Rising Riley Joe didn t just believe in chaoshe created it reveled in it Life tried to break him a long time ago He fights for his truth to hell with what everybody else thinks Savannah Joy Regis prays for

  • Title: Rising
  • Author: Kassanna
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Rising

    Riley Joe didn t just believe in chaoshe created it, reveled in it Life tried to break him a long time ago He fights for his truth, to hell with what everybody else thinks Savannah Joy Regis prays for love, after only knowing abuse for most of her life She s gotten use to hiding the scars and slowly she rebuilds her life away from the people who created her own persRiley Joe didn t just believe in chaoshe created it, reveled in it Life tried to break him a long time ago He fights for his truth, to hell with what everybody else thinks Savannah Joy Regis prays for love, after only knowing abuse for most of her life She s gotten use to hiding the scars and slowly she rebuilds her life away from the people who created her own personal hell When the leader of the Aryan Southern Chapter, New World Watch, crosses path with the one woman he knows he can t havehell hath no fury like a man determined To Riley, Savannah s very existence is reason enough to take his last breath Blood inblood out He s willing to take the chance and life for the woman he claims will never be the same Just maybe he can rise above it all Sequel to Falling WARNING You maybe offended by the language and subject matter

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      180 Kassanna
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    One thought on “Rising

    1. Nile Princess

      Land! *Drops on the sand and praises God I made it*. Cause a sista was drowning, y'all! This book had me all over the place; there were some interesting parts, but mostly I was just left with burning anger, disbelief and a sense of utter disappointment in both heroines in this series. I needed a good night's sleep before I wrote this review, because if ever there was a time that the old adage, 'This hurts me more than it hurts you' was true, it's here. I love this author's style; it's light, flo [...]

    2. Zandra

      Okay, for real, I need authors to invest in a good editor and hire a proof reader. Kassanna, you're too talented for basic errors. They take away from your story and the book comes off as sloppy. With that said, the storyline wasn't bad. I had a few "well that escalated quickly" moments, and there's the insta-love and insta-psycho parts that didn't quite make sense, but I love that she is realistic about racism. Riley doesn't immediately change his beliefs, nor does become someone new. He was ju [...]

    3. A.W.

      I enjoyed reading this story(the follow up to Falling) the author did a great job with researching her information about the many hate groups that still exist; however I give it three stars for these reasonsSavannah NEVER once put Riley in his place for his continuous use of derogatory language towards blacks she just accepted it. I know he was raised to hate but still I found that to be problematic. Then there was the utter ridiculousness of her family and how they just stomped all over her. I [...]

    4. Mspraise50

      This is the follow up book to Falling. This is Riley and Savannah's story.I like this couple and loved how Riley kept rescuing Savannah. I wished the book had spent more time on the couple's relationship. I just wanted more couple time. I fully understand how Riley feels about not liking everyone from your own race!!!I did not like Trenton and even though he said he was treating Savannah badly because some ex duped him for a white guy and he thought she was stuck up at college. It still did not [...]

    5. Y.

      Hot damn this was a good read. I didn't want it to end. Book II was better than Book I. My favorite part is when they get drunk off moonshine and think zombies are coming;that had me in tears. This was a perfect balance of drama, inner demons, humor and just real life. Kassanna did a good job, and I highly recommend this read. Both stories are highly addictive! I hope there is more b/c I need to know what is up with crazy Trenton.

    6. Tiffanii White

      One wordHorrible. However, since I have to write more. I will say this book was the worst book I have ever read. Ever! Not just because of the context but because there was not decent outline. The story was everywhere. The dialogue was ridiculous. I hated it.

    7. Marianne

      The head of a yakuza gang sees the gajin woman he believes is his fated wife and promptly kidnaps her. During the span of a week he intends to convince her that they are connected by the red string of fate.This book could have been good had the author taken the time to expand the story. Also; the author is in dire need of an editor who knows the difference between your/you're. On a more personal level I was slightly miffed that banishment to Norway was seen as the ultimate punishment. Hmpf! ;-) [...]

    8. Angelina Black

      Rising SunAny book I read by Kassanna I know I will experience I whirlwind ride. She never disappoints me and always money well spent. Sometimes you meet the one and everything just clicks for no rhyme or reason. Love does that to you when you least expect it. The descriptions and sentences took me to Japan I could be the fly on the wall . Thank you for allowing me to escape if only for a little while.

    9. Laverne Brewster

      2.75 stars. Although this book had lots of typing and grammatical errors, I was able to follow the story line; and although Karakurena Ryu ( The Crimson Dragon) kidnapped Noemelee Anderson, he did not drug and seduce her; but instead, he was acting upon his belief that they were fated to be together. You could say he had good intentions; but I don't think the two protagonists had any chemistry despite the lovely legion of the red thread symbolizing an eternal tie of the Crimson Dragon (Ryu) to t [...]

    10. jennifer

      Disappointed First review I have done. This will be the last time I read from the author. Too much money for so many grammatical errors. The book had potential but fell flat.

    11. Andrea Powell

      Loved itThere are not enough words to say how much I loved this book it was beyond great and I couldn't put it down.

    12. Trishia

      I didn't like falling but because I give chances to authors I decided to finally after 1 year to try finally this. After reading I wasn't meant to leave a review because it was that disappointing but I decided why not. These two books had the potential of being good books but they are poorly executed. Too fast, character development wasn't to its full potential and the characters still were the same people at the end minus 1 or 2 things. I like my female characters to be wise and strong. Savanna [...]

    13. Darcell Phoenix

      EnjoyableFirst let me say I enjoy reading books by Kassanna, she has a way of drawing you into her story which invests you in the characters. Rising Sun (7 Days) was one such story, you found yourself rooting for Ryu and Noemelee. One of the things I find annoying is to have an alpha male lead character and the female lead character is someone that always need saving. That's why I enjoy reading Kassanna, her females are always strong women who can take care of themselves while knowing that their [...]

    14. Laverne Brewster

      Another white supremacist emerges from the mire of racism and comes to the aide of a black damsel in distress.3.75 stars. Like FALLING, this book's story is more about white supremacist groups and their recruitment rivalry and power struggles than it is a love story. The protagonists are Riley Joe, Bobby Jack's brother/cousin and leader of NWW,a racist group, and Savannah Regis who has recently moved to Mobile to escape from her dysfunctional cruel family and cheating ex-boyfriend. The two meet [...]

    15. Michelle

      Hot Damn!!This was spellbinding and freaking awesome! I was hooked from the first word until I read "The End." I thought Bobby Jack was a humdinger but Riley is a motor scooter that takes nothing from anyone and he is no joke.Riley met a woman that stole is heart and breath in the blink of an eye and caused him to look even deeper into his bag of crap and make life altering decisions.Savannah in the midst of separating herself from her abusive and painful life discovered not all people are as ba [...]

    16. Shawanda McMillian

      Whew!Whew, that was some read. A strong determined woman, whose only fear was her family and what they thought ans said about her. An alpha e she should be Leary of, but feels safe with. They learned that it's not what's on the outside that counts but what's on the inside. Life changing event took place for both leD characters. One realized he wasn't a racist, but did what he was taught. The other that sometimes your worse enemy is those that are supposed to love you most and think you owe them [...]

    17. Shronda

      All up in the feelingsThis book right here was everything. It had me in my feelings at times it had me uncomfortable and talking to the characters like they can hear me, I also found myself laughing so hard that I had tears falling from my eyes that I had to read that passage a couple of times. The topic is uncomfortable but the love that grows is genuine and sometimes love just comes in and grabs you. Loved that Whit and Bobby Jack were in the book and that family secrets were told.

    18. Necie Waldman

      ReviewI so loved these kind of stories.ybe because I have am a interracial couple.fe is what it isyou are raised a certain way you have no controlbut once you are grownyou have a sense of right and wronge decisions you make from that point on are yours. This book is an exams of that. It is worth reading. Falling and Rising are good reading. Neciegirl2@gmail

    19. Jasmine

      Not my favoriteThe book has too many errors in it to give it anything over three stars. Words are missing. The wrong words were used. For example Noem's character clearly means to say, "Lets hit the sack." She instead says, "Lets hit the sake." Things like that are all over the book. It's like it was written and never read over to make sure it flowed or that the words used were the words meant.

    20. Isha

      I really enjoyed this book. Savannah, emotionally abused by her family, moves away from them, to save her sanity. On her night in the new city, she meets Riley. Riley, a member of the skinheads, helps Savannah and is immediately enchanted. Riley has to decided what he has to do, to have what he wants. Good addition to the series.

    21. Wendy

      My OpinionI loved this book. I liked the fact that even though he kidnapped her it wasn't to force her to do strange things, it was because he really thought she was his soulmate. His lived a violent life according to western standards but he tried to be the best man he be for his people and for her. I wish it was a longer story.

    22. Miranda

      I'm in LOVE & Serious Lust, with Riley!!!!! He apologizes for nothing and F's given! I love that! I also love how everything was tied in, I didn't expect some of the things that happened.ime a book can draw you in and still manage to surprise you, It's a wonderful surprise!!!!!

    23. Annette

      Hmmm okThis book was not really something to write home to mother or for anyone that matters. I mean I liked it but there were some word errors that pulled me from the story. I liked the action which did make the story move fast. The characters where kinda flat.

    24. Annettej

      I seriously enjoyed this readThe hero and heroine and both strong willed. Both are instantly attracted to each other. The hero was willing to go after what he wanted while our heroine wasn't a willing to follow along. She made her alpha male work for it.

    25. Nicole Samuels

      Good ReadThis book was well written, it flowed and had a bad a__ staring in it. Love the relationship and how the female character wasn't weak. Love the action. Need to find other books by this author.

    26. Angelina Black

      AwesomeThis story kept me interested from beginning to end. True love does not see color and love will make you slap yo daddy. Kassana has once agin put together a hit. Best money I've spent in a minute.

    27. Schuron

      I liked it!It was pure fantasy and not realistic but I loved it. Who doesn't like a story about a sexy bass gangster Ryu. He was something to fantasize about but of course in real life the guy would be psychotic.

    28. Dieann Beckwith

      OMGI really liked this book, it hit home. We need more books like this, love is truly blind. The characters are colorful to say the least. I know a few people with the same temperament. Good read.

    29. Sophia Graham

      Interesting readOne of my favorite authors provides her fans with another great read. I like the different take of these stories. Hoping this series continues.

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