I'm Fascinated by Sacrifice Flies: Inside the Game We All Love

I m Fascinated by Sacrifice Flies Inside the Game We All Love In the aftermath of the Steroid Era that stained the game of baseball at a time when so many players are so rich and therefore have a sense of entitlement that they haven t earned ESPN baseball comm

  • Title: I'm Fascinated by Sacrifice Flies: Inside the Game We All Love
  • Author: Tim Kurkjian George F. Will
  • ISBN: 9781250077936
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Hardcover
  • I'm Fascinated by Sacrifice Flies: Inside the Game We All Love

    In the aftermath of the Steroid Era that stained the game of baseball, at a time when so many players are so rich and therefore have a sense of entitlement that they haven t earned, ESPN baseball commentator Tim Kurkjian shows readers how to love the game than ever, with incredible insight and stories that are hilarious, heartbreaking, and revealing.From what Pete RosIn the aftermath of the Steroid Era that stained the game of baseball, at a time when so many players are so rich and therefore have a sense of entitlement that they haven t earned, ESPN baseball commentator Tim Kurkjian shows readers how to love the game than ever, with incredible insight and stories that are hilarious, heartbreaking, and revealing.From what Pete Rose was doing in the batting cage a few minutes after getting out of prison, to why everyone strikes out these days and why no one seems to care, I m Fascinated By Sacrifice Flies will surprise even longtime baseball fans Tim explains the fear factor in the game, and what it feels like to get hit by a pitch Adam LaRoche wanted to throw up in the batter s box He examines the game s superstitions Eliot Johnson s choice of bubble gum, a poker chip in Sean Burnett s back pocket He unearths the unwritten rules of the game, takes readers inside ESPN, and reveals how Tony Gwynn made baseball so much fun to watch.And, of course, Tim will explain to readers why he is fascinated by sacrifice flies.

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    One thought on “I'm Fascinated by Sacrifice Flies: Inside the Game We All Love

    1. Mark Simon

      This is the best baseball book you will read this year and probably the best baseball book you will read until Tim writes another one in 5 years.The book is simply a collection of stories and anecdotes, linked by common themes, filled with little details, designed to perk an emotion or two (you'll laugh or cry). The best chapter in the book is Tim's obituaries for some of his favorite (now-deceased) people he's met along the way in covering baseball.To borrow a phrase from Bryce Harper: It's peo [...]

    2. Michael Parkinson

      This was such a joy to read. Had to intentionally put it down from time to time so that I could savor it. More than a few passages essentially reflected specific conversations I had with my dad growing up. Fun to read, fun to reminisce.

    3. mitchell k dwyer

      Tim Kurkjian is my favorite person in baseball. There is nobody else in the wide landscape of sports commentary more knowledgeable, passionate, mystified, articulate, or amused by the game, and he is regularly cited as the person at ESPN most beloved by his colleagues. To hear him speak of the game, in either tree or forest view, is to be reminded of the boyish reverence many of us had as youngsters and to temper our sentimentality with the reality of millionaires playing a game in a park.It’s [...]

    4. Steve

      (I got about half way through then skimmed a couple other chapters) The 12 year old me would have loved this book. So would the 22 year old me. 30 years later and it's a whole lot different. I still enjoy baseball, I still enjoy good baseball stories. But I'm tired of reading about sports players that act like 12 year olds. Silly superstitions, pranks, how great they are compared to non-players, blah, blah, blah. Who cares. Plus, the editing in this book is horrendous. For example, he quotes a c [...]

    5. Vaughn

      Mr. Kurkjian is always an enjoyable read or listen. I find this collections of anecdotes from his years observing Major League Baseball to be interesting and entertaining. There isn't really a theme to the book - it seemed like a collection of radio snippets and humorous recollections. But as always I admire his ability to put together names, places, numbers, etc. and create a narrative that engages and invites further consideration.

    6. Jim

      Some interesting tidbits, but overall too scattered. Anecdotes are sparse in their interesting detail, and the same handful of players come up over and over again. Adam Dunn should get a commission off this book since half of it is terrible quotes from him. I know Kurkjian loves the game, but he does not do a great job having his love jump off the page.

    7. Paul Legere

      Lot of great stories but sadly not a great book. Savagely bad editing. Multiple stories repeated in some cases within a few pages. Love Kurkjian but didn't love the book.

    8. Travis Coverston

      If you have never seen or heard Tim Kurkjian on television, then you won't get some of the book. And I highly doubt you're a big baseball fan. Tim is one of the most well known baseball analysts, and it's no wonder he is fascinated by sacrifice flies.There are some redundant facts and figures in the first part of the book. He simply repeats things almost word for word.The personal stories are interesting to read, but the heart of the book is in the overall discussion about the game. My favorite [...]

    9. Eric

      This is an entertaining book on baseball full of amusing anecdotes and tales of major league baseball. It is a fun book to read here and there on a lazy day. Now, when I first picked it up, I was looking for a book on baseball full of insights only the most knowledgeable of this sport knew, but this book is not quite that. Kurkjian mentions numerous people with that ability, but rather than provide that sort of context, he instead offers well-researched factoids and tales that were not a disappo [...]

    10. David

      This is a true baseball nerd's dream book. Full of fantastic stats and amazing stories from Tim. When Tim spoke at our SABR Chapter meeting earlier this month, he talked for over two hours about baseball. I could have listened to him for two weeks on the same topic. Tim really knows baseball and has met many of the stars and architects of the game. The book is chock full of fantastic stories from Buck Showalter's tips on picking a perfect draft pick to the (mostly crazy) superstitions of the pla [...]

    11. Chuck Neumann

      Tim Kurkjian's "I'm fascinated by sacrifice flies" is a fun book going over some aspects of baseball that you might not think that much about. One area he covered was the fear factor, while baseball is not considered a contact sport getting hit by a 95 mile per hour hardball is far more dangerous that getting tackled in football with pads and protective gear on. Also discussed were how difficult the game is, superstitions, unwritten rules, sacrifice flies (of course) and box scores. Tim uses man [...]

    12. Michael

      This is a collection of mostly short anecdotes, strung together chapters that are theoretically focused ("hit by pitch," etc.) but not always. You can pick it up and read it for a while for an off season baseball fix, but I couldn't seem to stick with it, so I eventually stopped reading it.There are plenty of baseball books that are largely a bunch of stories and they often work for me, but this one didn't. Perhaps the flow was too choppy, the typical stories too short? I'm not going to worry ab [...]

    13. Diener

      Had to bail on this one before the 100 page mark. First time something like that has ever happened to me with respect to a baseball book. I like Tim Kurkjian as a TV and radio personality and appreciate his passion for the game. But this book was little more than a collection of quotes from ballplayers about various aspects of the game. I expected more from a legitimate print journalist. Sadly disappointing.

    14. Matthew

      I love Tim's enthusiasm and passion for the game of baseball when he is on Baseball Tonight, and the same vibes come through in this book. What is also evident in the book is the mutual respect that the players, managers and other baseball luminaries referenced in the book have for Tim. Great anecdotes, wacky facts and conversations illustrate and help Tim make a case that baseball is the hardest sport to play. If you love baseball you will love this book.

    15. Chandler Brown

      Skip the Foreword. It is mostly just quotations from the first couple of chapters. It felt like I was rereading the same things (because I was).This book is written in a stream of consciousness style. There isn't a lot of continuity; it's just Kurkjian's thoughts about different topics. There are some interesting tidbits and funny stories, and I feel like I got a little glimpse into Tim Kurkjian's mind. It's a quick read. I don't think I'll ever pick it up again though.

    16. Beth

      Enjoyable but in serious need of editing and organization. Kirkjian's love of baseball is contagious and an apt backdrop while watching the sorry politics and dysfunction of the current Red Sox; their behavior diminishes the starry eyed text Kirkjian espouses. Still, I was able to chuckle with fondness and appreciate this book.

    17. Richard Canale

      enjoyable stories from a humble writer. One of the few books that offers insight into the current players.

    18. Mike

      Lighthearted and filled with a nerd's panoply of baseball arcana and inside stories. I loved it, particularly the remembrances of the late Mike Flanagan.

    19. Leonard

      A fun book, I enjoyed as it is very recent and the players that Kurkjian interviewed are current names. I enjoyed the part about the Official Scorekeeper's duties and his ability to view replays on tough calls was enlightening. The obituaries of the former baseball connected people was very moving. All in all, a fun book, and enjoyable to baseball people.

    20. Reid Mccormick

      I didn’t watch a lot of ESPN growing up. Whenever I turned it on, they were typically talking about football, Kobe Bryant, or Derek Jeter. Not being a fan of these, I usually turned the channel. The only bright spot on ESPN for me is Baseball Tonight. An hour (or so) devoted purely to baseball is like heaven.Recently, I began to love the musings of commentator Tim Kurkjian. His love for the game is unmistakable and his obsession with baseball’s history and quirks are infectious. A few years [...]

    21. Rich Stone

      First the downside. Most of this book is not well written insofar as large sections proceed as, "Person X said so-and-so, person Y said this-and-that, person Z said yada-yada". Some of the passages go on for so long that by halfway through I forgot who person X, Y, and Z were as they are identified by last name only after their initial mention.However, the upside far outweighs the downside. Regardless of whether you can keep track of persons X, Y, and Z they are all current or former major leagu [...]

    22. Tyler

      So, let's be clear about something. I like Tim Kurkjian. I think he is brilliant in his presentation of deep-dive baseball info on Baseball Tonight. In the same way people trusted Walter Cronkite's voice of world news, I trust Tim Kurkjian when it comes to anything baseball. And this book proves that. His knowledge about baseball is both very deep and very, VEEEERRRRYY wide. The problem I have with this book is the focus is more wide than deep. Every chapter has a brief outlining point about som [...]

    23. Adam Rosenbaum

      Simple, and often funny. If you are a baseball fan, it's a quick tour of short vignettes, some very funky stats and of course some very odd players. If you're a baseball nerd, it will be even more fun. Light, breezy, certainly no heavy lifting. It will only validate your love of the game and make it clear why baseball lends itself to statistics more than any other sport. The fact that Kurkjian collected daily box scores for 20 years tells you all you need to know about the author. He's hopelessl [...]

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