The Billionaires Heart

The Billionaires Heart The Billionaires Heart Book When you re a fresh new college graduate with a Master s Degree you consider completely useless you realize pretty quickly that you need to find a job That s the positio

  • Title: The Billionaires Heart
  • Author: NancyAdams
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Billionaires Heart

    The Billionaires Heart Book 1 When you re a fresh new college graduate with a Master s Degree you consider completely useless, you realize pretty quickly that you need to find a job That s the position Katelynn Burke finds herself in, and when she is hired on her very first job interview to be the Manager Trainee of a new store in town, she thinks life couldn t get any The Billionaires Heart Book 1When you re a fresh new college graduate with a Master s Degree you consider completely useless, you realize pretty quickly that you need to find a job That s the position Katelynn Burke finds herself in, and when she is hired on her very first job interview to be the Manager Trainee of a new store in town, she thinks life couldn t get any better But then she meets the man who is going to train her Nathanael Simmons, the only son of the founder of the company, and one of the most incredibly handsome, wealthy and lovable men she s ever seen in her life How will she handle things when the relationship takes a turn towards the romantic This is Katelynn s story, told in her own words.

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    One thought on “The Billionaires Heart

    1. Jordan Bates

      The Billionaire’s Heart by Nancy AdamsPurchased: Kindle - Free My Rating: 1 of 5 StarsSpoilers!What's it all about?When Katelynn graduates with her Master’s Degree she realizes that the real world isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when it comes to a job. When she sees a new store in town is hiring she immediately goes to apply. Once she is hired and meets her trainee, Nathanael Simmons, the son of the companies owner, she knows things can’t get much better. This is the story of Katelynn [...]

    2. Christine

      2.5 StarsA forgettable read for me. There was a lot of inner dialogue.r babble. It was hard for me to connect with the characters since most it did not allow me as the reader to come up with my own conclusions. I was told everything or the characters went to eat. Also, it felt like the story was more about the opening of the store than about the hero and heroine.

    3. Natasza Waters

      I cruised through the story patiently, but what popped out (pun intended) is one dimensional characters. It's 90 percent tell. The reader isn't given an opportunity to sink their teeth into the hero and heroine. There was little mention of any attraction until the end of KK's training and then it's dumped on the reader,and within a couple pages it's love. Throw in a few teasers to "show" these two both are professionals but they're interested in each other. The plot dawdled on with no transition [...]

    4. Sunshine4559

      I really wasnt a fan of this book Dont get me wrong it was sorta sweet but there was no excitement. Where is the passion? The book refered to passion at a few points but not in a way that made me feel anything. Its totally rated G so if you don't like a lot of spice you might enjoy it. It just didn't really do anything for me. I will not be continuing this series

    5. June

      It seems the latest trend is to write novella size stories that are not complete, sell them for full size story prices and then make you buy 5 more "pieces" of the story. Not cool!

    6. Natasha

      This book was not what I expected. From the title, cover image, and blurb, I thought I was going to read a steamy romance between an employee and her rich, handsome boss. If that's what you're looking for and you're reading this review, please be forewarned. Unlike most billionaire romance novels, there is no heat in this book. This feels like a Young Adult novel. I seem to be picking a lot of those this year. :( The heroine is a 22 year-old virgin who recently graduated from college with a usel [...]

    7. Jessica

      This was an ok book, but it dragged on for a very long time. It was more about Katelynn learning to run Nate's store than about their relationship. How many times do I have to read that she was learning new things & he just sat back and let things happen & then she stepped in for so-and-so because they had an appointment and she did that because she wanted to learn the jobs of the store? It was very monotonous. The end got a little bit better, but I still found it to be quite dull and dr [...]

    8. Gill Prater

      I listened to the audio therefore I have no complaints with typos. Come on! I wish more audio books would be released that are more affordable. I listen as I work, but not out of necessity. I have a sister who is legally blind and does not have a choice. For the sight impaired, being able to listen to books gives them part of their life back. This was the first time I have read anything by Nancy Adams. I thought it was Excellent! The story brought back memories and the feelings that are incurred [...]

    9. Kelli Santistevan

      I enjoyed this book. I liked the storyline and the characters. There was nothing that I disliked. I chose to rate this 5 stars because I really liked reading this book and I want to continue reading the rest of this series and I want to read other books by this author in the future.

    10. Niamh Kavanagh

      So far on chapter 3 and this book seems to be written by a grade schooler. The writing is very very simplistic. I've read the reviews here now and since there are no steamy scenes this will be added to the didn't finish shelf.

    11. Beki Rose

      Boring. Nothing to enjoy. Already forgotten what it was about and the characters. Thank goodness it was free

    12. Kathy

      Story of a girl applying for her first job and she is picked to be manager of a new store opening up. Interesting but improbable story. It is very short and continues in series of other books.

    13. Cheri Lajaunie

      AmazingI was actually mad when the book ended! I wanted to find out what was going to happen! Guess it's time to read the next!

    14. Elizabeth Hernandez

      HAHAHAHAHAHA THIS BOOK WAS SO TERRIBLE (and a bit frustrating but that's to be expected)d if you ask, i read this because i was bored and i saw this cover and wanted a good laugh (in the 'it's so bad it's good way')

    15. Robyn

      Katelynn has just graduated from college with a useless degree. She goes to apply for a job as a cashier and gets the job of manager. She has to work closely with the CEO’s son. Soon they go out on a date and continue to for the next couple of weeks until his dad gets sick & he has to fly home. This book is a CLIFFHANGER

    16. Penny

      Billionaires HeartCute little story. A bit interesting even though it about running a retail empire. Like the characters but they need to stand out a bit more.

    17. Jennifer Showalter -MAMA Bookasaurus

      2.8 stars rounded to 3I really appreciated the pro virgin aspect of the book, as its not a common one these days. Even though I was really rooting for this book, the writing was choppy, flat and superficial. The dialoge was as glossed over as an ice rink just prepped for The Olympic Winter Games. The backgrounds of the characters lent nothing to the story, they were just ear marks to discuss. What grated on my nerves was the laundry list of what she did everyday. The book could have been cut in [...]

    18. Anne Connor

      So sorry to say this was a terrible book. Didn't enjoy it at all, only read it all as it was a shirt read (will not be. Reading the next book!) no great storyline. No great connection between any of the characters. Basically got up went to work, came home and went to bed - suddenly asked out on date - few kisses - then nathaneals dad has stroke and he's called back home, and basically informed he has to take over company - and he's ready to buy a diamond engagement ring to a girls he's kissed tw [...]

    19. Victoria Simcox

      Employed as the Supervisor trainee of a new store, Katelynn reasons everything is going great for her. And why wouldn’t it? She had thought that her Masters from college was totally inadequate, that is until she got the job. Nathanael is the one who trains her for her new position. He’s not only the founder’s son but he is extremely good-looking, rich and adorable. When things become starry-eyed between the two of them Katelynn is not too sure how to handle it. This read was enjoyable and [...]

    20. Debra Ashwood

      I received a copy of the story from the author for an honest review. I enjoyed this first part of Nate and Katelynn blossoming love story. This, so far, could be categorize as a Christian romance. There was minimal angst.wards the end. It was written as if she was writing a journal. The only down that I could see was the in-depth of information about opening a new store and her job asas a manager recruit. Can't wait for the rest of the story. Nancy Adams permitting here is light and airy no OW o [...]

    21. Amanda

      Ok i hate to give bas reviews but this book was sadly not my favorite hey fell in love after 1 and a half dates?? And if katelyn was such an independant woman then why was she still living at home?It was very quick and needed editing but i do want to read the series and cant wait to read book 2Nate was the first 28 yr old millionaire virgin, thats for sure and they didnt look very innocent on the cover, thats what drew me to the book, his eyes (like Jay Crownovers book rome) but of well, will st [...]

    22. Laura Duval

      Beautiful Clean RomanceWow what can I sayThis was a free download but would have been worth the price. This is pretty much a Cinderella story without the evil step mom and step sisters. The H/h are both strong well raised characters with morals, ethics and values beyond family. You can say they are the perfect match with the right circumstances that brought them together. It was beautiful, sweet, and totally a fairytale romance. Nate and Kate seems to be equals in every way; body, heart, spirit [...]

    23. Jamie

      Don't know why I finished it. Started it before Marblestone Mansion, but could not get into the story. I guess I went back hoping the writing would get better, that the author would stop telling me what to think, and I could get lost in the story. I liked the no see part, but when I finally did reach the end just to find out this first book was just part of katelynn and nates cheesy love story I had enough. No wonder this was free on

    24. Catrina

      Wholesome LoveI really enjoyed this beautiful depiction of love the way it is traditionally supposed to be. Katelynn and Nate have the kind of sweet relationship that is cultivated and allowed to develop over time without them immediately giving in to the passion that is present between them. I enjoy a good smoky erotic romance as well as the next girl, but there is a lot to be said for books such as this one which gets back to romance at its simplest denominator!

    25. Lisa Swanepoel

      I read this series as a collective. None of the books are stand alone. It is a sweet innocent story without much depth. I liked the characters but it felt like there was too much happening rather than picking one thing and developing it well lots of stuff was thrown into the pot. The editing was shocking especially in the later books. I bought the series as a bundle and it wasn't so bad that I abandoned it but if I didn't have it as a set I wouldn't have carried on buying the books.

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