Before You

Before You I was a flower with no potI was a polka with no dot What did I do before you came along and changed the tune Through simple yet lively text and whimsical illustration the love from parent to child

  • Title: Before You
  • Author: Rebecca Doughty
  • ISBN: 9780544463172
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Before You

    I was a flower with no potI was a polka with no dot What did I do before you came along and changed the tune Through simple, yet lively text and whimsical illustration, the love from parent to child, or lover to lover, or friend to friend, is celebrated The perfect gift for baby showers, Valentine s Day, birthdays, weddings, and beyond Before You also works perfeI was a flower with no potI was a polka with no dot What did I do before you came along and changed the tune Through simple, yet lively text and whimsical illustration, the love from parent to child, or lover to lover, or friend to friend, is celebrated The perfect gift for baby showers, Valentine s Day, birthdays, weddings, and beyond Before You also works perfectly as a comforting and joyful read aloud for parents to tuck their children into bed with For fans of perennial favorites like I Like You and Guess How Much I Love You.

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      203 Rebecca Doughty
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    One thought on “Before You

    1. Carmen

      BOOK TITLE: BEFORE YOUI was a flower with no pot. I was a polka with no dot.I was a tail without a wag.Just a bean without a bag.OH, COME ON! *Carmen is exasperated* I just don't get these cutesy love books AT ALL. I don't get them at all. I can appreciate something like The Runaway Bunny, but books like this one annoy me. Books like I Wish You More just incite me to violence. I can't stand sappy, cutesy, pointless garbage.After pages and pages of this shit, finallyThen you arrived and changed t [...]

    2. Rebecca Robinson

      Love this book! Perfect for my besties, my Mom, and my lover:-)It's full of heartwarming messages about having someone special in your life. Consider this for someone with a good friend, someone with a young child, someone learning to read, or for a romantic interest.

    3. Beckie

      Before you, my life wasn't complete is the theme of this children's book. Adorable book about how a child, friend or lover has completed your life. Sweet comparisons and whimsical illustrations.

    4. Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*

      Doughty, Rebecca. Before You, PICTURE BOOK. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2016. $14.99.All of the basic things in life that typically go together (such as a noodle and soup, or a tub and a rubber duck), are listed to explain the different partnerships that we make with others. It helps to describe how necessary someone can be and how our world brightens when we finally meet these companions.This is a really simple, sweet book about how important the loved ones in our lives are. This would be a good [...]

    5. Debbie Smith

      While the idea is fine, I feel like this is geared for adults not kids. What toddler, or even older child would understand I was a polka with no dot, A birthday cake without a wish, these type of correlations? A few, I'm sure they would understand, but not too many. So again, while I feel adults will like it, it didn't feel much like a book for kids. it felt more like something Hallmark would create.

    6. Stephanie

      LOVED it! What a sweet book that is perfect as a read aloud with short text, fun rhymes, and illustrations that are funny and whimsical. I'm planning on buying a copy for Caleb's bookshelf. I loved it so much that I even posted it on my personal Instagram and featured it on my library's Instagram too. I loved reading it to Caleb and delivering the message that life became much sweeter when he came around. :)

    7. Ashley Biles

      Doughty, R. (2016) Before you. Boston, Massachusetts: HMH Books for Young ReadersThis was a beautiful love story about how before meeting someone your days are very different. They can be lonely, but when someone comes into your life that makes your days better you can understand the world around you better. And they complete you.

    8. Thabata

      Fun rhymes make this little children’s book very nice. Doughty compensates what lacks in beauty within the illustrations with the charm of their odd looking characters and incongruous bodies, but mostly, with the words she chose to write it down. It is a delightful book, a good, simple and quick read.

    9. Samantha

      - Super adorable story about companionship - Ink and flashe paint used for illustrations- Simple text I loved this book because although it was super simplistic and maybe designed for a younger audience, I still thought the main point that people work better together and recognizing the importance of companionship was powerful.

    10. Marybeth

      I was a tail without a wag.Just a bean without a bag.What a sweet book! How a child, friend, or significant other completes your life. Loved the message that life is so much better with YOU! (I was a ME without a YOU.) Sweet message, simple rhyming text, and fun illustrations.

    11. Amanda

      Sweet. May have to get this for the kids. The illustrations aren't my favorite and the rhymes are a bit clunky at times (but hey, she used the word "pop" for soda, so I'm loving that).Totally no pressure with that last rhyme, eh? Haha.

    12. Juliana Lee

      Things that go together: flower/pot, polka/dot, bean/bag, me/you. Author imagines what life was like before the reader came along. The relationship between the author/reader might be a parent/child or two friends. Open ended.

    13. Peacegal

      A cute poem picture book, but it seems like something one adult would gift to another, rather than a kiddie read.

    14. Allison

      LOVED LOVED LOVED the writing in this book. It's a 'what I was before you came along' sort of sentimental writing. Like "I was a flower with no pot" and I was "a tub without a rubber duck". Super sweet.My only slight issue with the book is the illustrations. They're almost too simplistic and stick-like and I feel like they take away from the writing. I think it's possible some people may not give this book a chance if they look first at the illustrations which makes me sad, since the writing is [...]

    15. Lacey Louwagie

      This is a really sweet book about the love and feeling of completeness a special someone can bring to your life, whether a child, lover, or friend. I love that cats were generously represented in the illustrations, too! Only awarding four stars, though, due to my general discomfort with the idea that anyone is ever "incomplete" without someone else, no matter how adorably that idea is executed.

    16. Jordan Traen

      This book "Before You" would make a good read aloud to a young age group. Rebecca Doughty created a simple by happy picture book about what it is like to have a best friend. The illustrations create help create a funny and cute book that all young children will enjoy. The pictures help make the story come to life and makes it relatable to anyone who reads it. While it was a basic story line, I think it will help kids connect to classmates and help them make friends.

    17. Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids

      Simple rhyming phases, and childlike illustrations, make for an easy to read picture book. This book is about how someone feels until that special person comes into their life, and makes it complete. Doughty uses simple phrases pre-school age children can understand. Pairing those phrases with rhyming, make for a quick, easy read that will hold even the shortest attention spans. The illustrations have a childlike look and feel to them, which may appeal to young readers. I think this book would m [...]

    18. Carol Mccoy

      This is such a sweet book! I literally hugged it after I read it and didn't want to give it up. It would be a perfect Valentine's Day present for young and old. Some of the lines go like this: Before you I was a flower without a pot. I was a polka without the dot. I was a sky without the blue. I was a ME without YOU. Then you arrived and changed the tune! You woke the sun. You lit the moon."There are so many cute examples of who "I" was before "you" and who "I" am now after "you."I am definite [...]

    19. Ruth

      I don't feel like this is really a children's book. It's a book about being incomplete without the other half of you, which is okay for maybe a Valentine's book for your boyfriend or something, but it's not a great idea to be teaching anyone, much less children, that they need someone or something else to make them complete. People are whole selves.

    20. Lynn

      This sounds like wonderful text for a Valentine's Day card! The first half describes life without that special someone, "Then you arrived and changed the tune!" The second half describes the better life.It could also serve as a language exercise for young (and old!) writers to come up with more examples of items that seem to naturally go together. Mine would be "a book with no story" and "sparkle in the stars."Simple full-color illustrations (done in ink and Flashe paint) on white background pro [...]

    21. Ann

      Fun book that could be used for a love/ friendship type story time. About a bird looking for his other half. What life was like before and after. Ex. Noodle without the soup, a cone without the scoop. BUT when you arrived you put the splash in the puddle, the squeeze in the cuddle. etc.Good for preschoolers and up.

    22. Angie Fehl

      Absolutely adorably illustrated book that celebrates having a special person in your life, and realizing how lackluster your life was before they came. Perfect gift for someone you deeply love & couldn't imagine life without. Sweet way to tell that special someone how much they're loved :-)

    23. Jillian

      This doesn't really feel like a children's book, so much as a book that couples buy each other on Valentine's Day. Otherwise, it sort of feels like you're not a complete person until you have a child, which (even though I adore kids and am having them) isn't a narrative that I really like.

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