The Book of Tea

The Book of Tea A seminal guide to Asian life and thought Very highly recommended Midwest Book ReviewThe classic essay on tea drinking its history aesthetics and deep connection to Japanese culture Kakuzo Oka

  • Title: The Book of Tea
  • Author: Kakuzō Okakura
  • ISBN: 9781933330174
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Book of Tea

    A seminal guide to Asian life and thought Very highly recommended Midwest Book ReviewThe classic 1906 essay on tea drinking, its history, aesthetics, and deep connection to Japanese culture Kakuzo Okakura felt Teaism could influence the world Tea with us becomes than an idealisation of the form of drinking it is a religion of the art of life.

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    • Free Read [Spirituality Book] ☆ The Book of Tea - by Kakuzō Okakura ✓
      467 Kakuzō Okakura
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    One thought on “The Book of Tea

    1. Paquita Maria Sanchez

      Just a few things:* If you find yourself moving 13 times across 4 cities in 3 states over a period of less than 3 years, you'll notice that your bedroom looks more and more like a Japanese tea room each time.* Monzaemon Chikamatsu is referred to in this text as the "Japanese Shakespeare." Will I be seeking this man's work out as soon as possible? Damn right! Pfftn't threaten me with a good time.* "We have an old saying in Japan that a woman cannot love a man who is truly vain, for there is no cr [...]

    2. Sidharth Vardhan

      In the trembling grey of a spring dawn, when the birds were whispering in mysterious cadence among the trees, have you not felt that they were talking to their mates about the flowers?"Wow!"True beauty could be discovered only by one who mentally complete the incomplete.”Just wow!"Rikiu loved to quote an old poem which says: "To those who long only for flowers, fain would I show the full-blown spring which abides in the toiling buds of snow-covered hills."More wow!"The tea-master, Kobori-Enshi [...]

    3. Rowena

      This book was just wonderful. It discusses the history of teaism in Asia (mainly Japan but also China). It’s written in a very poetic and philosophical manner. Not only does the book talk about tea, it also talks about how tea has influenced Japanese culture, especially Japanese cuisine, clothing, literature and art. I learned some quite surprising facts. For example, onions were added to tea in some places, and tea-drinking was considered to be an occupation of depraved people!The book also g [...]

    4. Aubrey

      Meanwhile, let us have a sip of tea. The afternoon glow is brightening the bamboos, the fountains are bubbling with delight, the soughing of the pines is heard in our kettle. Let us dream of evanescence, and linger in the beautiful foolishness of things.4.5/5The last time I felt what this book conjured up in me, I was in Medieval Art, transcribing the parts of cathedrals in relation to aspects of religion, art, and space. Approaching the choir on high through the humbling nave, raising the eyes [...]

    5. Bushra

      بدأت بقراءة الكتاب من باب التخفيف والتسليةلم أتوقع أن يكون المحتوى بهذا الرقي!!كتاب عن الشاي وما هو الشاي أكثر من كونه مشروب شيء يشترى ويستهلك هذه هي فكرتنا غالباً لكن الكاتب الياباني يقدمه هنا كعنصر هام ومؤثر في الثقافة اليابانية حيث نطل عليها ونحاول أن نفهمها من خلاله ومن [...]

    6. سماح عطية

      للناسِ طقوسهم في شرب الشاي ولي طقسي؛فإذا ما عرضوا عليّ يومًا طريقتهم؛ رفضتها

    7. Steven Walle

      This was a very good book on the history of tea and it's importance in the eastern cultures. Tea started out as a medicine and grew itself into a beverage. The book also speaks of the religion of Japan of Teaism.I recommend this book to all.Enjoy and Be Blessed.Diamond

    8. Matt Riddle

      The Book of Tea by Okakura KakuzōToo little tea, we learn, was a Japanese expression used in reference to a person too busy to stop and smell the roses. Too much tea, then, refers to a person so busy smelling the roses he has little time for much else. In my humble estimation, Mr. Okakura had a little too much tea in him.The Book of Tea makes a number of interesting points. I agree with its author that we Occidentals tend to downplay the Orient’s contributions to such fields as philosophy, re [...]

    9. طَيْف

      لم يعد هناك معنى لكوب قهوتي الذي رافقني أثناء قراءة الكتابفاستبدلته بكوب من الشاي "كوب الإنسانية"لعلّ شيئا من فلسفة تلك الحياة التي وصفها الكاتب تدبّ فيهوالكتاب لمن لم يقرأه فعلا يتضمن أسلوب حياة وفلسفة لا تقتصر على الشاي فقط، وإنما منصة فكرية وجمالية يشرح فيها "أوكاكورا" ال [...]

    10. Mohamed Al Marzooqi

      من باب التغيير قررت قراءة هذا الكتاب ظنا مني أنه يتحدث عن تاريخ نبتة الشاي وطقوس تحضيره، ولكنني تفاجأت أنه كتاب عن الفلسفة والفن والجمال.نصيحة: لا تقرأوا هذا الكتاب إلا وإبريق من الشاي بالياسمين إلى جانبكم

    11. Kirstine

      “Teaism is a cult founded on the adoration of the beautiful among the sordid facts of everyday existence. It inculcates purity and harmony, the mystery of mutual charity, the romanticism of the social order. It is essentially a worship of the Imperfect, as it is a tender attempt to accomplish something possible in this impossible thing we know as life.”It’s not a book about tea, in the sense that it’s not about how to drink your tea, what sorts you can get and what fancy properties they [...]

    12. Lubna ALajarmah

      المكتوب أدناه مقتبس حرفياً من الكتاب، والصور أيضاً كلها من نفس الكتاب، ولما اقتبست فقط أمنح الكتاب 3 من 5 والمزيد من الصور هنا"على غرار الفن، هناك حقب ومدارس للشاي. ونستطيع تقسيم تطوره إلى ثلاث مراحل أساسية: الشاي المغلي، والشاي المخفوق، والشاي المنقوع. وننتمي نحن أبناء هذا [...]

    13. Sara

      In questa breve opera Okakura ci illustra l'orientalità dell'Oriente servendosi del tè come simbolo. In origine medicina e solo successivamente bevanda, il tè arrivò ad influenzare anche la ceramica cinese (Lu Wu, poeta che formulò il Codice del Tè, ritenne che il colore ideale per la tazza da tè fosse il blu, poiché esaltava il verde della bevanda), e Okakura ci narra delle sue origini, della sua storia antica e della sua diffusione, per poi concentrare l’attenzione sulla sua importan [...]

    14. umberto

      First published in 1906, this classic work written in English having only seven short chapters is something rare and essential to those interested in Japanese culture. It is rare because few Japanese writers have written in English, even Natsume Soseki who studied in England in 1901-1903 (enpedia/wiki/Natsume_) wrote most of his stories and novels in Japanese. Moreover, it is essential since reading this book would broaden our understanding on how and why tea in Japan has long been appreciativel [...]

    15. mai ahmd

      لم أحب شرب الشاي كما أحببته بعد قراءة هذا الكتاب شفاف هذا الكتاب كشفافية الشاي وأنت تشربه في كأس من زجاج الكتاب محرض لشرب الشاي بل إلى درجة الإفتتان

    16. Banzai

      Okakura Kakuzo writes that he is "not a polite teaist." This is true. In the Book of Tea, he more or less shames the world, in particular his own countrymen, for subscribing to Western aesthetics. He also makes it clear how he feels about said aesthetics and the junk art coming out of the cluttered, cheap and materialistic culture of 19th century Europe and America. That said, I didn't like this book because I'm a self-deprecating whitey.I liked this book first and foremost because it's pretty! [...]

    17. Katie Lumsden

      A really fascinating little collection of essays, dealing with Japanese culture at the turn of the twentieth-century, especially the tea ceremony and the culture and philosophy that springs from it. I found this really interesting and readable, although possibly more enjoyable if you have vague background knowledge of Japanese and Chinese history and schools of philosophy.

    18. valleys

      "«الكوب الأول يرطب شفتي وحلقي، والكوب الثاني يكسر وحدتي، والثالث يجوس في داخلي المجدب فلا يجد هناك سوى نحو خمسة آلاف مجلد من النقوش الغربية. الكوب الرابع يتسبب في تعرق بسيط تخرج معه من مسامي جميع مساوئ العيش. وحين أصل إلى الكوب الخامس أكون قد تطهرت؛ والكوب السادس يناديني إلى [...]

    19. Amal

      كتاب ممتع جداً، يرصد تاريخ الشاي كمشروب وكيف انتقل من الصين إلى اليابان ليتحول من عشبة طبية إلى مشروب له دلالات ثقافية وفسلفية مرتبطة بالمجتمع الياباني. كيف أن الشاي ارتبط بالجمال وبكل القيم الخاصة بحضارة اليابان. لا يمكنني أن أنقل إليكم انطباعاتي الخاصة بالكتاب بشكل كامل، [...]

    20. Sarah ~

      شاي - Tea - 차 - cha - 茶 هو تلكَ النبتة الصغيرة التي يستخرج منها ذلكَ الشراب الجميل اللون والزكي الرائحة - الشاي ركز هذا الكتاب والذي كتب قبل أكثر من 100 عام على ثقافة الشاي في اليابان ، والمرتبطة بطقوس الجمال والتهذيب .والتركيز الأكبر كانَ على تصحيح أفكار الغربيين الخاطئة خاصة عن شع [...]

    21. هيفاء

      يا للجمال !استمتعت بتأمل طقوس الشرق في تقديس الشاي وأنا أحتسِي كوبًا مِن الشاي الأخضر وآخر أحمر ،، وأيُ متعةٍ أكبر !؟**في سنة 1610 م حملت سفن تابعة لـ "الشركة الهولندية لشرق الهند" أولى شحنات الشاي إلى أوروبا. وقد بات الشاي معروفًا في فرنسا في العالم 1636 م، ووصل إلى روسيا في 1638 م. أم [...]

    22. Deniz Balcı

      Çay işi Uzak-doğu'da özellikle Japonya'da bizdeki gibi yalnız bir içme alışkanlığı değil. Eylemin yapılma amacı ve şekli, oldukça spiritüel bazı şeylere dayandırılmış. Hem ruhani bir eylem olarak yapılan, hem de estetik seremonilerle bir haz alma, dinginleşme aracına dönüştürülen çay olayına, onların gözüyle bakmak için kitap en doğru tercih. Zaten önemli bir klasik sayılmakta bu kitap. Ancak daha ayrıntılı ve pragmatik bilgiler sunacağı yönünde bek [...]

    23. Lina AL Ojaili

      أنه من الغريب بما فيه الكفاية أن الإنسانية قد التقت حتى الآن على كوب شاي، فهو الطقس الآسيوي الوحيد الذي يحظى بالاحترام الدولي. ويوضح ذلك بقوله “لقد استهزأ الرجل الأبيض من ديانتنا وقيمنا الأخلاقية، لكنه تقبّل شرابنا الداكن دونما تردد.

    24. A-Ile Self-hallucination

      من الجميل أن تقرأ كتاباً عن شيء، فتلوح أمامك أشياء.كتاب عن الشاي وتطور فنه وانتقاله وجماليته وثقافته المُغرقة في القِدم. لكن في داخل ذلك تلوح لك ملامح نهوض حب وجمال فلسفي ضمن الكلمات وتكتشف فجأة لماذا يعشق اليابانيون بالذات دون سواهم مبدأ الانتحار !!جملة واحدة تمر، كفيلة أن [...]

    25. Antonomasia

      This is an exquisite little cultural history of Japan centred around the tea ceremony and a philosophy of "teaism" which includes elements of Zen and Taoism.It's also a work of art and design philosophy which especially falls into place on realising it was written in the wake of the Western aesthetic movement of the late nineteenth century. (The Book of Tea was first published in 1906.) The Japanese perspective described here seems to unite, or else trace a middle way between, the opposition of [...]

    26. Nami

      What a beautiful book. It's amazing to see what changes in this world, and also what stays the same. 4/08I had a moment of epiphany yesterday, when I realized that I wanted to study the tea ceremony (again) while I'm in Japan, and said something to my mom about wanting to find a teacher. Then today by total coincidence one of my students hands me a page she wrote for me about Chado (the tea ceremony) and the end of is says "I hope that this answer will encourage you to open the door to Chado lea [...]

    27. Lubinka Dimitrova

      Well I suppose, some books will speak to you, and some won't but in this particular case the author's cringe-worthy comments regarding the Occident's weltanschauung put me off from the very beginning. There were some mildly interesting passages later on, but all in all, this book was not exactly my cup of tea. Too much philosophical and/or poetic digressions, too little information on tea itself. Still searching for a readable book about tea.

    28. d

      (Notas para el futuro)Lo bueno y genial: el poder de síntesis, la erudición clásica, el sentido del humor, el pacifismo.Lo malo y extraño (imposible de entender sin el contexto histórico): el nacionalismo, cierto esnobismo hacia el arte contemporáneo del autor.Hay dos momentos fascinantes del texto, el primero es cuando describe la experiencia estética (es ser uno con el Tao). Copio un fragmento largo. Esta forma de entender la experiencia estética en Occidente la entendemos así desde K [...]

    29. Fergus Murray

      Kakuzo Okakura's The Book of Tea is a sixty-five-page classic which is as much about Eastern patterns of thought as it is about the history and traditions of tea drinking. We are introduced to Teaism (chado), the philosophy of life and tea-drinking that emerged in 15th century Japan as a hot-drink-focused variation on (or aspect of) Zen Buddhism, which itself came out of the mingling of Taoism with the teachings of Buddha in southern China. A particular outlook on life is expressed through the p [...]

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