False Charity

False Charity Newly widowed Bea Abbot must decide what to do with her deceased husband s business an exclusive organization handling domestic crises Though Bea is tempted to sell up she soon begins investigating

  • Title: False Charity
  • Author: Veronica Heley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • False Charity

    Newly widowed Bea Abbot must decide what to do with her deceased husband s business, an exclusive organization handling domestic crises Though Bea is tempted to sell up, she soon begins investigating an accounting irregularity within a catering firm What Bea doesn t know but will soon discover is that someone is way out of control, and finding it all too easy to kill.Newly widowed Bea Abbot must decide what to do with her deceased husband s business, an exclusive organization handling domestic crises Though Bea is tempted to sell up, she soon begins investigating an accounting irregularity within a catering firm What Bea doesn t know but will soon discover is that someone is way out of control, and finding it all too easy to kill .

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    One thought on “False Charity

    1. Ivonne Rovira

      False Charity, the first in a series to feature feisty but generous English widow Bea Abbott, won’t appeal to everyone. It will be too religious for some, and a bit implausible for others. But I thoroughly enjoyed this British cozy, and I’m eager to get the second installment on Audible. I found Bea lovable, if a bit grumpy at times; however, that just served to humanize her. Bea doesn’t know all of the answers — indeed, she’s overwhelmed by the difficulty of her assignment — but she [...]

    2. Betty

      This is the first book of the Abbott Agency series. The characters capture my attention in FALSE FIRE that I wanted to know more about them. I will read the series as time allows. In this book, Bea Abbott is returning to her London home after the death of her husband. Still working through her grief and tired from the long journey she longs for peace and quiet. However, Bea found a surprise Welcome Home Party hosted by her son, Max and his wife, Nicole. Max has been elected to House of Commons a [...]

    3. Lynn

      I enjoy Veronica Heley's series that features Ellie Quicke so I wanted to try the other series The Abbott Agency series that features Bea Abbott. How did it compare for me to the other series that I like so much. I liked it and enjoyed the book. The similarities are that both women are recent widows and live in London or London suburbs. The main difference is the personalities differences. Bea Abbott is more assertive and a business woman. She seems a little grumpy at times but really has a sort [...]

    4. Lizzie Hayes

      ‘False Charity’ by Veronica HeleyBea Abbott returns home to London from New Zealand after an absence of three years. She returns a widow, her beloved husband Hamilton having died during their round the world trip. She is 63 and the Abbott Agency founded by her husband, and passed to her son Max is now being wound up. For Max is now an MP and his wife, the anorexic Nicola is keen to only to get her husband up the ladder of social success.So Bea expects to return to a quiet house, and a quiet [...]

    5. Damaskcat

      This is the first book in the Abbot Agency series. Bea Abbot's husband, Hamilton has died and she is returning home from New Zealand without him and with the intention of winding up the Abbot domestic agency which they ran between them. But it seems others want her to continue with the agency and her old friend, Coral, wants her to look into a dubious charity which has failed to pay her for work she has done for them. Then there's Max, her son, who wants her to sell him her Kensington house at l [...]

    6. Mary Ronan Drew

      This first in a cozy series called the Abbot Agency Mysteries has a clever catch. Bea Abbot has just been widowed and when she returns to London from the round-the-world trip she and her husband were on when he died she faces more than just the misery of life without him. Their event planning/fix it company is in trouble, there is a friend of the woman who has been keeping it afloat living in the attic, and her son and his brittle wife are all but moved into her house and are making plans to sel [...]

    7. Josephine (Jo)

      12th May 2010A nice easy read, quite a gentle story with a build up to quite an exciting end. Not exactly nail biting but likeable characters and not a bad plot.

    8. Violet

      I really like this book and I hope the author does many more. I have been reading a lot of British mysteries but mostly about Scotland Yard and the solving of various murders. This is delightfully different. Reminds me of the books that Fern Michaels has done about The Sisterhood. Bea's husband dies and she is left to decide what to do with his business, The Abbott Agency, that helps people to solve their domestic problems such as house clearances, entertaining, etc. Bea would like nothing bette [...]

    9. Susan

      I selected this book because I was looking for a new series to begin and I saw that there are many installments already written in this one. It was just what I was looking for: a British cozy mystery. It was the type where there is never any question about who the miscreants are, but the reader sees events unfolding from their perspective along with the protagonists' perspective. The characters who were introduced, who I presume will be the regulars in the series, were likeable and three-dimensi [...]

    10. Mascanlon

      This is the first in a new series by the author. Set in London, the newly widowed, sixty-something Bea Abbott must decide what to do with her late husband's Agency, an exclusive organization which handles all sorts of problems from house clearing, entertaining and other domestic crisis. The by word is discretion. An old friend arrives with a terrible problem and Bea has to step up to the plate and help her out. Along the way she meets some new companions, the bright teenager computer genius thro [...]

    11. Lynda

      This is a new series similar to the Ellie quicke books. At first I did not care for this series, expecting more of the Ellie Quicke type characters. But I grew to appreciate the characters in this series almost as much as those in the previous series. Bea Abbott, also recently widowed, is much more capable than Ellie Quicke and inherits The Abbott Agency. She is surrounded by quirky young people and a former husband who all become involved in solving unexpected murders. Bea is quite capable of r [...]

    12. Derk

      Well it was a pleasant read, but I can't say much else about it. The plot was weak, the ending ridiculous (toward the end of the book the main character, herself, wondered how her plan could possibly succeed; it shouldn't have). The minor characters were OK, but the main character was tiresome. According to the book jacket, the author has written about 50 books, and this one is the start of a new series so maybe that has something to do with my reaction. This is the first book by her I read (as [...]

    13. Craig

      First of the Abbott Agency series and this review is for all. These are somewhat better than the Ellie Quicke books - slightly more interesting and complex characters and plots in general. Still not happy about all the praying scattered throughout - if there's a Christian mystery sub-genre, these would fit. May not deserve 3 stars, 'cause I'm not sure I can actually say I "liked" them, but they do relative to the other series, and I did read all four that are out.

    14. Terri

      This is a mystery that is usually classified as a British cosy. I absolutely love the main character, who is an unflappable English woman who handles everything that comes her way with gracious manner. She manages to get things done and have things go her way without every resorting to indelicate behavior!

    15. Val

      An excellent start to a new series starring Bea Abbot, a newly-widowed sixty-ish lady who must decide what to do with her late husbands investigative agency after his death. She must deal with her grown son and his rather annoying wife, two young people who have taken up residence in her building, her ex-husband, and various other friends and problems. It's a fast-paced, entertaining mystery.

    16. Carol

      As it says on the cover it's in the style of a British cozy. I did enjoy the characters and how they changed over the course of the book. I will try another one and see if I like it a little better. Something was missing and I can't decide what it was. My kind of ending!

    17. Jes

      I found myself really liking the side characters. I didn't feel the book was too religious, although it did surprise me when it took that turn. I would probably pick up another book in the series from my library, if I'm looking for a mild mystery again.

    18. Mel Allred

      I rather, or should I say "rawther" enjoy this type of mystery, comedy. Light-hearted and intelligent but with a little age-derived wisdom, not the brashness of youth, and near insanity of Tami Hoag's heroes.

    19. Caroline Ingvaldsen

      First in a series about the Abbott Agency, specializing in clearing up messes of all kinds, and Bea Abbott, proprietor, sixty something widow and den mother to a motley crew including a feisty ex-punk divorce, teen computer wiz and her own no-longer estranged ex-husband.

    20. Jaclyn

      found a new author, or at least new to me. We'll see if I like her or not. I don't. Couldn't even finish the book. No particular reason, just not intresting in the least.

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