My Sanguine, ENFP, helper, fixer, people person cannot bear that. Two days have gone by.I see others finishing the book. Amy Matayoyour words are powerfuley have set me down in this story and I am afraid to walk through the next door. I'll get backbut for nowI rest. Emotional desperation has taken a toll. [...]

    5. Janell Hustead

      I am always in awe how Matayo can string words together that make you feel, see, and almost smell what is happening in her stories. She keeps the story moving along by going back and forth between viewpoints of the main characters. Once you start reading, it is really hard to stop. This story is a hard read, it's not light-hearted. I'm afraid it covers topics that we don't want to admit happen way too often in our world. But it is a love story - a story of unconditional love. I really enjoyed th [...]

    6. Maggie

      This is a beautiful story that will break your heart in the beginning and take you on a journey of healing in Shaye and Cameron's lives! Amy has a way of developing the characters in her books that I really enjoy. She makes you love them, and hurt for them. Amy's other books are light hearted and fun, but this one tells a real life story that happens all too often and that some people would rather not read about. But they will miss out on a read well worth their time, and one I highly recommend. [...]

    7. Sarah

      I’m going to be blunt: I was so excited for the opportunity to review this book, without realizing that it isn’t Christian based. There is a bit of mild cursing, the characters don’t believe in God and live their lives as such, though there are no graphic details. This being the case, the rating and my review reflect my opinions of this book, with the focus on the author’s talent and the book’s merits, rather than the fact that its characters don’t share my personal beliefs. I’ve r [...]

    8. Amy Langmaack

      Amy Matayo takes you on journey with Shaye and Cameron through their experience with the foster care system, some of the darkest parts of that system, and what it looks like to live life after the fact. From the introduction that leaves you hanging and guessing where the story is headed as you read the rest of the story, all the way to the epilogue, Matayo draws you into their lives and leaves you wanting to know more of the story. Shaye and Cameron form a bond of friendship that is so strong th [...]

    9. Ticcoa Leister

      I am absolutely blown away by this story Amy Matayo has crafted. When a piece of fiction grabs your attention, pulls you alongside the characters, and entrenches you in their story, you know the author has done her job. This is a very difficult story to read. It addresses some traumatic subjects. But it is a powerful illustration of redemption, of unconditional love, of raw vulnerability, and deep healing. If you start it, finish it. You will want to stop reading. Don't. Well done, Amy. Well don [...]

    10. Julie Presley

      This book is just so beautiful. It's tragic, gripping, emotional and wastes not a minute on fluff or glossy moments. It's immediately deep and to the point, and the characters keep the reader glued to it's pages until the very end. The content contains some potential triggers for survivors of abuse, but each moment is handled with grace and sensitivity rather than gratuitous detail and indifference. I'm off to go devour another Amy Matayo book!

    11. Denise Hershberger (100 Pages per Hour)

      I couldn't believe what a fast read this was considering the deep, dark issues it tackled. I will admit that at first it took me a little while to completely get into the characters of Shaye and Cameron. Now that I've finished the book I think it was because my connection with them happened slowly, but by the end of the book I was so completely attached to them that I cried both when they suffered and when I read their epilogue. Matayo drew me so deeply into their feelings that I truly hurt when [...]

    12. Jennifer Emory

      Amy Matayo’s book, The End of The World, is a heart breaking yet compassionate read of two teens who grew up in the foster care system. Amy does a wonderful job of weaving two main characters into one succinct story. Cameron and Shaye have two distinct voices and through Amy’s writing you identify with each character and understand their circumstances, emotions and actions.Cameron and Shaye develop a connection after Cameron is placed in a foster home where Shaye is living as a foster child [...]

    13. Teresa

      This story starts out in heartbreak. Immediately you are feeling deeply for the main characters. Then, heartbreak becomes horror. These two teens live through hell yet through it their own hope, love, and humanity is kept alive. Amy weaves a heartwarming story of redemption, human love, and triumphing over circumstances that is highly emotional and attention grabbing. I read this book in one sitting over a couple of hours. I could not put it down. I had to know what happened. I cried and laughed [...]

    14. Anna

      An engaging, but hard read about healing, pain, love and commitment. Amy writes the difficult scenes with a love and care for the characters and watching the characters self-realization about what love is kept me interested the entire book. I'll admit, I correctly guessed the outcome of several situations as I was reading, but I still didn't want to put the book down.

    15. Robin

      I was intrigued by the characters in the very beginning but lost my way a bit in the transition from section to section but it picked back up in the 3rd section and I was hooked again. I love the overall story and felt very invested in the characters. This book makes me want to do something, change something, be there for someone. I hugged my kids a little extra.

    16. Megan Besing

      The End of the World in so many ways is different from any of Ms. Matayo’s other books; however I believe this one to be her best. Best in writing. Best in storytelling. Best in character development.There’s no question that The End of the World is a mainstream book. One that has the feel of a Colleen Hoover story. Except in my opinion it’s better because it’s cleaner. (No graphic scenes and milder language.)Oh so many feels—that’s the perfect way to explain Shaye and Cameron’s sto [...]

    17. Kathi

      I had the honor of reading and advanced copy of this book. Honestly, I wasn't too sure what to expect. I'm not a huge fan of YA lit or of romance I confess I've NEVER read a Nicholas Sparks novel & I don't want to. This book was so much more than it's categories may lead you to believe. I personally am an adoptive Momma, and this book spoke volumes to my heart about the lives that many young people are living right here in our own country. I only gave it 4 stars because it tackles the diff [...]

    18. Jenni Dickey

      I so loved this book and didn't want it to end. I was rooting for Cameron and Shaye throughout and I want to know more of their story.

    19. Beth Gates

      I could not put it down. It was raw and real. It was painful and beautiful. It was heartbreaking and heartwarming. The story flows seamlessly and the characters came to life. Some of the events are brutally gut-wrenching, but told tenderly.

    20. Stephanie

      Sometimes you read a book and it impacts you so much that you know you'll never forget it. The End of the World is that one for me. From paragraph one I was hooked. The writing was incredible to where you feel like you're sitting right next to Shaye and Cameron on that dock. A truly talented author can take away a reader and make them forget they're reading at all. I felt all the emotions Shaye and Cameron were feeling; sad, lonely, angry, hopeful. It was all there on the pages of this incredibl [...]

    21. Aprilcmcgrew

      *mild spoilers*I read this book in a single sitting. I grew up in small town Oklahoma, and I frequently traveled up to Tulsa, so I felt an immediate connection to the setting. It was hard to read this without tears lightly falling down my face, as I wanted to hold each and every child in this book and take them into care. Amy Matayo did an excellent job of developing both Shaye and Cameron, of expressing our basic needs as children and how those needs never fully diminish. I saw myself in Camero [...]

    22. Catherine Passmore

      This is the first book of Amy's that I read and won't be the last. It's also one that I know my reader friends will be gifted and that I will press my copy into their hands so they can also experience the story Amy shares.Amy Matayo's story of Cameron and Shaye stays with you long after the last sentence. The two meet as teens in the same foster home where they bond with a friendship that is stronger than their circumstances - both within that home and once they leave the foster care system.Mata [...]

    23. Heather Petri

      "Sometimes you have to lose your heart completely to begin to really thrive."Powerful, right? The minute I read this quote in the book, I wrote it down as a reminder in finding the light in the darkness. I didn't expect this book to touch me in the way that it did. A beautiful story of loss and love, heartbreak and hope. Main characters that live to find happiness within their broken lives. Amy Matayo has a beautiful way of making you feel like you are right there learning the lessons her charac [...]

    24. Amy Dail

      I'd never read anything by this author (or honestly even heard tell of her until a friend recruited me to be part of the launch team for this book), but now I need to get my hands on more. The passion and authenticity with which she writes is incredible. These characters were so real, painfully so. The story was so skillfully crafted. Many parts were difficult to read, yet so beautiful at the same time. I'm so privileged to have read this story. Thank you, Ms. Matayo.

    25. Emily Mincks

      This book seriously became the best book I've ever read. I cried a lot while reading. I cried when it was over because I didn't want it to end. Such a great book!

    26. Kara

      Ouch. Oh my heart. This story is hard, friends. It's painful, it wounds, and it hurts. It is so far from easy and happy, and y'all know I love my happy, funny books! But what an incredible story it is. In spite of the hard, the emotions don't stop! Because I ended this book with so many FEELINGS. Ones that I'm struggling to put into words. It's not often a story will do that to me, but this one.Ms. Matayo, you are a superb writer! I have no other words for your skill with the pen and this story [...]

    27. Kathy

      What a way to start the new year. I have read 3 other books by Amy Matayo and have thoroughly enjoyed each of them. The End of the World is also a great book and is very well written but I'm not sure "enjoyed" is a word I would attach to the reading of this book. It deals with abuse in the foster care system and I'm not sure anyone can enjoy reading about that. The End of the World kept me up until 1:30 in the morning finishing it because I wanted/needed to find out how the story ended. I just c [...]

    28. Nicki Davis

      The End of the World is a beautiful and heartbreaking story of two people whose lives are are a combination of pain, abuse, forgiveness, reconciliation, and love. This book was very hard to read, due to the subject matter, but I was sucked in by the first page and continued to hold my breath as I read to the very last page. I was in tears and heartbroken for these characters but spent the time rooting for them to find self-acceptance and love. I'm so thankful I was able to read this book and be [...]

    29. Melanie Stinnett

      I love a writer who digs deep into her characters and that is exactly what Amy Matayo does. Cameron and Shaye's story is sad, yes. But it holds truth that must be experienced so that the honesty can impact lives. I was happy that these characters were given a chance to live life through this book. They were not the result of one mistake or misstep. They were not the consequence of someone else's poor decisions. They were given leeway to make choices - both good and bad - and the outcome is a pow [...]

    30. Jennifer Willerton

      I didn't know what to expect when I started this book, having not even read a synopsis, but Amy Matayo did an excellent job drawing the reader into _The End of the World_ . A few pages in, and I couldn't stop reading to find out what happens to the characters. I found myself excited for them, heartbroken for them, and and ultimately not wanting to leave them behind. I highly recommend this book. It deals with some heavy material (abuse), but in a very appropriate way (although not for young read [...]

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