A Bear In Hiding

A Bear In Hiding Brian Mitchell has been living a double life To most he s a kind hearted gentle man who always goes out of his way to help those less fortunate Few know that what lurks beneath is a dangerous killer

  • Title: A Bear In Hiding
  • Author: Christa Kelley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Bear In Hiding

    Brian Mitchell has been living a double life To most he s a kind hearted, gentle man who always goes out of his way to help those less fortunate Few know that what lurks beneath is a dangerous killer one that Brian has struggled to repress since a lethal encounter many years ago Unlike his brothers, he considers his curse a blessing it gives him a reason to keep anyonBrian Mitchell has been living a double life To most he s a kind hearted, gentle man who always goes out of his way to help those less fortunate Few know that what lurks beneath is a dangerous killer one that Brian has struggled to repress since a lethal encounter many years ago Unlike his brothers, he considers his curse a blessing it gives him a reason to keep anyone from getting too close But that all changes when he s tasked with taking care of one very scared shifter Emma s life hasn t been a bed of roses Trapped in an abusive relationship for years, she was sure things couldn t get worse And then they did After a strange encounter with a bear, Emma started to change The next thing she knew, she was waking up in a police station, staring into the gentle eyes of the most gorgeous man she d ever seen As Emma struggles to understand the terrifying new reality of her life, Brian struggles to keep his beast from trying to claim its mate A Bear in Hiding is a complete, standalone novel with a HEA ending and NO CLIFFHANGER Content Warning Explicit love scenes and smokin hot werebears Adult only bear shifter romance

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    One thought on “A Bear In Hiding

    1. Georgina Parkin

      I liked this just as much as book two, it's fairly enjoyable and nothing too wacky like some similar to these tend to do. I love the length and I'm probably going to read book three just to find out what that brother did to Alana haha

    2. Jean Smith

      Sometimes love helps us find the strength within Emma has led a life of abuse. First she survived an abusive childhood watching her father beat her mother regularly then she trusted the wrong man and ended up in an abusive marriage of her own. When it all became too much she divorced his ass and attempted to move on. One bear attack later and she was back in the cross hairs of her ex-husband. A pregnancy scare sees her finally standing up to life even if it is in the form of running for Canada.B [...]

    3. Lissette

      I was gifted this ARC in exchange for an honest review.A Bear in Hiding is book two in the Marked series. This book touches on a very sensitive subject of spousal abuse. It’s a fast paced interesting read that had you on the edge of your seat at times! It’s well-written, with strong characters, and an interesting story development. Christa Kelley keeps the reader intrigued by having to read in between the lines in order to catch glimpses of something thrilling to come. I loved the narrations [...]

    4. Ana

      This is book 2 in The Marked series. It was just as intriguing and suspenseful as the first.Emma is running as fast as she can from a very abusive husband, but she has no idea what has been done to her She wakes up in a strange place to discover that she is going to turn into a bear soonCan her life get any worse than it has been?Brian is dedicated to helping those needing to learn about their new shifts and never thought he'd meet his mate in one of them. Having been cursed by his brothers ex, [...]

    5. Patricia Kieffer

      A Bear In Hiding By Christa KelleyEmma woke up in a cell. Scared he had found her. All her things were gone. The Sheriff unlocked the cell and left her out. Emma bolted, looking to get away, but she ran straight into a solid wall of muscles, Brian. He was there to help her, but the men in her life had only hurt her. She elbowed him and ran for the exit. This story keeps you guessing with twist and turns though out the story. I laugh and cried because the Author pulls you right into the story fro [...]

    6. Hollie

      This was an ok shifter romance although very typical and predictable. It felt like numerous other shifter reads I've read in the past. nothing original. It won't be a series I personally continue.

    7. Sue Riley

      A Bear in Hiding: BBW Paranormal Bear Shifter Romance: The Marked: Book 2Christa KelleyReviewed by SFF DragonWhat a really great read with a lot of surprises in store. Things aren't always what you think. I loved it. Can't wait for the next one.'A Bear in Hiding' is the second book in 'The Marked' series by Christa Kelley and I was given this copy in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed reading 'A Bear in Need', book 1 of the series, and this one is as good, if not better. This paranor [...]

    8. Yvonne Daniels

      Received the ARC for an honest reviewI absolutely love reading bear shifter romance. Christa Kelley has written one the best shifter romance to read. I have fallen in love with her characters are compelling, believable, realistic and sexy. The storyline has real life issues, it's thrilling, has mystery, surprises and a great flowing pace. I was so excited to read A Bear in Hiding and live up to all I expected and more. What find so intriguing about Ms. Kelley books are you get to visit character [...]

    9. Roxie's Reviews

      "Breaking the curse"Oh I love a book that grabs you from the start and this is one of those!. The story line is incredible!. Plus the characters are stunning!.Emma is a spunky curvy young woman. Emma wakes up in a jail cell with out any idea how she got there. The last thing she remembered was being on a bus headed for New York. Emma is headed towards Canada trying to escape an abusive Ex. Frank. At first she wonders if he caught up with her. Only the man who shows up on the other side of the ja [...]

    10. Dora

      Emma woke up in a cell without memory of how she got there. She was afraid and suspicious because she was getting far away from Frank, her abusive ex-husband. Brian was called there to pick her up and help her but he sensed something about her. She was his mate! But he can’t do a thing about that. He can’t control his bear and was afraid to hurt Emma. When he told her why she didn’t remember what happened to her Emma didn’t trust him. Brian offered to show her that shifters existed. She [...]

    11. Cilicia White

      This book two in the Marked series. This is standalone with a HEA and no cliffhanger. We meet Brian in the first book and wanted to know his story on why he was the way he is and boy do we. He is a gentle giant but beneath all that he is a fierce warrior who will do anything to protect those who are in trouble. Emma is running from an abusive past and from something that is inside of her that she can't seem to control. When she wakes up in jail and not knowing how she got there she agrees to let [...]

    12. Sharon Hatt

      Brian has been suppressing his bear and basically hiding out ever since an incident many years ago left him scarred. He doesn’t mind the curse as he already felt he would be too afraid to hurt a mate should he ever find one. That is until he met Emma, his mate, she was turned and has no idea what she now is so he has taken on the responsibility of teaching her how to become one with her bear and live as normal a life as possible. He has ulterior motives to keep her in Star Lake and he hopes as [...]

    13. Rebecca

      Brian is the gentle brother, who can calm stressful situations. Hence the reason he helps train new bear shifters learn to deal with their bears. and this is how he meets Emma. Emma is on the run from an abusive ex and she's been feeling very odd and she's not sure what to do when she wakes up in a police Jail cell in a town she has no clue how she got to it. Did her ex find her?Brian knows Emma is skittish and scared and will do whatever it takes to feel protected and safe. Emma has never felt [...]

    14. Ingrid Stephanie Jordan

      Title: Bear In HidingThe Marked Book 2Author : Christa Kelley Reviewed by : Stephanie Jordan ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ I've said in only a few of my reviews that if they gave a 100 stars, that will still be not enough Star's for this Book. When Ms.Kelley wrote this book she wove into her story linea topic that many women hide or are ashamed that they think they are ignorant and weak so they stay in an abusive relationship because they think it's their fault. [...]

    15. Sue Zawisa

      Review for A BEAR IN HIDINGI received this as an ARC for an honest reviewEmma is on the run from an abusive ex husband and has absolutely no idea how she ended up in a jail cell in Star Lake, Connecticut. She meets Brian Mitchell there who takes her to get something to eat and then explains to her that she is a bear shifter. Emma has some vague recollections but she is still wary until Brian shows the truth of the matter and then offers to help her control her bear. Emma cannot explain the draw [...]

    16. Ann

      This has been a great series so far.Brian is the sweet and thoughtful middle brothere gentle brother. And a bear-shifter who doesn't shift after an incident several years previously. He spends his time helping other shifters get control of their beast.Emma is on the run from her abusive ex-husband. She wakes up in a jail cell in Star Lake, CT with no memory of how she got there. She meets Brian and instinctively trusts him but knows she can't hang around town in case her ex tracks her down. What [...]

    17. Sandi Ramirez

      I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Another Hit on Christa Kelley hands in the second book in this series. Each book is a stand alone. I would highly suggest reading A Bear in Need though as it explains some things mentioned in book one and well it is a great book as well.What is not to like about a Big Burly Bear Shifter who rescues a girl in need. This book really touches a lot of bases with me. My family has seen many of the things mentioned in this book and I sure [...]

    18. Erica Deer-Davis

      I received this book as a gift for an honest review.Book two in the Marked series is a standalone book. We meet Emma who wakes up in a jail cell with absolutely no memory of how or when she got there. She is terrified that her abusive ex husband whom is a cop has somehow found her. Emma is suspicious and terrified and on the run. Enter Brian the gentle bear who helps new shifters get to know their bears and help them move on. The minute his bear sees Emma he knows the word mate. Emma agrees to s [...]

    19. D Thomas

      Bear in Hiding (The Marked, # 2)by Christa KelleyEmma is on the run from her ex-husband. She is heading to Canada, as he can get to her anywhere in the US. She doesn't know what happened, but she wakes up in a jail cell and the first thing she thinks is that her ex has already found her.Brian is called in to help a new bear-shifter in need. Only the woman doesn't know she is a bear-shifter. Brian like his brother's was cursed by Alana (a witch), to not be able to keep his mate when he finds her. [...]

    20. Melvina Peterson

      Wowzaaaaaaa Omg just when you think it you have read one shifter story can't get any better than look out, Bam! Christa Kelly done fantastic job well done well done well done!!!In A Bear in Hiding: Shifter (The Marked Book 2) we fines Brain is called there to pick Emma up from jail cell but he sensed her bear and she's his mate. It's a fantastic story that his focus on many things from spouses abuse trusting in you as whole and others most of all standing up for what your believe in. All I will [...]

    21. Catrina

      In the second Marked Ones book, Brian meets a scared new shifter in need of training named Emma who he quickly realizes is his mate. However, things are never easy for a couple when you bring an abusive past and a curse into the mix. Although Brian and Emma feel strongly for each other, is their love enough to break through all their issues, or will their personal demons hold each of them back from each other? Reading this well written tales answers that question for you. The beautifully fleshed [...]

    22. Rose

      5.0 out of 5 stars It is a must read and I'm looking forward to book three!, June 24, 2015This review is from: A Bear in Hiding: BBW Paranormal Bear Shifter Romance (The Marked Book 2) (Kindle Edition)I was gifted this ARC in exchange for a honest review. I'm thankful for being a part of Christa Kelley ARC Club. A Bear in Hiding is the second book in The Marked Series that brings us the story of Emma and Brian Mitchell. Both characters are running from their trouble past, a complete standalone n [...]

    23. Sonja Ratliff

      I loved the story line. Gavin is a Rakahasa (evil shifter) who was cursed because he had killed so many of the lifemates (Chala's) the only people that the Light Ones (good shifters) can have children with. His curse came from a fate called Prim for killing the last Chala that she was protecting. Throw in a cross dressing fate who is Sydney's protector and a bunch of other Light Ones who are drawn to Sydney and than toss a whole bunch of Rakahasa at them and you have a really interesting read. T [...]

    24. Sheryl

      I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author Christa Kelley. This is book 2 of her series The Marked.Emma is running for her life from her ex. When she wakes up in a cell she is not sure how she got there or even where she is but she know she is not safe as long as her ex can find her in the USA.Brian helps newly turned shifters find an equal peace between their beast and their human. Too bad he does not listen to his own advice. When trouble threatens Emma, Brian and his bear [...]

    25. Lisa

      A Bear in Hiding is book 2 of The Marked series by Christa Kelley. It tells the story of bear shifter Brian and just turned bear shifter Emma. Emma is running from her abusive husband and ends up in jail with no clue how she got there. Brian comes to her aid and realizes she's his mate. He commits to helping her learn about being a shifter but believes it's better for both of them if he does not claim her as his mate.This series is very good. I love the twist of the brothers being the protectors [...]

    26. Ann

      This is the second book in this series and while you do not need to read the first one I would recommend it so all the characters in the book are familiar. I got hooked on this series through the first book and was looking forward to the next brothers story. I enjoyed watching how Brian showed Emma how to love her bear even though he really did not like his in the beginning. I also liked watching how they both grew and changed throughout the storyline. I am looking forward to the next story in t [...]

    27. Roxane

      I received this book for an honest review.This is the 2nd book in the series. In this book we get to know the middle brother, BrianBrian is the middle Mitchell brother. He meets Emma and learns she is his mate, but cannot claim her due to the curse. Emma has led an abusive life with her father and her ex-husband. She is on the run from her ex-husband, when she meets Brian. She does not realize the bear attack she survived was a shifter and that she is now one. Brian wants to help her learn how t [...]

    28. iliana G

      I was givnen an Arc by the author for an honest review.Another great book in this series!The second book is the story of Bryce and Emma.Emma is running away from an abusive ex when she wakes up in jail and after a while learns she is a bear shifter.Bryce tries to help Emma though he can't help himself and his bear.When emma's ex shows up its up to her and Bryce to make.Can they both move over their issues with their bears and face Emma's ex and be together???A heart warming story that will make [...]

    29. Belinda

      This is the second in a series of books that I got the first one for free on a freebie site offering free Kindle books. I was hooked! The series is about 3 brothers who are cursed because of the actions of one brother who was previously involved with a witch. Eventually, through self sacrifice and love, theie curses are lifted but there is also a story arc that reaches across the last two books. I won't say more than that because the general summary tells you already who and what the books are a [...]

    30. Tammy Nitschke Sokol

      I loved this book, love the series, and love the author! I just couldn't put this one down. I did receive this book as an ARC, and I happily started reading and I was hooked! I loved the first book in the series and couldn't wait for more. You can't go wrong with a growly grumpy bear hero and the curvy lady that he falls for. ;-) don't hesitate to pick this one up, the first and be like me a liver of bear shifters, and shifters and alphas in general! Very well worth reading and waiting for book [...]

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