Sünnimärgiga naine

S nnim rgiga naine Eksimatu t psusega tegutsev k lmavereline m rvar on maha lasknud terve rea mehi kellel esimesel pilgul pole ksteisega midagi hist Millised on nende hoolikalt kavandatud m rvade motiivid Mida t hendab

  • Title: Sünnimärgiga naine
  • Author: Håkan Nesser Vladimir Beekman Maiga Varik
  • ISBN: 9985651472
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sünnimärgiga naine

    Eksimatu t psusega tegutsev k lmavereline m rvar on maha lasknud terve rea mehi, kellel esimesel pilgul pole ksteisega midagi hist Millised on nende hoolikalt kavandatud m rvade motiivid Mida t hendab ohvrile telefonis m ngitud muusika Komissar Van Veeteren kaevub vastumeelselt j rjest s gavamale roimadesse, mille p hjuste ahel ulatub tagasi terve inimea kaugusele SEksimatu t psusega tegutsev k lmavereline m rvar on maha lasknud terve rea mehi, kellel esimesel pilgul pole ksteisega midagi hist Millised on nende hoolikalt kavandatud m rvade motiivid Mida t hendab ohvrile telefonis m ngitud muusika Komissar Van Veeteren kaevub vastumeelselt j rjest s gavamale roimadesse, mille p hjuste ahel ulatub tagasi terve inimea kaugusele S nnim rgiga naine j tkab H kan Nesseri populaarset romaanisarja komissar Van Veeterenist ht t helepanuv rsemat heksak mnendate aastate rootsi kriminaalkirjanduses.

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      220 Håkan Nesser Vladimir Beekman Maiga Varik
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    One thought on “Sünnimärgiga naine

    1. Laura

      Very interesting. Read it more for the characters than the mystery - it was fairly clear where this was going pretty early on, but still very well written.

    2. Tony da Napoli

      My favorite inspector VV so far. I enjoy that the author uses the entire detective team and not just VV. After a few books you get to know the different characters. Like TV's Barney Miller.

    3. Julie

      I enjoy this rather morose thoughtful series. It is interesting to follow along with the investigations & follow the detectives' reasoning. Each world weary character is developed with realism by the author. There are rare glimpses of humor also!

    4. Brianne

      i like this series - they are easy/fast to read and offer decent crime plots - i just wish they were more suspenseful.

    5. Rachel Hall

      4.5 starsMy first venture into the novels of Håkan Nesser was by virtue of the exceptional standalone thriller, The Living and the Dead in Winsford, set in a rural village located in Exmoor and I was struck by the mesmerising prose and how well Nesser tempered the pace to maintain knife-edge tension until the closing moments. From then on I wanted to read more of his novels and came upon Woman with Birthmark, the fourth novel in his now concluded and hugely popular, Chief Inspector Van Veeteren [...]

    6. Nancy Oakes

      Hakan Nesser is another one of my all-time favorite writers of Scandinavian crime fiction. Woman With Birthmark is #4 in this series featuring Inspector Van Veeteren, a veteran detective in Maardam, whose location remains a mystery in itself. These books you can read as stand-alone novels, but there's always a plus to reading a series in order. A solitary mourner at a funeral is at the heart of a baffling series of crimes. A young woman made a death-bed promise to her mother and has cleared the [...]

    7. Tony

      Nesser, Hakan. WOMAN WITH BIRTHMARK. (1996, U.S.-2009). *****. This is the latest mystery in the author’s Inspecter Van Veeteren series. I’ve only read one other novel by Hakan, “Borkmann”s Point,” and thought it was terrific. This one was, too. The writing is very simple; clear and lucid. The plot moves ahead relentlessly, as we follow the action through the actions and thoughts of Van Veeteren and his crew. The story starts out with a mother’s dying wish to her daughter. We can’t [...]

    8. Stephen

      You must be a fan of the police procedural genre of mystery fiction to read Hakan Nesser. I'll go one further and say you have to be a fan of Scandinavian gloom as it effects the characters and the plot. If you read and enjoyed Henning Mankell, then you know exactly what I mean. The atmosphere is somehting altogether different from a book set almost anywhere else on the planet.Also, you are reading in translation. Yes, I know, all translators are traitors, but without them we wouldn't have half [...]

    9. Mark Stevens

      The Shadows’ “The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt” (a gem of an instrumental) plays a key role in “Woman With Birthmark.” Like that song, there’s something clean, effortless and neatly scripted about Nesser’s plot, too. The song is played over the telephone by a woman stalking various men—men who later are shot in violent and intentionally up-close-and-personal ways. Also like that song, the feeling of reading this is light and airy. There’s a nice build and a nifty crescendo. Ne [...]

    10. Ellen

      Woman with Birthmark ~Vintage (20)Inspector Van Veeteren Mystery, March 15, 2012 By Ellen Rappaport (Florida) This review is from: Woman with Birthmark (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard) (Paperback) I've read all of the books in the Van Veeteren series and find that this Scandinavian author is a master among mystery masters. This particular book is no different-spellbinding and intense. I read this book on my Kindle.The author begins by bringing the reader to a cemetary where an internment is taking p [...]

    11. Bonnie Brody

      It is right before Christmas and a woman is burying her mother, the only mourner at her grave. She is 29 years old and has lived a miserable life of poverty and addiction. All she has left, once her mother dies, is her own determination, resolve "and the mission". What this mission is, serves as the marrow of this mystery.Shortly after Christmas, Chief Inspector Van Veeteren is trying to solve a difficult crime. A man has been murdered by two shots to the chest and two to his groin. By all accou [...]

    12. Sarah

      The book opens with a woman standing in a cemetry, a lone mourner at her mother's funeral. A man is then shot twice in his chest and twice below the belt following a series of phone calls where nothing is said but music is played down the line. Shortly after a second man, seeminly unconnected is killed in the same way.Inspector Van Veeteren is struggling with a cold but must find some sort of connection between the two men before someone else dies. This book switches between the viewpoint of the [...]

    13. Jim Fonseca

      A great Swedish mystery. Our chief detective is divorced. He’s a chess player and classical music enthusiast. He seems like a great guy without the overwhelming quirks that a lot of literary and TV detectives have these days. Men from a military graduation class thirty years ago are being killed one by one; two shots to the chest; two to the groin. While the mystery unravels, we get a bit of the local color of urban Sweden. This story, one of a series of Inspector Van Veeteren mysteries, also [...]

    14. Jim Coughenour

      A few months ago it was the girl with the dragon tattoo. Now there's a woman with a birthmark. Is this a Swedish sub-genre?I enjoyed this one more than Mind's Eye. There's not much of a mystery here, and the crimes are more observed than solved - so it's not much of a policier either. The pleasure is all in the writing - especially in the mildly morose character of Van Veeteran. I still prefer Håkan Nesser to most American writers. Maybe I'm just an American sucker for that world-weary sophisti [...]

    15. William

      I agree with several of the positive reviews, this is about the characters and not the crime being played out or solved. Pace is slow and underwhelming just like a real life occurrence.

    16. Maria João Fernandes

      "Há males que vêm por bem."Depois de mais de 30 anos, um segredo horrível vai, finalmente, ser desvendado. Será agora feita a justiça, que foi ignorada no passado?O quarto livro da série do Inspector Van Veeteren começa com um funeral de uma mulher, ao qual apenas a sua solitária filha assiste. Dias antes do Natal, ao lado da campa da sua mãe, a mulher de 29 anos reflecte sobre a vida miserável da progenitora, tão semelhante à sua, e promete vingança àqueles que considera responsá [...]

    17. Lynn

      Very dark police procedural. The weather sucks and somebody is killing men when they answer their front doors. Chief Inspector Van Veeteren is curmudgeonly as ever, and if it weren't for his team, this would be an utter bleak-fest. I do really enjoy their long-term struggle for a break or a clue that connects the murdered men.

    18. Mysterytribune

      Woman with Birthmark (or in Swedish "Kvinna med födelsemärke") is a 1996 novel by Håkan Nesser, which won the Best Swedish Crime Novel Award in the same year. The English translation of the book was released in 2009 at the time when there was a Swedish Crime Fiction hype in the market. The book has also found its way into Television and a Swedish mini-series covered the novel in 2001.A brief Summary:Inspector Van Veeteren and his associates are left bewildered by the curious murder of a man s [...]

    19. Elena

      Woman with Birthmark is the fourth novel in the Inspector Van Veeteren series, but you don’t need to have read the other three to understand everything. At least I haven’t read the rest of the series and I don’t think I missed anything important (or anything at all). Maybe if you know what happens in the previous books you have more insight on the characters, but they are described here as if the reader is meeting them for the first time.The characters are well written. As is it a group of [...]

    20. Ken

      Swedish crime novels are all the rage. This is a departure from my usual Italian mysteries but I became familiar with Chief Inspector Van Veeteren by watching international mysteries on TV. The auther, Haken Nesser, depicts Van Veeteren as a thoughtful and dutiful dectective in the last few years of his work. Indeed, in some stories he has retired to running a book store but can't give up the investigation workch to the chagrin of his former subordinates. This is the first book I've read from th [...]

    21. Heyhansen

      Yes. Another swedish crime thriller. Enjoyable, not unlike watching a crime tv show I suppose. But with a title like that I had to read it right?This time Van Veeteren is after a female killer who is not only way ahead of him but also her prey. A really gloomy story actually, but the way it's offset with light banter and character insights into the police force it feels "light" rather than dark for some reason.

    22. Laura

      From BBC Radia 4: Scandinavian chiller featuring a serial killer with a fascination for the 1960s group The Shadows.

    23. 4cats

      Another great crime reader from Hakan Nesser who deserves a bigger readership. Funny, great plotlines and just super crime novels.

    24. Ken Fredette

      I've read this book before and didn't realize it until the final chapters. For those who haven't read this book, I'll not say how it ends.

    25. Amit Tiwary

      This is another fantastic book by Hakan Nesser. Superb plot! Loved this one too. Lead character VV is very likable and his team is also good. Fantastic characterization.

    26. Trevor Pearson

      Over the course of a month there have been a string of murders that have left the Maardem Police Department, and especially Chief Inspector Van Veeteren baffled. What they know is that the victims have been middle-aged men that thirty years prior were members of the 1965 graduating class of the United Services Staff College. They were also harassed by telephone by a who person who said nothing but played a seemingly random song from the 1960's. 35 members of the graduating class 32 remain with 1 [...]

    27. Erica

      Title: Woman with Birthmark: An Inspector Van Veeteren Mystery (Book 4)Author: Håkan NesserFormat: Paperback, 336 pagesGenre: Crime, Mystery, Police ProceduralPublisher: Vintage Crime/Black LizardISBN: 9780307387233Translation Release Date: March 9, 2010Rating: 2 1/2[Read | Skim] [Buy | Borrow]I read the previous Van Veeteren mysteries and I have to say this is my least favorite. Woman with Birthmark is for all intents and purposes a police procedural. It follows the detectives knocking on doo [...]

    28. Ching-Bing-Ping

      THE WOMAN WITH A BIRTHMARK by Hakan Nesser is the fourth instalment in the series of crime novels set in the fictitious city of Maardam, featuring the previously a bit dark and brooding, but a very jolly and witty in this book, Inspector Van Veeteren. The novel starts with a funeral, where a daughter vows to undertake a mission in the memory of her mother. She changes name, takes up a new address and sets the plan in motion. Then we are confronted with a murder, of a seemingly dull businessman. [...]

    29. Estibaliz79

      3 1/2 entretenidas estrellas, peroEsto es lo que me ha pasado con esta novela, aunque estoy casi segura de que ello no ha afectado a la nota final: a mi ejemplar, de la biblioteca, le faltaban las ocho (8!) (pen)últimas páginas :O Sí, esa cara se me ha quedado, aunque la cosa ha sido tan surrealista que las páginas perdidas eran de la 292 a la 300 y me dejaron de propina la 301 así que, bueno, no es tan difícil suponer lo que pasaba en las que faltan, teniendo en cuenta el punto al que hab [...]

    30. Julie Failla Earhart

      First there was the British Invasion back in the 1960s when rock bands flooded the U. S. Now it seems that Swedish crime writers have taken the country be storm. First I discovered Henning Mankell (through PBS’ “Masterpiece Mystery!”) and now thanks to my local library, I have stumbled upon Hakan Nesser and his Inspector Van Veeteren mysteries.In this fourth outing, Woman with a Birthmark, the way the murders occur makes the Inspector cringe. Each dead man suffers two shots to the chest an [...]

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