Dust of Eden

Dust of Eden Before the world was born there was the Dust of Eden blood red earth from which all else was created The last deposit of the mysterious dust became a viciously guarded secretuntil the site was distur

  • Title: Dust of Eden
  • Author: ThomasSullivan
  • ISBN: 9780451411389
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dust of Eden

    Before the world was born, there was the Dust of Eden blood red earth from which all else was created The last deposit of the mysterious dust became a viciously guarded secretuntil the site was disturbed A bit of Eden found its way into the hands of Ariel Leppa an embittered elderly woman unaware of its ferocious powerr a time.

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    One thought on “Dust of Eden

    1. Steven

      The book started out with well with a decent opening story and a very good concept. Unfortunately, the rest of it was not good, including the ending. The writing was lacking. For instance, in the opening, which overall was okay, several characters are introduced with a paragraph telling the story of each. These characters last through one scene and then are gone. It would have been better to only offer a brief one line description of each or perhaps even better a summary of the group with focus [...]

    2. Carole Lanham

      Pulitzer Prize nominated Thomas Sullivan draws readers into this haunting classic with language that is mysterious and lovely as the blood-red sand that sweeps across its pages. The result is a gothic beauty shimmering with the sort of sly and sinister magic that is the hallmark of a good Sullivan novel. There is something utterly timeless about the way this story makes your skin crawl, like a good old-fashioned monster hiding away under your bed, or the creak of phantom footsteps in an empty at [...]

    3. Beth

      This was one of B&N's summer sale ebooks. Not certain about the storyline or how it was told. It started out very interesting and then became a tale of an old woman's hatred of the world and the people she had known throughout her life. A tale of her revenge. I read the whole thing butn't recommend it.

    4. Joe

      The writing was interesting but I had difficulty hanging on to the story. The main character at the beginning is a man about to put his father in an old folks home, and then he's pushed to the background for much of the rest of the story.

    5. Jen Locke

      I guess I finally finished it. I had to know how it turned out. And that was very anticlimactic. Wish I would have stopped reading long ago. Oh well, not every book can be engaging and have a fantastic story.

    6. Terri Weitze

      Big, interesting set up for a not so great story. I just found this to be a slog. Though I admit that it kept me engaged enough to finish (but then, once started, I seldom let myself leave a book unfinished).

    7. Scott

      A very interesting premise that goes through ups and downs in this lengthy book. A bit too wordy for my taste and the ending was rushed.

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