What Were the Twin Towers?

What Were the Twin Towers Discover the true story of the Twin Towers how they came to be the tallest buildings in the world and why they were destroyed When the Twin Towers were built in they were billed as an architectu

  • Title: What Were the Twin Towers?
  • Author: Jim O'Connor Ted Hammond
  • ISBN: 9780399542312
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What Were the Twin Towers?

    Discover the true story of the Twin Towers how they came to be the tallest buildings in the world and why they were destroyed.When the Twin Towers were built in 1973, they were billed as an architectural wonder At 1,368 feet, they clocked in as the tallest buildings in the world and changed the New York City skyline dramatically Offices and corporations moved into the toDiscover the true story of the Twin Towers how they came to be the tallest buildings in the world and why they were destroyed.When the Twin Towers were built in 1973, they were billed as an architectural wonder At 1,368 feet, they clocked in as the tallest buildings in the world and changed the New York City skyline dramatically Offices and corporations moved into the towers also known as the World Trade Center and the buildings were seen as the economic hub of the world But on September 11, 2001, a terrorist attack toppled the towers and changed our nation forever Discover the whole story of the Twin Towers from their ambitious construction to their tragic end.

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      200 Jim O'Connor Ted Hammond
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    One thought on “What Were the Twin Towers?

    1. Don

      I would have given it at least a 3 star rating were it not for the flat out lies on Page 61. "Peaceful and loving"? Horse Hockey!!

    2. Kaleb Harding

      I read What Were The Twin Towers by Jim O'Conner. They were built on August 26, 1966. In 1993 they were attacked by a bombers in a white van in the parking garage. That is when they knew they needed better security. On September 11, 2001 they were attacked again, but far worse.Everybody was in sorrow. This time two planes crashed into the towers. At first people had thought it was an accident but when the second hit they knew it was no accident. There were two more planes one headed for the pent [...]

    3. Tiffany

      Read this book to my third and fourth graders and they learned a lot. It made them think and come up with questions about the Twin Towers. It gives a great history of the towers being built and tells the story of the memorial that is in their place today. Very good read!

    4. Tayden Christians

      It was a very good book If you like the twin towers. I like how they in memory of the twin towers put up a museum with pieces of metal and bent steelis book really let me in on how big of a deal the twin towers were. I always knew about the a little but not this much. I've always been really interested in things like this. So maybe I will look more into it. I really liked this book and I think that if your interested in reading you should definitely read it.

    5. Sarah

      I read this with a small group of students who were not even born when the attacks of 9/11 happened. This book spiked an interest in them that I have not seen in a group of reluctant readers. From the facts about the construction of the buildings to the strange facts (like the daredevils) to the facts of the day of the attacks, this text sparked some really great discussion. It also brought up some intense emotions in me as I relived that day in my mind.

    6. Moop

      This was a great book on the history of the twin towers from the idea to build them to their terrible collapse. Lots of technical things in the book that describe how all the important decisions were made about the start and memory of the building. May be a little tough for a third grader to understand could be used for 4th or 5 th graders.

    7. Nancy

      Good information about the building of the towers and their destruction. The author's description of the Islam religion being peaceful was a mistake that made me wonder how much else in the story was false. He also said there were unheeded warning signs of the attack by government agencies and even the president. That was disturbing.

    8. Natalie

      I thought the book would mainly focus on 9/11 but the author gave a nice history of the Twin Towers that I quite enjoyed. *Tycoon David Rockefeller wanted Lower Manhattan to turn into a business hub and lively neighborhood. He had a plan to create some massive buildings and got NYC Port Authority behind him. *Getting the Port Authority involved was a sneaky move because they could use "eminent domain" to push out other businesses and take the land. (Reading between the lines of a kid's book, I b [...]

    9. Sunah Chung

      The nonfiction children’s book, What Were the Twin Towers?, does not mainly focus on 9/11 attacks. The book introduces general information of the Twin Towers about the background history of the construction of the building. It includes the original purpose of the building establishment, designing and construction processes with the discipline‐specific words, the 9/11 attacks, and the current memorial buildings for the victims.The structure of the contents are organized chronologically, and c [...]

    10. Lorenzo Costanza

      This story is about the Twin Towers and how they got destroyed on September 11, 2001. The book describes the history and the events of the attack. It goes on to talk about how Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden and how they carried out their vicious attack on 9/11. Osama bin Laden had told a group of terrorist attackers to target the twin towers with a plane from American Airlines. The 2 terrorist attackers went to the airport and hijacked a plane with approximately 92 passengers. They were flying for [...]

    11. Jordyn Pounders

      Starting with the attack of the World Trade Centers, this book describes why they were a target in the first place. It goes on to talk about who built them and why, and the struggles in took to get them up and also the amount of money it took to build them. It also tells the stories of the daredevils that decided to walk between them on a tightrope! It them goes on to explain the attack and why it happened, explaining what terrorist were and the architecture that caused the towers to fall. I enj [...]

    12. Marion Kim

      This is a great nonfiction book about the Twin Towers and why 9/11 marks on our calendar as a significant date in our country. This is written for a 3rd-4th graders. This book is about how the Twin Towers were built, what happened on 9/11, introduces to the term terrorist, and the Memorial Museum. This would be a great addition to the class library.

    13. Kellan Francis

      The twin towers are one of the tallest buildings in New York and what happened on September 11 2001.What was crazy is that when the attack happened the hijackers did to on all four crashes.One of the crashes hit the twin towers then another one hit the pentagon then another one hit pennsylvaina and the last one hit Washington D.C.It was very sad how it happened that day.

    14. Teri

      This is a fifth grade level book purchased with donor money and the first I've read from the set I own. Aptly timed, I thought the author covered a variety of topics centered around the buildings. History, location, engineering, architecture, and disaster.

    15. Denise

      A well-researched, factual introduction to a difficult topic. Includes line drawings, photographs, timelines, and a bibliography that denotes books for young readers.Well done. Recommended for grades 3-6.

    16. Catherine

      An interesting history on the Twin Towers. It was interesting to read about thhe different contest on the different designs for the towers and to learn about the first attack on the North Tower in 1993.

    17. Sinéad O'Neill

      I read this at a school library, where I saw it in the elementary section. While it was a good read, I felt that if I picked this up in grade 4 it would have been way to much information. While the info was relevant, maybe drop some of it and add different types of info.

    18. Thomas

      This book was great but it was more of an easier book. It took me about 35 minutes to read it. It is about the history of the twin towers that used to be in New York. Like when they were made and how they were made. History and things that people did like when a man walked across the two towers on a tightrope or the time someone climbed up them with no harness! Or the 1993 bombing on the twin towers. And it also tells you about that terrible day on September 11th that they were destroyed. I woul [...]

    19. Erin Pierce

      Not as interesting as the other "who was" books, which was kind of expected. Gave a good overall view of how the Towers came to be, their construction, and destruction.

    20. Erin

      Read this book as prep for a lesson with my 4th graders. Informative throughout the timeline of the Towers themselves and the aftermath of the attacks of 9/11. Will be using it with my students.

    21. B

      This compact book manages to convey a lot of information in an interesting way with plenty of photographs and illustrations. Great for kids

    22. Shyana Marie

      Book type: non fictionawards: nonesummary: This book is about the story behind the twin towers. It talks about their characteristics, for example it was 1,368 feet tall, and was the tallest building in the world. The book talks about why someone would want to destroy it and the tragedies that happened on 9/11/01. prompts: Has anyone heard the story of the twin towers?can anyone tell me what happened on 9/11?Have you ever seen a building that tall? Do you think the event hurt a lot of people? how [...]

    23. Carlee Danielle

      Being such a young age when 9/11 occurred, I felt that there was a lot of info I could gain from reading this book. In a short hour, I was informed of so many little details I had never heard of from 9/11- such as on a normal day the twin towers had an average of 150,000 workers and visitors come through their doorsbut only 3,000 people were killed TOTAL on 9/11. Obviously 3,000 is a huge number, but the ratio really came as a shock to me. I also did not realize that they collapsed in 8 and 12 s [...]

    24. Wendy

      "What Were the Twin Towers?" is a must read. It covers how and why the towers were built. But it also covers the first bomb attack in 1993 and more than half of it is dedicated to 9/11. It includes answers to common kid questions like "What is a terrorist?" in no nonsense, simple language. Black and white illustrations and photos add depth and clarity to a complicated, difficult topic. Provides good topics for family discussion any time, not just around the anniversary of 9/11.

    25. Scott

      It's a decent book for children first learning about 9/11. In addition to the attacks of September 11th, the book also goes into a (simplified) history of the design and building of the towers. I would recommend that parents read this first to determine if it's appropriate for their children.

    26. latonya rochelle!

      Great book for those too young to remember the day the towers fell or were born after 9/11/01. Also great to learn the history of the towers starting from the 1960s vision.

    27. Alicea Rodig

      this is a really great book telling the history of the twin towers from conception to destruction that fatal September day. A humble reminder of all that was lost that day.

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