A Girl on the Shore

A Girl on the Shore Longing for Something BiggerFrom the Eisner Award nominated Inio Asano creator of Solanin and Nijigahara Holograph comes one of his most challenging works yet an intense teen romance set in what may

  • Title: A Girl on the Shore
  • Author: Inio Asano
  • ISBN: 9781941220856
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Girl on the Shore

    Longing for Something BiggerFrom the Eisner Award nominated Inio Asano, creator of Solanin and Nijigahara Holograph, comes one of his most challenging works yet an intense teen romance set in what may at first glance be one of the sleepiest places in Japan When Koume and Keisuke s relationship begins to take shape, it is apparent that they are both searching for somethinLonging for Something BiggerFrom the Eisner Award nominated Inio Asano, creator of Solanin and Nijigahara Holograph, comes one of his most challenging works yet an intense teen romance set in what may at first glance be one of the sleepiest places in Japan When Koume and Keisuke s relationship begins to take shape, it is apparent that they are both searching for something Maybe Keisuke wants something than a kiss from the fair Koume Maybe Koume is looking for someone better than Misaki, the local playboy But what they find in each other over the course of a summer might be far greater than anything they were expecting Their lives are going to change And this will all transpire before high school exams

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    One thought on “A Girl on the Shore

    1. Raeleen Lemay

      I definitely need to read this again soon to really wrap my head around the entire thing. Beautifully drawn, and the characters and plot felt very real, which I haven't seen a lot in my manga reading thus far. This was definitely unlike anything I've ever read!

    2. Seth T.

      "Both elbows on the table, I covered my face with my palms. Inside the darkness, I saw rain falling on the sea. Rain softly falling on a vast sea, with no one there to see it. The rain strikes the surface of the sea, yet even the fish don't know it's raining. Until someone came and lightly rested a hand on my shoulder, my thoughts were of the sea" (from South of the Border, West of the Sun).While better known for his epic, bizarre excursions into real-but-magical worlds of talking animals, dream [...]

    3. Sanaa

      [2.5 Stars] This is an odd one for me. I liked where this story was going and how it explored the different characters relationships, problems, yearnings, and sexual experiences. HOWEVER, those explorations were too few and too scattered amidst pages and pages of illustrated male genitalia and sex, sex, sex, sex. Hey, I'm fine with graphic content, but do I really want to see a penis every other page drawn multiple times? No, not really.It's a shame though because this manga was almost there, se [...]

    4. David Schaafsma

      So now I have read four works by manga-ka Inio Asano: Goodnight Punpun, a sweet and strange coming of age story featuring Punpun, a weird ghost-like creature: Solanin, a more realistic rendering of a man in his twenties trying to adapt to life post college, and his masterpiece of trauma, Nijigahara Holograph, which I particularly loved because it was so over the edge, though I confess I didn’t fully understand it. Anyway, Asano clearly isn’t trying to repeat himself, though in general he is [...]

    5. Chiyo Gomes

      FuckI initially thought this was rated as mature (18+) purely due to the extent of its sexual content Now don't get me wrong, there is A LOT of sex, but if you're under the impression that's the theme that's going to define the nature of this manga then brace yourself. To this date, there has been no manga or graphic novel that has ever impacted me like this! I'm just numb trying to process what the fuck I just read.It's simplicity is what makes it so deep. Realistic theme after realistic theme, [...]

    6. Rory Wilding

      "Sex with love is an illusion, y'know!!"Shut up."As these words are said to each other whilst having intercourse in the school toilets, the relationship between Koume Sato and Keisuke Isobe isn't based on a stable romance as the former is someone who cannot commit to a kiss despite the request from the latter, who has zero social skills and treats everyone poorly, including even Koume.Depending how you feel about these mid-schoolers and the issues they are going through, you will feel initially [...]

    7. Sian Lile-Pastore

      I'm new to reading manga for ages 18+, so started reading this and it's like, ohhh, I see, that's why it's 18+! It has lots of sex in it. Yep.Also, it talks about suicideThe plot is about a relationship between two teenagers and unrequited love and crushes and admitting you like someone. I got a bit confused with the names as they are sometimes called by the first name and sometimes by their surname - but that's because my brain is small.The art work is absolutely gorgeous! I will definitely rea [...]

    8. Mairéad (is roaming the Undying Lands)

      February 29th, 2016 CONFLICTED EMOTIONS BUT I GUESS THAT WAS THE POINT3.5 stars.After reading Solanin, I was intrigued how Inio Asano's A Girl on the Shore would shape up in contrast. Again, my brother got this for his university paper, and well he forewarned me in advance that it's not for the first of heart and also there's SEX SEX and somewhat AWKWARD SEX. But does that sum up the entire story? Yes but not really.In today's society and age, exploring one's own sexuality has been a taboo top [...]

    9. Sarah

      I really don't understand this book at all. Unless I'm missing something in cultural translation, its just a boy using a girl for sex and then rejecting her when she has feelings for him. The side plot with the girl on the shore which lends the book its title is basically nothing. I was also uncomfortable with the explicitness of the sex here with minors. I know Japan has more relaxed standards about nudity, but this is full-on hardcore sex that is utterly out of sync with the jacket copy, which [...]

    10. Holly

      This is the first work I have read by Asano, and it is also the first manga I have read that is not an anime. I have to say, I thought my enjoyed it. The characters development from ninth grade to high school slowly showed the changes of the ages and the understanding of sex changes. The drawing style is beautifully done and even though I gave it 3.5 stars, I still loved it. The only issue I have with the book is how the climaxes of the novel did not make as much of an impact as I thought. Maybe [...]

    11. Owen S

      This book was relatively happy, as far as Asano Inio goes.This book was a Dashboard Confessional song. All of them, but mostly the ones with that raw teenage vitality and angst, the ones where nothing means everything and everything means nothing. This book was all you'd never see in Western comics—North American, specifically—due to the sacrosanct way in which teenage sexuality is policed in that region, and the hysterically irrational, Puritan view they have on things like these.This book [...]

    12. Jennifer Arvai

      For such a straightforward manga, this really packs a punch. Strewn together with the beautifully drawn panels by Asano, this story moves at such a smooth pace even though it can drag out the most intense feelings from it's readers. It's a raw, unforgiving and honest glimpse into the young lives of the main characters Sato and Isobe. I completely understand why this would be out of many reader's comfort zones which is why I would not necessarily recommend it to others, unless they are alright wi [...]

    13. Monique

      A Girl On the Shore was beautiful. Asano illustrates his story masterfully. Adding all these little details that really set a mood, an atmosphere, a space. His panel transitions are so smooth, I fell into the narrative every time I picked up the book. Shading and line work were used to really convey the inner feelings of her characters. I had a time in my life were I fell into sex and depression and an apathy for living. I wasn't as young as the characters in this book, but it did happen. So in [...]

    14. David Fairbanks

      Asano is one of the most impressive young cartoonists in the world, and as with many great artists, he is routinely drawn back to similar themes. A Girl on the Shore feels like the ennui of the 20s that defined much of Solanin met up with the darkness of humanity that informed Nijigahara Holograph and they had a child. A very sexually explicit child that had to be shrink-wrapped at the comic shop. Themes of loneliness, isolation, and death recur in Asano's works, and like holograph, A Girl on th [...]

    15. Sarah ~Sehrenity~

      I'm happy I read this book, but I'd have to say it was just so-so to me. For those who wonder about the age rating, yes, the sex depicted here is very graphic, so the 18+ rating is well deserved. That said, the story makes me feel sad for these lost kids who are trying to make sense of the world. One wants to die, and the other wants sex without emotional attachment. I was prepared to see these two fabulously crash and burn, but somewhere in the middle, the story lost its momentum. They sort of [...]

    16. therisha

      I need to give this another read to see how I really feel about it. I knew this was going to be a big mess of emotions like Solanin but I think I underestimated it too much. I thought I was ready for it but I was wrong. Every panel is stunning but the story overwhelmed the heck out of me. Maybe its rawness, angst and realistic nature are meant to make you feel that way--overwhelmed and confused.

    17. Ian

      This book is for Mature readers as is stated by the 18+ on the upper right hand side of the back cover. There is realistic violence, strong language, as well as depictions of sexual acts by middle school students (which 13 to 17 is basically alright in Japan so long as they are both in that range from what I understand) so if any of those things bother you then by ll means pass this book by. I was honestly surprised myself because the description is rather vague coming out as a simple love story [...]

    18. Nemesis Gutierrez

      SPOILERS PLUS JUST TO BE CLEAR JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE SAYS THIS DOES CONTAIN SEXUALLY GRAPHIC SCENES AND IS MORE THAN WHAT THE SYNOPSIS LEADS ON SO BE WARNED Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I am the type of person that may disagree with someone but I'm not about to shove my opinion down their throat and say they're wrong either. Much of what a lot of people say, the synopsis of two teens trying to find themselves and what they want from their relationship doesn't really match up with [...]

    19. Sarah Laurence

      This manga was labeled 18+ and should NOT be shelved in the YA section of bookstores or libraries. I would have given it a higher rating (the mangaka has 5-star artistic skills) if it had not featured sexually explicit drawings of 15-year-old children. The drawings felt more pornographic than erotic, especially due to the age of the protagonists and the realistic junior high school setting. This portrait of friendships, emerging sexuality, and bullying in a small seaside town in Japan was otherw [...]

    20. Coral Davies

      Beautifully drawn, a heart rendering coming of age story about a young boy and girl growing up in small, sleepy town in Japan.It should be noted that this is a manga for 18+ only as it contains a lot of graphic sexual material. However, this doesn't cheapen the story being told and it isn't portrayed in a gratuitous or lascivious manner. It is an integral part of the storytelling, explaining the ever in flux confused relationship of the two protagonists at the heart of this book.

    21. Eliana Castillo

      Este manga realmente me sorprendió, es cierto que tiene escenas de sexo explicito, pero creo que todo tiene su razón de ser, vamos a ver como sus protagonistas tienen que vivir distintas facetas, vamos a ver temas importantes como el sexo, el amor, el desamor, el suicidio, el colegio o instituto en este caso y una relación toxica que desde el principio parece no tener futuro, me gusto bastante.

    22. Magdalena Hai

      Insanely beautiful, cruelly crafted love story. Rated K18 in Finland (graphic sexual content), so not for kiddies.

    23. shaurya gupta

      This is the first time I'm reading Asano's stuff and it's fantastic. So emotional. So deep. I'll remember this for a long time.

    24. John Pistelli

      Continuing my exploration of Asano's work. So far I have read the winsome and ultimately optimistic coming-of-age tale Solanin and the intricately nihilistic myth-haunted psychological-horror puzzleNijigahara Holograph, both from earlier in the artist's career, though published in the US only recently. A Girl on the Shore is a slightly later work, serialized beginning in 2009 in Manga Erotics—and erotic manga it is. I imagine some readers will be disturbed by the dispassionate clarity in this [...]

    25. Matisse

      'Devastating' is the appropriate word for Asano's latest Western release. Outright, makes-you-wanna-barf devastating. I knew I was in trouble when the book arrived from shrink-wrapped. (Because we all know what it means when a manga is shrink-wrapped, yo.) The plot is simple enough: two middle school kids--Japanese middle school, so think fourteen-to-fifteen--start a casual sex relationship. These kids have some straight-up, reproducin' sex in these pages. I was reminded of 'The Infinite Moment [...]

    26. Sebastien

      Alors comme avant dernière oeuvre de Inio Asano que je n’avais pas encore lu, A girl on a shore (une fille sur la plage en français) était l’oeuvre à laquelle j’avais le moins d’attente, encore moins que les recueilles d’histoire courte. La raison, le thème me paraissait ordinaire et j’avais peur de m’ennuyer pendant ma lecture. Sa avait l’air d’un shojo déguisé en seinen. Mais comme je me suis décidé à lire l’entièreté des oeuvres de Inio Asano j’ai tout de mê [...]

    27. Aaron

      There's a lot to like about this book but some of the underlying ideas about relationships are too dysfunctional for me to fully endorse it. The artwork is fantastic and I felt that the writing through the middle and ending portions was really solid. There are some challenging ideas presented here but there's a lot of frustration along with it. The two main characters care for each other. Whenever they are together one is guilting or professing love to the other and be other is always acting shi [...]

    28. Suzanne (Chick with Books) Yester

      Wow This is a deeply moving read. I'll have to think on this quite a bit to write a review to do it justice. But just to say that this is a moving account of a boy and a girl coming to terms with their sexuality, and the complex feelings they have on the cusp of adulthood is not enough. This is amazing and yet seems like such a simple story. It's raw and explicit. It's heartbreaking and yet honest. The artwork itself is beautiful and can without words affect anyone reading the story. Not for the [...]

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