Defiant Once Xhea s wants were simple enough to eat safety in the underground and the hit of bright payment to transform her gray cast world into color But in the aftermath of her rescue of the Radiant gho

  • Title: Defiant
  • Author: Karina Sumner-Smith
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Defiant

    Once, Xhea s wants were simple enough to eat, safety in the underground, and the hit of bright payment to transform her gray cast world into color But in the aftermath of her rescue of the Radiant ghost Shai, she realizes the life she had known is gone forever.In the two months since her fall from the City, Xhea has hidden in skyscraper Edren, sheltered and attempting toOnce, Xhea s wants were simple enough to eat, safety in the underground, and the hit of bright payment to transform her gray cast world into color But in the aftermath of her rescue of the Radiant ghost Shai, she realizes the life she had known is gone forever.In the two months since her fall from the City, Xhea has hidden in skyscraper Edren, sheltered and attempting to heal But soon even she must face the troubling truth that she might never walk again Shai, ever faithful, has stayed by her side but the ghost s very presence has sent untold fortunes into Edren s coffers and dangerously unbalanced the Lower City s political balance.War is brewing Beyond Edren s walls, the other skyscrapers have heard tell of the Radiant ghost and the power she holds rumors, too, speak of the girl who sees ghosts who might be the key to controlling that power Soon, assassins stalk the skyscrapers darkened corridors while armies gather in the streets But Shai s magic is not the only prize nor the only power that could change everything At last, Xhea begins to learn of her strange dark magic, and why even whispers of its presence are enough to make the Lower City elite tremble in fear.Together, Xhea and Shai may have the power to stop a war or become a weapon great enough to bring the City to its knees That is, if the magic doesn t destroy them first.

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      466 Karina Sumner-Smith
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    One thought on “Defiant

    1. Sarah

      (I received an advance copy of this book for free. Thanks to Perseus/PGW/Legato and Edelweiss.)“Bright dreams had the hardest edges, she knew; they cut too deep when they shattered.”This was a YA dystopian/fantasy story, which continued on from the previous book in the series.I felt quite sorry for Xhea in this, the way she had injured her knee and was no longer able to walk properly was quite sad, and I understood her frustration that it wasn’t healing properly.The storyline in this was a [...]

    2. Mogsy (MMOGC)

      4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum/2015/05/11/bThis series definitely deserves to be getting more attention. Karina Sumner-Smith’s debut novel Radiant was one of the most unique speculative fiction titles I read in 2014, and it’s so good to see that its follow-up Defiant is still pushing genre boundaries and keeping things exciting.Two months have passed since the events at the end of the last book, and we catch up with Xhea as she attempts to heal from the chaotic aftermath, th [...]

    3. Susana

      2nd re-readI think I liked this story more this time around. Maybe because this time I read it as a stand alone, which stopped me from feeling that as an adventure, it lost that non stop rhythm that characterized the first book.Shai and Xhea continue to be favourite characters. I love their friendship.As for the writing style, I am pretty much a fan.April 6th 20153.5 stars Arc provided by Talos Publishing through Edelweiss Release Date: May 5thBecause Radiant was my favourite book back in 2014, [...]

    4. Justine

      This continues to be an impressive series, and this second book is just as good as the first. Another one for my favourites 2016 shelf.

    5. Lindsay

      An excellent followup to Radiant; perhaps even improving on it.Xhea is recovering from the injuries she sustained during the first book, but her recovery isn't going very well and she may be permanently crippled. That may not be too much of a concern, because her future is in doubt anyway. Her presence, or more precisely, the presence of the Radiant ghost Shai, is filling up the magic stores of the skyscraper she has taken shelter in, which in turn is destabilizing the delicate balance of power [...]

    6. Sara

      Actual Rating: 3.25 out of 5With her debut novel Radiant, Karina Sumner-Smith introduced readers to a frightening beautiful world of magic-rich Towers, a crumbling Lower City, ghosts, nightwalkers, and an unlikely friendship between the living and the dead. Now, with Defiant, readers reunite with Xhea and her ghost-friend Shai as they're hiding in Edren's skyscraper so Xhea can heal from her injuries. Both girls know they're only biding their time. The Lower City's other skyscrapers envy Edren's [...]

    7. Kristen

      The first book in this trilogy, Radiant, was an impressive debut novel and a very unique book. Like the first book, Defiant had too much narrative at times, but I enjoyed it just as much as the previous book. While I found the first book more memorable, I found this one more compulsively readable so it evened out in the end. I especially loved that Defiant delved more into the fascinating world the author has created.Full Review: fantasybookcafe/2015/0

    8. Nicki

      Still recovering from the knee injury she suffered at the end of Radiant, Xhea has spent the last couple of months cooped up in Edren, frustrating those around her -- especially Shai -- with her lack of motivation in doing what she needs to do to heal. When a terrified senseless ghost appears to her with a vague warning, presaging an attack on Edren’s underground defences, Xhea finally gets some of her spark back, only to be snatched away by one of the other earthbound skyscrapers to play a ro [...]

    9. Bibliotropic

      (Full review here: bibliotropic/2015/05/01/de)This is a series that should be getting more attention and hype than it is. It may not be a ground-breaking game-changer for speculative fiction, but it’s got so much to it; a rich story, a future that isn’t obsessed with being defined only by its past, characters who are complex and real, and politics and magic in spades! It’s one of the best post-apocalyptic urban fantasies I’ve ever found, and in that meld of genres it’s got a fairly wid [...]

    10. Online Eccentric Librarian

      More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress/The first book in the Towers Trilogy, Radiant, topped my best of 2014 list. Intricate storytelling, nuanced characters, distinct magic system, and an exquisitely written story of an unusual friendship made for a very satisfying read. With this second book, Defiant, we are once again plunged into the world of the floating towers. Where the first book explored the radiant aspect of magic, here we delve more into Xhea's history/backgrou [...]

    11. AJ

      This book you guys, this book. I seem to recall it took me a bit to get into Radiant -- the first book of the Towers Trilogy -- but Defiant pretty much grabbed me right away and refused to let go. There was one time when I'd gone out to dinner by myself and brought it along to read and I had to stop because it was so emotionally intense that I got a lump in my throat and couldn't eat. Then when I was almost done with the book I took it out again so I could finish it and ended up crying into my F [...]

    12. Jo(Mixed Book Bag)

      Defiant by Karina Sumner-Smith – I loved Radiant book one in the Towers Trilogy. Book two, Defiant, is just as good. Sumner-Smith has built a world filled with interesting and different characters and situations. This time Xhea and her ghost friend Shai should be safe but things are changing in the Lower City. I loved how the friendship between Shai and Xhea was at the heart of the story. Even when they were separated and their tether broken each was still important to the other. There is much [...]

    13. Jaime Moyer

      Oheverything changes in this book, and yet--it doesn't.Second books in a series have a lot to live up to. I'm not going to spoil this book, I'm just going to say that Defiant goes beyond being a mere bridge book. We get to see the Lower City through different eyes, find answers to questions we didn't know we had, and witness a bit of redemption.My professional, technical review is this: Go buy these books. I loved Defiant as much, if not more, than Radiant. I'm counting the days untilTowers come [...]

    14. Trish

      A great follow-up to Radiant. This book kept me reading far later into the night than I really should have ;) I really like the author's style. My only regret is that I didn't wait for the trilogy to be complete because now I have to WAIT for the 3rd book!!!! And given the title of the 3rd book, I'm dying to find out what happens next.Just kidding about waiting til the 3rd book comes out. Read 1 and 2 now! Then re-read them when the 3rd book comes out ;)

    15. Jessica

      I found this absolutely impossible to put down! Sumner-Smith delivers with higher stakes, darker magic, and a bond of friendship that proves unbreakable--even in the face of war. Highly recommended for all lovers of SFF, post-apocalytic, and dystopian--or just anyone looking for a great story!

    16. Molly Mortensen

      I almost didn't read this because in the first chapter we learn; Xhea can't walk, has no magic, and is possibly addicted to pain killers.However, we also get some early answers, (or at least parts of answers) to my big questions from book one, so I couldn't stop. The Bad:Xhea and Shai are best when together. Mostly because Shai's boring alone. One chapter of her woe-is-me thoughts was too much. Xhea was so weak! She wasn't a great character in the first book but she was tough, she stood up for h [...]

    17. Hayley

      Originally posted on BlueAnteaterThe short: A precise, well-written book with amazingly strong characters and world-building, though a shade repetitive and slow-paced.The long: I think I might like this novel better than its predecessor, Radiant. Not that there was anything wrong with that book at all, but in Defiant, I felt less lost and more sure of what was going on (even though I read it way back in January). Xhea is less . . . grumpy, I guess you could say. It's partly sad because she [...]

    18. Lekeisha The Booknerd

      To say that I was let down with this book would be an understatement. This is definitely a “second book syndrome” read. With it’s slow pacing and inactivity, I almost called it quits. But, I loved the first book so much, that I refuse to give up on the trilogy yet.From the start of this, Xhea is healing after the events that happened in Radiant. So, I somewhat expected the beginning to be slow. I thought the story would gain momentum after some time and bring back all the things that I lov [...]

    19. Holly

      Two months after she rescued the Radiant ghost Shai, Xhea is barely getting by in the Lower City skyscraper of Edren. The bruises on her body are not healing, and magical, and even surgical, attempts to fix her knee have failed time and again. And, Shai’s very presence is throwing off the balance of the Lower City, pouring unprecedented amounts of magic into Edren’s coffers. The other towers want Shai, and Xhea is the key to “controlling” her. But, Xhea is becoming a powerful force of he [...]

    20. Sheila

      More of a 3.5/5 Defiant continues the Towers story after the brilliant start of Radiant, but it didn't capture my attention as well or for as long as the first book. This isn't to say it was sub-par or the writing was bad, it's just that the plot of Defiant depends more on character exposition than Radiant did (& there was a lot of exposition in Radiant), and it shows. The first 2/3rds of the book plodded along, which was a little bit of a let down given Radiant's explosive ending, but also [...]

    21. Clare O'Beara

      This is a YA book somewhat like Divergent in that it is set in a post-collapse world with a ruined city and skyscrapers. There the resemblance ends. I didn't read the first book (yet) and might have liked this better if I had. On the other hand I am not really into dark fantasy with ghosts, blood and stabbings, so maybe not. The language sets us apart from the characters, not in their heads. As I didn't know Xhea, Shai, Edren and the rest, I didn't know whom to trust or who had what magic. We gr [...]

    22. May

      Karina, thank you for this book.I hadn't expected the scope of this, and I loved to learn more about the sociopolitical context of this world. The characters are just as dense as in the first book, and there are new ones worth meeting. I personally enjoyed this novel so much not because of the world-building (which is still brilliant) or the magic but because Xhea is now more broken than ever and very much so in a physical sense that is to often neglected in literature. Her struggles feel real t [...]

    23. Joe Szilvagyi

      I'm happy to say this isn't one of those trilogies where the second book is a rehash of the first book, filling time and space till the third book gets published.This book picks up beautifully from the first book and introduces a ton of depth to both the unique world that's been created and the characters within it.Not much else to say here, if you enjoyed the first book, then you'll love where this one picks up and takes things.Now I can't wait to read the third.

    24. Garrett Daum

      3.5 stars.I love the unorthodox magic system that Karina. I wonder if She was/is a Final Fantasy VII fan because all I'm thinking when I read this series is that this is EXACTLY how Midgar would lookyways 3.5 stars because the plotline didn't really progress until the very end. The author does however cover some of Xhea's past as well as a huge drawback to her OP Dark magic

    25. Yvonne Hogg

      I have patiently been waiting to find the time where I could sit down and continue Xhea's journey. Defiant did not let me down, I enjoyed each and every moment of this book. I had a hard time putting this book down. I was very disappointed when the book came to an end because I wanted more. I cannot wait for the next one to be published. I highly recommend that people read this book.

    26. Michael

      'Defiant' is a brilliant read and a surprising sequel to 'Radiant'.The Towers Trilogy Book Two was a highly enjoyable and much anticipated pleasure.Now, of course, I have to wait for Karina to write Book Three, 'Towers Fall', but such is life.

    27. Peter

      A sequel to Radiant, an excellent debut novel, and the middle book of a trilogy, I was happily surprised to see no evidence whatever of sophomore book syndrome. In fact quite the contrary, this is a better book! Rare and notable that.

    28. Christine

      A great sequel; I was initially concerned about the direction this story was headed, but it went elsewhere and I enjoyed it.

    29. Stefanie

      Okay, technically this doesn't deserve 4 stars. It's got a bunch of second-book-in-a-trilogy woes. But I just continue to really like Xhea and Shai as characters, and I really like learning about how the Towers and Lower City interact. And the ending!! Wow. Super action-y and exciting, has lots of reveals going on and once more Sumner-Smith totally flips the script on power dynamics. Boffo!you just have to get there. The story leading up to that a bit of a slog at times. I will give Sumner-Smith [...]

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