The Man from St. Petersburg

The Man from St Petersburg His name was Feliks He came to London to commit a murder that would change history A master manipulator he had many weapons at his command but against him were ranged the whole of the English police

  • Title: The Man from St. Petersburg
  • Author: Ken Follett
  • ISBN: 9780451124388
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Man from St. Petersburg

    His name was Feliks He came to London to commit a murder that would change history A master manipulator, he had many weapons at his command, but against him were ranged the whole of the English police, a brilliant and powerful lord, and the young Winston Churchill himself These odds would have stopped any man in the world except the man from St Petersburg

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    • [PDF] ↠ Free Read Ê The Man from St. Petersburg : by Ken Follett ✓
      448 Ken Follett
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    One thought on “The Man from St. Petersburg

    1. Daniel Bastian

      Ken Follett spares not an ounce of genius in bringing his characters to life and weaving them together in electrifying narrative. His artistry is one that burdens the reader with sorting the protagonists from the antagonists, enriching each character's complexion and back story with such brio that you may just end up pulling for the whole lot to triumph as the novel winds to a close.The Man From St. Petersburg is of course no exception, with Follett's tried and true, World War era-themed cat and [...]

    2. Alexw

      Follett strikes again with another winner and he seems to favor this time period around World War 1 where this book time period is as was his masterpiece of Fall of Giants. Another 5 star rating for thrill, suspense, intriguing dialogue and historical characters( a young Winston Churchill)

    3. Corey

      Another winner by Ken Follett! It takes a great writer to put history, suspense, psychological, and some romance into one book, and Follett is one of those great writers!The Man From St. Petersburg takes place in London, England in the early 1900's right before the start of the First World War. A mysterious man named Feliks travels to London to kill a man and change history. But when plotting the demise he comes face to face with a woman he had an affair with years ago, who is now the wife of a [...]

    4. Conta-me Histórias

      Brilhante. Fantástico. Esplêndido. Maravilhoso. Uma obra-prima!Adorei este livro que me fez lembrar os clássicos russos, quer pela história quer pelo brilhantismo da escrita. Durante a leitura não me saiu da memória Anna Karenine de Tolstoi, romance ao qual este se assemelha, sendo no entanto bem diferente.Lydia, uma jovem aristocrata russa apaixona-se por Feliks, um jovem anarquista, mas a sua paixão é descoberta e o pai da rapariga enreda uma forma de os afastar de forma definitiva e d [...]

    5. Ryan Butler

      It was really good most of the time I couldn't stop reading the book. it was very suspenseful. It seemed like I couldn't read fast enough because I wanted to see what was coming next so bad. Also the cleverness and craziness of Feliks was making me smile a lot. He just always seemed to find the way out. The book got really interesting when Feliks found out two of his supposed to be family members were in the family of the person he was trying to assassinate. The whole structure of the book was v [...]

    6. Ray Ziemer

      Enjoyed this period thriller by Ken Follett. It fit right in with reading I've been doing on both Russia and WWI. Some of the plot details are a little fantastic, but because it's FOllett and he keeps things moving, the reader doesn't really have much time to sit and think about that. You just want to turn the page, read the next chapter, find out what happens next. What a talent! He Sketches out some pretty good characters, not the least of whom is the anarchist Feliks, on a mission to assassin [...]

    7. Nandakishore Varma

      As I watched various vignettes of the Women's March on Washington yesterday, and sawsome really objectionable historical posters making fun of the suffragette movement, I was reminded of this novel. When I read it back in the early eighties, I did not like it as much as his earlier thrillers because the suspense factor was muted. But looking back, I think this may be one of his better novels with excellent characterisation and human drama. Charlotte, the elder daughter of Lord and Lady Walden an [...]

    8. Susan

      I've read and loved many of Ken Follett's novels. This one was no exception. Beautifully drawn characters, great plotting and a wonderful storyline set just before the start of the First World War. It took me forever to read as I've been in a rare non-reading rut. Hopefully reading the last 250 pages today in one gulp has cured me. I've literally not been reading books at all - totally unlike me. (I've been weirdly obsessed with watching the circus in our capital these days's like watching a tra [...]

    9. Filipa

      aquiKen Follett é um dos grandes nomes do thriller e do romance histórico. Em qualquer destes dois géneros literários, o autor dá cartas com os seus livros cheios de acção e com informação histórica precisa e em abundância. A forma como ele mistura o facto com a ficção é também um dos seus grandes talentos. Pegando nos relatos históricos e naquilo que é conhecido, o autor pega em personagens fictícios e insere-os no universo histórico sem qualquer dificuldade, ao ponto de o le [...]

    10. Feliks

      Ken Follett sure has written a hell of a lot of good books at this point in time. He is remarkable for the consistency of his style and the well-groundedness of everything he does. As well as several other fine points of skill. Follett is perhaps the foremost author able to combine historical fiction with espionage fiction. Before his career shifted whole-heartedly into hist-fic he was responsible for big hits like, 'The Eye of the Needle'. That romp is among the best WWII yarns ever penned. Aro [...]

    11. Chandler

      Ken Follett is a a prolific writer--not as prolific as James Patterson, but pretty close. Although prolific, Follett does not miss details or historical minutia. In this book, the Earl of Walden is convinced by Winston Churchill and King George to broker an alliance with Russia in 1914. Germany is creating swords out of plowshares and war appears eminent. It is crucial that Russia align itself with England.The Earl of Walden's wife is from Russian aristocracy and her past is linked with a Russia [...]

    12. Donna Crupi

      This is the second book I read from Follett and it changed my view on the world. It also changed my view on reading, authors, and my expectations of a book.Ken can do in few words what few authors can do with many. This story is set in the time of women suffragettes. He creates a passion for polarized people struggling to fulfill their destinies while constrained by the limits of their social and political environment.Exciting thriller--GREAT BOOK!!

    13. Megan

      Last year i read Pillars of the Earth, by Follett. I found that book to be somewhat course, but overall entirely captivating. It was a massive book, but i still managed to remain interested through the length of it. Someday i am going to read the sequel to that book. While looking for said sequel i happened upon this book, which was intriguing by virtue of being by an author i knew i found interesting, and by virtue of hitting on topics that draw my attention - Russia and political intrigue/spyi [...]

    14. Breaux

      I enjoyed this book as I have all of Folletts books I've read. I wouldn't call it literature, but its not pop trash either. Something in between. Follet gives the reader what the reader wants. Its fast paced, character driven, scandalous, juicy. This is the first of his earlier works I've read, and I liked the straightforwardness of it. The simplicity. I'm reading "How to Write a Blockbuster Novel" by Follett's editor, Al Zuckerman, and in that book, Zuckerman includes four complete drafts of th [...]

    15. Rita Costa (Lusitania Geek)

      Love this book very much, but the endingdamn I wasn't expecting, i thought it would be go through the other way, that's why i just gave 4 stars rather than 5. When a anarchist and a milady falls in love there were consequences, in terrible way, she ends up be forced to a marry with a lord to "save" her lover from being beaten to death. The outcome of their forbidden love further the years, will give a big and unexpected twist in the story. Very good novel of Ken Follett, specially I recommend if [...]

    16. Heather T

      Don't read this one first. Follett is a really entertaining writer and I think that this is one of his weakest texts. This is something that a Follett fan should read to understand how he has developed over the years, but I doubt it would spur "Follett mania" for the average reader.

    17. Tahsina Syeda

      You know a writer has nailed it when you find yourself sympathizing with every character. EVERY one of them. Who is the protagonist? Who is the antagonist? They are all so human. So multi-dimensional.

    18. Mariel Zani Begoña

      3.5 I really enjoyed this book. It was super interesting though sadly I didn't love it as I was expecting to do so Me gustó bastante este libro. Fue super interesante aunque lamentablemente no lo amé como esperaba

    19. Bev Taylor

      just before the outbreak of world war one the earl of walden is requested to meet with prince alexei in attempt to sign a treaty that will agree for the 2 countries to come together in the event of a war breaking out h/e feliks is also interested in him - he wishes to kill the prince so his countrymen r not enlisted to die in a futile war and also start a russian revolution that will bring the workers to the forefront of the country's leadership walden's wife, lydia, who is related to the prince [...]

    20. Nick Davies

      What stood out with this novel - a historical thriller set just before WWI, involving politics, family, class, social commentary and a whole load more - was the high quality of the writing and plot. It felt very well researched, very well created in terms of how aspects of the story fitted together, and very well written without using language which actively impressed. I don't read many books of this genre, but I have formed a good impression of Follett's talent as a writer (and found out also t [...]

    21. Blaine DeSantis

      Enjoyable fast reading book that basically revolves around an anarchist who is trying to kill a Russian Prince who is in England to work on a Treaty with the British in 1914. Of course there are a lot of unbelievable plot twists and while I enjoy Follett this book just is a little too unbelievable for me. Follett does a good job with his characters and his plotting of the book and effortlessly transports us back to 1914, but the plot gets convoluted when all of the family issues become involved [...]

    22. Dwayne

      Bravo. Have you ever found yourself rooting for an assassin? Well, fasten your seatbelts. Follett has created a wonderful character in Feliks. He’s a lover of Alexander Pushkin’s literature, lover of culture, art and history – as well as a fabulous lover in bed – he bleeds passion for his love and for his cause. But Feliks is also a hardened criminal. Often misunderstood. Shipped to Siberia and tortured all because he fell in love with a girl of a higher social status. Follett sets this [...]

    23. Riyad

      কেন ফলেটের অসাধারন লেখনী আর শেখ আবদুল হাকিমের চমৎকার অনুবাদে পড়লাম 'দ্য ম্যান ফ্রম সেন্ট পিটাসবার্গ' এর বাংলা অনুবাদ 'আততায়ী'। সত্যি বলতে, মূল বইয়ের চেয়ে বাংলা বইয়ের নামটাই কাহিনীর সাথে বেশি [...]

    24. Mike Bull

      Ken Follet is such a strong author that most of what he touches turns to gold, and I wasn't disappointed by this book one bit. This is a historical novel, and although I feel I know quite a bit of World War I history, I learned a lot reading this book which is set just prior to the outbreak of war. In particular the suffragette movement in the U.K. is one of the themes in this book that shines through.However this is a spy story, the story of a family, the story of people who are irresistibly dr [...]

    25. José Jorge

      Mais um livro muito bom do Ken Follett. Apesar de o enredo ser bastante simples e um pouco previsível, as personagens e as descrições daquela época são simplesmente fantásticas.Um coisa que achei curiosa foi por três vezes aparecer a palavra ónibus. Pensei que fosse um erro de uma má tradução, no entanto fui ao dicionário para ver se a palavra existia no português de portugal e realmente existe! Depois questionei-me do porquê de terem usado ónibus e não autocarro / camioneta. Ent [...]

    26. Addy

      The Man from St Petersburg - Ken Follett. I just can't get enough of Ken Follett ever since I read his century trilogy and here's the latest one which I finished in just over a day. This one is a combination of romance, drama, politics, thrills - everything transpiring in the days just prior to World War 1. In the very first chapter itself, he introduces Winston Churchill into the plot, which is typical Follett. Not sure if it's fascination or aversion but the detail in which he describes the li [...]

    27. Мариша

      Първата в моите очи книга на Фолет с драматизъм, който наранява. Книгата си е за 5 звезди, но не ми харесаха собствените ми противоречиви чувства. :)

    28. Rosana Maia

      São inúmeros os livros de Ken Follet publicados. No entanto, até à data só tinha lido uma obra do autor – A Ameaça. Desde essa leitura que fiquei com vontade de ler mais livros do mesmo, e eis que durante este mês chegou a oportunidade de ler mais um – O Homem de São Petersburgo -, através da Editorial Presença à qual deixo mais uma vez o meu obrigada.A narrativa desenrola-se nas vésperas da Primeira Guerra Mundial, como podemos ler na sinopse. E bastava ler a mesma para ficar co [...]

    29. Nick

      I've learned to always be extremely disappointed with Ken Follet. He establishes promising situations, but then he always lets you down. This book is no exception.The eponymous character is pretty sufficiently complicated - he's been driven insane, first from a terrible love with a pretty lady who's pretty much unavailable, and then from being in a gulag. Then there's the pretty lady, who can't resist torrid animal sex with The Man (from St. Petersburg). And then she goes ahead and marries a bor [...]

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