Brandi He says they re mates She says they re done Agent Brandi Jenkins likes being a werewolf It s great to be stronger smarter and sexual It s also great being part of family group for the first time in

  • Title: Brandi
  • Author: Donna McDonald
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 411
  • Format: ebook
  • Brandi

    He says they re mates She says they re done Agent Brandi Jenkins likes being a werewolf It s great to be stronger, smarter, and sexual It s also great being part of family group for the first time in her solitary life As the Nano Wolves beta, she must protect the other women in her tiny pack She can t stop until she learns the truth about who funded the crazy scHe says they re mates She says they re done Agent Brandi Jenkins likes being a werewolf It s great to be stronger, smarter, and sexual It s also great being part of family group for the first time in her solitary life As the Nano Wolves beta, she must protect the other women in her tiny pack She can t stop until she learns the truth about who funded the crazy scientist who made them Being a living science experiment is not easy, and it s starting to shift her priorities Sometimes the new awareness sucks too, like learning her former handler didn t rescue her from Crazy Crane on purpose Before she can leave her old job though, a new government apprehension group decides to blackmail her into working for them She wants to kill a few backstabbers and leave for good, but she can t She has no choice except to take the freaking job It s the only way to save herself and her pack mates from becoming government pets What she can t do though is ever forgive Gareth Longfeather The deceptive, lying, manipulative Gray Wolf beta had almost convinced her he was a man she could love and trust Gareth says they re mates She says they re done.

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    One thought on “Brandi

    1. Colette Kebell

      I had eagerly awaited the sequel to the Nano Wolves series and wasn't disappointed. The story of Brandi made it all worthwhile. I'm now eager to know what happens next especially in respect of the children I'm not writing a spoiler review, or at least I hope not.Suffice to say, whether you just enjoy Donna's books in general or prefer this series, you won't be disappointed. Happy reading and I'm off to read the latest in the cyborg series, then I shall be completely up to date with Donna's books [...]

    2. Kimberly

      Oh goodness. I think this one may be my favorite so far! I loved Brandi and Gareth's story. I know we have a bad guy who will show up again later on. The three little ones are great as well. I can't wait to see how things go for all of them. I am stoked to read Heidi's story! Another great job Donna!

    3. DelAnne Frazee

      Title: Brandi - Nano Wolves 2Author: Donna McDonaldPublisher: Donna McDonaldPublished: 6-9-2015Pages: 275Genre: Thrillers & SuspenseSub-Genre: Paranormal Romance; Werewolves Shifters; Sci Fi & FantasyISBN: 978139988270ASIN: B00XLV8OY4Reviewed For NetGalley and Donna McDonaldReviewer: DelAnneRating: 4.25 StarsHe says they’re mates. She says they’re done.Agent Brandi Jenkins likes being a werewolf. It’s great to be stronger, smarter, and more sexual. It’s also great being part of f [...]

    4. Frances Law

      Bears and children make life complicated!Brandi goes back to her agency and finds that she has been betrayed. She is transferred to another department and gets another shock when she finds that Gareth is her partner. Things get more and more complicated the more she learns her distrust of everything that she thought she knew grows. This is a complicated story full of action with humour along the way too. It certainly fulfils the promise of the first book.

    5. Diana Page

      Brandi and Garreth's story is full of love, laughter, backstabbing underhandedness forthe right reasons . And we meet not one but two more possibly mad scientists !! What morecould you want from a paranormal romance? How about an instant family of 3 hybrid toddler wolves who have the thought capabilities of Nobel Prize winners . Yeah, Brandi and Garreth have their hands full and love it !! 4.5⭐'s for a great story . I received a gifted copy and am voluntarily choosing to leave an honest and un [...]

    6. Debi

      This is my first book by Donna. However, based on “Brandi” book 2, I'm certain I will go back for book1.Donna has produced a well written story-line with a twist or two and a good plot. I really enjoyed reading this book.Brandi suck out off bed to dress and leave before Gareth could stop her. Brandi was on her way back her agents job after a couple of months hiatus.When Brandi made it into the office of her handler, Kane, she noticed how jumpy he was and he kept looking at the door. Kane tol [...]

    7. Linda Rea

      How can anyone not fall in love with this series! Brandi is leaving Alaska to go back to work but she is a little concerned and she really doesn't want to leave Gareth. Gareth knows that in his soul that Brandi is his mate but he has to get her to think like him, and when she leaves to go back to work he follows her. It's a good thing because her handler just gave her to the brother of the crazy scientist that changed her in the first place Sheldon Crane. Sheldon is running a lab to try and fix [...]

    8. Paula

      Brandi: Nano Wolves 2 by Donna McDonald is an excellent continuation of the story of three kidnapped women. I enjoyed it even more than the first book in the series, Ariel, which is also quite good. I am not sure though that this is a stand-alone novel. While they are many references and information concerning how the women became shifters in Brandi’s story, I’m not sure that someone who had not read the first book would not have some confusion. However, the author clearly states this is the [...]

    9. Donna Sweeney

      Kindly provided with an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewKickass leading lady Brandi who is also a shape shifting wolf !!. Smooth as silk male wolf Gareth who rocks Brandi's world, but she carn't completely trust himwhat doesn't sound cool about that !!!This was the sequel to the Nano wolves: Ariel and it was awesome. Crazy scientists, children in peril (courtesy of the mad sibling scientists !!!) and one determined she wolf who wants to get to the bottom of it all.Loads of twis [...]

    10. Susan

      I really enjoyed Ariel, the first book in the Nano Wolves series, so I knew I'd like Brandi. And I did, much more than Ariel! When I met Brandi in the first book, I don't think I cared for her too much. Tough talking and unemotional. Not a lot to really like. And Gareth, what's not to like! I spent most of Ariel and some of Brandi feeling bad for him getting stuck with Brandi. This time though, we get to meet the real Brandi. Thankfully! I couldn't put the book down. New characters are introduce [...]

    11. Melanie

      I'm not sure why I like this series so much but this, the second book, didn't disappoint. Although I did prefer Ariel's story, that may have something to do with the tech/science stuff involved in book 1, I'm still enthralled by the Nano world. I did want to slap Brandi on a couple of occasions but by the end of the book she had grown on me!On the whole page turner from the first to last page and the only negative I can think of is that Brandi's story's finished now and I will have to wait for b [...]

    12. Paula Collins

      I was very happy with book one of this series. Book 2 provided a great new twist to the story of Brandi, the second female that was changed to a wolf shifter via scientific means. I enjoy how the story shows that the change also affected the character's personality as their wolf become stronger and more integrated. I am looking forward to reading more about Brandi and the wolf children that she adopted.

    13. James Wharton

      Second book in the Nano Wolves series.This is a much better story than the first book in the series. There was a lot less padding to the story.The anger that the protagonist felt over another person doing the same thing that she did was very believable to me. I also enjoyed the antics of the children but felt their speech was too mature for four year olds.

    14. Michelle Eriksen

      Holy Alpha Hotness! I know Matt in book one was hot but I have to say I think Gareth Longfeather take it to a whole new level. This book had my attention from start to finish and I loved everything about it. Brandi and Gareth are hot together, the story is fun and interesting and it is a good thing it was a rainy day outside because I couldn't put it down.

    15. Mellissa Monteforte

      As the second book in this series I was really interested in learning more about Brandi and her past. I couldn't resist the laughs and the tears as I read along watching these two overcome such odds. This was a great sequel and great lead on to the next book in the series. This is a pleaser read with a great storyline that is unique and interesting.

    16. Judithann Brown

      Great follow-up to ArielBrandi's story is,a great follow-up to Ariel's story in the first book of this series. Brand's struggle to accept Garth as her mate begin in the first book and continue through this one. The Crane siblings are certainly my idea of the mad scientists! I'm looking forward to Heidi's story to conclude this trilogy.

    17. Alastar

      I loved this story, I found myself loving Brandi from the first book. I love both Ariel and Brandi, there was little enough character development for Hedi in these last two books. So looking forward to finding more about the submissive little wolf. I am definitely hoping that there will be more than just the three books coming out.

    18. Janet Overstreet

      The second book in The Nano Wolves series is Brandi and Gareth's adventure. Along with this exciting adventure, is relationship struggles, misconceptions, compassion, and passion. I think some readers will have a real connection with Brandi, her personal issues and how she deals with them. I loved the story and was so drawn in that I had read the entire book before I realized it. WOW!!!

    19. Neil

      I received a free copy via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.I enjoyed Ariel, but this was different enough to make a really good read.The action was fast and the passion even faster making the pages fly by.A very entertaining read.

    20. david l hutchison

      Lord have mercyI have found another really really fun writer. This makes two writers that keeps me up and laughing day and night. Being an old soul there are many great writers but tongue in cheek is a hard to do on a constant basis.

    21. Karen

      Just as awesome as book one. Donna has done an amazing job of telling us such a engaging story. Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down. Brandi was my favorite of the 3 nano wolves so I've been dying to read her story. This went above what I was expecting.

    22. Jennifer

      Great continuatuon of this series! There are some mistakes that look like they got missed by the editor but nothing aweful. I am very excited to see what happens next!

    23. Alastar

      Definitely can't wait for this on too come out, I am expecting it to be just as interesting as the first and have it devoured very quickly.

    24. Patricia A Spring

      Easy readLight and cute, the humor is just what you need to relax after a hard day. Werewolves seem to be the latest type of characters

    25. Amy

      I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest reviewGood story. I would have liked to see Brandi and Gareth's transition into a family. The author seemed to head hop a little.

    26. Danny L Walling

      This book SUCKSBook one was OK, but this one goes down as one of the Worst shifter books ever. I got about a fourth of the way and couldn't stomach any more. Worthless book.

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