Girl Gone Greek

Girl Gone Greek Rachel is finding it increasingly difficult to ignore her sister s derision society s silent wagging finger and her father s advancing years She s travelled the world but now finds herself at a cros

  • Title: Girl Gone Greek
  • Author: RebeccaHall
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  • Page: 382
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Girl Gone Greek

    Rachel is finding it increasingly difficult to ignore her sister s derision, society s silent wagging finger and her father s advancing years She s travelled the world, but now finds herself at a crossroads at an age where most people would stop globetrotting and settle She s never been one to conform to the nine to five lifestyle, so why should she start now Was it wroRachel is finding it increasingly difficult to ignore her sister s derision, society s silent wagging finger and her father s advancing years She s travelled the world, but now finds herself at a crossroads at an age where most people would stop globetrotting and settle She s never been one to conform to the nine to five lifestyle, so why should she start now Was it wrong to love the freedom and independence a single life provided, to put off the search for Mr Right and the children Perhaps she could find the time for one last adventure So with sunshine in mind, Rachel takes a TEFL course and heads to Greece after securing a job teaching English in a remote village She wasn t looking for love, but she found it in the lifestyle and history of the country, its culture and the enduring volatility of its people Girl Gone Greek is a contemporary women s fiction novel When Rachel moved to Greece to escape a life of social conformity, she found a country of unconventional characters and economic turmoil The last thing she expected was to fall in love with the chaos that reigned about her.

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    One thought on “Girl Gone Greek

    1. Dianne

      Meet Rachel, a brave and daring soul who sees life as an adventure, a place to try new things and dance to the beat of a different drummer. See Rachel take an English teacher’s position in Greece, a country that seems to be an amazing collage of history, color and colorful characters. Amaze at how Rachel learns to fall in love with Greece, check kisses, hugs, leers, spit and all! Cheer for Rachel when she realizes she doesn’t need to be like everyone else, she is fine just the way she is, bu [...]

    2. Stephanie Wood

      If you have been drawn to this book because of the inclusion of the word ‘Greek’ in the title, you will not be disappointed. The author clearly knows Greece and its inhabitants very well, effortlessly bringing its geography and history to life through the observations of the individual and distinctive characters she has created.The entertaining storyline thrusts you into the heart of village life, but frequently dips into the history and buzz of Athens which stunningly illustrates the differ [...]

    3. Ekaterina Botziou

      This is a really lovely light summer read from new author Rebecca A Hall. At a time when Greece is facing grave difficulties, this novel reminds us just what it is about the country that makes it so beautiful no matter what. This is a story filled with good humour, honesty and tradition as we embark on a journey from the UK to Greece following the happy-go-lucky Rachel. Rebecca is able to seamlessly add history to the mix and what emerges is a colourful personal account of one woman's eye-openin [...]

    4. AdiTurbo

      DNF - 18%. So meaningless and colorless. Like chewing gum after it has lost all of its flavor - you're automatically performing the action of reading, but nothing comes out of it - no feeling whatsoever, not a bit of interest involved. A waste of my time.

    5. Nene Davies

      If you like to read books with relateable characters and beautifully described locations, that will take you to a faraway land where people and places are so very different from home, where your protagonist is thrown head-first into a brand-new life - then you will love Girl Gone Greek. Rebecca Hall's debut novel is full of colourful characters, from the disapproving older sister, to the warm and loving father, to the offhand, difficult boss and the nutty, passionate best friend. We are transpor [...]

    6. Julie

      Enjoyable read which also served as a reminder of the most important events in the greek calendar. It certainly took me back to when I lived in Greece - the sense of strangeness, foreignness that soon became almost second nature. For anyone not familiar with Greek culture or customs then you will learn a lot from this story.For anyone else it is a good beach read.

    7. Stephanie Dagg

      I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get round to reading this lovely book. It’s been waiting patiently on my Kindle for ages. But better late than never, as they say. And so at last I’ve been able to enjoy Rebecca's excellent novel about Rachel’s experiences as a TEFL teacher in Greece. Anyone who’s ever lived or worked abroad, or thought about doing so, will revel in this story, with its ups and downs of foreign life, the faux pas and the frustrations but the endless fascinat [...]

    8. Pamela Rogers

      Reading this book is a treat! It's a fast-paced, believable, and often amusing account of the protagonist Rachel choosing to teach English in a rather remote village in Greece, despite her sister's pronounced derision. During the process of teaching (and some weekends away in Athens), she learned much more from her various students and new friends than she expected about modern Greek history, and ultimately her own life. I strongly identify with the story personally. Highly recommended!

    9. Effrosyni Moschoudi

      I loved this book! Rachel felt so real to me and I empathized as I read about all the quirky Greeks she encountered. Among all the locals mentioned, the young students seemed the most likable. Rachel's girlfriend ranges from incredibly rude to just loopy and although I howled to read her antics I didn't manage to warm up to her at all. The owner of the Greek school was one tough cookie but Rachel handled her wonderfully, I thought. By the end of the book, I found myself admiring Rachel, not only [...]

    10. Suzi Stembridge

      Currently there are a lot of books about living in Greece, mostly written by ex-pats, and most of whom would hate to be termed thus. We know Greece very well having travelled extensively over 50+ years; all over the mainland and remote islands and it was wonderful to find a book which echoed our own experience of character, politics, landscape and small town life. So I would say this is one of the best of this genre, the detail given to Greek customs and nuances is excellent and characters in th [...]

    11. Anthony Stancomb

      A well written book, slightly lacking a strong style of writing, but written clearly and forcefully. It is a good picture of a headstrong girl wanting to do her own thing despite the opinion of her family, and we follow the author as she goes off to Greece to work and manages to make a life for herself in a new society. We soon identify with her, and her struggles to establish herself, and through her eyes we see a certain amount of Greece. We also see that she's certainly not a shrinking violet [...]

    12. Barry O'Leary

      Such a great read for anyone interested in life in Greece, especially as an English teacher. Rebecca writes in a witty, descriptive and informative manner. As we follow Rachel on her journey to Greece and becoming integrated into society it's obvious that it's not as easy as it might seem. As an English teacher I really enjoyed the scenes in the classroom and could sympathize with Rachael on several occasions.Definitely recommended. Looking forward to more from Rebecca.

    13. Vanessa Mozayani

      A perfect read over Summer. I loved how this book described landmarks of Greece, I was certainly taken into the world of the story. This book tells of a years work as a teacher of English. An enjoyable read.

    14. Sarah

      The good:- The descriptions of Greek life, characters, culture and history. I found that really interesting, and it seems like the author knows Greece very well (confirmed by seeing she's actually co-authored travel books on Greece).- Fast and easy to read, there was no trudging along and it mostly flowed well.The bad:- Nothing happens. Like almost literally nothing happens. Woman goes to Greece, teaches kids and pours coffee in a potted plant - the end (and what's with that anyway?! If you're g [...]

    15. Heidi Lynn

      Thank you to Rebecca A Hull for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.Girl Gone Greek by Rebecca A Hull now has me wanting to go to a sing a long Mama Mia movie!! Plus, I have the songs and the movie scenes stuck in my head.I loved how close Rachel was with her sister was with her father and her sister. I got choked up when Rachel and her Dad said their goodbyes before she left for Greece.What an exciting opportunity Rachel had to teach in Greece. Many people don't get that [...]

    16. TheGoodReader

      A sensitive tale of a fairly naive girl who eyes are opened to a different culture and different ways of life as she venture to live in the warmth and blue skies of a Mediterranean village. It is a gentle tale written from the heart about a Rachel who also follows her heart as we travel with her through her slow awaken to the Greek mentality as we watch her acceptance of the people she meets.The characters are larger than life and totally believable at the same time. Anyone who has visited Greec [...]

    17. Jessica Lipowski

      Overall, Girl Gone Greek is an enjoyable story. The main character, Rachel, is relatable, as I am also an expat. It reminds me of when I first moved abroad and allows me to relive my own experiences through hers. The author’s writing style helps the narrative flow, resulting in a quick, light yet delightfully fun read. I feel like I am right there with Rachel, seeing what she sees and feeling what she feels. Her experiences tie in an emotional element, helping you as a reader identify with the [...]

    18. Gabi Ancarola

      It took me one whole night and a few more hours to read this book. It took me just a few pages to fall in love with it. Rachel, but also Rebecca - the author - could be me, I could be them. It makes no difference. The book talks about real life, the life we expats go through I've been an expat and teacher. I'm about to become an expat again, and that means I'll probably go back to being a teacher again. Rebecca describes it all so deeply. The acute observations a newcomer has on a place, things [...]

    19. Marissa

      Girl Gone Greek is a fun “tell it like it is” story about the realities of moving abroad and discovering a culture unlike your own. In this debut novel by writer Rebecca A. Hall, the details of everyday life for a non-Greek living in Greece become the very reasons the main character Rachel comes to admire and appreciate the country and its people. Rachel has a lot of questions when it comes to her decision to leave behind a conventional life to teach English in a small Greek village. By gett [...]

    20. Jaime Kurp

      Girl Gone Greekby Rebecca HallReviewed by Jaime KurpI really enjoyed reading this story. It was a change of pace for me. This story is about a woman trying to find herself and she finally does in Greece. Rachel has been all over the world and she feels like she doesn’t fit anywhere, even in her own family. Her sister is always giving her a hard time about her travels and that Rachel needs to stay in the UK and find a 9 to 5 job. But that isn’t what Rachel wants. She gets a teaching job in a [...]

    21. Daphne Kapsali

      I thoroughly enjoyed "Girl Gone Greek". Easy to read and very hard to put down, it actually kept me awake a couple of nights (I read it in two days). Direct, funny, entertaining and informative, "Girl Gone Greek" reads like a genuine, honest personal account of Rachel's move from the UK to Greece, happily free of the irritating stereotypes and generalisations that often litter this type of book. As Rachel's counterpart in the UK (a Greek living in London), it was also very interesting to see the [...]

    22. Samantha Verant

      A wonderful tale of self-discovery, Hall’s debut novel, ‘Girl Gone Greek,’ is the sweet – and oftentimes laugh out loud funny –story about Rachel, a thirty-something English woman who suffers from dromomania (severe wanderlust) and how, after taking a Tefle course, she moves to a remote Greek village to teach English --against the advise of her unsupportive sister. But as Rachel immerses herself into the Greek lifestyle and culture, making friends with a cast of colorful characters on [...]

    23. Hannah

      Girl Gone Greek was a great book. It was so in depth and descriptive that it really made me want to go live in Greece. I completely enjoyed this book. The story was wonderful and wholesome and the characters were fantastic. I definitely will check out more books by this author. It was extremely well written. Rachel is a free spirited English woman who doesn't live up to her sister's standards for her. She becomes a teacher and moves to Greece to teach the English language. Though it is quite the [...]

    24. Lucy Dodsworth

      Rebecca lives in Greece and her love for the country just shines through in the book, as does her knowledge of it as a Rough Guides contributor. It’s the story of Rachel, a rootless 30-something who is trying to work out what to do with her life while fighting pressure from her family to grow up and settle down. On a whim she moves to a remote Greek village to teach English where she becomes part of a new world full of strange traditions and colourful characters, where she finds herself finall [...]

    25. LucaBelle

      I won this novel on Giveaway and I'm so glad I did, I honestly could not put it down! Beautifully written, the author clearly did her research. Rachel ( the protagonist ) was likeable and I loved her character.I didn't really like Kristy ( her sister) but she grew on me later on. Absolutely worth buying - I totally recommended this to all my friends, I'd even recommend it to people I don't like. Plus the cover is absolutely stunning!

    26. Jessica Mitchell

      A free spirited girl named Rachel, a mean older sister who spoils everything, and a father who wishes them the best.Rachel is a free spirited single woman. Who never really set herself a path in life. So after her sister chews her out again, she decides to go to Greece, and teach English to children there. While there she learns the way of life for Greek people and how to do things the Greek way. But will she ever get the courage to confront her sister about her mean spirited ways?

    27. Gemma Searle

      I loved this book. I felt that this could have been written for me Rebecca completely understands what it is like to be In love with Greece and how it gets under your skin. I will keep this book on my shelf and I'll pick it up again when I am feeling homesick for this beautiful country

    28. Terry Moskowitz

      I received this book for an honest reviewThis was not one of my favorite books. Rachel was written as a strong person and to explore around to learn the history was nice, however the focus on the history was too much for me. I didn't feel there wasn't enough meat to the story and I would have liked to learn more about Rachel she wasn't very interesting to me.

    29. Lisa Eiff

      I really enjoyed reading this novel. It basically covers a woman that teaches English in another country, and shares the cultural differences in history, everyday activity, language, and relating to others. I found it a great read, and would encourage others that have ever considered international travel to give it a chance as well.

    30. Margaret Spalling

      A good read in one sittingFor a debut novel, I found this a nice read. The only criticism I would have is that I would liked to have read on about Rachel living in Athens and whether she would come I to her own and make a life for herself in Greece.Hint hint dear author lol. Suggestion for book 2 lol

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