More Than Friends Collection

More Than Friends Collection In Book More Than Friends Ryan is struggling to get over the break up from his long term girlfriend When he finally decides a fling might be exactly what he needs to move on he expects to find it

  • Title: More Than Friends Collection
  • Author: Aria Grace
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  • Page: 125
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  • More Than Friends Collection

    In Book 1, More Than Friends, Ryan is struggling to get over the break up from his long term girlfriend When he finally decides a fling might be exactly what he needs to move on, he expects to find it in a woman But when he meets Drea s hot cousin, he feels an attraction that he s never felt before But Drea s cousin is a guyd Ryan isn t gay.In Book 2, Drunk In LoveIn Book 1, More Than Friends, Ryan is struggling to get over the break up from his long term girlfriend When he finally decides a fling might be exactly what he needs to move on, he expects to find it in a woman But when he meets Drea s hot cousin, he feels an attraction that he s never felt before But Drea s cousin is a guyd Ryan isn t gay.In Book 2, Drunk In Love, Ryan and Zach have been together for eight blissful months Just as they are about to take their relationship to the next level, a visit with Zach s ex changes everything They each make mistakes that could destroy everything they ve built together.In Book 3, Choosing Happy, Steve lives his life in a cycle of work, hookups and regret He s ruined every relationship he s been a part of and knows he s not cut out for love The highlight of each day is seeing the hot college kid that walks by his waffle truck every evening When Steve suspects abuse, he steps in and makes the situation even worse He has to fix what he s screwed up, and maybe he can fix himself in the process.For mature readers Includes an MMM scene.

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    One thought on “More Than Friends Collection

    1. Shannon

      3.5*More Than Friends is a cute, gay-for-you story, with Zach pulling feelings out of Ryan he didn't even know he had.Very sweet.Drunk in LoveBoys, boys, boyswhat were you thinking? Oh so much more angst and drama than in the first part of their love storyis one broke my heart! I was so mad at each of them, the lack of communication and the unwillingness to talk things over.In the end I'm so glad they were able to make things right, but guh!Choosing Happy-I wasn't sure what I was going to think [...]

    2. Line

      Meh, I have one question: what's with all the angst and low self-esteem. Also Steve Dude Maaaan What the hell?Yeah, Zach and Ryan need to communicate. The smexy times were hot, except for the thing with Steve.Steve redeemed himself in Choosing Happy, and I loved 'Little Duck', but the drama Yeah, free read from , no skin off my nose.

    3. Tuatara

      Ensimmäinen osa oli ihan söpö, mutta toinen sukelsi tasoltaan sellaiseen syöksykierteeseen että huh. Kolmannessa täysin käsittämättömästi vaihtui kerrontatyyli, mutta se osoittautui yllättävästi aika viihdyttäväksi epäuskottavuudesta huolimatta, olkoonkin että loppu oli niin korni että meinasin kuolla nauruun.

    4. Misty

      5-starsThe emotions you feel while reading, these books is unreal. You will laugh, cry and feel your stomach pull and knot up from the love in these books. I would recommend these books to any adult, that like M/M reads

    5. Lachi

      TwoferTwo great stories in one collection. Loved Zach and Ryan. Their story was sweet and fun with a bit of heartache. Steve redeemed himself a bit in his book though I was still not happy with his actions in the first two. Would have loved more of Zach and Ryan.

    6. Becky Baldridge

      3.5 starsThis MM collection, made up of the first three books in the More Than Friends series, is a relatively quick, fast-paced read. The storyline does run consecutively so I recommend reading them in order. In book one, More Than Friends, we have Ryan and Zach. This pair starts as friends, but things between the move very quickly. In fact, it's very nearly instalove and moves a little too fast, considering that Ryan starts the story believing that he isn't gay. Even with that, it is a sweet, [...]

    7. Nicki Holt

      More than friends Ryan has been in a funk since he broke up with his longtime girlfriend, nothing seems to make his enjoy life, until he meets Zach. Starting out as friends, Ryan insists he is not gay, but after one encounter that leaves him wanting more, his eyes are open to a new direction with Zach. With great characters and an honest storyline this book was a fabulous read.Drunk in loveRyan and Zach have been enjoying their time together. The relationship has been a positive experience and R [...]

    8. Jeanne

      Great MM collection. A bit more angst than I would like in book 2, but still a good story. First is a friends to lovers. Second is a continuation of their relationship. Third is the story of Steve (Zach’s ex from book 2) and Joey, he young guy he rescues from bondage. We get a lot more about Steve and why things happens in book 2.

    9. John Barnes

      SurprisedThis isn't my normal type of reading material and I wasn't sure at the start what to expect. To my enjoyment I found the characters believable, well described and built up perfectly for their role in the story. Quite an achievement given the variety or roles ,legal and illegal, but brought the story together as one book ended and another began.

    10. Alejandro Martinez

      Well the first two book were cute. there was one part in the 2nd book that really made me mad but whatever. It's not the best stuff I have read but it wasn't the worst so it's ok I have to give it two stars. And I didn't like the 3rd book but happy that the bad guy in the 2nd book found his happy ending

    11. Virginie

      A great readI liked those books. I'm not a great fan of contemporary romance usually but this is very well written. The characters are very loveable. I fell in love with Steve. Tattooed, vulnerable and strong.

    12. Tim

      I enjoyed each book in this box set of the first 3 books in the series. My favorite is book 3, Choosing Happy. In order to avoid spoilers. I'll move on to book 4 and leave it there.

    13. mrs e mcmillan

      Good readWish the books were a bit more in-deph. Good characters and storyline. Will be reading the authors other books. 😀

    14. LeAnne Rudolph

      This story had potential, I liked parts of it, I just wish it was longer and had more detail. was so quick moving it was hard to really get to know the characters.

    15. Pat

      This collection contains the first three books in the "More Than Friends" series and each book is a delight to read with the good storylines and the very likeable characters!

    16. Derynmorin1970

      Book #1 - 3 starsBook #2 - 3 starsdid not read the third book, because I was not that interested in Steve's story.

    17. AussieMum

      This set was free on and they were good, short, easy reads. The first 2 were written in 3rd person omniscient so there was a lot of head hopping- but it got easier to read once I figured it out. More Than Friendswas a a cute short story. Not a huge amount of character development and Ryan goes from 'not gay' to being in Zach's bed pretty quickly- but I liked both characters. Plus they do actually talk and spend time together before anything happens which is always a plus.Zach still wasn’t sur [...]

    18. Misty Walker

      I happened to come across book 7 in this series first and I was immediately hooked. I had to go back and start where it all began. From what the author has said, these are her first books but you can't hardly tell. Book 1 was slightly different than the other 2 and not quite as deep but that's only being nit picky because it was great and 5 star for me. The deep, emotional and angsty trials that a man must face when being gay out in the world Aria Grace really does these characters justice. I fe [...]

    19. Jenny

      I've downloaded this ebook on Smashwords for free and honestly speaking, it was not bad, more or less to say, it was just right.The story flow was not too slow or too fast, steady enough to show how the relationship between Ryan and Zach develops; from the beginning of just being acquaintance, then friends to being in a relationship, and then the quarreling, and finally the happy ending.One negativity was that the chapter for Ryan and Zach was more or less to say, much better to read than Steve' [...]

    20. T.

      I downloaded the More Than Friends collection as a free book from . Not the most realistic MM stories, although they have a really nice base storyline. I enjoyed the first story the most because of the characters, disliked the second because of the direction it took (after so many months together, you'd think Ryan and Zach would have better communication, and more common sense). I liked the last story also as it had a more involved plot. The writing style is more tell, than show, but still a goo [...]

    21. Kerrysullivan

      OK the first two stories are good ( Zack and Ryan's story) but the third story steve's is just not as good, it is written in the first person and it feels very different. If I didn't know better I would have thought it was written by a different author. I skipped most of the third one and wont be reading any more of the series. But the boxed set is worth it for the first two stories so i am not disappointed with it.

    22. Tracy Philips

      Aria Grace at her best!This is a great collection! You meet Ryan and zach, and Steve and Joey. Such a great read with love and suspense thrown in. I really love Steve and Joey! Awww! Makes my heart. Go thump thump. If you haven't tried Aria Grace you really need to! ALL the books in this series make you love the characters! I read all 10 in a couple days. Ahhhhhh! Smooches to Happy!

    23. Jolene

      This boxed set has it all. Love, hate, jealousy, envy, friendship, and enemies. I loved that you never knew what was coming. Starting with Zach and Ryan hoping that they are the one for each other, but then Zach screws up. Then enters Steve and things go to far. And finally you have Steve and sweet little Joey and the whole major mess that goes with them. Really really loved how things worked out in the end.I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    24. Lily

      I enjoyed listening to all three stories. The first two feature Ryan and Zach, and although I couldn't understand their agreement to the threesome, I enjoyed the angst that followed. The third story redeemed Steve in my eyes as he came didn't come across in a good light in book two.Good narration by the two narrators.

    25. Kristina

      Zack and Ryan's story: I adore the fact Ryan discovers he's gay through the desire and safety of Zack.Steve and Joey: I was a bit upset with Steve after book 1, but his story helps me understand him. He's not soft, and is all hard edges with a rough past. But Joey changes that, and Steve finds a softness in himself for his little ducky.

    26. Adrienne

      So amazing!Just buy this now and be prepared to love this series and buy all rest! This is so real and emotional and tactile and lovely and the beauty of the writing and the development of the relationships is so full fledged and wow just wow! I am now a huge fan!

    27. Dick

      3HEA's in a rowWithout providing any spoilers,here's a collection of three stories about two couples who are in each other's lives. The stories are fairly short and interesting . This is a fun set of stories and a good read.

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