Brick by Brick

Brick by Brick They say that time heals all wounds but losing Parley his one true love left Zach with a hole in his heart that no one else can fill After forty eight blissful hours alone together as teens in an a

  • Title: Brick by Brick
  • Author: Cate Ashwood L.J. LaBarthe
  • ISBN: 9781634760973
  • Page: 452
  • Format: ebook
  • Brick by Brick

    They say that time heals all wounds, but losing Parley, his one true love, left Zach with a hole in his heart that no one else can fill After forty eight blissful hours alone together as teens in an abandoned house, Parley disappeared Parley is what he is, and the pray away the gay camp his parents ship him to won t change that However, finding the balance between accepThey say that time heals all wounds, but losing Parley, his one true love, left Zach with a hole in his heart that no one else can fill After forty eight blissful hours alone together as teens in an abandoned house, Parley disappeared Parley is what he is, and the pray away the gay camp his parents ship him to won t change that However, finding the balance between accepting his true nature and not losing his family means tough sacrifices.Sixteen years later, Zach is thunderstruck when Parley stands on the front doorstep of his house the house that had been their refuge, which Zach restored But Parley isn t alone, and Zach wonders if he s found Parley only to lose him a second time If they can overcome the terrors of the past and the situation of the present, maybe they can build a new relationship just as Zach rebuilt the house brick by brick.

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    • Free Read [Travel Book] ✓ Brick by Brick - by Cate Ashwood L.J. LaBarthe µ
      452 Cate Ashwood L.J. LaBarthe
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    One thought on “Brick by Brick

    1. Aerin

      I’m no stranger to Cate Ashwood, and I love her writing style; in fact, I consider myself a big fan. L.J. LaBarthe on the other hand is not an author I’m familiar with. Throughout this book I could see Cate’s MO many times, but unfortunately, I can’t say I loved this book. I liked it, just not very much.One of the biggest problems I’ve had with this book is that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t connect with the adult version of the characters. I liked the first part of the book [...]

    2. Barb ~rede-2-read~

      Note: This book was provided to me by the publisher through Hearts on Fire Reviewsin exchange for an impartial review. This was a sweet story about two young men, Parley and Zach, who decide they need to get away from their town and their families as soon as they finish high school. Zach, a jock who befriended Parley when Parley agreed to tutor Zach in their senior year, is the more adventurous of the two. He buys a car with his $300 life savings and asks Parley to go with him. Where are they go [...]

    3. BR11

      This one made me cry. These boys were soooo sweet that the whole situation with them broke my heart. Another case of the ‘loves cures all’, which I’m not a huge fan of. Also, it was so slow burn, that it spoiled the meal for me. Their finally being together arrived too late for me. The whole misunderstanding about Veronica and the kids was ridiculous, as if dragging it a little bit more was necessary after 16 years!Also, why on earth didn’t Par looked for Zach after moving with his broth [...]

    4. Joyfully Jay

      A Joyfully Jay review. 3.5 starsI have mixed feelings about this book. The first half of the book was one of the best books that I have read in a while. Outstanding! It had it all: young love, religious zealot parents (Parley’s), helicopter parents who’ve mapped out their child’s life for them (Zach’s), an escape, a capture, and an exile. I quickly was drawn into the story as the two young men’s friendship evolves into love only to be snatched away from them.And then we have the second [...]

    5. TJ Fox

      There was a lot with this book that just didn’t work for me. The uber crazy religious aspect of Parley’s life and personality clashes with the more carefree no real convictions Zach which makes it hard to believe their chemistry.I also thought that most of this book was going to be about how they manage to work through 16 years of issues. Over half of this book was about when they were teens. Then we are expected to believe that after 16 years, they can be around each other for a few hours o [...]

    6. Claudia

      bikebookreviews.bThis book took me into an emotional trip through the lives of two troubled souls, both struggling with imminent decisions and the changes that said decisions would bring into their lives.Since Zach met Parley, he was smitten by the quiet gorgeous guy that became his best friend and secretly, the love of his life.Parley’s sweet nature, intelligence and devotion to his family was never really recognized by them, and he was afraid that his decision to finally be free to live his [...]

    7. Anita

      I absolutely loved the first half of the book - Parley was raised by a family who lived in a religious compound. His family had very strong beliefs including, of course, homosexuality. Parley and Zach meet in school when Zach, who is failing math, has to raise his scores in order to play soccer. Parley is asked to tutor him. They become friends. The build-up of the friendship between the two boys juxtaposed against Parley's upbringing and family give you a sense foreboding that all will not end [...]

    8. Lena Grey

      “This house was everything we knew. It’s where we kept our love and every single memory of me and youeverything that's left is telling us the worst of it is through. Home has never felt so right, there's nothing in the way. There's nothing in between usIf we hold on to each other, we'll be better than before. And brick by brick, we'll get back to yesterday.” ~ Train (Brick by Brick)You never forget your first love, the one who caused the first flutterings of desire in your heart; there's n [...]

    9. Tracy~Bayou Book Junkie

      *copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by author/publisher via Pride Promotions in exchange for an honest review*Parley and Zach meet in high school. Parley is a good academic student, very Christian and quiet. Zach is the total opposite. He is loud and curses. He is into sports, but not doing so well academically. Parley and Zach are thrown into one another's lives when Parley tutors Zach. Even though they are not alike, they find a common a ground and form a strong friendship. Zach knows he'll ne [...]

    10. Catherine

      *** 1.5 Stars ****tosses another book on the "Not for Me" shelf*I should have known this book wasn't going to be to my tastes when I saw the ridiculous name "Parley" (Parsley? Barley? The poor man's Harley?!) and the heavy religious overtones in the blurb. If only I had paid attention to the signs, I could have saved myself a fairly disappointing reading experience. Right from the beginning, this book seemed Unbalanced. I'm so used to books that start in the past and then fast forward to the pre [...]

    11. Queue

      4.25 starsBrick by Brick had been on my TBR list for some time but I kept putting off reading for some reason or another. I totally should not have done that. This book was completely fresh and original as well as sweet and romantic.The book is basically in two parts. The first shows Zack and Parley as young adults, Zack is 18 and Parley is almost 18. The almost is the important part.Parley’s family is ultra-religious not horribly abusive but far from loving. Zack wants to take off and leave t [...]

    12. Crystal Marie

      Brick by Brick was not what I expected from the start. From the way it was written, I figured it would start off when Parley returned. Nope. It starts off when the two are teenagers and for 8-9 chapters it continues on that route, telling the story of how they got to be separated. I will admit, I thought much of that dragged. The parts where they showed what was happening were insightful, but there was a lot of telling in those first chapters.However, I am glad I persevered. Once the book flippe [...]

    13. Suze

      A fairly quick paced read that covers a lot of controversial issues without preaching but definitely engaging the reader's feelings.The first half of the book is when Parley and Zach are at high school, Parley tutoring Zach. Their friendship develops over the months, with both having deep feelings for the other. Their ill-formed plan to run away comes to its inevitable conclusion but it is the glimpses of Parley's youth and the consequences that he suffers that are terrible.We miss the intervene [...]

    14. Inked Reads

      FourStarsNormally I don’t read books that have religion in them; they aren’t my cup of tea usually. This is the second book recently that I have read that does deal with religion and I didn’t mind. I will say that I cried big fat crocodile tears while reading some parts of this book. At first I didn’t really feel the connection between Parley and Zach but once the book got going I could. I found some of the book hard to read because I don’t agree with some of the religious aspects of t [...]

    15. Molly Lolly

      Original review on Molly LollyThree and a half stars!This story was good. I really liked Parley and Zach. They are so sweet together, and you can feel their emotions. They’re very deep and well developed. It was a little slow moving at times. Veronica and Emma are wonderful characters and great support for Parley. Plus I loved how the family they created works together and encourage each other. My only issue with the book was some of the major problems they face as a couple and individually wh [...]

    16. Tammy

      3.5*I really liked this one! The first half of the book is about friends that have an attraction to each other and spend a few days alone together. Zach and Parley still love each other and have looked for each other through out the years. 16 years later Parley appears at the door with his family by his side. I wish there would have been a little more about the years apart so we could have understood the characters a little more in the adult years. Good book!

    17. Becky Condit

      4 1/2 stars because it was well written, butGood story, interesting plot, intense religion bashing, horrible parenting, very long timeline and separation. Characters are developed but I'm not sure I followed them through the story intact. This was a very different kind of book. Not what I've come to expect from Cate Ashwood but sometimes it's a good idea to mix things up. I'm just not entirely sure this was mixing things up or a nightmare put on the page.

    18. Meggie

      Wow, we have two writers here and got only half a story, so DISAPPOINTING!I admit, first half of the storyline, when Parley and Zach were young was interesting. And then a reader is thrown with fast forward for 16 years. Now two lost friends find each other again and decide, "we want out HEA" the end. What kind of a story is that, written by two writers, I'm speechless! Where is the middle part, what happened in between? Where is the PLOT!!!!!

    19. Elisa Rolle

      Brick by Brick by Cate Ashwood & L.J. LaBarthe: reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwid 2015 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention (5* from at least 1 judge)

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