The History of the Siege of Lisbon

The History of the Siege of Lisbon If proofreaders were given their freedom and did not have their hands and feet tied by a mass of prohibitions binding than the penal code they would soon transform the face of the world establish th

  • Title: The History of the Siege of Lisbon
  • Author: José Saramago Giovanni Pontiero
  • ISBN: 9780156006248
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Paperback
  • The History of the Siege of Lisbon

    If proofreaders were given their freedom and did not have their hands and feet tied by a mass of prohibitions binding than the penal code, they would soon transform the face of the world, establish the kingdom of universal happiness, giving drink to the thirsty, food to the famished, peace to those who live in turmoil, joy to the sorrowful for they would be able If proofreaders were given their freedom and did not have their hands and feet tied by a mass of prohibitions binding than the penal code, they would soon transform the face of the world, establish the kingdom of universal happiness, giving drink to the thirsty, food to the famished, peace to those who live in turmoil, joy to the sorrowful for they would be able to do all these things simply by changing the words The power of the word is evident in Portuguese author Jos Saramago s novel, The History of the Siege of Lisbon His protagonist, a proofreader named Raimundo Silva, adds a key word to a history of Portugal and thus rewrites not only the past, but also his own life.Brilliantly translated from the Portuguese by Giovanni Pontiero, The History of the Siege of Lisbon is a meditation on the differences between historiography, historical fiction, and stories inserted into history The novel is really two stories in one the reimagined history of the 1147 siege of Lisbon that Raimundo feels compelled to write and the story of Raimundo s life, including his unexpected love affair with the editor, Maria Sara In Saramago s masterful hands, the strands of this complex tale weave together to create a satisfying whole.

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      216 José Saramago Giovanni Pontiero
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    One thought on “The History of the Siege of Lisbon

    1. Fabian

      Jose Saramago may not somebody who relies so heavily on plot. He utilizes stream-of-consciousness in "The History of the Siege of Lisbon" as a way to merge the history of the city’s past with that of the protagonist living out his life in the modern day. In the novel, conversations bear no quotations, no parentheses appear on added-on ideas/non sequiturs, nor are questions accompanied by a ?. Whole paragraphs are pages long, and it's safe to say that most of them contain a single action or nou [...]

    2. فهد الفهد

      قصة حصار لشبونة مع ساراماغو أكون قد قرأت مئة كتاب لهذا العام، وأنجزت التحدي القرائي لـ 2014، طبعاً لا يعني هذا أنني سأجلس بلا قراءات فيما بقي من العام، بالعكس الرقم مرشح للزيادة، لأن القراءة بالنسبة لي ليست تحدياً سنوياً وإنما هي ممارسة يومية، تملأ روحي وقلبي وعقلي بهجة ولذة. [...]

    3. Carmo

      Encontrei na escrita o cunho de Saramago, mas não a superioridade habitual das personagens. Escrito em dois planos temporais perfeitamente interligados, o livro reescreve a história do cerco de Lisboa e, simultaneamente, dá-nos a conhecer as personagens atuais num enredo que mistura História e ficção.Sem grande força ou carisma e com um desenrolar calculável, reinventa um novo cerco para um mesmo desfecho.Ainda assim, vale sempre a pena ler Saramago e admirar a sua arte de escrever como [...]

    4. Οδυσσέας Μουζίλης

      5 αστέρια, εις ανάμνησιν! Γιατί οι μεγάλες αγάπες ΔΕΝ ξεχνιούνται! pepperlines/2017/

    5. Vit Babenco

      “It has always struck me that history is not real life, literature, yes, and nothing else…”The History of the Siege of Lisbon is a spread and ironic contemplation on the theme of credibility of history as science. Indeed, it is enough to change, delete or add a single word in some historical manuscript and the entire described event will be seen in the different light or will turn into its own opposite…And how often, copying original texts in their scriptoriums, did monastic scribes chan [...]

    6. Fatema Hassan , bahrain

      - هل كل الحروب التاريخية قائمة على أسباب دينية أو أسباب ممجدة للأوطان ؟ هل أرضية المصالح الشخصية لم تكن قوام كل تلك الحروب ؟ ( قصة حصار لشبونه )لشيخ الرواة / البرتغالي جوزيه ساراماغوهذا القفل الأدبي المحكم كله ثقة بأن الرواية المريحة لا تستحق عناء قرائتها!انطلاقًا من عنوان الر [...]

    7. João Fernandes

      Mais uma vez, acabo um livro de Saramago com uma sensação quente no peito, e a vontade de ignorar a minha lista de livros a ler e ir imediatamente comprar outro livro do Nobel português.História do Cerco de Lisboa conta a história de Raimundo Silva, um revisor literário, que Saramago descreve como "solitário, simples". Como revisor, Raimundo limita-se a corrigir os erros de autores, sem qualquer liberdade artística, dado que é o campeão da realidade num mar de inconsistentes obras lite [...]

    8. Jeff

      While typing up my brief review of One-Hundred Years of Solitude, i was reminded of this book, one of my favorites of all time, because like Gabriel García Márquez's book, this was beautifully written as well as an awe-inspiring translation effort.For 15 years i was an editor of reference books. It shouldn't be a surprise, then, that a professional proofreader protagonist/narrator immediately compelled me and held my attention. The idiosyncratically minimalist punctuation and the pages-long co [...]

    9. Sharon

      The book is over 300 pages long, contains about 75 paragraphs and only one period per paragraph. Typical of Saramago, and in my opinion, very entertaining. He begins with the story of a rather mediocre proofreader who gets annoyed with the over-confident author of a trade history book (hey, I had one of those on my dissertation committee! Just awful). So the proofreader deletes a "not" from a key passage. The dustjacket claims that this changes the course of history, but Saramago is not a Star T [...]

    10. Carla

      A leitura dos primeiros capítulos do livro foi muito difícil para mim, porque não gostei da forma da escrita: páginas inteiras sem parágrafos, com poucos pontos finais, onde as pausas existentes são na maioria das vezes assinaladas com vírgulas. Parecia que estava a ler a sebenta de Introdução ao Direito do meu 1.º ano de faculdade, que lia e voltava a reler para tentar compreender o seu conteúdo.Pelo que, a leitura tornou-se monótona e entediante e fez-me passar pelo sono algumas ve [...]

    11. Sandra

      Una storia d’amore reale, dei giorni nostri, che nasce e cresce parallela ad una seconda storia d’amore, questa ambientata nel passato, creata dalla fantasia del protagonista maschile della prima storia d’amore, l'amore tra il soldato Mogueime e la galiziana Ouroana, che si incontrano nel corso dell’assedio sotto le mura di Lisbona per liberare la città dai mori e restituirla al cattolico Afonso, primo re dei Portoghesi. Tre storie –le due d’amore e quella di guerra- che nascono tut [...]

    12. سُعود

      إن كنت مستعداً لإصاخة السمع والبصر والتركيز ،، وكل حواسك المرئية وغير المرئية منها ،، للجلوس أمام طفل يحفظ كل القصص وسيقولها لك كلها في قصة واحدة !فأنت مهيأ لبداية قصة الحصار هذه ! لست أعني بالطفل ،، التقليل من شأن المؤلف ،، لكن فعلا كسر الاحترام الذي أوليناه لقصصنا المهيبة ، [...]

    13. Simona

      Come faccio a recensire un libro di Saramago? Ogni volta che termino un suo libro, non riesco mai a commentare, a descrivere le emozioni, la bellezza che questo scrittore sa regalare senza apparire banale o scontata.Ma bando alle ciance e cominciamo.Una storia nella storia che coinvolge non solo l'assedio a questa città, ma anche un correttore di bozze e decisioni che possono cambiare la sua vita. Tra fantasia e realtà, Saramago ci accompagna in un mondo in cui la storia si fa presenza e diven [...]

    14. Charles Nicholas Saenz

      If at first a little tiring, this book certainly makes up for its somewhat unconventional style. As fiction, the story is engaging, but it's the places the text goes in the direction of challenging the orthodoxy of historical writing that is truly memorable. The sacredness of print, the linearity of time (to say nothing of the sentence), and even the value of proofreading (in more ways than one) are all thrown out the window. This is historical fiction at its best.

    15. Claudia

      The story of Raimundo Silva, a proofreader, who acts on an impulse and by adding a “no” changes the content of a book and his life too. Same long phrases, same existential questions, same irony and humor between the lines. Really missed his style.

    16. Oriana

      I am no fan of Saramago (I tried to read Blindness and it was so devastating that I don't think I made it more than 20 pages), but a novel about proofreaders! Ahh!! An entire novel by a well-respected writer about the totally weird and nichey world in which I spend all my time?? Ahhh!!!

    17. Wafa

      ★★★★☆/★★★★★في كل مرة تفتح كتابا لساراماجو فأنت تعطيه الإذن بالدخول إلى دماغك ليعبث بها كيفما شاء يغادرك بعد أن تنهي الكتاب ويترك لك الفوضى داخل عقلك لتلملمها كيفما شئت بعد ذلكهــذه الرواية عن قوة الكلمة عن مصير تغيره كلمة واحدة عن رايموندو سيلبا الذي تملكته روح قوية [...]

    18. Andrés Cabrera

      La Historia del cerco de Lisboa es la novela mejor narrada que he leído de Saramago (sin demeritar las otras dos que he leído del portugués). En sus páginas, se evidencia la cadencia, sensibilidad y entrega de un escritor a su obra. En cierto modo, la novela a veces se muestra como el meta-relato de un alter ego de Saramago, sumergido en los inconvenientes y virtudes del quehacer narrativo. Diferenciándose de la labor del historiador (aquel que genera un relato con base en las fuentes y los [...]

    19. Cat

      História do Cerco de Portugal não era um livro de Saramago que contasse ler. Pelo menos, não para já. Mas como pretendo ler todos (ou quase todos) os livros que José Saramago escreveu e este livro era o único que ainda não tinha lido que estava disponível na livraria onde foi comprado, acabou por ser algo indiferente. Mas não estava com particular vontade de o ler, talvez pela sua temática, e a verdade é que agora penso que talvez não tenha sido a melhor das ideias.Raimundo Silva é [...]

    20. Lisa

      This book took more time than usual for me to read. The problem with Saramago's book, at least for me, is that it requires good stretches of uninterrupted attention, something which has been a sparse thing these days. But I finally finished it today.Saramago is up to his typical mischievousness here, lobbing another "what if"? The man's imagination is as boundless as his knowledge and wonder. The plot of this story hinges on a moment of whimsy on the part of a very ordinary, unwhimsical, unobtru [...]

    21. Shaimaa Ali

      Another Saramago Masterpiece !! He managed to interweave lots of stories together, the "History of the Siege of Lisbon" as narrated by the historian academic & by the proof-reader, The love story between (Raimundo Silva - Maria Sara) & (Mogueime - Ouroana). And while going back and forth between all those story lines & set of actions he managed to illustrate his other thoughts & reflections about names, about history and how it can be narrated, documented and even manipulated wit [...]

    22. Latifa

      للوهلة الأولى للقائك كقارئ لعتبات كلمات سرماغو في قصة حصار لشبونة تتساءل، مالجديد في طرح رواية تاريخية؟ هل تُرجمت للعربية لزيادة البكاء على الأطلال أم ماذا!يدعوك المترجم- والرائع حقاً- لقوانين خاصة لقراءة هذه الرواية،حيث لا اكتراث لعلامات الترقيم ولا تحديد للمتحدثين في ال [...]

    23. Muhamed Omran

      احتاج قليل من الوقت حتي أستطيع ان اعبر عن أفكاري ، لكن ف المجمل الروايه غنيه بوفرة بأفكار وأسلوب ساراماجو من بين اعداء الحقيقة - القناعات - فهى اخطر من الاكاذيب نيتشه . هناك فرق بين - السبب - في اقتناع الانسان بفكرة ، وبين - السبب - في كون هذه الفكره صحيحة أم خاطئة ، و قد يغلب على ا [...]

    24. Mohamed Safwat

      أكثر رواية تستغرق مني وقتًا لإنهائها، الرواية ثقيلة على العقل، كالعادة هدم لي كل الأفكار و المعتقدات.قصة حب رايموندو سيلبا و ماريا سارة أعظم قصة حب قرأتها في حياتي، و لي معها ذكريات.العلاج التقليدي لأي واحد عنده وجع في فُم المعدة بيكون مضادات حموضة، عمري ما اقتنعت بالعلاج دا [...]

    25. Mostafa

      کتاب بشدت خسته کننده و کند پیش میرفت و تموم کردنش مث کابوس شده بود واسمداستان درهم و روایت چندداستان باهم و موضوعات گاها بی ربط و نویسنده که نتونسته بود از پس پیشبرد داستان خوب عمل کنه " این هم از اراده خیرخواهانه ای بود که ما را وامیدارد تا چیزی را تحمل کنیم که تنها حسنش این است [...]

    26. دار لوتس للنشر الحر

      في أكتوبر عام 1147 حاصر البرتغاليون مدينة لشبونة التي كانت في ذلك الوقت تحت الحكم الإسلامي بغرض تحريرها من المسلمين، وهو الحدث التاريخي الذي عالجه الكاتب البرتغالي الكبير خوسيه ساراماجو في رواية قصة حصار لشبونة História do Cerco de Lisboa بأسلوبه الممتع وحرفيته الشديدة التي أهلته لنيل [...]

    27. Ahmed Attef

      هناك أناساً يستهويهم المظنون أكثر من المؤكد، وبقية الشئ أكثر من الشئ نفسه، والأثر على الرمال أكثر من الحيوان الذى تركه، هؤلاء هم الحالمونساراماجو يغوص فى أعماقنا بشدة

    28. Vilja / Kirjaneito

      Pääsykokeisiin luettu, ja piti myös lukea väkisin. Ideasta pidin, mutta Saramagon kirjoitustyyli ei iskenyt ja lukukokemus oli varsin tuskainen.

    29. Iryna Khomchuk

      У своїй любові до книг Жозе Сарамаго я зізнавалася вже не раз. Читати його тексти — це насолода якогось особливого й вишуканого ґатунку. Сарамагівський стиль письма неможливо ні з чим сплутати. Довжелезні речення, ще довші, часом кількасторінкові, абзаци, відсутність розд [...]

    30. Takisx

      Ισως οχι ο καλυτερος Σαραμάγκου, αλλά σίγουρα ο πιο τρυφερός.(μπροστά το Περί Θανάτου ολα τελικά χλωμιάζουν)

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