El Morador de Las Tinieblas

El Morador de Las Tinieblas H P Lovecraft fue un escritor estadounidense autor de novelas y relatos de terror y ciencia ficcion Se le considera un gran innovador del cuento de terror al que aporto una mitologia propia los mit

  • Title: El Morador de Las Tinieblas
  • Author: H.P. Lovecraft Natalie Montoto
  • ISBN: 9781517329143
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • El Morador de Las Tinieblas

    H P Lovecraft, fue un escritor estadounidense, autor de novelas y relatos de terror y ciencia ficcion Se le considera un gran innovador del cuento de terror, al que aporto una mitologia propia los mitos de Cthulhu , desarrollada en colaboracion con otros autores y aun vigente Su obra constituye un clasico del horror cosmico, una corriente que se aparta de la tematicaH P Lovecraft, fue un escritor estadounidense, autor de novelas y relatos de terror y ciencia ficcion Se le considera un gran innovador del cuento de terror, al que aporto una mitologia propia los mitos de Cthulhu , desarrollada en colaboracion con otros autores y aun vigente Su obra constituye un clasico del horror cosmico, una corriente que se aparta de la tematica tradicional del terror sobrenatural satanismo, fantasmas , incorporando elementos de ciencia ficcion razas alienigenas, viajes en el tiempo, existencia de otras dimensiones Lovecraft cultivo asimismo la poesia, el ensayo y la literatura epistolar.

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      139 H.P. Lovecraft Natalie Montoto
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    One thought on “El Morador de Las Tinieblas

    1. BillKerwin

      “The Haunter of the Dark,” the last original story written by H.P. Lovecraft, has an interesting history. Robert Bloch (author of Psycho) had published a story called “The Shambler from the Stars” (Weird Tales (September 1935) in which he killed off a character obvious based on Lovecraft. When a Weird Tales fan wrote a letter suggesting H.P. should return the favor, Lovecraft obliged writing a tale in which a certain writer named “Robert Blake” dies of fright during an encounter with [...]

    2. ᴥ Irena ᴥ

      This is an account of the death of a horror writer who stumbled upon something he couldn't fight. The story starts with Robert Blake already dead, then it goes back piecing the story from his journal entries and newspaper articles. For some reason Blake was drawn towards an abandoned church where the Church of Starry Wisdom used to congregate. The cult used an ancient artefact, the Shining Trapezohedron, to summon a being that required sacrifices for all the knowledge it gave them. People starte [...]

    3. Frank

      What can be said about Lovecraft or his writing that already hasn't been said? He is well respected, largely studied and often cited. It has been awhile, a long while, since I last read any Lovecraft. Though somewhat dated it is easy enough to follow. This is part of the roots of modern American horror.I arrived at this story from reading Ryan Harding's GENITAL GRINDER who in turn is heavily influenced by Edward Lee who came recommended to my by Harding. After opening Lee's THE HAUNTER OF THE TH [...]

    4. Mizuki

      Another short story by H P. Lovecraft, the plot is a bit typical (out of curiosity, a loner makes a shocking discovery, then he is hunted down by indescribable dark beings) but I do like the details about the Church of Starry Wisdom and the description of the scary abandoned church.

    5. Duffy Pratt

      Something scares someone to death. We don't get to see it, and there are at best vague hints about it.This, when liberally spiced with lurid adjectives, seems to be the heart of Lovecraft, and its pretty much all there is here. And, of course, everything is thoroughly mediated. We get this from a narrator who has access to the diaries of the victim. And just as the victim, at most, gets vague glimpses of the terror, we too get only vague glimpses of the diaries. It's sort of a commonplace that h [...]

    6. Dagny

      This was a reread for me and it was lots of fun with the discovery that it was a sequel to Robert Bloch's "The Shambler from the Stars." It turns out that Bloch continued years later with "The Shadow from the Steeple" which was published in 1950.

    7. Sarah Marie

      4.25 stars. This is one of Lovecraft's better stories. I'm happy to say that he has won me over again. Review to come.

    8. Katy

      Part of the Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft, which can be found formatted for Nook and Kindle on CthulhuChick.Synopsis: The story takes place in Providence, Rhode Island and revolves around the Church of Starry Wisdom. The cult uses an ancient artifact known as the Shining Trapezohedron to summon a terrible being from the depths of time and space.My Thoughts: This is the last story in the omnibus, so by extension it is the last story published by Lovecraft. I must say he was coming well into hi [...]

    9. Amy (Other Amy)

      “Lights out—God help me.”This is Lovecraft's last solo work of fiction. He wrote a couple of collaborations further, some poetry and an essay. He died with intestinal cancer on March 15, 1937 at the age of 46. I am so, so sorry it ended here for him. This is by far and away his best prose work. (I don't think I'm saying that because of the immigrants heroically holding up candles outside the desecrated church, either. That detail did make my heart soar, though.) I don't even think you need [...]

    10. Дарья

      “Sense of distance gone—far is near and near is far. No light—no glass—see that steeple—that tower—window—can hear—Roderick Usher—am mad or going mad—the thing is stirring and fumbling in the tower—I am it and it is I—I want to get out . . . must get out and unify the forces. . . . It knows where I am. . . .”

    11. Claire Ulthar Sideral

      Siento dos emociones muy opuestas. Cómo "vengar" (de broma) a Robert Bloch matándolo en el relato cuando éste lo hizo con Lovecraft en el suyo llamado "El vampiro estelar". Me parece tan romántico y delirante. Pero me entristece porque fue el último relato que escribió Lovecraft en solitario. Cuántas historias nos tendría preparadas como la inacabada "Azathoth" Ay <3

    12. Quincy

      This is the first story that I've read that has (view spoiler)[a monster that is mystically tied to lightning (hide spoiler)]. I enjoyed it.

    13. Sarah

      This story is a prime example of why one shouldn't go prowling around old buildings and poking among old cults leftovers. Creepy, but not really scary.

    14. Andrew Pixton

      Amidst his other works, this felt rather average. It had more gothic imagery that I liked and reminded me of the well done movie: Lights Out, to which this was probably inspiration. But as a cosmic horror, the ending wasn't really anything unique or surprising. Some mysticism in the trapezohedron rock stands out if you're paying attention, especially for a usually materialist author. Little to nothing wrong with it though, I don't even remember any xenophobia.

    15. Martín Inflames

      un relato que no conocía, supuestamente es el último que escribió en vida Lovecraft, nos encontramos con la historia de un escritor que se siente perturbado al observar una extraña iglesia en un barrio italiano que ve a través de su despacho, de acá en adelante se revelaran los ritos y entes que se alojan en ese lugar.

    16. Nichita Utiu

      Among Lovecraft's faster paced stories. Features less emphasis on the cosmic horror aspect than his other works and reads more like a short thriller/murder-mystery. Recommend it if you want a quickand darkly-atmospheric thrill.

    17. Anthony James

      I like the style and turn of phrase. it suits my idea of classic horror. It would be annoying with any other genre.

    18. Dione Basseri

      Lovecraft delivers a sick (though friendly) burn to a fellow writer who had previously inserted a Lovecraft-inspired character into his work. In that the main character of this story is styled after his fellow writer. And is tormented mercilessly.A young man becomes fascinated with an abandoned local church. On entering it, he somehow summons a creature from other realms, though it remains trapped inside the church so long as there is light to keep it at bay. The city always has a little light s [...]

    19. Netanella

      Last year my daughter, in the 4th grade, begged me to buy her a prism for her science class. I relented, of course. Reading this short story, and The Shining Trapezohedron, and the weird cult of Starry Wisdom, I'm a little spooked. I think I'll show her this story next year for Halloween.

    20. David

      This one just joined the ranks of my favourite Lovecraft stories. The storytelling and pacing was pretty solid. I really enjoyed the sense of mystery and paranoia that the plot induces, giving you images and impressions through description and implications as opposed to to direct storytelling. It was told from the point of view of an investigator into the death of Robert Blake, by giving us the story as they are told by the Robert Blake himself through his diary.I'm not sure whether the finale w [...]

    21. Marco

      Robert Blake, a writer and painter interested in the paranormal and mystical, noticed a strange and aerie building from his apartment windows and he decides to investigate the matter and visit it. He discover that the building is the abandoned church of Starry Wisdom and he decides to break in. As Blake conducts his investigation into the building and its relics, he discovers their horrible abilities and history, putting himself in mortal danger in the process.The Haunter of the Dark and the cha [...]

    22. Baal Of

      While reading this story, I think I've finally understood one of the things that makes Lovecraft such a slog for a lot of people. He doesn't write good characters. His narratives are distant and objective, as if they written for 19th century newspapers. Despite that, I liked this story for it's weird atmosphere and ideas, not that they are substantially different from those of other stories, but because they fit within the whole mythos.

    23. Tiago Pomella Lobo

      Simply put, the best short story Lovecraft has ever offered us. The crescendo in the tale, from suspense to panic moves along trully well besides the protagonist, Blake. You can feel the horror just to, in the end, reach, for me, the best demonstration of Cthulhu Mythos insanity streak on a sane person. Read it.

    24. Ebster Davis

      "My name is Blake — Robert Harrison Blake of 620 East Knapp Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am on this planet."Finally an obviously superstitious, neurotic, nerdy Lovecraft hero. Someone who clings to personal identity in the face of malevolent, dehumanizing forces. It made me think of a mashup of Dr Who and Skulldugery Pleasant.

    25. David

      Atmospheric and engaging. In some ways it may suffer from the slow pace, but the language is always so bold and brilliant. I like the included diary and notebook moments which would drag a longer story down, but for a short story like this is makes the account feel all the more real.

    26. Daniel Stephens

      The Haunter of the Dark was the first Lovecraft story I ever read when I was a teenager - I loved it then and I love it more now. I only recently realised that this was one of the last stories Lovecraft wrote - makes you wonder what great stories he would have written if he had lived longer.

    27. Eulercauchy

      This was a bit too disjointed for me. Sometimes Lovecraft's distemporal story telling really works for me and sometimes it just makes everything a bit hard to follow. Not my favorite, the monster is great as always, but in the end it left me a bit unsatisfied.

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