Whitefern The long awaited sequel to My Sweet Audrina one of V C Andrews s strangest most beloved books and now a Lifetime movie Whitefern swallowed Audrina s childhood and now the sprawling Victorian mansion

  • Title: Whitefern
  • Author: V.C. Andrews
  • ISBN: 9781501139437
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Whitefern

    The long awaited sequel to My Sweet Audrina, one of V.C Andrews s strangest, most beloved books and now a Lifetime movie Whitefern swallowed Audrina s childhood and now the sprawling Victorian mansion threatens her adult life too Audrina remembers a better time, when her husband, Arden, was a young man with a heart filled with devotion for her He didn t used to be thisThe long awaited sequel to My Sweet Audrina, one of V.C Andrews s strangest, most beloved books and now a Lifetime movie Whitefern swallowed Audrina s childhood and now the sprawling Victorian mansion threatens her adult life too Audrina remembers a better time, when her husband, Arden, was a young man with a heart filled with devotion for her He didn t used to be this ambitious, expansive this cruel But then, the death of Audina s father changed a great many things When the reading of her father s will reveals that Audrina herself will control fifty one percent of the family brokerage the halls of Whitefern again don t feel safe Arden s protestations become frantic, nearly violent And while Audrina didn t anticipate running the family business, she s curious to do so And she can t help but wonder what had made her father change his will at the last minute What did he know about Arden that she didn t Trapped in the middle of it all her fragile, simple sister the beautiful, trusting Sylvia Audrina promised her father she d watch over the young woman But after years of relative quiet, the dark days of Whitefern may have returned

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    One thought on “Whitefern

    1. Shay Hawthorne

      Normally I'm strongly against reviewing a book before it's been read, let alone before it's even been written and released. However I maintain my stance that these prequels and sequels piggy-backing off of Virginia's original work have no place being written and released. I don't care how good they are (so far they've been horrible). They are official fanfiction for pay. The recent Dairy series should tell us that no one who is making money off these books(VCA's remaining family members included [...]

    2. Julie

      Whitefern by V.C. Andrews is a 2016 Gallery/Pocket Books publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher as an XOXpert, the official street team of XOXO After Dark. After a long gap between books, V.C. Andrews has written the sequel to ‘My Sweet Audrina.’ Fans of this author have been super excited about ‘Whitefern’, and rightly so. After reading ‘MSA’, recently, I too found myself looking forward to this book.Sadly, this long awaited sequel falls a little flat, and [...]

    3. Carrie

      Whitefern is the long awaited sequel to My Sweet Audrina by V.C. Andrews. After nearly a quarter of a century we now get a look into Audrina's life as an adult after she had found out the secret that her family had hidden from her for her entire life. Picking up Audrina's story after her father has passed away Audrina is still living in the Whitefern mansion raising her mentally challenged sister Sylvia and married to Arden. Audrina's father has left controlling interest of the business to her c [...]

    4. M.M. Strawberry Reviews

      So. Writing crap under VCA's name was not enough. Nor was “adding” to the Dollanganger series with the “Christoper's Diary” series Now he has to “add” to the Audrina book. Because he, the publishers, and VCA's family have ZERO respect for the hard work of a dead woman, who unlike Neiderman, actually CARED for her craft. (Neiderman may have cared once, as is evident by his earlier works, but it's clear that at this point, he doesn't care about anything besides the money and piggybacki [...]

    5. Anna (Curiosity comes before Kay)

      Was curious to see if the ghostwriter would tank this as badly as he did with the "diary" series additions to Flowers in the Attic. This was, by comparison, at least semi-readable. But all the shocking "plot twists" were things I called as soon as they happened. As much as Arden has his dickish moments in the first book, this is a guy I did not even recognize as the same character. Audrina has become a complete wet rag, actually a bit reminiscent of Haille Logan from the "Logan" series, only wit [...]

    6. Tez

      SPOILER WARNING: This review consists only of spoilers. Can't discuss the book without them. Read on at your riskNTENT WARNING: (view spoiler)[Racism, sexism, abuse, rape, and SO MUCH ABLEISM. Ableism in almost every chapter. (hide spoiler)]Whatever Simon & Schuster paid for this book, it would be a miracle if Whitefern earned out its advance. Even if you loved reading My Sweet Audrina, I don't wish its sequel upon anyone.(view spoiler)[Remember Audrina Adare's younger sister, Sylvia? Her co [...]

    7. Betty

      I received an advance review copy of this book via Netgalley and Gallery Books in exchange for an honest review.It's been nearly 30 years since I first read My Sweet Audrina. I loved the book, and read it many times over the years. I always wished a set of sequels had been written for this book, as there had been for the Dollanganger and Casteel series. When I heard a sequel had finally been written, I was very excited to read it. I was looking forward to finding out what came next for Audrina, [...]

    8. Lorraine Elgar

      The curse of Audrina’s Swiss cheese memory seems to have plagued the author during the creation of this sequel. Carefully crafted characters from the original My Sweet Audrina have been rehashed and history rewritten in order to produce a plot line for a sequel that was never really necessary.Sylvia has miraculously developed into a fully speaking , eyes focused , albeit slow woman of twenty who adores her father Damien and is permanently attached  to him until his death leaves her so distrau [...]

    9. Judy Lesley

      I received an e-ARC of this novel through NetGalley and Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books.I did not read My Sweet Audrina and this book can be read without having had that experience. The backstory is explained well enough for me to have an understanding of what had come in the first novel. However, I have read other novels which were actually written by V. C. Andrews and I can tell you this one doesn't measure up to the original works, no matter what series you might have read. I'm sorry, but th [...]

    10. Rabbit Paint me like one of your 19th century gothic heroines!

      Disclaimer: This review will have some MAJOR spoilers under spoiler cuts.This is my current second fave of V.C. Andrews just behind my sweet audrina. I personally feel that the ghost writer nailed V.C's voice in this one. It was formulaic but it felt more genuine than other books in other series. This book got pretty fucked up like most of Andrews' catalog. (view spoiler)[Sylvia getting molested by not only her art tutor and later revealed to be impregnated by Arden. Also Arden gets really rapey [...]

    11. Elle ✦ Pretty Little Books ✦

      Release Date:July 26, 2016 Series:Audrina #2 Genre:Gothic RomanceThis long awaited sequel to one of my favorite V.C Andrews books –My Sweet Audrina—did not disappoint! Told in an old worldly and classic way, this follow-up intrigued, surprised, and thrilled me the whole way though. I never knew what was going to happen and when I found out, I was shocked and in total surprise. The secrets and lies that this story emits are terrible in every way possible, but it’s these terrible and shockin [...]

    12. Amanda

      Originally posted at Desert Island Book ReviewsWhitefern is the sequel to My Sweet Audrina, a standalone novel about a family’s secrets and ghosts. I read a ton of V.C. Andrews books in high school, and I’ve had trouble remembering which ones I read and which I didn’t. After reading Whitefern, I’m pretty sure I didn’t read the first book, but enough of it was recapped here that it didn’t matter (and I looked up a summary, too, just to make sure I knew the world we were in). I’d say [...]

    13. Tina

      The genuine VCA books and even the early Neiderman-written ones published under her name were always guilty pleasures for me -- I knew they were trash, but I enjoyed them anyway. But the recent ones have been so bad I finally gave up reading them, until the Christopher's Diary trilogy (of which I only read the first two) and this one; I know they're all basically fan fiction, but I was interested enough to want to see where Neiderman would take these stories.I should have heeded the reviews on t [...]

    14. Rachael

      I really hate these books that crap all over the originals. The Christopher's Diary books were bad enough, but Audrina was always a favorite of mine, and I hated this book."His biggest [sin], as far as he and I were concerned, was his elaborate plan to convince me when I was a child that I was the older sister of my dead sister, Audrina, the perfect little girl after whom I was supposedly named." page 7 of the trade paperback.Ok, even if the author hadn't bothered to do any homework and learned [...]

    15. Marianne Hagadorn

      The Ghost Writer absolutely destroyed this serious. The watered down version of Audrina and Arden's complete character assassination came across as glorified FanFiction. As an adult, making Audrina come across as so completely and utterly daft was bad. However, the way Andrew Neiderman completely destroyed the love Arden had for Audrina was too much to bear. The Arden that VC Andrews created for us was flawed but forgivable. He loved Audrina despite his mistakes. Her Arden would never have throw [...]

    16. Allison

      No. Just no.The ghostwriter is pretty much retconning any books written by Andrews. Character development from My Sweet Audrina no longer exists. Sylvia, despite being severely mentally challenged now seems to have magically grasped a child's understanding of speech and situations. Arden, who was filled with immense remorse and contrition suddenly becomes a monster who only cares about money and control. It's awful. The ghostwriter seems to have absolutely no understanding of how to handle sexua [...]

    17. Laura

      The plot twists in this book were painfully obvious, which made it a drag to read. It was basically just a subpar imitation of My Sweet Audrina. Also, knowing that this book was ghostwritten by a man made me uncomfortable with some of the themes and plot points in the book. Unlike the original book which was written by V.C. Andrews herself, this author doesn't have the firsthand understanding of the female experiences he's writing about.Received from NetGalley in exchange for review.

    18. Mei-Ling

      eh, this was definitely a stretch in many ways. Silvia is portrayed very differently than in MSA. And Arden is a caricature of himself-I think it's best to read MSA as a standalone.

    19. Long Island Dreams Book Reviews

      Whitefern BY: V.C. AndrewsReviewed By: Jane & DestinyStars 3 out of 5AS long time fans of V.C. Andrews we eagerly awaited this sequel to “My Sweet Audrina”.Patriarch, Damien Adare has always been a strong presence in the Whifern mansion. After Damien’s death, Audrina’s husband (Arden) has turned into the kind of presence Damien is sure to be proud ofThe Whitefern mansion is so rich with history that at times, if you listen closely, you can hear the creak of the Rocking chair, as it w [...]

    20. Irene

      It's been at least 20 years if not more since I read My Sweet Audrina. I can't say I remember every detail about it but I remember that I liked it very much and so was quite anxious to read the sequel.Audrina's life as a married woman has not seemed to mature her very much. She has much of the same naiveté and innocent too trusting nature of a young girl. Her marriage to Arden has not turned out as she had hoped and although her father has left her controlling interest in his business she lacks [...]

    21. Barbara Desmond

      Got ARC from Net Galley.I'll admit that I was curious when I heard My Sweet Audrina was getting a sequel. In my head I'm going to keep considering it a stand alone since this just seemed like fanfiction that got the stamp of approval to be sold under the author's name. I wonder if this woman is rolling in her grave about this book coming out.I was able to finish the whole thing but nothing was all that shocking. The so called twist was seen from a mile away. It was a pretty quick read but I don' [...]

    22. Jennifer N

      I knew this would be bad but I had to read it anyway because I loved the first book. I had recently seen the Lifetime movie of My Sweet Audrina as well and this book was about as good as that. It takes the wonderful characters that Andrews created and makes them wooden charactures. Audrina is naive as to be expected but wimpy with no back bone at all. Arden goes from being a possessive, abusive husband to simply manipulative and controlling. The most interesting character is the sister who is de [...]

    23. Jesse Freedom

      After Finding Out That This Book ExistedNoooooooooooooo!After Reading ItIn a guilty pleasure sort of way, this book was overall better then I expected. Compared to it's predecessor, however, it was crap. I rate it 3 out of 10 stars.

    24. Beth Wemple

      This book wasn't half bad for a new/fake VC Andrews. At least the author seems to have read the original book. I could hardly believe what an incredible asshole a certain character turned out to be. I have to say that I guessed every single one of the twists about halfway through the book.

    25. Jessica | Booked J

      As you, no doubt, know by now V.C. Andrews is/was the queen of disturbing young adult sagas that were, more often than not, banned for their explicit and controversial content. Gothic Horror has always been her strongest genre and nearly all of her work defines at least five trigger warnings. Her literature has never been an easy thing to swallow.Even those who've never picked up a forbidden release from this iconic author, chances are you've heard of her catalogue. From treacherous family drama [...]

    26. TDCbookreviews

      WhitefernBy V.C. AndrewsTwelve years after My Sweet Audrina, we return to WhitefernAudrina has grown into her Mother's role and become the Lady of the house. She makes sure Sylvia is well taken care of, along with the household chores and making Arden's favorite meals. Her life is routine, just like her Father always wanted. When the time comes for her to be stronger than she has ever needed to be will she rise to the challenges? Or break and never resurface under the weight of her own insanity? [...]

    27. Gina Wynn

      Ah, my trip down memory lane. When I was younger, graduating from reading YA novels to reading adult ones via Virginia Andrews was almost a rite of passage, so I picked up this book with much nostalgia.A lot of this book was repetitive and recapped My Sweet Audrina – the book it has been written as a sequel to. This isn’t surprising, maybe, considering how long ago the first book was written. It’s also worth mentioning that the first book was written by VC, herself, and the second book by [...]

    28. Erin

      I really, really want to be impartial on this review, since so many of the others aren't. This book certainly follows the darkness of other VC Andrews novels, so much so that I had to put this down halfway. It was very difficult to read. Arden is a complete asshole. A lot of other reviewers seem to be angry over this, but if you go back and read the first book from an adult point of view, you will see that he was always an asshole. Audrina should have stayed far away from him. Audrina is still s [...]

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