The Summer the World Ended

The Summer the World Ended The Summer The World Ended is a brilliantly woven tale Unforeseen twists and a masterfully paced storyline assures that Matthew Cox has a bonafide hit on his hands Aiden James author of Cades Cove an

  • Title: The Summer the World Ended
  • Author: Matthew S. Cox
  • ISBN: 9781620079041
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Summer the World Ended

    The Summer The World Ended is a brilliantly woven tale Unforeseen twists and a masterfully paced storyline assures that Matthew Cox has a bonafide hit on his hands Aiden James, author of Cades Cove and The Judas ChroniclesAs far as Riley McCullough is concerned, her best friend getting dragged off to Puerto Vallarta for the first two weeks of summer vacation was The Summer The World Ended is a brilliantly woven tale Unforeseen twists and a masterfully paced storyline assures that Matthew Cox has a bonafide hit on his hands Aiden James, author of Cades Cove and The Judas ChroniclesAs far as Riley McCullough is concerned, her best friend getting dragged off to Puerto Vallarta for the first two weeks of summer vacation was the end of the world at least until the bombs fell.Life in suburban New Jersey with her mother has been comfortable, not to mention boring, to an introverted fourteen year old As if her friend s surprise trip wasn t bad enough, her expectations for the best summer ever disintegrate when she gets sent across the country to stay with a father she hasn t seen in six years Adjusting to a tiny, desert town where everyone stares at them like they don t belong proves difficult, and leaves her feeling isolated than ever To make matters worse, her secretive father won t tell the truth about why he left or what he s hiding.Her luck takes an unexpected turn for the better when she meets a boy who shares her interest in video games and contempt for small town boredom In him, she finds a kindred spirit who might just make the middle of nowhere tolerable.Happiness is short lived fleeing nuclear Armageddon, she takes shelter with her dad in an underground bunker he d spent years preparing After fourteen days without sun, Riley must overcome the sorrow of losing everything to save the one person she cares about most.

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      266 Matthew S. Cox
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    One thought on “The Summer the World Ended

    1. Ben Alderson

      This.BookBiggest twist ever! Can not wait to describe why I love this in my video! I will link you all when its all up!

    2. Carol [Goodreads Addict]

      RATING 4.5 STARSThe Summer the World Ended is a YA book written by Matthew S. Cox. This book was generously provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. This is my first book by Mr. Cox and I found it to be well written and the characters were well developed. But, be prepared! This book is full of twists, turns and surprises! Riley McCullough is a fourteen year old girl living in New Jersey with her over worked, stressed out mom. Riley is small for her age and has suffered her [...]

    3. Carol (StarAngel's Reviews) Allen

      4.5 They're coming to get us StarsDamnat was different and I didn't start having my doubts until 1/2 way through the book!!Full review to come closer to Blog Tour.

    4. ✿ℎazℯℓ - thℯ ℛock Cℎick ℱairy✿

      This is one story that I'll never forget. I'm still reeling now from what I've just read and honestly, I'm having a hard time organizing my thoughts right now. First things first, I have to say that I will try my best not to give out any spoilers in this review. I think it's crucial that I let other readers find out things at their own time.I'll try and focus on my feelings while reading this instead. :) Alright, here it goesThe Summer the World Ended revolves around the life of our heroine name [...]

    5. Ann M. Noser

      You should all be jealous.I was lucky enough to read this very early on as a beta reader--one of the most polished fresh manuscripts I have ever seen. And I've already previewed the cover (lucky me--it's a great one).But enough about that--onto the story.I'm not sure how the author writes young girls so well, but he does. As the reader, you feel for Riley throughout the whole ordeal (can't say more because it would spoil it).The author's love for video games is quite apparent in the story, so ot [...]

    6. Ren nerdychampagne

      I received an eARC in exchange for an honest reviewFULL REVIEW NOW POSTED AT NERDYCHAMPAGNEONE THING: This book is very funny. I found that the one thing that people agrees about this book is that it's twisty. ME READING THIS BOOK:*twist happens*Me: Oooohhh. Route three it is. *twist happens*Me: Oooohhhh Route three to route four real fast. I like it.*twist happens*Me: You're doing good on route four, carry on.*twist happens*Me: Yaaass babe, keep straight. Book: THIS WILL SURELY SHOCK YOU FOR RE [...]

    7. Nancy (The Avid Reader)

      Riley a fourteen year old girl has had a tough time growing up. She never had any friends but one and that was her bff Amber. Her Dad left her and her Mom like six years ago. For the last six years it has been just Riley and her Mom. Riley’s Mom was just like most other mom’s always nagging at her about one thing or another. Riley and Amber had their summer all planned out before school was even out. This was going to be the best summer ever as they were going to High School next year. They [...]

    8. James Wymore

      What starts as the perfect teen-age summer for a young woman rapidly devolves into a post-apocalyptic nightmare. Cox doesn't pull his punches.

    9. Domoni

      I want to thank the author for allowing me to read his book, The Summer The World Ended, and be a part of this book tour.Riley is a typical 14 year old girl. She and her best friend Amber have planned the best summer to celebrate starting high school. When Amber’s parents surprise her with a vacation to Mexico they are super bummed and feel like their summer is ruined. Before anything can even start on the night of the last day of school, Riley’s mother passes away. Riley spends the next thr [...]

    10. Denise Keef

      When a book draws you in within the first chapter and grabs hold of your emotions and has you sitting there with tears running down your face…you know it’s one damn good story! This is the story of a young girl named Riley. She is your typical fourteen year old…she is looking forward to summer vacation, playing video games all night with her best friend Amber, she texts on her cell phone and argues with her mother until one night her whole world is turned upside down in the blink of an eye [...]

    11. Becky Stephens

      There are so many great things about this book, I'm not sure where know where to start.Let's talk about Riley, our protagonist. I haven't spent a lot of time around teenage girls, but I'm pretty sure Cox writes her flawlessly. He captured her teen angst, mood swings, and giddiness so that it's impossible not to feel her excitement when playing video games, her anger and depression at losing her mother and relocating to another state, and her affection for a boy.Oh, and speaking of video games, i [...]

    12. Claire

      ***I received this book from the publishers via netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewThe synopsis for this book sounded amazing so I was quick to request this and so excited when I was approved by the publishers. In all honesty I had really high expectations for this and let me tell you it did not disappoint, I read this book in about 5 hours it was that intriguing. I loved Riley right away and felt totally heartbroken for her she's dealing with some mega life-changing events and I really f [...]

    13. Marjolein

      2.5 Stars Read all my reviews on urlphantomhiveoklikes A fan from the Awakened series by the same author, I was really looking forward to The Summer the World Ended, which really sounded like another apocalypse novel.Fourteen-year-old Riley sees her summer- and her life- fall apart after her mother suddenly dies from an aneurysm and she needs to go life with her father who she's not seen for years. However, her strange father and his house in the middle of nowhere, might not have been her bigges [...]

    14. Lady

      The Summer From HellThis seems to be a stand alone novel. It has just been Riley and her mom since she was 8 and her father just disappeared one day. She has exactly one friend, Amber, and they spend more time playing XBox online than they do actually hanging out. This was supposed to be the best summer ever But now Amber is going to spend two weeks in Mexico and she is going to be home alone with nothing to do! Can life get more unfair? Then the unthinkable happens. Her mom gets sick and she ha [...]

    15. Shem

      Ha! That was an enjoyable readdd! That twist OhmyGosh, I cant spoil that on here hahahhaa. So yeah, just pick this book up! One of the many things I like in this book is how Riley was described and all, on a perspective of a male author. I have read other bookks from male authors but they arent many, so this one is something and it is just amazing. The story, I loved it The characters are likable and Riley was awesome, but I wish she hadnt gone through all that. Shes just so young. Still, an ama [...]

    16. Leslie Whitaker

      Riley's life is about to change. Her BFF is gone on a family vacation and Riley's world is falling apart. She moves across the country to live with a father she hasn't seen in years. As she tries to adjust to her new surroundings and make new friends, life throws her and her father another curve. I loved this story and the emotional ups and downs that came. The story is well written and the characters easy to feel for.

    17. Tonya Thomas

      I can't begin to describe how incredibly amazing it is to have a book reach every range of emotion, I actually found myself crying at one point in this bookere are so many HORRIBLE things Riley goes through in just a few months, but she proves to be a very resilient and strong young lady.Thank you Matthew Cox for an awesome book!I loved this bookspectacular! And just so you all know, I received this book free in exchange for an honest review

    18. Brandy

      Wow!! 😳 What an exciting book this was!Once again, Matthew Cox has held me spellbound by his telling of a story! This book is so exciting, I found myself holding my breath several times while reading it. He creates such believable situations and characters, that you find yourself totally immersed in the story, and this one was no exception. This was quite the roller coaster ride of a story, the ending of which will have you saying out loud, “What?! No way!!”A Matthew Cox story has never d [...]

    19. Sally

      OMG so this book was completely awesome and full of so many delicious twists and turns that it actually had me going WHAT out loud.And the funny thing is, I almost quit reading right at the start very glad I didn't! The blurb I read when I requested this did not mention why Riley had to go live with her father in New Mexico, so I was very unprepared when her mother passed away suddenly, from an aneurysm. As an only child from a single-parent family, Riley was living my worst childhood nightmare! [...]

    20. Alyssa Marie

      **Thank you very much to NetGalley and the publisher for providing my copy of this book.** My review and more can also be read on my blog: pitselehbooks.wordpress/The Summer the World Ended was such a unique and interesting Young Adult read. This is a story that will stick with me for a while, one I will most definitely not forget!! I finished the book a couple hours ago and I am still thinking about the ending of this story!The book follows the story of Riley, a teenage girl who loves video gam [...]

    21. Heather Duff

      Holy cow, I finished this book and went WTF just happened, really I was astounded!Not bad astounded just more like how did I not see this coming and because of my WTF moment this will not be an in depth review. Why? Well because there is a major twist in this book that is awesome!Riley is 14 years old and she lives with her mother, she is a typical bolshy teenager obsessed with video games and how she will cope without her best friend for two weeks when she goes on holiday. To begin with I hones [...]

    22. Nicole

      I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange got an honest review. The phrase "nuclear Armaggedon" was what made me request this book for review, and it wasn't until I had read over half the book and still hadn't gotten into a fallout shelter that I began to suspect this wasn't going to be the book I expected. I couldn't understand why the book was taking so much time to introduce characters and develop relationships when the whole world was going to be blown up ve [...]

    23. Brian

      Some time ago I received this book from the author for nothing more than a Thank You.I fell madly in lust with the writings of Matthew Cox in 2014(Yes, late to the party) when I read Virtual Immortality. And since reading that book, I have to read any new book as well as reading as many of his older books as possible. On to the matter at heart: a review.Mr. Cox has become a master of his craft. He is able to describe to the reader all that is happening without getting lost in blurry words. He co [...]

    24. Casia Courtier

      I received this book from the author, Matthew S. Cox, for an honest review.Oh, boy! Let me tell you. Right off the bat you are bombarded with the feels. Serious feels. The kind of feels that make you curl in a corner and want to cuddle the main character. Okay, maybe it's not right off the bat, but in chapter two, I was wanting to go into my kindle, pull out Riley, and give her the biggest cuddles a person could.I've read a few books from Cox, and I have to say that he is very good with the feel [...]

    25. Chris

      First a warning: Don't read the reviews.Most of them give away too much. It's hard to review this book without giving away too much, and it's such a beautifully done book, and such a superb use of the literary medium that it would be a shame to have its impact blunted by someone else's too detailed synopsis or too detailed telling of their own reactions to the book.This book has all sorts of twists and turns, and it works better if you aren't expecting them. Don't ruin the experience by learning [...]

    26. A.E. Albert

      Riley's world has crashed down all around her since her mother has died. Her father is back. A father she hasn't seen for 6 years. Yet despite her agony, her father is the only anchor in her life.Riley now has to move across the country; away from her only friend and the only life she has ever known. Just when she thinks her life isn't totally over; calamity strikes. Maybe changing the world she knows forever.The Summer the World Ended is more than a book of catastrophe. It's about a fragile gir [...]

    27. Mark Junk

      TSTWE was a fun ride from beginning to end. The book had some very heavy emotional scenes balanced by scenes that were a lot of fun to read filled with humor. All the characters were well developed and you learned enough back story that you will get emotionally invested in them. The settings were very accurate, I felt the NJ I live in now as well as the NM I have visited many times. Having been to TorC, Matthew describes the area and its desolation pretty well. I was gifted a pre-release ebook t [...]

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