Seilt nzer Der f nfundvierzigj hrige Englischprofessor Nathan Qells ist sehr gut darin anderen das Gef hl zu geben dass sie ihm wichtig sind Was er allerdings nicht gut kann sie in seinem Leben zu halten Er is

  • Title: Seiltänzer
  • Author: Mary Calmes Jutta Grobleben
  • ISBN: 9781634762410
  • Page: 195
  • Format: ebook
  • Seiltänzer

    Der f nfundvierzigj hrige Englischprofessor Nathan Qells ist sehr gut darin, anderen das Gef hl zu geben, dass sie ihm wichtig sind Was er allerdings nicht gut kann sie in seinem Leben zu halten Er ist ein netter Kerl, er empfindet nur nicht so wie andere Menschen Deshalb ist ihm auch in der ganzen Zeit, in der er Michael, den Jungen von gegen ber, betreut hat, nie auDer f nfundvierzigj hrige Englischprofessor Nathan Qells ist sehr gut darin, anderen das Gef hl zu geben, dass sie ihm wichtig sind Was er allerdings nicht gut kann sie in seinem Leben zu halten Er ist ein netter Kerl, er empfindet nur nicht so wie andere Menschen Deshalb ist ihm auch in der ganzen Zeit, in der er Michael, den Jungen von gegen ber, betreut hat, nie aufgefallen, dass sich dessen Onkel und Vormund, der Mafiaschl ger Andreo Fiore, immer mehr in ihn verliebt hat.Dreo hat gr ere Probleme, als Nate auf sich aufmerksam zu machen Er zieht seinen Neffen gro und versucht, seinen zwielichtigen Job hinter sich zu lassen und seine eigene Firma zu gr nden Doch dieses Vorhaben wird erschwert, als mehrere Unterweltgr en durch Anschl ge aus dem Weg ger umt werden Trotzdem ist Dreo immer noch versessen darauf, sich ein neues Leben aufzubauen ein Leben mit Nate als Mittelpunkt Ein Leben, das genauso ist, wie Nate es sich immer ertr umt hat Ungl cklicherweise, waren diese Anschl ge nur Teil einer gro en Umstrukturierung, und die Liebe, die Dreo offensichtlich f r Nate empfindet, bringt auch diesen in die Schusslinie.

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      195 Mary Calmes Jutta Grobleben
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    One thought on “Seiltänzer

    1. Heather C

      This went from my I Don't Think So shelf to my Faves shelf!! Disclaimer: I am NOT a Mary Calmes fan, so don't think for a second that this is one of those mushy, gushy, gaga, groupie reviews!What you should expect: ♦ Everyone loves Nate.  Either they want to fuck him, work with him, be his best friend, be in his family, or be him. Wait, wait! There are a few people out there that want to kill him, but I'm sure they would have loved him if they ever got to know him! ♦ Dreo was ITALIAN [...]

    2. Baba

      REVIEW EDITED JULY 7, 20122.5 stars.Welcome to Nicelandia. Introducing Nate Qells…Dear Nate,I've read your story Acrobat and I think it is best to write you a letter to properly express how I felt about your book. First of all, let me tell you that I really adore your ex-wife, Mel. As it is, I've read quite a lot of books that feature super bitchy ex-wives. Your ex is definitely the opposite of bitchy and annoying. I was delighted to read that you and Mel are best friends even after you've bee [...]

    3. Susan

      Let’s go through the Mary Calmes checklist:1. Is there a Jory? Yes, his name is Nate and he’s a professor2. Is there a Sam? Yes, his name is Dreo and he’s a mob enforcer/hitman/bodyguard–turned-contractor3. Are there children? Yes, one grown and one teenager, Michael4. Does everyone, including straight people want the Jory? Yes, all the men, women, and children (and parents) all love Nate.5. Is there instalove that was actually hidden love for many years?Yes, Dreo has loved Nate for four [...]

    4. Alice

      Dreo, you smooth bastard!4.75 “Tesoro… dammi un bacio…” stars.You know what? I tried to find a picture of someone that looked like my Dreo, but nada, nothing. I couldn't find anyone who looked like him it would be a really good idea to watch some mafia movies and see whether any of them look like him. But anyway, I can only provide you with someone who looks a little like my Nate, he also doesn't look very similar, but it was the closest I could get. I did find some yummy descriptions of [...]

    5. ♥Laddie♥ (Lee Lee)

      You Want To Read About A REAL Alpha Male? Look No Further!4.75A lot of authors try to do the alpha male; sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Mary Calmes' character Dreo is an alpha male and holy crappola is the man a big hunk of hotness.But first the synopsisNate Qells is a sexy 45 year old English professor. He's got a great life. An awesome kid in his mid 20s, an ex-wife Melissa who's his best friend and the mother of his child, and a fulfilling career. Nate, though, has never been in [...]

    6. Heather K (dentist in my spare time)

      **3.5 stars**This book was on its way to being a 5 star read for me. I was loving Nate, Dreo, and all of the secondary characters. I dug the age difference and I didn't even mind the mafia angle, which I normally hate. However, as I read more and more, I grew increasingly irritated. Here is why:1) Why is everyone so freaking perfect? I hated how Nate did everything (volunteered, taught, fought off rowdy kids, organized events, mentored, cooked) and did everything perfectly. He had NO flaws, whic [...]

    7. SheReadsALot

      "Acrobat"?Oh I get the reference and metaphor Ms. Calmes with Nate contorting himself for everyone and I mean everyone because Nate was so saint like in this story that it almost made me gag. Nate was a good person (I get it) But how good is he if he's lived next door to sexual napalm aka Andreo Fiore and didn't even notice it until fate stepped in?Saint Nate, shame on you! I'm going to get ready to strip you of your sainthood for sleeping on this hot alpha, male of a delicious Italian man.Dreo! [...]

    8. Otila

      So the first 50% was kind of like this.It’s the Everybody Loves Nate Show. I had to endure scene after pointless scene where Mary shows just how perfectly awesome Professor Jory Nate is. Everyone loves him or is in love with him. He is beautiful and charming and changes people’s lives. Even scary mob bosses can’t help adoring him.Then there’s Dreo.There wasn’t enough Dreo, IMO. He’s possessive and hot and speaks Italian and bends Nate like an accordion when he fucks him. Yep, I'm in [...]

    9. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~

      Why bother with Jesus when Nate is around. Nate is perfect, can do no wrong. Everyone loves him. And this makes for a very boring protagonist, not to mention narrator. I wouldn't mind so much, but the plot was so loopy, so meandering, it required vast amounts of patience not to sneer and roll my eyes every other page.There were so many plot lines, so many secondary characters, so much randomness, it was like dumping in three cups of sugar when one will do.The focus was more on Nate and the convo [...]

    10. Ingela

      Written November 29, 20143.3 Stars - Sweet amusing, cute hot and well made 'feel-good' & 'forget-reality' M/M readingThis was what I could call a niceness-romance. A sweet story with all of Ms. Calmes well-known attributes. I was amused and moderately engaged. Nothing tumultuous memorable but a nice M/M reading (or listening).I listened to the 6:34 hrs audiobook and it was very well narrated by Sean Crisden. ((view spoiler)[ Mostly of it on a long 10 hrs flight between Crabi, Thailand and Go [...]

    11. Rosa, really

      Another reread cause I need a sweet treat. YUMMY GOODNESS.My review boils down to this: DREO. DREO, DREO, DREO. OMIGAHILUVYOUSOMUCH, DREO! Tesorodami un bacioVoglio fare l'amore con te.Ti amo, tu sei tutta la mia vita!I'm gonna put an ad on match and the only thing I'm going to say is, "Do you have chocolate brown eyes that turn black with lust when you wanna fuck me on a bathroom floor?"No?Then FUCK OFF!Okay, fine, I'm not that mean. (view spoiler)[Yeah, I am! (hide spoiler)]I just love Dreo. P [...]

    12. Lauraadriana

      4.5 StarsDREO DREO DREO DREO DREO!!!! OMG DREO I FUCKING LOVE YOU!!!I don't even know where to start about how fine Dreo's character was. I loved the whole book, but Dreo YIKES! Made me BLUSH!! Swoon, shiver, shudder (maybe pant a few times)!So Nate Quells is a professor of Literature at the University of Chicago. He's 45 and had a 28 year old kid with his best friend.His life is a good life, he loves his son, his family, his son's mom is his best friend. He loves his job and is very good at it. [...]

    13. Amy Lane

      To understand Acrobat, you have to understand Dreo. Patient, self-sacrificing, and brave, Dreo will do anything for family, including wait for Nate to come around and see him as a man and not just as a shadowy figure lurking in his life and across the hall. But when Dreo finally unleashes all of that pent up yearning? *melt* I also loved Nate, the guy who wanted to be everything to everybody, the guy who would contort his psyche to be what a lover wanted and then walk away when he felt the perfo [...]

    14. Sara

      Forgive me if I don't make sense or ramble. My mind is still yeah. It's total goo from this. My plan is to get you to really see me. Sweet Saint Brigid and all the other patron saints that I could call upon to deal with the man that is Andreo Fiore. Le Sigh. Le Ugh and Le Unf. That man is so freaking sexy.But the story isn’t just about Dreo. There is actually a story here and it was one that I adored. I loved Nate, Dr. Nathan Qells, our narrator. Nate is the kind of person who will bend over b [...]

    15. Susan

      Dreo!! I loved Dreo. So alpha."You wanna be mine so badly. Nate. Say yes… you wanna be mine.”“Yours. Yes,” I barely whispered the words.Lots of people said that Mary Calmes is like crack, and they’re right. But after reading this book I think Mary Calmes is actually on crack.This book was ridiculous. And I loved it.Nate is absolutely perfect. Everyone loves him. Women throw themselves at his feet as do men. People are always crying in his vicinity because they’re so grateful he is in [...]

    16. R * A Reader Obsessed *

      3.5 StarsWhelp. There’s not much to say here. I’m going to deem this another “cozy” Mary Calmes. I was pleasantly stoked to find this loosely connected to the A Matter of Time series, intermittently featuring supporting character Duncan Stiel, but that’s beside the point.Here, Nate doesn’t even know he wants his handsome neighbor until said handsome neighbor makes it known. And in grand Mary fashion, things move hot, wet, and fast. Literally. Totally absurd in that you know there’s [...]

    17. Emma Sea

      Plot = 3/5 2/5, Dreo = 10/5Oh Dreo *sigh*Manly, forceful, firearm-wielding, Italian-speaking, hoodlum-killing, lover-cherishing Dreo.Mary Calmes, get out of my head, and cease writing my dream alpha-male archetypes.

    18. Karen

      Ok, so here's the thingI was feeling a little out of sorts for a couple days so I decided I needed some comfort foodanslate stories. Needless to say I went to my go stories and it became 'Mary Calmes' time. I've read 'Acrobat' and a while ago I decided I wanted the audio book so it's been sitting patiently waiting for me. Well, it's patience as rewarded when I went scrolling through my list of books and my brain lite-up an said "Yes, this is exactly what I need."So my original review was 5 stars [...]

    19. Elspeth

      Loved it!I am not one to like age gaps but this one was done with such flare that it worked.The characters were just perfect for each other and made a cute couple and a great family.This book did what Again tried to and failedI dont mind the dominance game if that is what is wanted, but I am not fond of the whole I am going to tell you what to do and you are going to do it thing.

    20. M

      I have this theory that at least one main character in every Mary Calmes book is Jesus. Seriously, it's been my experience that the primary character is usually this perfect paragon of manhood. He's beautiful (of course), kind to the point of canonization, everyone in the whole world loves him, he's modest and gutsy, he's just Jesus, basically. When I read a Calmes book I think of that old Carpenter's song Close to You, you know; birds falling out of the sky and angels singing and shit. And you [...]

    21. Elsbeth

      - Narrator: Sean Crisden*3,5 stars*As review of this book I will quote some of the witty things that was said by my fellow GR friends.I had so much fun reading these reviews. They were almost more fun than reading the actual book.The book really was a “It’s the Everybody Loves Nate Show.”“Sweet amusing, cute hot and well made 'feel-good' & 'forget-reality' M/M reading”Nate was great. BlablablaI mean, the man was living 4 years next door to Dreo. He practically raised his nephew. An [...]

    22. Karla

      Okay, I'm in the minority, but I had a real hard time connecting with the characters in this book, especially in the first half. I felt that Nate was all over the place with his feelings, about what he wanted, who he wanted, that it confused me and therefore I wasn't on board with him. Then all the additional story about his teaching job, seemed like filler to me and didn't add to the story at hand.The story picked up for me when Dreo entered the picture, made his intentions known and at that po [...]

    23. Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read**

      ***2 Stars***It pains me to say this, since so far I've loved everything from Mary Calmes that I've read, but this one just didn't work for me. There was WAY TOO MUCH going on here. Too much detail wasted on secondary characters and unrelated situations. It pretty much felt like a rambling story about Nate's lifehis work, his students, the Medieval Festival he plans, his neighbor Michael, his relationship with his ex-wife and her husband, his son, his ex-boyfriend Duncan, his ex student pursuing [...]

    24. Tara♥

      I can't even with how ridiculous this was. Basically if you have read A Matter of Time series you have read this book but somehow Nate managed to be even more of a second coming than Jory. I pretty much spent most of this sending eyeroll emoji to Susan. It's actually all her fault I read it in the first place. Mary is book crack and good craic. Totally ridiculous but also really addictive and so easy to read.

    25. Leaundra

      I loved this book. I loved Nate, Dreo, Michael, Melissa and Ben and many more people that were in this book. There's just something about how Mary Calmes writes it's so real and she pulls you in. Nate and Dreo were so refreshing especially Nate he was so honest and didn't play games, ask him a question and he answers honestly whether you want to hear the truth or not, lol I hope she's not done with them. I know a lot of times people are leery about the females in m/m but I have to tell you I had [...]

    26. Irina

      AudibleDespite the constant eye-rolling in the second half of the book, I did manage to finish it. I'm not sure I would've read this book but it was entertaining enough in audio.***2.8 stars***

    27. Vio

      Why am I not surprised, again this is about all the beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous "god like" characters. Nate is perfect and can do no wrong, everyone loves and adores him. An okay story with some nice moments and an improvement in some areas. I was hoping for more, too bad it didn't deliver.

    28. Izengabe

      DNF al 65% DiosmíodemividaEl primer Mary Calmes que leo y me temo que el últimoPor lo visto Chicago tiene la misma superficie y población que Hornillos de Cameros (La Rioja) porque los personajes se encuentran casualmente en varias ocasiones, en el hospital, en el súper Lo habitual en las grandes ciudades.Además me están entrando ganas de emigrar porque se ve que en esta ciudad todos están buenísimos o son súperatractivos, una cosaEstereotipos a tutiplén, el italiano medio mafioso con [...]

    29. Breann

      I knew going in that there would be a perfectly, perfect MC. I knew that he would be so beautiful and thoughtful that men and women alike fall all over him. I knew that he would be in danger and would ignore the warnings. I knew this. Even with the knowing it was kind of hard to get through.There were so many unnecessary characters and scenes. All the scenes with his colleagues? Why? Why was there the semi-romance with Sean (I think that's his name) for half the book? Because of all this fluff - [...]

    30. Macky

      Mary Calmes was one of the first authors I read in m/m romances, I enjoyed the first ones very much, so have a soft spot for her writing style and Ok, I'll agree her stories are predictable and her male leads all follow the same traits but personally I don't have a problem with that, as I just find her books easy to read and they are what they are,sexy love stories where you can just sit back and enjoy the chemistry between her men, which - despite the predictability - is always hot, sizzling an [...]

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