The Joke's Over: Ralph Steadman on Hunter S. Thompson

The Joke s Over Ralph Steadman on Hunter S Thompson In the spring of artist Ralph Steadman went to America in search of work and found than he bargained for At the Kentucky Derby he met a formerassociate of the Hell s Angels one Hunter S Thompso

  • Title: The Joke's Over: Ralph Steadman on Hunter S. Thompson
  • Author: Ralph Steadman Kurt Vonnegut
  • ISBN: 9780151012824
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Joke's Over: Ralph Steadman on Hunter S. Thompson

    In the spring of 1970, artist Ralph Steadman went to America in search of work and found than he bargained for At the Kentucky Derby he met a formerassociate of the Hell s Angels, one Hunter S Thompson Their working relationship resulted in the now legendary Gonzo Journalism The Joke s Over tells of a remarkable collaboration that documented the turbulent yeaIn the spring of 1970, artist Ralph Steadman went to America in search of work and found than he bargained for At the Kentucky Derby he met a formerassociate of the Hell s Angels, one Hunter S Thompson Their working relationship resulted in the now legendary Gonzo Journalism The Joke s Over tells of a remarkable collaboration that documented the turbulent years of the civil rights movement, the Nixon years, Watergate, and the many bizarre and great events that shaped the second half of the twentieth century When Thompson committed suicide in 2005, it was the end of a unique friendship filled with both betrayal and under standing A rollicking, no holds barred memoir, The Joke s Over is the definitive inside story of the Gonzo years.

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      114 Ralph Steadman Kurt Vonnegut
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    One thought on “The Joke's Over: Ralph Steadman on Hunter S. Thompson

    1. Arthur Graham

      Few people knew HST better (or put up with more of his shit) than Ralph Steadman. I can see why he waited until his passing to publish this, as I can only imagine the haranguing and abuse (not to mention lawsuits) that would've otherwise likely ensued, but ultimately this was little more than a factual, mostly tender look back at their thirty-five years of working, fighting, and just generally living it up together. If HST were still around to object, it would be in his finally having to admit t [...]

    2. Lina Baker

      I have never written a review, and probably will not write many of them, but I felt some justification for my five-star rating was in order. Was this most well-written book I have ever read? By no means; but it had something that so many better-written, more focused books I have read lack: Integrity.This book (to briefly summarize) is a portrait of the relationship shared between Hunter S. Thompson (former Hell's Angel and American author extraordinaire) and Ralph Steadman (one of the most uniq [...]

    3. Anna

      I was willing this book to be good. No commentary I've ever read on Hunter has EVER been good.It is not wonderful. Ersatz Gonzo stylings from the illustrator who admits that Hunter HATED when he tried to write anything on the pictures so essential to his own success. There was much territorial pissing.Of course, HST is a complete MONSTER. He maces Steadman in the face at their first meeting. I have to say I believe Ralph totally on that one. The wound of his eventual inevitable rejection by Hunt [...]

    4. Rowland Pasaribu

      An interesting insight, sometimes a bitter rake, but overall a worthwhile read. Who'd of thought the illustrator behind many of the works of Hunter S. Thompson had a life of his own? Written from the shadow of arguable greatness Steadman lends his insider's voice to the clamor of voices trying to understand and account for one of the 20th century’s most controversial men of letters. Do his stories make me like hunter less? No. Does it make me like Steadman? Not really. As much as I love hearin [...]

    5. Simon Hawke

      Having read a good deal of Thompson's writing, I was curious to see what Steadman had to offer, since the two of them were so inextricably linked. One cannot really think of Thompson's writing without also mentally picturing Steadman's art, and vice versa. I did not really learn anything particularly new about Thompson. I already knew that he was a self-indulgent, egotistical and irresponsible child who had essentially become a parody of himself (one does not need to be a decent human being to b [...]

    6. Ryan Gellman

      A great read, for the most part. The book opens with a great HST Gonzo quote about Steadman that is hilarious even if totally misguided, that I won't reveal here. Steadman is astonishingly intelligent, and surprisingly a top notch writer as well. He has full command of the Gonzo parlance, when he wants it, and a fresh and full-spectrum style the rest of the time. This memoir of his friendship with HST is filled with love, and with understandable loathing, for which he provides very ample support [...]

    7. Frank

      The book started a lot stronger for me than it finished. Probably because Steadman was more enamored with his early years with Hunter before he became more and more "Hunter." Funny that in their first assignment Hunter was the one restraining Steadman, and there's a great story of Hunter just running through the airport with the Ivory tusks he brought back from "The Rumble in the Jungle" after they were confiscated by customs. He got away with itrta. The book never quite really puts a finger on [...]

    8. Ian

      Very different than the typical sycophantic biographies you find of HST. He is uncompromisingly honest in his assessments of HST, and pulls no punches. He isn't afraid to include the good with the bad, and he is just as effusive with the praise for his talent and friendship as he is with his scorn and bitterness toward to the less-agreeable aspects of their friendship and working relationships. He makes it clear that he deeply valued their friendship and co-creative relationship, but it was alwa [...]

    9. Sarah

      The book opens with a quote from Thompson, telling Steadman that he shouldn't write because he'll bring shame on his family. Unfortunately it's true, Steadman's writing isn't great. The editing isn't so good either, the book would be better if it was less repetitive and 100 pages shorter. The book is still a cool insight into the love-hate relationship between two anti-establishment artists. It was fun to read about the Kentucky Derby from Steadman's point of view.

    10. A

      What was well known was that Hunter S. Thompson lived life large. It takes a great and close friend to portray Thompson intimately and with honesty. It takes a skillful writer to describe a complicated and over-the-top life. Thanks to Ralph Steadman, Thompson is unflinchingly viewed through his many layers. That so much was accomplished during his lifetime is now evident as no small feat.

    11. Stop

      Read the STOP SMILING interview with artist Ralph SteadmanSTEADMAN on STEADMANBy Sally Vincent(This interview originally appeared in STOP SMILING The U.K. Issue)n February, writer Sally Vincent sat down in the home studio of artist Ralph Steadman, 70, in Kent, England for a cover story interview. Below is an excerpt of that conversation, available in full in Issue 26: The U.K. IssueStop Smiling: You stopped drawing politicians a while back. Have you ever been tempted to start again?Ralph Steadma [...]

    12. Luke Goldstein

      In the world of fiction there exists a plethora of dynamic duos — Batman and Robin, Sherlock Holmes and Watson, Timmy and Lassie, but in the more narrowly focused world of quasi-real fact-bending narrative, there stands one couple towering over the masses, Hunter S. Thompson and Ralph Steadman. Originally just a marketing moment for one artist to help illustrate an article for a crazed, rebellious writer on the upswing, what sprung from the meeting of these two wild minds left an impression on [...]

    13. Brendan

      A fantastic book that I simply did not want to end. I've read and reread HST's life story from a wide variety of perspectives, from his own to that of outside observers and biographers, and this is far and away one of the most intimate and revealing. Highly recommended.

    14. Ken

      Any literary enlightenment regarding the relationship between famed Gonzo journalist and his companion, illustrator Ralph Steadman, can hardly avoid becoming a series of crazed adventures because that's what Hunter was about. The same was expected of those that lived within his orbit, whether they're friends or simply observers. Personally I'm not as interested in what made Hunter tick. I'd rather hear about what kind of trouble he got people into. "The Jokes Over" provides plenty of these tales [...]

    15. Ryan

      HST apparently told Steadman something along the lines of, ¨Don´t write, Ralph, you´ll embarass your family.¨ If this book is representative of his writing, I would have to agree. With significant repetition and a disjointed, ¨gonzo¨ style, it´s a hard narrative to follow. On the other hand, as a personal, anecdotal, stream of consciouness reminiscing of the joys and pains of working with and being in the vicinity of HST, it´s and interesting read.Ralph seems to be staking a claim as a c [...]

    16. James

      I’m pretty obsessed with the life and work of Hunter S. Thompson. The most recent stop on my fascination train was Ralph Steadman’s memoir.It’s subtitled “Bruised Memories: Gonzo, Hunter S. Thompson, and Me” so I was expecting the revelations of some puffy, purple contusion-memories. I wasn’t entirely disappointed. Steadman shares an interesting story with biting, unforgiving opinions to match. Five highlights:1. “…and then there was Hunter, this magnificent outlaw, with jangling [...]

    17. Michael Pronko

      This memoir of the working relationship between Steadman and Thompson will most likely appeal to fans mainly. Those fans will want a five-star rating for this, and I would concur. However, the book is also a fascinating glimpse for those less steeped in Gonzo to understand what Hunter S. Thompson achieved in his writing, and how he lived to support, fuel and light the fuse of his writing. He's a wild man, and Steadman kept pace with him, in his own way. Their relationship will never get the othe [...]

    18. Dan Schuna

      This is an odd little book. Part chronicle of Steadman and Thompson's working relationship and part Steadman career memoir. The book covers most of the high and low points of Steadman's career as an artist, sometimes with Hunter, sometimes without. Regardless, what you get is a poignant, fascinating picture of a nearly 40 year friendship and a decent idea of what it was like to be around Thompson The Man, not just Thompson The Legend, The Character. Thompson's greed, his worry, his regret and in [...]

    19. Angie

      I picked up this book because, like many others, I've become fascinated with Hunter Thompson and Ralph Steadman, of course, did the art that became attached to Thompson's writing. Having first read Thompson about 13 years ago, I realized I'd never bothered reading much else. The book is a little surprising. Steadman has a writing style that veers between lyrical and choppy. He's very, very honest- including about having felt used and abused by Thompson and other literary figures. He acknowledges [...]

    20. Eric

      A good read if you want a different perspective on the ramblings and exploits of HST. Not so much if you are looking for solid writing and truly engrossing non-fiction. A must for those who enjoy Hunter's work and wonder what it would have been like to pal around with one of the craziest and most brilliantly different minds of this century.Although my admiration for Ralph Steadman's artwork runs deep, his writing leaves something to be desired. Here, he has chronicled his dealings with the mad-m [...]

    21. David Hewitt

      Everyone I'm sure is well familiar with Hunter S. Thompson's legendary viewpoints on journalism and life. Idolized by many, Thompson was always interesting to me but never really caught on as one of my heroes.Ralph Steadman was a close friend to the deceased doctor of journalism, and offers anecdotes, insight, and artwork into the mad inner workings of Gonzo. Also, much to my delight, are some personal stories of just Steadman, (no HST required) whose art I've always been fond of. Starting from [...]

    22. Carlo

      Strange but fitting in that Ralph chooses to write in a similar fashion as Hunter. I don't know if I'd feel the same about the book if not for the performance of the reader, James Adams. Steadman does a great job at incorporating his memories with letters from Hunter. He incorporates Hunter's recommendation that he NEVER attempt to write with self-deprecating humor. When he tells of how frustrated things could get with Hunter, he does so in a loving, miss the old bastard way off two good friends [...]

    23. Jeremy

      There are a few moment that fall flat here, though I'm sure they were bonkers in real life. Steadman never tries to imitate his most famous collaborator, but that unmistakable is present throughout courtesy of letters, faxes, and excerpts from Thompson's work. Narrator James Adams does a fine job, though his American accents leave something to be desired, and I'm pretty sure Jann Wenner's name is pronounced like "yawn" and not "Jan". The inevitability of Thompson's suicide seems to hang over muc [...]

    24. Tony DuShane

      Ralph Steadman is the artist and illustrator most famously known for his continued work for The New Yorker as well as his work for Thompson's "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas".This book is a tell all about Hunter and his relationship as well as pretty much what a shitty friend Hunter wasough Steadman speaks of him with affection, I would've dropped Hunter in a second if he treated me the way he treated Steadman.Steadman seems to like being the underdog and also liked being part of the cult of per [...]

    25. Tommy_again

      Any uneven spots, spills, or whatever little criticisms one might have of an artist sitting down to write are quickly set aside under the spell of Steadman's charm and grace. He and HST's legacy gave Ralp Steadman every right to write a sappy, soft-focus mess of good intentions -- thankfully, he did no such thing. What you get is a book that seems like it might've been the elusive fresh approach for Thompson himself to have taken at any point after Lono: the men, myths, and legends as seen throu [...]

    26. Lindsay

      Ralph Steadman is the man responsible for the bizzare, awesome artwork most closely associated with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The story begins quite hilariously- HST hated Steadman's drawings so much that he sprayed Steadman with mace. I've read nearly all HST books in print, so it was interesting to get new perspective. Besides Gonzo, HST is known for his drug usage and the book doesn't shy away from it. It is loaded with Steadman's own photos and drawings; I think I spent just as much ti [...]

    27. Ryan Young

      ralph steadman is not a writer. luckily he borrows heavily from correspondence with HST and even borrows lines from HST works. you can see the influence hunter had on ralph throughout his life. i like the perspective ralph offers of trying to be a friend to this unreliable, ungrateful, asshole of a man. it is easy to forget what day to day life must have been like for people close to him. HST was a horrible friend, a dope fiend, a criminal, deadbeat dad, paranoiac, and a brilliant writer favorit [...]

    28. Lissa

      Ralph Steadman, illustrator of Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas aqnd pretty much every other significant work of Hunter S. Thompson thereafter fondly remembers his old buddy (and, as the Dr. himself would snarl "meal ticket," although Steadman's magnificently weird Alice in Wonderland shows he can stand on his own). It is as wild and funny as would be expected, although it does get a little long-winded and, well, sad at the end as Hunter S. Thompson becomes even more of an asshole to everyone ar [...]

    29. Stefan Glosby

      A fantastic read by the man who was for many years Hunter S Thompson's partner in crime.Full of anecdotes and touching memories, Steadman recounts the major events he covered with Thompson, taking in the Kentucky Derby, the Watergate Scandal, the America's Cup and the making of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, fleshing them out with his classically brutal illustrations.Steadman's writing style treads a fine line between his own and Thompson's, bringing out the full impact of the stories.Funny, in [...]

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