Let Me Love You

Let Me Love You This is an alternate Cover Edition for ISBN Four years is a long time to keep a secret but Lindsay Pierce has done just that In book of the Spring Towers Series Lindsay fights to k

  • Title: Let Me Love You
  • Author: Morgan Rayne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 301
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  • Let Me Love You

    This is an alternate Cover Edition for ISBN13 9781301421718.Four years is a long time to keep a secret, but Lindsay Pierce has done just that In book 2 of the Spring Towers Series, Lindsay fights to keep her dark past hidden, while one sexy fireman tries to convince her to take a chance on happiness.Kyle has given up his playboy ways, in the hopes of finally finding loveThis is an alternate Cover Edition for ISBN13 9781301421718.Four years is a long time to keep a secret, but Lindsay Pierce has done just that In book 2 of the Spring Towers Series, Lindsay fights to keep her dark past hidden, while one sexy fireman tries to convince her to take a chance on happiness.Kyle has given up his playboy ways, in the hopes of finally finding love His sights are set on one fiesty redhead, but she is determined to stay far away from him Knowing she has been hurt before, Kyle sets out to prove she can trust him and if he s lucky, she will let him love her the way she deserves.

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    One thought on “Let Me Love You

    1. ❀ Crystal ✿ -

      This book was surprisingly much more exciting to read than A Different Kind of Fairy Tale. Kyle and Lindsay are so perfect for each-other and as she fights the attraction and emotion along the way, you can't help but get excited for the end. Even with Kyle's man-whore ways, it's so easy to love him and want him to become a better man for Lindsay. And poor Lindsay has a lot to overcome, particularly if she wants to be with Kyle. #1 would be getting over his being a firefighter because of a horrif [...]

    2. Rhonda

      This is the second book in the Spring Towers Series. I got the first book for free and loved it (see review here). I couldn’t wait and had to read the second book right away and went and bought it. I am so glad I did.Lindsay has been on the run and hiding from her abusive ex for four years. Three years ago she landed in Chicago and has been there ever since. She feels safe, but is starting to sense someone watching her. She’s scared to start a new relationship in case she has to run and leav [...]

    3. Char (1RadReader59)

      I have to say first off I love this series. This author really knows how to pull you in not only with her storyline but with her characters. You find yourself going through with them all the emotions she brings forth during the course of the story. Kyle & Lindsey are friends we met from the first book. That have now wanted to explore a relationship. Lindsey has a little matter of an ex (Mitch) on the loose who still wants to kill her from his first failed attempt. Not to mention all the emot [...]

    4. Nena

      A total must read!!!!!!WOW!!! Just wow!!! I absolutely loved this story. I loved the way Morgan Rayne's writes and the sarcasm. I was very heart broken when reading and finally finding out Lindsy's back-story. Loved all the sad parts because they were made-up with all happy and amazing parts making it completely worth it. Can't wait to read about Victoria or anything else that Morgan writes!!!!!

    5. CT

      We met Lindsay (with a hidden past) and Kyle (ex-playboy) in book 1. Here they are the main characters in the second book of the spring towers series. The title says it all 'let me love you'. It was nice to catch up with Alex and Stella and of course it gives us an insight on what to expect with Vicky's book. "please get that stubborn brain of yours to work, and let me love you"

    6. Stacey

      Read: 19 February 2013Why: Part of the Spring Towers seriesBrief synopsis: Kyle has a bit of a reputation with the tall, blonde and sleazy of Chicago but recently, he's been re-evaluating his life. He's seen how happy Alex and Stella are together and he wants that for himself with Lindsay. Unfortunately, unlike the other women, Lindsay wants nothing to do with him.Lindsay has a troubled past and isn't looking for a relationship, especially with a firefighter but Kyle is hard to resist. Can he co [...]

    7. Lariza

      Wow I really liked the first book in this series, but this one takes the cake hands down! Lindsay's story was heartbreaking- she barely made it out alive after her last relationship. She's guarded, quiet and keeps her past hidden from her friends. Yet there instances when they notice her panic or catch a brief glimpse of her fear-- I cried with her story!! Kyle has noticed Lindsay for awhile and wants nothing more than a chance to prove that they could work. Kyle has a reputation as a ladies man [...]

    8. Jennifer Hill

      It was a predictable book, but I still enjoyed reading it. I had the same problems with this book that I had with the first one, a lack of consistency and research. The main character, Lindsay, is from Texas but at one point she says soda, and then another one she says pop. A true Texan, and I would know because I am one, calls it coke-no matter what kind of carbonated beverage it is, it's called a coke and then you specify what kind you want after thatSprite, Dr. Pepper, etc. I was also kind of [...]

    9. Shelley Chastagner

      Emotionally charged and engaging book. Lindsay's is trying to reclaim her life after living in fear. All of her reactions ring accurate of someone who has endured abuse. Her shame, anger and fear of a new relationship with a man struck true. Kyle has set his sights on Lindsay and only wants a chance. I liked that the author didn't make him perfect. He got frustrated and angry when Lindsay shut him out and even walked away (temporarily) while trying to figure her out. He doesn't give up but chall [...]

    10. Enni

      Love love love!I love the fact that this continued from the first book. We get to still read about Stella and Alex's relationship because I adored them both in book one.In this book I found Lindsay's history sad and interesting, not your typical sort of girl and we learn the reason why she was a jumpy girl in book one. The thing I like about these stories because these are things that people can relate to in real life.Lindsay and Kyle was perfect for each other. I am happy they got together and [...]

    11. Chanel

      I went into this book already loving Kyle and knowing Lindsay had a deep dark secret. Well, I only half guessed her secret and I was right about Kyle, he is a keeper. As in the first book, this story continues exploring friendships, family dynamics, and loyalty. And once again the author does a good job balancing the romances, sex scenes, and and emotions of the characters. This plot has more excitement, some action, and dives deeper into the characters. Just like in the first book, where the au [...]

    12. Nikki

      Oh my goodness!!! Never expected to find out that Lindsey was in an abusive relationship!!!! I felt sorry for her because she had to relive the abusive night after night thru her dreams, and then had to tell her story two to three different times. I could feel her pain as she relived it. The best part of this story is that she finds love in the most unexpected way and he loves her regardless of what happened in her past and regardless of what insecurities she has. He loves her with all his heart [...]

    13. Elizabeth Trichel

      I also downloaded the first book in this series for free. I'm thankful the author was willing to allow readers to enjoy the first book - this hooked me on the series. I enjoyed the second book, "Let Me Love You". I enjoy the style of writing and how the author introduces the characters in a way that sets the stage for the next book. I'm in the middle of another series, but I will definitely return to the Spring Towers series to finish the last two books.

    14. Jen

      This is the 2nd book I read of the Spring Tower Series. I (like many other people) got the first book of the series for free but loved it so much that I had to buy the 2nd and 3rd books when I was done just to see how the stories plus out with the other characters. The 2nd book was just as good as the first. I've really enjoyed this author so far and I can't wait to read the 3rd book. A definite must read in my opinion!!!

    15. Jackie

      Well I enjoyed this book even more than the first one - it was nice how the story played out and we got to understand what had happened to Lindsey in the past - I liked Kyle's character in the first book but we got to know him in detail - it was great to also follow Alex and Stella from the first book - the story really got to me and i needed to get to the end as quickly as possible - cant wait to read vicki's story!

    16. Mindy

      I love Morgan's book. She tells the story in a way that make it possible to imagine ourselves in the characters shoes. This book is a story that I'm sure a lot of women can relate to. I recommend this as a must read for any women who's been betrayed and fought back to heal her broken heart and open herself up to new possibilities.

    17. Toni

      Another great book from Morgan Rayne, the story was so great, although it involved a different couple in this book, you also got a glimpse of the other characters from before. I felt for Lindsay & Kyle, it was a darker story than first book, but Kyle was great and helped Lindsay, can't wait for the third book, when is it out.

    18. Kara

      Ok, while I may have been overly critical of the first book, the second in the series was much better. While I couldn't help wondering when the ex would show up, I was pretty sure the end would be just as I expected. A good thing! Once again I like these characters a lot and enjoyed the intertwined stories/characters with book 1.

    19. Nicole

      Love this book. I was confused at first because the author gives you the main female character, Lindsey's, back story. I was sure if I missed something because obviously I didn't recognize the characters from her back story. I do love Kyle in this story. I actually would love to read more about them. They were great characters.

    20. Katie Huscroft

      I loved this book. The storyline was fab although very predictable but who doesn't love the classic tale of a woman escaping a psycho abusive ex and to then fall in love with a hot guy! This was a great read with some steam to spice it up. What more could a woman want!

    21. Leena

      3 starsEnjoyed Lindsey and Kyle's story. Loved how the characters from previous book also played a part in this book without overshadowing the main characters. Liked the epilogue - can't wait to read Victoria and Cooper's story.

    22. Kaleigh

      Oh my goodness, I am in love with this series! This story had so much to it, that I had such a hard time putting it down! I loved the first one and now the second oneI can not wait until more come out! I will definitly be looking for Victoria's story and everyone after that!

    23. Kinsey Faucette

      Very intriguing story. I love the evolution that occurs with both main characters of this book. For the female, getting over a horific past to allow a new desire to burn. And for the male, giving up an easy life style and actually wanting to settle down, was a huge turn of events!

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