The Devil You Know

The Devil You Know From the USA Today bestselling author of This Gun for Hire and one of today s premier western romance writers a captivating new Western historical romance WHAT HE DOESN T KNOW After a horse drags him

  • Title: The Devil You Know
  • Author: Jo Goodman
  • ISBN: 9780425277447
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Devil You Know

    From the USA Today bestselling author of This Gun for Hire and one of today s premier western romance writers, a captivating new Western historical romance WHAT HE DOESN T KNOW After a horse drags him through the countryside, Israel McKenna awakes bruised and battered in a field in Pancake Valley, Colorado He can recall where he came from and where he wasFrom the USA Today bestselling author of This Gun for Hire and one of today s premier western romance writers, a captivating new Western historical romance WHAT HE DOESN T KNOW After a horse drags him through the countryside, Israel McKenna awakes bruised and battered in a field in Pancake Valley, Colorado He can recall where he came from and where he was going, but the memory of how he came to be on the Pancake homestead eludes him He s certain he did something wrong to deserve such a harsh punishment and so is the beautiful woman who reluctantly comes to his aid COULD HURT HER Wilhelmina Willa Pancake must focus on running her family s ranch With Israel s hazy memory, she is unsure if she can trust him, let alone handle the budding attraction between them And as men fight to steal her land and the truth about Israel s past rides toward them, love is a risk she cannot easily take.

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    One thought on “The Devil You Know

    1. Baba

      DNF @22%, no ratingI'd been reading this book for several weeks until I decided to throw in the towel at 22%. It was too long-winded and boring. Neither the main protagonists nor the storyline could hold my interest. I guess even good writing can't always save a book. Thus I never felt like I should pick it up again. DNF it is.

    2. Jill

      What she finally acknowledged, reluctantly and unhappily, was that Israel McKenna reminded her she was a woman. Israel McKenna awakes half-dead on land owned by the Pancake family in Colorado. His hands have been tied and he's been dragged through the countryside and left for dead. Lucky for him he's discovered by young Annalea Pancake who raises the alarm. Brought back to the homestead and nursed back to health by Wilhelmina (Willa), Annalea's older sister, Israel gradually recovers physically, [...]

    3. -y.a

      The story line in The Devil You Know is not only layered with secrets, mystery, and humor, but features a very adorable 8-year old girl who, I believe, steals the show throughout the book.Protagonists:Israel isn’t a possessive, tough-as-nails alpha (view spoiler)[ He is not a good shooter so the guy on the book cover seems to be more likekodak moment.(hide spoiler)] nor the sweet, reliable beta hero. He is more likea sigma hero, one who has a clever, cunning mind with ability to persuade peopl [...]

    4. Dina

      My favorite character in this book was Annalea, who was not the heroine. My second favorite character was Happy, who was not the hero. There's something "wrong" with a book when its H/h fail to engage me, so I can't give this book more than 3 stars.

    5. Keri

      4.5 Stars. Let's just call this one a sophisticated western romance and call it a day. I love JG and she is my only go to author for historical western romance, so I allow her a lot of leeway when it comes to her stories. I loved Israel and Willa as a couple, but it took me awhile to get there for them, but in the end I did. Although I will say, it takes awhile for the actual romance to heat up for the story overall. I suspected Willa's secret from the get go, but didn't expect how it played out [...]

    6. Dorine

      THE DEVIL YOU KNOW by Jo Goodman will entice you to seek more of these romantic feel-good westerns. Jo Goodman always entertains western historical fans with her brand of subtle humor that comes across so beautifully in actions and words. Find a shelf and start stocking it with Goodman's westerns and be prepared to reread them often since you're going to crave them more than once.For more reviews, plus travel, garden and food topics with photos, visit The Zest Quest, my pursuit of a zestful life [...]

    7. Misfit

      This was fun, Goodman's newer westerns are usually a sold four stars for me. I enjoyed the H/h and the way Goodman develops the relationship letting the characters develop and not an immediate hop into bed. Some interesting twists and turns that kept me surprised as I didn't see them all coming. There is another book that proceeds this one, which I haven't read yet, but I didn't feel that I was missing anything by not having read that.

    8. Jaclyn

      Originally reviewed at The Book Adventures.The Devil You Know is the latest Western romance from Jo Goodman and it should be paired with Goodman's This Gun for Hire. In The Devil You Know Israel McKenna is discovered beaten and bloody on Willa Pancake’s land. Suspicious about how the man ended up in that condition, Willa nonetheless decides to take him in (her precocious sister might have something to do with that). Rather than calming her fears, Israel can’t tell Willa why he ended up where [...]

    9. Luli

      Lo que más me gusta de esta autora es que sus romances se cuecen a “fuego lento” y sus diálogos son ingeniosos y divertidos. Pero aún así sus historias no siempre funcionan para mí, este ha sido un claro ejemplo.No he conseguido conectar con los protagonistas. No me han parecido realistas, han estado bien, me han entretenido pero les ha faltado fondo. Ha habido una descompensación palpable entre el pasado y bagaje de los protagonistas y su carácter. Al principio no es chocante pero en [...]

    10. Sophia

      Clinched it with this latest book! Jo Goodman is now one of my top western historical romance authors. Flawed yet engaging characters, western life, a plot varied with intrigue, passion, and humor, and the sort of storytelling that compels the reader to keep turning pages and rooting on the heroes. I immediately picked this one up when I saw it and I am ever so glad I did.While I didn't notice anywhere that it was touted as such, this is actually the second in a duology about the McKenna Brother [...]

    11. Laura (Kyahgirl)

      3/5; 3 stars; B+I am a fan of this author because she always develops interesting characters and takes a close look at what makes us human and what makes a community. That being said, this book fell a bit short for me because the first half was slow to the point of being boring. The last third of the book was more in the style I am used to from Goodman but I didn like it well enough to bump the whole thing up to four stars. I love the way Jo Goodman portrays youngsters in her books and eight yea [...]

    12. Gwen (The Gwendolyn Reading Method)

      Sometimes Jo Goodman just gets it right for me. I usually find Old West Romance problematic in terms of plot and characterization, but Jo Goodman has the ability to cut through all the tropes and the stereotypes and create relatable characters & interesting plots.

    13. Mandi Schreiner

      Character driven story - nice wit. Her characters are so well developed. I wouldn't have complained had we had some bigger events happen - but enjoyed. Review to come

    14. Anna's Herding Cats

      Reviewed for herding cats & burning soup.The Devil You Know was everything I expect from Goodman. She just has a way of pulling you in completely and making you feel like you're right there with the characters every step of the way--through the hard times, the laughs, the dangers and as they're falling in love. It's a wonderful experience. Okay so the quick of it is that Willa's little sister found a man in their fields on day. He'd been beaten and left for dead and couldn't remember a thing [...]

    15. Gracie

      I have tried to a couple other books by this author and I always think they are going to be good but they never are. The Devil You Know was just the same. Long and dull as ditch water. NOTE TO SELF: Do not read any more Jo Goodman. You do not like her style. Her books are always too boring for you. Save yourself the time and money and Goodman the bad review.

    16. Marlene

      This joint review was originally published at The Book PushersReviewed by: E, Lou, Marlene1. Thoughts on the HeroE: I really got the impression Israel was an anti-hero. While he claimed he didn’t know or remember what happened to bring him to Willa’s attention, he knew he customarily let people down and therefore she shouldn’t trust him. Yet as the story progressed he found himself for maybe the first time unwilling to fall back to his usual habits. Somehow Willa, her oddball family, and h [...]

    17. Anne in VA

      YES!!!! This is what I have been waiting for from Jo Goodman. This is Jo Goodman at her absolute BEST!!!I think these might be two of my most favorite characters EVER. One of the things that Jo Goodman does like no other is creating a couple that not only brings the heat, but they bring that connection we sometimes lack in romance novels. Willa and Isreal, they're a team--and an awesome team at that.This story was not rushed. Goodman weaves this story perfectly and you see how these characters g [...]

    18. Michele

      The Devil You Know was an all-consuming western historical romance that found me completely in love with its characters. Add to that a plot filled with secrets, surprises and tons of heart, and you have the perfect combination for an unforgettable story. ‘What she finally acknowledged, reluctantly and unhappily, was that Israel McKenna reminded her she was a woman.’I absolutely adore the way Jo Goodman writes her characters. They are flawed, down-to-earth, and have interesting, realistic qui [...]

    19. Heather andrews

      Willa isn't a shy girl, she can voice her opinions and needs, “only if you intend to burn down the house. I want you to move closer. You’re a furnace. I’m not.” He obliged her, inching toward her until she took him by the hand and pulled his arm across her waist." Willa appreciates a good game of strip poker with her man, “I like this game,” she said, lying fully on top of him. “I’m still wearing my drawers, and you’re wearing me, and I don’t even care if you think that makes [...]

    20. Cardyn Brooks

      The Devil You Know continues J.G.'s change of pace with a more fundamentally humorous interaction between Willa and Israel as the featured characters, which was established in Calico and Quill's story. Devastating circumstances and tragedies are revealed, but a glass-half-full attitude prevails. Adding a precocious child and faithful hound to this tale about karma, second chances, and redemption just makes it more enjoyable.

    21. Donia

      I tried reading this book a long time ago and it didn't appeal to me. I have discovered that a readers mood and needs at any given time can often make a large difference in whether or not a certain book appeals at times. And, such was the case with this story. The first time I tried it several years ago, I did not like the story and didn't finish it. This time around I found myself delighted. It's winter. It's cold. I am alone and lonely. I rarely laugh out loud when reading but I have found the [...]

    22. Michele

      Fantastic. As in all Jo Goodman's books, especially recent books, the plots are well developed as are the characters. The love interest is always between adults, not petulant adolescents. She uses a touch of humor and a lot of character development. Love Isreal McKenna with his self deprecation, Willa Pancake with her intenseness, and Annalea Pancake with her quirky 10 year old brain. Even Happy has redeeming qualities. High recommended.

    23. Seema

      I enjoyed this second book in the series. A man is found almost dead and is rescued by the daughter of a nearby ranch owner. Her sister falls in love with him and gets married to him. There was a mystery to his arrival and some villains who got caught in the end. The characterization of the heroine Willa and her sister Annalea was very interesting. Israel the hero was a flawed character who found redemption when he fell in love. All the secondary characters were well done and though the book too [...]

    24. Joycee

      All's well that ends well.Another winner from Ms. Goodman. I like her turn of phrase, her pacing, her characters and their interactions, her revelations and the timing of them, and her resolution.Although part of the story line was similar to the previous Ms. Goodman novel I'd read, for some reason I enjoyed this one better. I'm glad Malcolm Barber got his comeuppance. And poor Eli got his just desserts. And that Israel needs spectacles so sexy. :)

    25. Beth Tilley

      A wounded man is found on Pancake land without his short term memory. Is he friend or foe? Regardless, this new protector is just what Willa Pancake needs now. (However, I'm disturbed by the reoccurring rape victim theme in Goodman's books.)

    26. Judith Sherrod

      The Devil you knowHaven't read a Jo Goodman book for awhile. I found this one to be well written and more than fun. Isreal and Willa began a little awkward but quickly began to have feelings for each other. Both had secrets but found that being honest was the way to go.

    27. Julia

      Given his secrets, it takes awhile to get any sense of Israel as a character. I didn’t mind this slow ramp up too much, the end result was satisfying.

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