Waypoint Kangaroo

Waypoint Kangaroo A high octane science fiction spy thriller that puts a new spin on the outer space adventure WAYPOINT KANGAROO kicks off a blockbuster series full of adrenaline and intrigue Kangaroo isn t your typic

  • Title: Waypoint Kangaroo
  • Author: Curtis C. Chen
  • ISBN: 9781250081780
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Waypoint Kangaroo

    A high octane science fiction spy thriller that puts a new spin on the outer space adventure, WAYPOINT KANGAROO kicks off a blockbuster series full of adrenaline and intrigue.Kangaroo isn t your typical spy Sure, he has extensive agency training, access to bleeding edge technology, and a ready supply of clever to him quips and retorts But what sets him apart is the poA high octane science fiction spy thriller that puts a new spin on the outer space adventure, WAYPOINT KANGAROO kicks off a blockbuster series full of adrenaline and intrigue.Kangaroo isn t your typical spy Sure, he has extensive agency training, access to bleeding edge technology, and a ready supply of clever to him quips and retorts But what sets him apart is the pocket It s a portal that opens into an empty, seemingly infinite, parallel universe, and Kangaroo is the only person in the world who can use it But he s pretty sure the agency only keeps him around to exploit his superpower.After he bungles yet another mission, Kangaroo gets sent away on a mandatory vacation an interplanetary cruise to Mars While he tries to make the most of his exile, two passengers are found dead, and Kangaroo has to risk blowing his cover It turns out he isn t the only spy on the ship and he s just starting to unravel a massive conspiracy which threatens the entire Solar System.Now, Kangaroo has to stop a disaster which would shatter the delicate peace that s existed between Earth and Mars ever since the brutal Martian Independence War A new interplanetary conflict would be devastating for both sides Millions of lives are at stake.Weren t vacations supposed to be relaxing This outer space thriller marks Chen s debut Chen has an extensive network of connections to prominent science fiction authors, and has studied under John Scalzi, James Patrick Kelly, and Ursula K LeGuin.

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      281 Curtis C. Chen
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    One thought on “Waypoint Kangaroo

    1. Jason

      5 Stars I absolutely loved Waypoint Kangaroo and wish that I wrote a deserved review. This book was a guilty pleasure of mine as it appeals to all of my likes. This was a fast paced science fiction story with some very cool aspects. Waypoint Kangaroo is the perfect title. Just an awesome read.

    2. Gary

      “Nobody gets my jokes,” laments Kangaroo, the otherwise unnamed protagonist of Curtis C. Chen’s Waypoint Kangaroo. He’s not kidding. The titular spy can’t coax a single laugh from anyone else in the novel, though he hardly lets a moment pass without cracking wise. For the reader, Kangaroo’s prodigious attempts at humor are also more likely to elicit a groan than a laugh. But it doesn’t stop us rooting for him to find one that sticks.Kangaroo is an archetypal underdog hero, so dogge [...]

    3. Book Haunt

      Kangaroo was an orphan who stumbled upon the unique and supernatural ability to create a pocket universe to stash things in. As he grew up, the government nabbed him to work for them as a spy. He has been physically implanted with tools that come in handy for all sorts of things a spy might need. He has his own handler, his own doctor and his own gadget guy. Kangaroo is a great James Bond for the future! A bumbling, wanna-be hero who is always jumping in feet first without thinking ahead. He is [...]

    4. Sarah Anne

      I think this would have been a three star book if I hadn't listened to the audio. The narrator was mediocre in the first place but unfortunately he made the two main women, Jemisin and Jessica, sound emotional and bitchy. Totally not cool.The story is an interesting concept. The MC has a way of opening up a pocket universe that has nothing to do with ours. There are no stars, for example. He can use this ability to store things, which is quite funny at times. This is an ability that he alone has [...]

    5. Joel

      FULL REVIEW AT MY BLOG, TOTAL INABILITY TO CONNECTCurtis Chen is a local Portland author who I see quite often, and have hung around quite a bit (though much like David Levine, I doubt he could pick me out of a lineup), so I've had my eyes on this novel since he announced it some time back (last year?). Kangaroo is a spy, but one with a very particular and exclusive talent - he can open a "pocket" to a foreign bit of space, in which he can store anything of any size, for an indefinite amount of [...]

    6. Jacqie

      If you're in the mood for a book with a decent amount of action, a bit of science, tongue-in-cheek humor and not much gloom and doom, here you are.This may seem like a strange thing to say regarding a book about a starship hijacking for extremely destructive purposes, but it's true. Our main character, who goes by Kangaroo, is on vacation. His boss wants him off the planet because the department is being audited and although Kangaroo is indeed a spy, the boss feels he can't be trusted not to say [...]

    7. Metaphorosis

      4 stars - Metaphorosis ReviewsA spy with his own pocket universe to stash things in goes on vacation. But his all-expenses paid luxury cruise to Mars doesn't turn out quite like he'd expected.I've met Curtis Chen, in a casual, convention-y sitting at the same table way. He seemed quiet, reserved, unassuming. I'd never read any of his work. But apparently, under that calm demeanour is a trenchant wit and a great sense of storytelling.Waypoint Kangaroo is the epitome of formula - from the moment t [...]

    8. Chris Bauer

      The debut novel by Curtis Chen "Waypoint Kangaroo" is fantastic. I've always been a fan of "speculative thriller" novels, those which have elements of intrigue, action and science fiction / fantasy elements and this novel delivers on all counts. Not to mention that the protagonist, dialogue and utter absurdity of some scenes are just plain funny as hell. Yes, I know humor is subjective, but if you don't find yourself chuckling out loud while reading "Waypoint Kangaroo" you ought to check yoursel [...]

    9. Peter

      Disclaimer: I received this book free through a giveaway (although, not through itself). I don't think it affects my review.A secret agent, code-named Kangaroo, has the apparently unique ability to open a portal to an empty universe and store stuff there. This makes him extremely valuable and makes up for the other areas where he may lack some of the qualities ideal in a secret agent. But when he's on vacation, none of that should matter. Except on his vacation cruise between Earth and Mars he [...]

    10. Criminal Element

      Curtis C Chen’s Waypoint Kangaroo is a clever mix of space opera, superheroics, and spy thriller. Set in a future that sees Earth’s colony of Mars having fought a bloody war of independence from the mother planet, peace has been regained enough for interplanetary travel and commerce to settle into a routine that includes regular vacation cruises. Our hero, Kangaroo (and no, that’s not his real name), has been forced onto one of these cruises. He didn’t exactly botch his last mission, but [...]

    11. Robynn

      Waypoint Kangaroo is a fantastic read! Once I hit the half way point I couldn't put it down and stayed up much too late one night, I mean morning, to finish it.I could tell you about Kangaroo, about his pocket, or about any of the other points already mentioned inside the book cover but what I've never seen before, and maybe it's because I'm way off base, is that this is Kangaroo's origin story. Sure, Kangaroo already has a "superpower," his pocket, but this is the story we will all be able to l [...]

    12. Brandon McNulty

      Awesome debut novel with a cool and unique concept, high stakes, relentless humor, and slick pacing. A lot of outer space sci-fi tends to drag in my opinion, but Chen balances things out with his quirky protagonist Kangaroo, who never lets up with the wisecracking, even as the conflict gets lethal on a grand scale.

    13. Marissa

      I loved this book! A spy thriller-comedy-space romp with a killer sense of humor, it will have you racing along with the breakneck plot from page one. I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys zero - gravity hijinks, murder mysteries, and all you can eat buffets on their reading adventures!

    14. Trike

      This is a fun spy romp that mashes together a bunch of genres. We have Kangaroo, a young spy with the superpower of being able to open a portal to an empty universe, giving him the ability to store anything in pure vacuum for retrieval later. He essentially has the magic medicine bag of Shaman from Marvel’s Alpha Flight by John Byrne: Omnibus. Or perhaps the book from Jim Hines’ Libriomancer. This duplicates the ability characters have in video games to carry multiple objects that would othe [...]

    15. Yariv

      This book could have been a nice light entertainment - murder mystery on a cruise to Mars.The sort of books I usually give 3* and move on. Unfortunately it had it had too many issues , the major one being the protagonist, Evan (“this is not my real name” but who cares) , AKA the Kangaroo.He’s described as a young (early- mid twenties) yet well-experienced secret agent ( the book starts off with an action scene around the Mongolian border). The thing is , throughout the story you actually f [...]

    16. Karsyn

      Quite enjoyable and different book. Had a few minor issues with it with things that didn't make much sense, but overall it was quite good. Good characters and good story. Unique main character. Look forward to reading more.

    17. Angela Burkhead

      I picked up Waypoint Kangaroo on a whim. I saw a tweet about it, thought hey, I'll check this out, read a couple reviews, and then had to have it. The title alone is quirky and that off-the-wall humor extends throughout the book.Kangaroo is a spy but he's not on a mission, he's on vacation, (Forced vacation, but still a vacation) and he has no idea what to do with his time. He's suspicious of everyone, and as it turns out, he has a right to be. He may be a top secret government spy, but this is [...]

    18. John Wiswell

      They call him Kangaroo. It's not because he can leap great distances, but because he's got a transdimensional pocket inside of him, perfect for hiding secret files or gadgets. That's why the spy agency snatched him up, an everyman who was stripped of his real name and sent into the galaxy to help save lives with flopsweat and witty repartee. In his debut novel, Chen introduces us to Kangaroo in dire need of vacation. But in the space opera spy business, the vacations are the deadly part.You see, [...]

    19. J.R. Sherrill

      Kangaroo is the code name for a secret agent in future who just happens to have a super power. Whenever he wants a gadget, or to hide or smuggle and object, or just toss an unwanted bad guy somewhere, Kangaroo simply opens a little portal into a pocket universe only he can access. The physics of how the pocket works, not to mention the many clever ways it is employs, are quite fascinating and I'm intrigued at how he'll use it in the future. In addition, several high tech implants give him an edg [...]

    20. Brian Enigma

      Waypoint Kangaroo is a fun spy thriller, with a dash of mystery and intrigue, that kept me turning page after page to find out what happens next. There are plenty of twists that feel spot-on to the story — neither too outlandish nor too obvious. It's a fun summer read that played out in my head like an action movie, and when I hit the end, I found myself ready for more stories starring the main character, [code name, not his real name] Kangaroo. And Kangaroo is the thread that ties all of the [...]

    21. Richard

      Kangaroo is a somewhat peculiar scifi thriller. In many ways it's pretty typical: a lot of futuristic technology lets villains do things that our hero has to understand and combat with his (yes, there's no ground broken on the gender front) own lesser futuristic technology. The tension climbs higher and higher as a deadline approaches.What makes it peculiar is that "kangaroo" aspect. The author probably spent a lot of time playing Dungeons & Dragons, which has a special magical items called [...]

    22. Tina

      I picked up this book because the author is an acquaintance of mine, but no amount of good will towards an author is enough to make me KEEP reading a book if it doesn't grab me within the first couple of chapters.This was a thoroughly enjoyable read. Some of the tech was over my head, but understanding it wasn't crucial to the story, and anyway, the main character's "superpower" is never explained, either by himself or the scientists at the classified government agency he works for. "Waypoint Ka [...]

    23. Sontaranpr

      Our hero is an accomplished field agent but not so much an accomplished social human being. He's a spy but no James Bond. Yet he's been sent on vacation to keep him out of the way during an audit of his agency. Oh, and he has the ability to open portals to his own private pocket universe. Then, there's a murder. The use of the pocket universe was very well done. Not over powering or overly convenient like the Bat Belt but more a thought exercise of just would you cheat using this plot device. I [...]

    24. Sylvia McIvers

      So much fun to read.Kangaroo* is not such a great spy, but at least he's working with a mentor. Who is now dead. Kanga has to retrieve the Secret Whatsit himself, and uses his "pocket universe" - he can open a pocket into deep space, tuck things in, and take them back out later. When he gets home, his boss decides to send him on vacation - AKA get out from underfoot.A vacation to Mars is nice, but so many things go wrong on the ship that its hard to figure out which is a clue and which is a red [...]

    25. Fred P

      This promising debut from author Curtis Chen demands a sequel. Taking cues from Timothy Zahn, Jack McDevitt and other sci-fi spy thriller authors, Chen employs humor, suspense and action to drive the plot of this operatic space mystery. His character, Kangaroo, doesn't dominate, and often plays second fiddle to other, more experienced characters, however Kangaroo is always central to the action and his mysterious "pocket" and endless ingenuity play a key role in uncovering the villains' plans: W [...]

    26. Emma Flaherty

      Man, this was fun. Kangaroo has all the traits I love in a main character: wit, a talent for irritating authority, and a knack for getting himself into sticky situations. The writing inWaypoint Kangaroois incredibly tight. Once the ball started rolling, I couldn't put this book down. The action scenes (and there are a lot of them) were well done. The plot kept me guessing right up to the very end. If you're looking for an action-packed sci-fi beach read, I highly recommendWaypoint Kangaroo .

    27. Denise

      What a fun book!Our hero, codename "Kangaroo," is an interplanetary undercover agent, with a special talent. He can open an interdimensional pocket where items can be stored and retrieved (thus the codename). But, he's a bit young and often impulsive and just unlucky at times. After his latest snafu, he gets sent on his most difficult assignment yet - vacation.Anything more would be spoilers! Trust me, this is definitely worth your time!

    28. Karl

      Damn, that was fun!This book is almost a checklist for SF summer reading:--Good jokes and bad--Great worldbuilding--Fast-paced and complex plot--Fully realized characters--Twists and surprises, galore--Heck, the hardcover even has a cool cover.For bonus points, the author is into puzzles. Read the book. Check out his blog. You'll thank me later.

    29. Bud

      This is an entertaining (although highly implausible) sci-fi summer read. The technical lingo is well-played, but characters are seem very young in their reactions and interactions and a bit shallow. The action is non-stop and the imagined future is creative.

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