Carter Bravo's Christmas Bride

Carter Bravo s Christmas Bride Compatible Check Chemistry Check Love Check mate When Carter Bravo decides it s time to settle down this Christmas the once burned no strings attached hunk chooses the one woman who isn t looking to

  • Title: Carter Bravo's Christmas Bride
  • Author: Christine Rimmer
  • ISBN: 9780373659265
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Paperback
  • Carter Bravo's Christmas Bride

    Compatible Check Chemistry Check Love Check mate When Carter Bravo decides it s time to settle down this Christmas, the once burned, no strings attached hunk chooses the one woman who isn t looking to be swept off her feet Not only does his business partner and best buddy, Paige Kettleman, say yes the chemistry sizzling between them is further proof that she s hCompatible Check Chemistry Check Love Check mate When Carter Bravo decides it s time to settle down this Christmas, the once burned, no strings attached hunk chooses the one woman who isn t looking to be swept off her feet Not only does his business partner and best buddy, Paige Kettleman, say yes the chemistry sizzling between them is further proof that she s his ideal mate Carter s no nonsense proposition isn t exactly the romantic proposal Paige dreamed about under the mistletoe After five years of building a business and sharing confidences, her dearest friend still has no idea how she really feels about him If he did, he d go running for the Colorado hills Unless Paige can show Carter how to turn a test run engagement into the real thing a holiday wedding with all the trimmings including love

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    One thought on “Carter Bravo's Christmas Bride

    1. Julie

      Carter Bravo's Christmas Bride by Christine Rimmer is a 2015 Harlequin Special Edition publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is a charming read and just the right kind of story to kick off your holiday reading. Carter and Paige are best friends and business partners and up until now, it's never occurred to them to test the waters of a deeper kind of relationship…. Or so they claim. But, when a magazine quiz plants the seed in their minds, on top [...]

    2. Susan

      Excellent friends to lovers story. Carter and Paige have been friends for eight years and business partners for five. He has seen his friends and relatives finding their perfect mates and getting married, and wants that for himself, but hasn't had any luck finding the right woman. A not-so-subtle push from his mother has him looking at Paige. Add a magazine quiz to that and suddenly both of them are looking at each other differently and wondering about the possibilities.Paige is just about ready [...]

    3. Kimberly

      "Carter Bravo's Christmas Bride" by Chrstine Rimmer is a wonderfully written story about best friends, Carter Bravo and Paige Kettleman realizing they are in love. It starts off innocently enough as the couple jokingly take a love quiz in a magazine.At first, Paige is freaking out and has a whirlwind of emotions as she realizes that the L word or the lack there of is usually the demise of Carters's previous relationships with women. Could she really be in love with Carter? She doesn't want to lo [...]

    4. Desty

      Serial Bravo Family #45. Wow. Seriously? Sampai segitu banyaknya cerita ttg satu keluarga? Kira2 berapa generasi ya?Paige dan Carter sudah berteman selama 8 tahun. Bukan sekadar teman, tapi jg sahabat, dan mitra bisnis. Mereka sudah saling mengenal satu sama lain. Jadi ketika ada kuis tentang jatuh cinta, dan Carter bisa menjawab semuanya dengan benar untuk Paige, Paige mulai bertanya-tanya apakah dia benar mencintai Carter.Jawabannya mudah. Ya, dia mencintai Carter. Saat Carter mengajaknya meni [...]

    5. Amanda R

      Thanks to Harlequin and Netgally for the book in exchange for a honest review.Once again, I'm back with the Bravos. I'll admit that at first I wasn't really enjoying Carter. He seemed cocky and emotionally cut off, which he was. He told Paige about her love for him in jest and it hit her like a lightening bolt, that he was right!Paige and Carter have been best friends for a long time. They just get each other. He helps her with her sister, and they are business partners. Carter doesn't believe i [...]

    6. Books and Spoons

      Oh, I loved this story! There's so much emotion in it, happiness, joy, passion, even hurt and pain. But love wins.The relationship between Carter and Paige has been so well balanced, or so it seems. They are best friends, business partners, and they raised together Paige's younger sister after their parents died. But the whole town knows something these two are not aware of - they are not only perfect for each other, they are in love with each other.The banter and charm these two have in between [...]

    7. Diana

      Carter Bravos Christmas Bride by Christine Rimmer is part of the series The Bravo's of Justice Creek. The book stands on its own. You do not have to read other books in series to follow the book. I really enjoyed the book.I enjoyed the interactions of the main couple Carter and Paige with the people of the community family and friends. Carter and Paige start as friends, business partners, then become engaged and then lovers. The book had twist and turns, but their love wins in the end. I really [...]

    8. Dyan

      Did you ever just want to smack a guy on the side of his head and ask what the heck is wrong with you? Boy, Carter inspired violence in me with his utter foolishness However, I did love reading his story and thought they made a wonderful couple. This was a fun read and great addition to the Bravo world!

    9. Cassie

      I love stories of friends who become lovers! Throw in some meddling family member's and you have a great story. I found myself rooting for Carter even though he is clueless when it comes to what he really wants. It was a great story.

    10. Amy O'neal

      love the bravos. Loved this book. Carter was clueless like most guys are LOL, but so glad he came around. keep the bravos coming!!

    11. DelAnne Frazee

      Title: Carter Bravo's Christmas Bride - The Bravos of Justice Creek Book 3Author: Christine RimmerPublisher: Harlequin Special EditionPublished: 11-17-2015Pages: 240Genre: Contemporary RomanceSub-Genre: Holidays; ISBN: 9780373659275ASIN: B00ZPPGJ10Reviewed For NetGalley and HarlequinReviewer: DelAnneRating: 5 StarsCompatible? Check. Chemistry? Check. Love? Check…mate! When Carter Bravo decides it's time to settle down this Christmas, the once-burned, no-strings-attached hunk chooses the one wo [...]

    12. Yulia Anggraini

      ngasih 3rate rasa ny sayang sekaliwalapun ceritany g bikin emosi naik turuun tp aq suka sangat am candaan carter dan bangeet emang mencerminkan persahabatan murni antara cow n cew mendadak ggara kuis konyol itu buum! semua ny jd g sama lagi antara merakag ada deskripsi yang panjang lebar ttg pikiran suara hati tokohny ;p banyakan dialog yg ringan

    13. Lois Bates

      Carter Bravo’s Christmas Bride – This latest book in the Bravos series by Christine Rimmer is well worth reading. This particular Bravo grew up watching what his mother did in the name of love and he has never said the “L” word to a woman. Enter Paige Kettleman. At first, Carter expressed his interest in her and asked her out. Paige, having been through a painful relationship that ended when she had to go home to raise her younger sister after their parents’ deaths, wanted no part of a [...]

    14. Judyrudy

      Carter Bravo’s Christmas Bride is Christine Rimmer’s newest novel in her Bravo of Justice Creek series. It is a friends to lovers themed romance. Carter Bravo and Paige Kettleman are business partners. Carter owns Bravo Custom cars. One afternoon while they are waiting to meet with one of their clients, Carter discovers a quiz in a magazine. The premise of the quiz is: is he your friend or are you secretly in love with him? From the moment they take the quiz, their lives change. Not only do [...]

    15. Kim Woodcock

      Loved the latest installment in Christine Rimmer's Bravo saga. Carter Bravo, son of the "other Bravo family" doesn't like drama. He lived too much drama with his mother kicking his father out (dramatically) and then taking him back the same way--just too much for him. As an adult he prefers to live his life with as little drama as possible. He genuinely doesn't understand why every girl he has ever dated has left with such a dramatic show! His best friend and business partner Paige is not dramat [...]

    16. Marie Campbell

      I just loved Carter Bravo's Christmas Bride by Christine Rimmer!!! Carter Bravo is a sexy, customer car creator and Paige Kettleman is his reliable pal and business partner. Carter has been looking for a wife in all the wrong places. Carter decides to approach marriage like he manages his business and decides Paige can manage their marriage like she manages his business with pure efficiency!Paige has resisted her attraction and feeling for Carter for years. She simply considers her him her frien [...]

    17. Alexia

      "Carter Bravo's Christmas Bride" by Christine Rimmer is part of the 'Bravos of Justice Creek' series. This book can be a read alone, as the author does an amazing job with describing the town and the townspeople, but I have the read the series and loved every book. It is absolutely worth reading. In this story we have Carter Bravo who decides that it is time for him to settle down and have a family. Who is the best person to settle down with? Why his business partner and best female friend Paige [...]

    18. Perrin Larton

      Best friends, always. Lovers? Ummmmybe! Carter reads Paige a magazine quiz about compatibility and answers the quiz exactly like Paige would. WHAT?? Suddenly their best friend status might be something more!! Paige and Carter are oblivious to what everyone else knows. This book helps them find that they really care about each other, much more than as best friends.Loved the premise and the story. There wasn't the typical 'break up'en get back together. I appreciate when that happens. They worked [...]

    19. Dotty

      Loved this Bravo series book. It had such a happy, joyful feeling to it. Carter Bravo decides he wants to marry and Paige, his partner and friend, would be perfect for the no-nonsense love relationship he thinks he wants. All the relatives and most of the town have always thought he loved her, but just waiting for him to realize it. The interaction between them is so much fun to read. I did receive this because I am on Christine's review crew. But would have purchased it anyway since I've been r [...]

    20. Diane Ball

      Have you ever thought about your bestie as someone you could marry? Could you marry someone for the sake of a family without Love? Well Carter and Paige are thinking about it, well Paige is thinking , Carter is all for it, but for the wrong reasons he is wanting marriage for the sake of marriage with benefits, but no love, he feels love is not in the cards for him, does Paige change his mind, do they marry? Well I can't say, you need to read they book and found out. Love it, It made me laugh, ma [...]

    21. Dee

      I loved this book!! The characters are so real that you almost feel as if you know them in person! Carter is so stubborn you want to reach in the book and slap some sense in him Paige is a typical woman and I loved her to pieces! I wish evil moms would just go away but sometimes it take an evil mom to make the book! Carter's mom does just that Without even trying!! I highly recommend this book to be added to your Christmas reading list! You won't regret it!!

    22. Deanna Vrba

      Carter was best friend with Paige because they were both afraid to admit their feelings for each other but she knew that she had fallen in love with her best friend and then she let her fears of being hurt by her parents accident and her last breakup. but Love came in the form of Carter who fell in love for the first time in his life. which make her His Christmas Bride. I love the way he put the ring on a chain and then on the tree.

    23. Motleigh

      This is probably my favorite Bravo book in the series (so far anyway) I love the friends to lovers storyline, and this one is great. There are very good reasons why they are reluctant to fall in love, and it was fun reading about them overcoming those reasons and realizing their deep love for each other. I am eagerly anticipating the next book in the series.

    24. Jane

      Carter and Paige been best friends so long, they don't realuze they live each other. Their friends and family can see it. Dome times trying not to hurt the one you love backfires. Carter's Mom buys a piece of property they want to force Carter to see their love. Men have such a hard time saying the "L" word. A very good reaf.

    25. Harlequin Books

      "Rimmer’s latest romantic comedy has tears and laughter sharing center stage with schemes, lies and one big, happy, dysfunctional family. Her premise is wonderfully clever, but it’s her couple’s entertaining banter and her teen co-stars that steal the show" (RT Book Reviews, 4 stars).Miniseries: The Bravos of Justice Creek

    26. Judy Burr

      A wonderful romantic love story. The story of best buds and business partners who finally realize that they are soul mates.I had great fun making the journey with them from friends to lovers. I really enjoyed this book and I'm sure you will also. I highly recommend it.

    27. Anita Hayes

      How can you not like all of the Bravo books???? This one was really really good and some things I wasn't expecting were thrown into the mix. I love it when best friends realize they are real soulmates. I highly recommend this book. It's a fast great read.

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