The Golden Book of Faerie

The Golden Book of Faerie Large format compendium of The Hunter s Moon revised edition The Summer King The Light Bearer s Daughter The Book of Dreams

  • Title: The Golden Book of Faerie
  • Author: O.R. Melling
  • ISBN: 9780143051329
  • Page: 328
  • Format: None
  • The Golden Book of Faerie

    Large format compendium of The Hunter s Moon revised edition , The Summer King, The Light Bearer s Daughter, The Book of Dreams.

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    • ✓ The Golden Book of Faerie || Ü PDF Download by ☆ O.R. Melling
      328 O.R. Melling
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    One thought on “The Golden Book of Faerie

    1. Nicole Acheson

      The Golden Book of Faerie is actually a series of four novels put together in one volume. The first book in this volume is The Hunters Moon. I enjoyed reading this book. It was a good introduction to the main characters in this series. This first novel is unpredictable and hard to determine what will happen next. This first novel contains some Irish Celtic mythology, how I determined this was the mention of two Celtic Gods named Finvarra and Crom Cruac, who is also known as the worm.t really sur [...]

    2. Laura

      I tried. I really tried. The plot is just too flat. The characters too rushed into emotions. I could not feel any connection to the characters, if anything I found them annoying. I have read many fantasy books and these ones just don't grip me. I like the authors description of the places and you can tell he did his research.

    3. Brandi

      An absolutely stunning series based around old English and Irish folklore. When I read these books I feel like I have fallen back in time, into a wonderful and especially terrifying and beautiful at the same time, world. You can't help but wish that it was you in the place of the main characters. Captivating, moving, and amazingly beautiful in detail and writing. I loved the first three books in the series. However, in the last book, The Book of Dreams, my favor for these books waned. I wasn't a [...]

    4. Rose Kluin

      I have to be honest , I only read the first book out of the four included in the 4in1 , I did find the book somewhat enjoyable and if I were younger I'm sure I would have liked it more ! A great book for someone who is just starting to enjoy reading fantasy however if you have more experience in this type of read you may find it a bit dull and under developed .

    5. Sarah Insomnia

      This book captured me from the first few pages of the first story. The ending of the last story made me cry- you really feel like you get to know these characters through time, and each of the 4 stories are very compelling and unique in their own way. This is a book for lovers of fairylore of all ages!

    6. Jessie Smith

      Love love love. One of my favourite series when I was younger, and still is. Ireland and Faerie seem just magical but there is also such a great mix of Canadian characters and culture.

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