Non siamo più noi stessi

Non siamo pi noi stessi Non siamo pi noi stessi racconta la storia struggente di Eileen Tumulty figlia di immigrati irlandesi del Queens che da sempre sogna un futuro migliore lontano dalla madre alcolista e dal padre ope

  • Title: Non siamo più noi stessi
  • Author: MatthewThomas Chiara Brovelli
  • ISBN: 9788854507715
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback
  • Non siamo più noi stessi

    Non siamo pi noi stessi racconta la storia struggente di Eileen Tumulty, figlia di immigrati irlandesi del Queens, che da sempre sogna un futuro migliore, lontano dalla madre alcolista e dal padre operaio Eileen sposa Ed Leary, uno scienziato serio e dai modi gentili che indaga gli effetti degli psicofarmaci sul cervello Non le ci vuole molto per capire che Ed rinunciaNon siamo pi noi stessi racconta la storia struggente di Eileen Tumulty, figlia di immigrati irlandesi del Queens, che da sempre sogna un futuro migliore, lontano dalla madre alcolista e dal padre operaio Eileen sposa Ed Leary, uno scienziato serio e dai modi gentili che indaga gli effetti degli psicofarmaci sul cervello Non le ci vuole molto per capire che Ed rinuncia volentieri a un lavoro meglio remunerato, a una casa pi grande o a delle amicizie pi stimolanti, per dedicarsi anima e corpo alla ricerca e all insegnamento Cos , dopo la nascita del figlio Connell, Eileen decide che tocca a lei lottare per il benessere della famiglia Risparmiando parte del suo salario da infermiera riesce ad aprire un mutuo per una casa a Bronxville, ma proprio quando finalmente il suo sogno sembra avverarsi, la famiglia viene messa a dura prova da un colpo del destino Ed qui che si aprono le pagine pi straordinarie del romanzo di Matthew Thomas Eileen Tumulty come Oliver Kitteridge un personaggio che il lettore non dimenticher mai.Balzato subito ai primi posti della classifica dei bestseller del New York Times, il romanzo d esordio di Matthew Thomas un magnifico affresco che ripercorre la vita di una coppia alle prese, dapprima, con il Grande sogno americano e, poi, con una malattia crudele che sembra voler cancellare i loro anni felici.Incensato dalla critica come uno dei libri pi belli dell anno, una storia epica, coinvolgente e magnificamente scritta che, mettendo insieme una documentazione sterminata e una scrittura impeccabile, ci parla dei sogni, delle promesse mantenute e di quelle accantonate, e della lotta che ognuno deve compiere ogni giorno per dare un significato alla propria vita.

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    One thought on “Non siamo più noi stessi

    1. Jenna

      It was a bit hard for me to rate this review with stars. There were times that I thought that I was going to give it 3 and other times 5 stars, so I've settled in the middle of the two.Instead of being plot-driven this book seems to be solely character-driven where you get a feel of the families individual idiosyncrasies and if you pay particular attention to detail, you can see how the twists and turns in their lives cause subtle changes in each character as you would in real life. This story i [...]

    2. Patrick Brown

      The word I keep coming back to with this book is "honest." No punches pulled here. These characters might let you down, they might not do what you want them to do in every instance, but damn if they don't feel real throughout. Still, the second half of this book is an epic, gut-punch of a page-turner. Highly recommended.

    3. Denise

      I wish I was a professional writer or reviewer so I could give this novel the brilliant review it deserves. But, alas, I am just a reader who is still processing and recovering from the last highly emotional pages of it. This is about as perfectly written as a novel can be. Eileen Tumulty is born to Irish immigrants in Queens, New York. Her childhood was tumultuous, and she was forced to grow up sooner than most girls her age. She knew early on that she wanted more of a life for herself. She tho [...]

    4. Natasha

      Did not finish. Characters were flat and plot mundane. It was just unrelenting misery throughout the story - alcoholism, miscarriages, death, illness, bullying - and that was only the first quarter of the book! I know I am in the minority as most people loved this book - but I needed to see a glimmer of hope (or even a likeable character), and Matthew Thomas failed to deliver it.

    5. Kiersten Gawronski

      As bored with this book as Eileen was with her life. 100 pages in I figured something needed to change, and if it wasn't going to be her, it had to be me.

    6. Carol

      How can We Are Not Ourselves be a debut novel? If you had the opportunity to hear Matthew Thomas explain it, it would make sense. Ten years, yes ten years of hard work, tweaking and self- editing before he even tried to sell his manuscript. Ten years. Thomas' diligence paid off in a bidding war for his novel and with glowing early reviews from professionals and readers alike. It was enlightening to hear Matthew Thomas speak at R.J. Julia's in Madison, CT this past Monday evening. It also makes m [...]

    7. Paul Bryant

      This is an unblinkingly awful exploration of dementia, that’s what dominates three quarters of this very long novel. It’s a very stately, simple, no-flash account of an Irish American woman who meets a guy and has a son, that’s really it. Eileen is really not the nicest person, husband Ed is kind of strange and hugely dorky and the son Connell is frankly someone I would pay not to spend any time with, and this, of course, is the point. She is a senior nurse craving for upward mobility, he [...]

    8. Perry

      Poignant, Timely Novel"If I could make days last forever / If words could make wishes come true / I'd save every day like a treasure and then / Again, I would spend them with you."Croce, Time in a Bottle, 1972An elegiac novel to a committed wife whose husband suffers early onset Alzheimer's. I found particularly moving her ability to adapt and accept and cope with the loss of her dreams of a husband who's a dashing, successful professor arriving each evening to a beautiful home in the perfect su [...]

    9. Saleh MoonWalker

      Onvan : We Are Not Ourselves - Nevisande : Matthew Thomas - ISBN : 147675666X - ISBN13 : 9781476756660 - Dar 620 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2014

    10. switterbug (Betsey)

      I just finished reading and reviewing a novel about home, identity, and how unexpected human developments/illness can capsize lives, called THE ARSONIST, by Sue Miller. And here are those themes again, but in a much different style, plot, and story. Thomas's debut novel is an epic saga, a tersely executed but moving tale of an Irish-American family, and spans a few generations, from the early 1950s to 2011. The story predominantly focuses on Eileen Tumulty, who is a first generation American, an [...]

    11. Jessica

      I may try to come back to this later, but I should note that it has taken me nearly a month to read the first 200 pages of this novel -- when I normally go through 2-3 books a week. Honestly? I think it's very well written, I'm just bored.

    12. Michael

      I don't think I'm qualified to declare this book a "Great American Novel," so I'll just call it a Great American Story one whose quiet power I will long remember.

    13. Richard

      Who'd a thunk it? I won this as a result of entering a giveaway. I am a lucky First Reads winner!Sept. 25/14: And the book has finally arrived! (Although I'm not sure how long it has been waiting in the mailbox)This is the story of an Irish American girl from New York named Eileen Tumulty, who, because of her less-than-ideal family situation, is forced to care for her parents and grow up too fast. She falls for an odd but endearing scientist named Ed Leary, and they are soon married with a chil [...]

    14. Debbie "DJ"

      ARC through NetGalley. Thank you NetGalley!First I should say this is a very long read. Some parts of this story held my interest, while others left me indifferent. It is often written in the third person, as such, this story is mostly told rather than felt.It begins in the 1950's childhood of our main character Eileen. Coming from a painful Irish immigrant background, Eileen wants more out of life. If fact, this is the main theme of the story. She is always looking for greener pastures, cares o [...]

    15. Julie Christine

      Meticulous and ponderous, Matthew Thomas's debut novel, We Are Not Ourselves spans several decades, from a classic New York Irish immigrant story to the grinding tragedy of dementia and health care in the 21st century United States (at least prior to the Affordable Care Act). I've just lost a loved one to Alzheimer's and there is tremendous mercy to be realized in the relatively short span of time between diagnosis and death—only a few years and only in the final months was the decline as deva [...]

    16. Jill

      When a debut book sparks a bidding war on both sides of the Atlantic, the inevitable question is, “Is it worth all the hype?”The answer, I’m pleased to say, is mostly “yes.”Oh sure, there are some quibbles. The opening 100 pages – the background information that fleshes out the characters – could be edited down a bit. A very minor character appears in the second half of the book and I had to wade back through pages to remind myself who she was. Another minor character’s part coul [...]

    17. Kathy

      The only thing worse than reading 282 pages of this book would have been reading 283 pages of this book. That many pages equates an entire (other) novel I could have been engaged in! It felt as if Thomas was quietly observing very boring lives unfolding in front of him and decided to document it. It's too bad because the first line had me thinking I might be reading a family saga akin to 'Angela's Ashes'. The daughter, Eileen, is brought into the pub where her charismatic Irish father is easily [...]

    18. Angela M

      Thanks to NetGalley and Simon and Schuster for this ARC*******************************************************3.5 if I could give half stars.There are no perfect people in this book . I liked them one minute and didn't like them the next and then liked them again. That's pretty much how I felt about the book overall because for me it's really a character driven story rather than one that is driven by the plot.A lot of ground is covered here. The early part of the book is actually my favorite par [...]

    19. Patrick

      Not all aspects of the novel are entirely satisfactory but the characterisation is strong,and interaction of the characters in this Irish American family is handled very well by the author.The plot is linear and predictable and overall the text could have been condensed.Nonetheless a thoroughly enjoyable read and I award 4 stars

    20. Nicole Overmoyer

      WE ARE NOT OURSELVES by Matthew Thomas is a novel that starts off with a bang – the murder of a frog and a father abusing his son for it. Unfortunately, the bang fizzles quickly. The opening scene was something this reader wants to know more about – who the boy and the father are, for example. This reader is disappointed.Thomas moves swiftly from the frog and the abuse to the small daughter of Irish immigrants to New York City. There is no little boy in sight.Eileen Tumulty is interesting en [...]

    21. Barbara Backus

      “Polished prose” (The New York Times), “epic of small events” (Los Angeles Times) and “extraordinary portrait of Alzheimer’s disease” (The Guardian). I would have to agree with this last comment about the depiction of Alzheimer’s but not with most of the praise given to this first novel.I struggled with it, exasperated on almost every page by both the emphasis on too many unnecessary details on one hand with not enough illuminating details on the other. Then, there’s the often [...]

    22. Aidan Byrne

      This is as close to perfect as you're going to get, not just from a debut novel, but from any novel, period. There's such great heart in here. Primarily, the story focuses on Eileen Leary, a tough-as-nails nurse originally from Woodside, Queens, but each member of the family—Big Mike, Eileen's father; Ed, her husband; and Connell, her son—gets his due. You feel irretrievably drawn to all of them, so that every heartbreak, either minor or major, becomes your heartbreak and grips you long afte [...]

    23. Connie

      I wasn't sure what I expected when I started this, but I loved, loved. loved this book.Thomas tells a real story, of every day people, sometimes not likable people, sad people who are living a real life. His characters are so gritty. Overachievers, quiet men, confused childrenl struggling to fit together. The story follows a family as they grow apart and back together.There is tragedy and strength in this story and I will say there were parts I cried through.His characters and their lives touche [...]

    24. Molly

      Spectacular. I cried through the last third, and I'm not much of a crier. And I found myself constantly astounded that this is a first novel. Six hundred pages and none of it wasted.

    25. TL

      "There are things you feel that you can't explain," Ed said. "You know other people won't understand them."One of those books that are so well done it seems beyond words to express how it makes you feel. I loved every part of this, even the slow parts the parts that broke my heart, and even the stretches when not much happened. Eileen, Ed, and Connell are good people but with their own flaws. They go through life doing the best they can, even when life throws things at them they didn't expect. S [...]

    26. Carol

      What a long, slow, tedious journey this was! This book is a great case for “less is more.” None of the characters were all that interesting and became less and less interesting as the book droned on and on and on. The narrative was often meaningless. Characters are introduced for no apparent reason and then just dropped, never to reappear. Hints of deceit are made and then forgotten. I had had enough by page 450 and finally bailed out due to terminal boredom. I really just didn't care any lo [...]

    27. RoseMary Achey

      Raw emotion-that is what I felt readingWe Are Not Ourselves. This debut work is about a family…not the wider world or the major events of the more than six decades it covers, just a family. Not even an extraordinary family, just a typical American family with so many dreams and aspirations-some of which will be accomplished, but many more will be rationalized or compromised away. This book will leave you thinking deeply about your own life, your family and your place in the world. Stunning bea [...]

    28. Mary Lins

      “We Are Not Ourselves”, by Matthew Thomas, was recommended to me by a close reading friend who warned me that this novel is a “slow boil” and I wouldn’t realize what all the fuss was about until I’d been into it for a while. But I have to confess, I never did get to the point that I understood why there had been a bidding war in the publishing world over it. For me, it’s reasonably entertaining and interesting, but by no means magnificent. It tells the story of Eileen Leary and her [...]

    29. Cheryl

      Points for keeping me reading it even though at first I wasn't too interested. Stille flow kept pulling me.But it came into its own about a third of the way in, as the real story began to emerge. Alzheimer's has such an insidious onset that it is hard to recognise at first. It gathers strength and becomes progressively disruptive of the mind, the personality, and the family. This was exceptionally well described and touching. And the letter toward the end squeezed a sob out, so bumped up for tha [...]

    30. PacaLipstick Gramma

      I won an ARC from a Giveaway.I have no idea why I read all 620 pages of this book. Maybe it was the glowing letter written on the first page, as an introduction, by the V.P./Editor-in-Chief, Marysue Rucci, that she has worked in publishing for over 20 years and this is a magnificent and moving debut novel. If she had to wait 20 years for another, it would be worth the wait.I have not worked in publishing, I am merely a reader. I enjoy books that move me. Be it to tears, laughter, or insight. Th [...]

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