Graveyard The national bestselling author of Redzone and the Legion of the Damned novels continues his gripping and intriguing post apocalyptic story about an L A cop in a mutant filled world Los Angeles

  • Title: Graveyard
  • Author: William C. Dietz
  • ISBN: 9780425273357
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
  • Graveyard

    The national bestselling author of Redzone and the Legion of the Damned novels continues his gripping and intriguing post apocalyptic story about an L.A cop in a mutant filled world 2069, Los Angeles Decades after a bioterrorist attack decimated the population and left many of the survivors horribly mutated, the norms have forced mutants into dangerous areas knowThe national bestselling author of Redzone and the Legion of the Damned novels continues his gripping and intriguing post apocalyptic story about an L.A cop in a mutant filled world 2069, Los Angeles Decades after a bioterrorist attack decimated the population and left many of the survivors horribly mutated, the norms have forced mutants into dangerous areas known as red zones And the tensions between the two groups are threatening to boil over LAPD detective Cassandra Lee is known for her single mindedness, and right now, she s got only one goal track down the Bonebreaker, the man who murdered her father But her quest for justice is derailed when LA comes under attack The Aztec Empire, a Central American group determined to take back the U.S territories that their Spanish ancestors once controlled, has led a mutant army into California Suddenly caught in the middle of a war, Lee must put all her energy into keeping her city safe while unearthing the political secrets of LA s shady mayor And with the Bonebreaker hunting her down, losing focus even for a second could mean death

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      465 William C. Dietz
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    One thought on “Graveyard

    1. Beth

      Jumping into this series at book 3, I did have to play a little bit of catch up trying to delve into the meat of the story. Thankfully, I found that groove quickly with little transition. The story begins with Cassandra trying to track down the Bonebreaker but LA soon finds itself under attack by the Aztec Empire. That means Cassandra Lee is caught up in a war between the mutants and the citizens of LA with the Bonebreaker hot on her trail.Dietz drafts this tale in such a way that you feel the s [...]

    2. Darcy

      At the start life seems good for Lee. Yes there are some issues, the Bonebreaker, among them. But then life becomes chaotic as Pacifica is invaded causing lots of repercussions. Lee is drawn in to help without much thanks. The whole political aspect was a bit boring, mostly because it was a bit predictable. I was more interested in the continued battle between Lee and Bonebreaker. Each one won a battle but with the action at the end Lee managed to best the Bonebreaker in a spectacular way!

    3. Jo(Mixed Book Bag)

      Graveyard by William Dietz – Graveyard, book three in the Mutant Files Series, is another wild ride. The Bonecrusher is still around, the war between Mutants and Normals is still on going, there are local political problems causing more tension for our characters and for starters there is an illegal medical lab to be tracked and shut down. Added to all of that on Lee’s plate, Kane is being held for murder. The Mutant Files are a great mix of apocalyptic, science fiction, and police procedura [...]

    4. Brett Boyko

      W.C. Dietz hits his stride in Detective Fiction. The pacing is smooth and the world immersive. Cassandra Lee is a strong protagonist and their were enough twists to keep the engagement level solid. Overall, the strongest book of the Mutant Files and a deliciously guilty pleasure. The only difficulty (NO SPOILERS) was the ending was anti-climatic and arguably not worthy of the characters. This was the only difficulty I had with this particular novel. This said, still a worthy conclusion to a good [...]

    5. Steven Allen

      I have read almost all of Dietz's writing. This was a good ending to a trilogy with a happier than I was expecting ending. Part police procedural and part murder mystery, this book brought a neat ending to the series but left enough open for the possibility of other books in this world maybe with these characters.

    6. Mitchell

      Okay police detective read with some minimal science fictional elements. A little bit too obvious, but readable. This was a read for the Endeavour Award, not sure I would have read it else wise. It was interesting to think of LA getting attacked by Mexico - not sure I've seen that anywhere else. And the main pov character is pretty cool.

    7. Donna

      I didn’t realize this was the third book in a series until after I requested it but I figured I’d go ahead with it anyway. Ultimately it stands on its own. I didn’t feel lost at all reading the third book in a series. It provided enough background information to give me the gist of what’s going on without bogging the plot down in details or not giving me enough. With that being said I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t been invested in the series since the beginning or what but I [...]

    8. T.L. Evans

      Gravyard by William Dietz is a gripping, gritty dark detective story that serves as the third installment in the Mutant Files series. While it can be read as a stand alone (I did), it is likely best enjoyed if you read the series in order. Set in a post-plague apocalyptic Los Angeles, Graveyard combines Sci Fi, mystery and gritty police procedural in a manner that grabbed my attention. Its strong female protagonist drew me further in, and I really enjoyed the read as a whole.This is a good read [...]

    9. Ron

      Cassandra Lee is called out on a Sunday to deal with a dead body dumped at a local LA church. That night the Aztec Empire launched a surprise attack on Pacifica and the Republic of Texas. Lee has her plate full with trying to survive a rescue mission for the LA Mayor which lead to a possible corruption case in city government which lead to multiple attempts on her life. Police cases kept coming in while she was dealing with her boyfriend being jailed for murder. Then there was the Bonebreaker ca [...]

    10. Michael Rutkowski

      After writing these books for 30 years Mr. Dietz pretty much has this down to a science ! His books, this one included, are a fast, action packed, entertaining reads that give a reader a break from more detailed, intricate, thoughtful, slow and sometimes plodding science fiction novels ! There is a need for both kinds and he fills one niche very nicely !

    11. Jennifer Jamieson

      I wish I'd have seen this was 3rd in a series before I picked it up. Dietz' writing is interesting, but ultimately because I was playing catch up on the background of the story, I wasn't as invested in it.

    12. Molly Smith

      Please click on the link to my full review posted at That's What I'm Talking About blog: twimom227/2016/01/review-g

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