Fever City

Fever City If you took James Ellroy at his most imaginative and Oliver Stone at his most conspiratorial and mixed them up in a supersized martini shaker you would produce the vivid writing explosive events a

  • Title: Fever City
  • Author: TimBaker
  • ISBN: 9781609452872
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fever City

    If you took James Ellroy at his most imaginative and Oliver Stone at his most conspiratorial, and mixed them up in a supersized martini shaker, you would produce the vivid writing, explosive events, and irresistible entertainment of Fever City.The story kicks off in 1960 Los Angeles, with the daring kidnapping of the child of one of America s richest men It then darts bacIf you took James Ellroy at his most imaginative and Oliver Stone at his most conspiratorial, and mixed them up in a supersized martini shaker, you would produce the vivid writing, explosive events, and irresistible entertainment of Fever City.The story kicks off in 1960 Los Angeles, with the daring kidnapping of the child of one of America s richest men It then darts back and forth between a private detective s urgent search for the child, the saga of a notorious hit man in the days leading to JFK s assasination, and the modern day story of a skeptical journalist researching the still active conspiracy theories of the 50s and 60s, with the aim of debunking them Just as the detective discovers that the kidnapping is a crime much larger than he imagined, and the hit man finds himself caught in a web that is astonighingly complex, the journalist discovers to his horror, dismay, and even his jeopardy that the conspiracy theories might well be true.With expert pacing, sparkling dialogue, and plot twists that will keep readers entranced, Tim Baker s irrepressible debut novel is a joy ride through classic noir traditions, updated with a surprisingly contemporary sensibility.

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    One thought on “Fever City

    1. Veronica ⭐️

      Fever City is a rollicking 60’s noir crime beat ‘em up, shoot ‘em, throw ‘em off cliffs thriller.The main story is PI Nick Alston’s investigation of a child kidnapping with side stories of Baker’s take on the JFK assassination and a current day story of Alston’s son, a journalist, researching for a book on the Kennedy killing.The two stories and multiple timelines blend beautifully with many of the same characters appearing in both. Amazing revelations are dropped in casual convers [...]

    2. Greg

      If you took James Ellroy at his most imaginative and Oliver Stone at his most conspiratorial, and mixed them up in a supersized martini shaker, you would produce the vivid writing, explosive events, and irresistible entertainment of Fever City.Sometimes the people writing copy for books should tone things down a bit. Even without this blatant nod at Ellroy, the book screams Ellroy territory. You've got early 60's LA, the JFK assassination and the whole cast of characters from Howard Hughes and t [...]

    3. Paul

      Fever City – An Interesting DebutFever City is the debut thriller from new author Tim Baker, which the publicity for has been trying to build a head of steam since October 2014. Well researched, Baker has had to delve into the many numerous conspiracy theories relating to the assassination of JFK, while weaving in to the story a heady cast of famous figures to provide the side show. As well as knowing what the Warren Commission had it right with one shooter who was executed by Jack Ruby.There [...]

    4. Tripfiction

      Thriller set in Dallas and Los Angeles (a new take on the JFK assassination of 1963…)Fever City is a brilliant debut novel by Tim Baker that will go down well with aficionados of conspiracy theories surrounding Jack Kennedy’s assassination.In his research for the book Tim studied all the theories and came to the conclusion that the one he goes with in Fever City is more likely to be true than any other (or, indeed, than the ‘official’ lone gunman explanation…). If he is correct, then t [...]

    5. Gordon Mcghie

      My friends will groan when they find I have read a book with a conspiracy theory element to it as I love ‘em. Roswell, the Moon Landings, JFK and Nessie all provide hours of fascination. Obviously from the 4 I listed one is a total fabrication of the truth but I am quite happy to believe that there was a UFO at Roswell, JFK was not killed by Lee Harvey Oswald and I have seen pictures of Nessie so she clearly is a real thing too.In Fever City Tim Baker has crafted a phenomenal story around the [...]

    6. Gram

      A cracking conspiracy thriller with the action careering along, switching from the years between 1960 and 1964, occasinally fast forwarding to 2014. There are several main characters and a host of minor players - mostly Mafia gangsters and cops, shadowy figures from the CIA and FBI and billionaires behind the scenes pulling the strings. And there are a lot of dead bodies. The story begins with a hired assassin known as Hastings - a man with a back story steeped in war and murder - fighting off m [...]

    7. Dave

      Fever City is an extraordinarily ambitious work which combines a hardboiled pulp story about a Lindbergh baby style kidnapping with an exploration of the JFK shooting. In doing so, you can hear echoes of fifties-style pulp stories as well as revisit some of the ground Max Allan Collins explored with Nathan Heller in Bye Bye Baby and Ask Not. Baker, though, tacked it in his own way with chapters alternating between three different narratives, that of the detective in 1960 investigating the kidnap [...]

    8. Paul

      Quote:She gives me the kind of look people would love to give a cop but never dare. But with a private dick-that's another matter. A PI is a man with a tarnished badge, a crooked rep and a pocketful of flashbulbs. Someone you don't have to pretend to respect. 'I want a lawyer.' Quote: It was as if Los Angeles were no longer a city but a sepulchre; a mausoleum metropolis where the only signs of movement were the rigor mortis contraction of locking muscle. And the lisp of smoke from the funeral py [...]

    9. Maggie Hesseling

      Brilliant debut novel by Tim Baker. I love the story and the historical characters that pop in from time to time. But I especially love that though it reads a little like Ellroy, Baker has managed to put something in it that makes it all his. There's a voice there that is going to become a go-to for me in the crime genre. I'd recommend this novel to anyone who loves a fantastic historical noir. A fantastic read that I just couldn't put down.

    10. Jane Rose

      A bit too much happening in this book. A lot of switching between times ( although the time switches were clearly marked ). I have read a few ' Kennedy conspiracy' theory books and felt that this one doesn't measure up to some.

    11. Conwild

      I highly recommend this. Well crafted and suspenseful tale of power and corruption in JFK era America. Can't give away any more!

    12. Maggie Kiely

      This is debut novel by author. The book spans decades with the assignation of John F Kennedy at its core. It is part conspiracy theory and kept me gripped. A child is kidnapped some years before that faithful Dallas day shows the efforts of the LA investigator who tries to solve the case and that of his son many years later trying to bring light into the facts. I found it fast paced and personally really enjoyed it.

    13. Sam Soule

      A book for noir nerds written by the nerdiest of noir nerds and that fact, plus the fact that I'm just interested enough to see where the story goes to be inclined to pick up the next book in this series, justifies three stars instead of two. FEVER CITY seems to inhabit the same fictional space as comic book writer Ed Brubaker and novelist James Ellroy, both of whom do hard boiled revisionist conspiracy / horror crime tales to much greater effect. Which, even in fledgling hands, is still pretty [...]

    14. Dave Ross

      Decent thrillerEnjoyable, enough to complete.A few unnecessary fantastic set pieces that detracted from more realistic scenes and dialogue. All and all a decent bedtime read.

    15. John McKenna

      Mysterious Book Report No. 252by John Dwaine McKennaThe joke’s on me . . .Some weeks ago I was queried by a publicist for Europa Editions in New York City: “Would I review a noir novel of theirs if they sent a copy?” I noted that it had a September release date and said, ‘Sure,” then got an ARC (advance review copy) in the mail a few days later. I placed it in the reading stack so the MBR would come out mid-August, 2016 just before the release date of the book. So far . . . so good, as [...]

    16. Tom Johnson

      “A Fast-Paced, Thrill-A-Minute ride.”Normally, there are two things I absolutely hate in a story. One is using real people in scenes and narrative, the second is jumping back and forth in the tale from one point to another. This story contains both, but the author pulls it off. The author’s writing is smooth, and he keeps the same people throughout the tale, even if the years jump from 1959 to 1960, 1963, and 2014. It all stems from the kidnapping of the Bannister child in 1960 and the pri [...]

    17. Harper

      This book is a fever dream. Ambitious? Yes, perhaps a little too ambitious. The action spans decades while following numerous conspiracies from the killing sands of Iwo Jima to Los Angeles to Dallas to New York and even the south of France. Well written? Yes but resulting in limited success. The dialogue is almost like the author was trying too hard to fill the book with lines Bogart could have delivered and cultural references apropos of the periods covered, 1940s to 2014. The tenor of the book [...]

    18. Studvet

      Interesting in an outlandish, cartoonish way because of the history and characters involved, but really second-rate crime novel thriller. The characters became jumbled at times as kept moving back and forth in time and scenarios with different characters are happening out of sequence and we were meeting characters who had already previously been murdered etc, etc. It was too clever by half and in the end laborious having to recalibrate your thinking continuously. It's not a patch on James Ellroy [...]

    19. Elizabeth Tyree

      This book is expertly crafted, weaving the reader through 3 intricately detailed and connected events from 3 separate years. We have a kidnapping in 1960, the assassination of a president in 1963, and the conspiracy theorist author looking for answers and writing a book in 2014l connected, all surprising, and all twisted together in a writhing battle for your attention. The writing style itself is very visceral and lyrical at the same time. Beauty in the mundane and the coarse and even in the ju [...]

    20. Simon Zohhadi

      Just finished reading Fever City by Tim Baker. Written in the style of a 1940s film noir. It revolves around a kidnapping and the Kennedy assassination. Time switches forward and backwards: 1960, Dallas 1963 and 2014. Was "Leon" the sole assassin or was it a conspiracy? A whole range of characters are brought in, including Howard Hughes. The father and son connection also adds interest. Brilliantly written and highly recommended.My rating: 5/5.

    21. Jay Dwight

      An interesting take on the JFK assassination with the story crossing three periods - 1960, 1963 and 2014. The 1960 period involves a PI investigating the kidnapping of the son of America's richest man, the 1963 period links to that and focuses on the lead-up to the assassination, whilst the 2014 period has the son of the PI stumbling across evidence from conspiracy buffs that links his father to the shooting.

    22. Andrew

      MixedI liked this book but didn't love it. First, it went on too long. It could have been a brisker, tighter and more compelling book 100 pages shorter. It was also difficult to follow even allowing for the Byzantine noir approach to Kennedy conspiracy theories. But Baker showed promise and parts were fast paced. Give it a chance. You might like it. And if the author's next one isn't too long I'll give it a try.

    23. Joey

      This is a fabulous debut and has everything I love in a great crime book - complexity, nuance and incredible pace. It's also beautifully written. It reminds me of books like The Big Sleep and movies like Chinatown - a dense, dark story, unforgettable characters and brilliant dialogue that often made me laugh out loud. Plus one of the best surprise endings I've come across. Pure dynamite.

    24. David

      Every JFK assassination conspiracy theory comes together in this noir-like mystery. Hughes, Nixon, Hoover, LBJ, RFK, CIA, FBI, Mafia, Marilyn - you name them, they're here. Good story, fast moving, a bit overdone on the analogies. Easy to get confused with the two main characters, especially while listening to the book while driving.

    25. Accio Reviews

      DNF'ing this one, unfortunately. Been going back and forth with it for the past 2 months and I just can't seem to get into it. This one is entirely on me, because it's an interesting story, the writing is good, but maybe it's just one of those cases where I'm reading it at the wrong time or it just isn't for me!

    26. Jo

      A hitman. A mysterious offer. JFK. This noir novel brings all three together purporting to reveal the conspiracy behind the assassination of a president. And, I just could not get on with it. I don't know if it's the way I feel at the moment or something to do with the writing but I found reading this a real chore. Shame because it sounded like something I would usually love.

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